Magnus said, "Hello. I'm Megan's lifemate. Where is Maddox?"

Seren looked at the man "your her lifemate.....I thought lifemates were supposed to be hard to find...seems their everywhere" She said in a not so happy tone "so....did you forcefully claim her or just mind fucked her into submission?" She asked crossing her arms "Serene!" Megan said in more of a shocked tone filled with anger "What? it's not like it would be out of the normal for these people" She said

He just laughed and said, "This school is designed to allow people to find lifemates, learn skills to help our people and to be safe. And I made a promise the moment I saw your sister that I would not be like the former headmaster. I would not force her to do anything. I've asked her for a first date, but she has yet to say if she will go with me or not. My name is Magnus. Pleased to meet you, little sister."

She scoffed "so your the man taking the headmasters place...." she said in a low tone He was there when you false prince took away my emotions...he did noting she said into Maddox's head

Maddox growled in her head and said, It is difficult to tell when the brothers switch places. I will keep an eye on him, never the less.

Megan looked at her sister and smiled "you're not good at keeping your lifemate is here huh" She said in a confident tone

"I think its best if you both leave..." Seren said and could see the hurt look on her sisters face, but she just needed time

Magnus bowed and said, "A pleasure meeting you, little sister. Maddox, my lifemate will never let me claim her if you make her sister unhappy."

Maddox appeared next to Serenity and said, I'll remember. "Leave."

Magnus took Megan and walked out of the cave. They were at Daratrazanoff Tower before they realized what had happened.

She looked at Magnus "how....." She looked very confused

"Maddox spoke," Magnus said in surprised. "To be honest, I thought his ability was mostly rumor, but after what just happened, I believe it. If you would like, we can go on a date."

She looked at im "you are I dont want to go on a date" She said but could nt help feel like se wanted to smile "and what do you mean he spoke? "

"His voice is compulsion itself," Magnus said with a shrug. "It seems your sister is the only one immune. He told us to leave, and we had to."

She glared "So he compelled us..." He could sense the violation she felt

"He doesn't mean to," Magnus said. "He could make a joke, and you would try to do it. That's how powerful his voice is. He can't help compelling everyone. It must seem a miracle to him that your sister is immune."

"what if she is not.." She said so lost in thought that she tripped over a root she did not see

"Then she would be here with us," he pointed out.

Megan found sense in that but still did not like the man for using compulsion " so....we really are going to be living together?" She asked looking at the building

"Not until I claim you," he said, "and I promised you I would court you first."

"you wish you were that lucky" Se said and found she sounded like she was teasing him which shocked her "and court me? how old are you?"

"Almost 1900 summers," said Magnus.

She looked at him in shock "are you serious?! wow..your uh really robbing the cradle with me huh" SHe said almost embarrassed

He smiled and said, "No, it just means I needed more life experience before I was good enough to look upon you. Now, about that date..."

"you...are persistent," she said walking to the building, curious on the room they would share

"Well, I'll take you to the dorm here in the female dorms," he said, his town a little sad. "I still need to prepare our room. It's kind of bare right now."

"I don't mind...I would like to see it if that's ok" She said looking at it with a soft expression for the first time

He held out his hand and said, "Then, it will be an honor to escort you to our future home."

She hesitated but took his hand " to much into this I'm just humoring you because you're older and I'm sure this is proper educate for you.." she said not looking at him

Seren turned and punched him in the shoulder "I told you not to speak!" She said blushing with almost a shy expression

"You were getting upset and they weren't listening to you," Maddox said, not even flinching. "I just said one word."

"It doesn't matter your voice is only for me!" she said and immediately covered her mouth looking shocked, her cheeks pinkened and she quickly turned her back to him

"You said that you weren't jealous," he said. "So, I should be able to talk to protect you."

However, deep inside, he was laughing. She was cute when she was like this. It made him want to say things in front of others more often just to see her get possessive.

"Im not jealous...I...just don't want you to upset anyone or get hurt.." She said knowing that was only half the truth "Look the point is said you wouldn't and you did" She said looking at him, her cheeks red and her eyes not looking directly at him, he would feel her heart beating fast

"I'm sorry," he said. "I was just trying to help you. You wanted them to leave."

"I know but still....I want to be the only one you speak to...." she said honestly though she hated to admit it " I don't know why...I just do" she said fiddling with her hands

He pulled her close and said, "You are adorable when you get possessive. How about I only talk to protect you and make you happy?"

His touch made her lose her train of thought which aggravate her, but she found herself leaning into him, nuzzling his neck and something unfamiliar in her started to stir

"Serenity," he said, his voice full of desire.

When he said her name she felt herself melt in his arms, her heart started to beat faster, she couldn't seem to get close enough to him and one word popped into her head before she did something without thinking Mine She thought before she kissed him deeply

He growled and said, I love you, Serenity. Let's take a walk. It's a beautiful night and I wish to share it with the most beautiful woman in the world.

Her heart leaped at his words and her arms tightened around him Why....why am I feeling this's so intense... she said invading her mouth with her tongue deepening the kiss

It is always like this between lifemates, Maddox said. Every time I look at you, I can't help but to want to kiss you silly, run my hands over your skin, his hands were running over her suddenly naked body, one hand going to her feminine core so he could insert his fingers, and show you how much of a miracle you are to me.

She cried out breaking the kiss as his fingers enter her, she clung to his shoulders, her body shaking as her gore grew wet, please spiking through her, her body was very sensitive to his touch it's too much... she said in a moaning tone

He kissed her neck and massaged her right breast. Let go. I will catch you, Serenity.

She shook her head but her legs started to shake as she felt something start to build inside her like she was about to shatter into a million pieces, the intense building pleasure scared her Maddox... She said his name with need she did not know she had, but his beast would know it well

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