Lifemates 3

Megan started to wake up, she was next to something warm, she could feel arms around her, Still half asleep she got closer, her breasts pressing into the side of whoever it was, she found she loved the smell of this warm person, her lips brushed their neck and instincts she was not use to kicked in and she bit deep, the second the blood hit her mouth she moaned and her body grew hot

Magnus growled with pleasure, his body growing hot and hard. He wanted nothing more than to bury himself into Megan, but he had a promise to keep. He waited for her to make the first move.

She released his neck was her hunger was sated and closed the bit with her tongue teasing the skin as she enjoyed the taste of his skin, her mind was buzzing as his blood went through her, She moved closer until she was on top of him, she was getting lost in the feel of him, is sent his skin, everything, he would feel she was finding pleasure in him that was not just sexual, she was getting lost in him alone, she was attracted to him in many ways, as far as Carpathian females go she was running of the basic instincts of a true lifemate and she did not even know it, in that moment she was worshipping him on a much deeper level than a sexual one. Her mind touch his and she moaned at the feel of his presence alone, he would feel her mind caressing his, searching, learning and feeling him

He rolled her over until he blanketed her. He kissed her neck, sending electric shocks through her.If I do this, little one, there is no going back. Be certain.

She woke up more than and realised more what she was doing, his kisses made a moan come to her lips and she covered her mouth, her body wanted him like nothing se had ever felt, but she was still uncertain, there was a big part of her that called for him that made her even more scared im...not ready part of her knew it was half the truth, a big part of her was ready

Magnus moved the earth, making sure there were steps for her to walk up. He moved away and dressed in the way of his people. He had to calm himself.

"I have to feed," he said. "Stay here, please. None of your things are here, but I will get them on my way back."

"wait!" she said grabbing his wrist, her touch sending sparks through him "Please.." she didn't know what to say, she just didn't want to be alone, but more than that she didn't want to be without him, she blushed and bit her bottom lip innocently, but to him it was something different, she was on her knees looking up at him like a fully submissive treat

Magnus groaned and said, "Little one, if you look like that, I won't be able to hold back. I will be in your mind the whole time. You won't be alone, but I need to feed and get myself under control. If I don't, I'll bind you and you aren't in love with me yet."

She slowly released his wrist "ok...I understand" she said and he saw the look of disappointment on her face, she was not use to fangs yet so the lip she was biting got cut and she winced as her blood filled the air and coated her lips

He kissed her, his tongue closing the wound. He growled and pulled her close to him. She could feel the evidence of his desire against her.

Him suddenly kissing her caught her off guard and she almost stumbled back but er brought her closer to his body where she felt his erection on his leg, her eyes widened with shock as she felt the thick bulge, she was losing herself in his kiss and she tried to pus him back, pushing against his chest but was quickly losing the will to do so, soon she gripped his shirt tightly and relaxed in his arms, summiting to the kiss

He kissed down to her neck where he bit deep. His hand drifted down and found her core. He inserted his fingers and began moving them.

She cried out and grabbed his wrist, holding it still, the feeling of him taking her blood was almost to much pleasure for her to handle, and she feared losing her self to him "Please...wait" she said in a moaning tone that made her sound unbelievable

He closed the holes on her neck, but left his mark. "I can't hold back for long Megan. You are making it difficult to keep my promise to you."

"I'm sorry..." She said in a low voice filled with desire and confusion

He said, "It is alright. If we stop now, I can keep that promise. If not, I can promise nothing."

She nodded " should go" she said but did not move away, her heart still beating fast and her body still filled with lust as her eyes showed it as she looked at him, her grip grew tight on his wrist that was still at her core but unmoving, he would feel her getting wetter and hotter the longer he remained there

He growled with desire but said, "I can't leave until you let go."

His growl took her breath away for a moment and she slowly released his hand but not before he felt her clench when he growled, the sweet juices of her arousal laid like silk on his fingers and filled the air around them with her sweet scent

He licked his fingers and said, "I'll be leaving... unless there is something you want to say?"


Seren stirred but did not wake, she nuzzled Maddox's neck and her leg brushed his member

Maddox's hand moved to cup her breast. You have an interesting way of waking me up. I have to admit, it's a nice one.

Se moaned at his hand and woke up more I could say the same to you she said licking his neck teasingly

He opened the earth above them and laid her on top of him, smiling. I think I still need to be punished for making you unhappy, my love. Do you have any idea of what you want to do to me?

She smiled "does that mean you like being submissive," she said with a teasing tone

"Not at all," he said. "It means that we take turns dominating. And you have yet to really forgive me, so you get to control things this time."

"Should I dominate you like I did last time?" she said as the image of him in he mouth flashed through is head

He growled and said, "If you think that's a good punishment. As long as you forgive me at the end of it, I don't care what you do. I want you happy, Serenity."

She looked him in the eyes "It might be a long time before that happens...but Im not completely its a start...I don't want you to think that you have to have sex with me to try to make me happy" she said obviously still not understanding the way it was between lifemates when it came to physically love, her human mind still consider it just a physical act

"It isn't sex," he said. "I'm worshiping you with my body, making love, telling you with each thrust what I can't with words. Love is such a small word compared to what I feel for you, but it is the only word I know to explain it."

She looked at him "i dont know how to show ou such deep new to me" she said shyly

"Not sex," he said. "Sex has no meaning. What we do is love. I'll show you." He picked her up and laid her on the bed. "This is nothing short of worship, and I want you to remember that."

She was nervous, unsure of what he was going to do "I'll try.." she said honestly

He slowly entered her, feeling her clench around him. He began moving slowly, every thrust telling her everything he felt.

She lost herself in his mind and tried hard to connect what he was doing to her body and what he was feeling

Maddox suckled her breast, filling her head with his emotions, everything he felt for her. Each one lit up with each new thrust so she could see it. He moved harder and faster, his hands shaping her body.

His emotions overwhelmed her and she relaxed beneath him, submitting to his needs and emotions like they were her own, an action and sign of a true lifemate

He began moving faster and faster, causing her to writhe beneath him, begging him.

"I love you, Serenity," he said. "This isn't sex for me. I'm showing you everything I am, giving myself to you."

His voice took her over the edge and she clamped down ard around him, crying out his name

He climaxed hard, having to catch himself before his full weight could crush her. He stayed there, breathing heavily.


Amelia woke first while Hendrik slept soundly, she kissed him softly and exited the earth, their room was a vintage classy style which she found she liked a lot with silken red to bring it to life

She got up and undressed and went into the beautiful stone shower and relaxed as the soothing water hit her

From the other room, Hendrik was slowly waking, having a dream as he did. He began sweating. He thrashed around, like he was having a nightmare. He began mumbling and begging someone to stop. He sat up fast.

"Amelia!" he yelled, fear in his voice.

Amelia head his shouts and ran to the other room opening the earth above him "I'm here whats wrong" She asked with a worried tone, her body naked and wet, steam coming off of it from the hot water as she looked down at him

He went to her and hugged her, shaking. "It was just a waking dream. Thank God, it wasn't real.

She held him to her, not minding he was getting her all dirty from te dirt "wats wrong tell me please, what did you dream"

"I..." he began. "I was in the dark and my demons were laughing as they... they took you and killed you. The vampire me, he pounded into you, ripping you apart while the demons made me watch as darkness overtook me again. They said... that was the reality while this, you loving me, wasn't real. I heard you begging for more, until you were little more than a torso and a head. I couldn't get to you. Your blood was everywhere and I couldn't save you."

She cringed at te image but still held him "Im was ust a dream..." She said making him look at her to see she was really there and fine, naked and dirty but fine

"I know," he said. "I didn't see you and panicked, that's all. You go clean up. I'll try and get my heart under control."

In an effort to make him feel better she said "oh no mister you got me dirty you have to come in the shower with me and help me get clean to make up for it" she said with a smile

He smiled and said, "Is there enough room for me? I don't want you to feel crowded."

She smiled "I never mind your company" she said in a soft tone

He followed after her and said, "I know you don't. How should I clean you? One part at a time or everything all at once?"

She blushed "since you had the bad dream Ill let you choose" she said stepping into the shower

He smiled, "One part at a time. I want to check you over and make sure it really was a dream."

He started at her feet and worked his way up, purposefully skipping her core and breasts. When he had finished washing her hair, he began to wash her breasts.

"Are you liking it so far?" he asked.

"I think you are a big tease" she said jokingly

While his hands cleaned her breasts, his rock hard member cleaned the entrance of her core, moving back and forth to work up a lather.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

She moaned and leaned into him "possitive"

Suddenly, he was inside her, moving with long sure strokes. "Then, this shouldn't make you moan, right? I'm cleaning you, not making love."

She growled and covered her mouth Thats right...this is just...a tease

He nipped her ear and whispered, "Then, why are you covering your mouth? If this is just a tease, you wouldn't have anything to cover up."

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