Lifemates 4

(NOTE: This post holds something dark in section two but it vital to the story and the character's background.)

Megan shook her head breathlessly. He turned to leave, but stopped in the doorway. When she didn't do anything, he left. When she was sure he was gone, she ran from the room, making her way to the garden for some air. She sat down, breathing hard.

Go back to the room, Megan, Magnus' voice entered her head. You are naked. I can show you how to clothe yourself or I can do it for you.

She covered herself when she heard three male students heading her way.

"I swear, she was completely naked!" said one.

"And from the scent she gave of, she must be in heat," said another.

"I'll show her a good time, if you know what I mean?" laughed the third.

Put clothes on me! she said in a panic. Hurry!

Magnus appeared before the boys, who ran off. He walked to Megan and put her in a white tank and blue jeans, matching his outfit. He held out his hand.

"If you had said something, I could have clothed you," he said, waiting.

She crossed her arms and said, "I wouldn't have needed to worry if you hadn't put me in the ground naked."

He picked her up and began walking as he said, "We sleep in the ground naked so that the earth can heal us properly. Clothes act as a barrier, so we can't heal with them on. Now, why didn't you tell me you wanted air?"

"I don't need to ask your permission for everything," she said. "And I don't need you carrying me."

He sat her on the bed and said, "When you didn't take my hand, I thought you were injured. But if nothing is wrong, I'll leave you. I still need to feed."

"Why don't you feed from me?" she asked. She didn't know why but it was suddenly very important to her.

"If I fed from you now, I wouldn't be able to hold back," he said. "I promised I wouldn't claim you until you are ready. I could try, but I can't make any promises."

"I think you can hold back," she said shyly, blushing."


Seren moved so that he could lay next to her, saying, "Alright, it isn't sex. It's amazing."

Maddox said, "I'm glad you agree with me." His sorrow for her wanting to die filled him before he could cut her off from them. He began moving his hips slowly to ease any pain. "Are you happy, Serenity?"

Before she could answer, he rolled until she was on top of him. She put her hands on his chest for a moment, then memories filled her. She went to the corner of the room, curling in on herself a bit.

"I can't be on top," she said, crying. "I'm sorry, I can't."

Maddox went to her, held her to him, and said, "Tell me why you can't. I won't make you do it, but I want to know why."

She sighed and decided to tell him something even her sister didn't know. She moved away, unable to be near him as she began to tell him of her history.

"I was always my father's favorite. It started when I was little, about seven. He said he was proud of me for not wetting the bed. When everyone else went to school, he took me to the room and put me on the floor. He lifted my dress, kissing me. I blacked out, so I don't really remember what happened, only that it was bad. It happened several times, but it wasn't regular. When I started to develop, he would put me on top to play with my... well, you know. I did every thing I could think of to block the memories of what he did. Drugs, alcohol, you name it, I tried it, but it was never enough. The last time was on my eighteenth birthday." She hugged her knees to her, the desire to die filling her again. "You must think I'm disgusting. You probably don't want me around anymore."

Maddox pulled her to him and held her as he said, "You are beautiful. You can't go by what that shell of a man did to you. I love you for you." He growled, his eyes darkening in anger. "I will show him what happens when you don't treasure your daughters. I refuse to be in the same category as a monster."

She didn't like the look in his eyes. "I never thought you were like him! Even when I didn't trust you, I never compared you to him!"


Trying not to laugh at your attempt to clean me, Amelia said.

Hendrik shoved into her and said, "I never said I was any good, only that I would. Though, you might have to bend over so I can get these hard to reach places."

I don't think you can, she said.

He shoved in deep, causing her to double over. He pinned her in the submissive posture with his teeth. He moved harder and faster. She started screaming his name as pleasure coursed through her. He filled her, taking her down slowly so that their legs wouldn't give out.

"I don't know how," she gasped as he closed the wound on her shoulder with his tongue, "but you managed to get me dirty and clean at the same time."

He sat back with her in his arms as he said, "I guess it's a talent."

"Maybe," she said teasingly. "Or maybe you just leave a mess wherever you go."

He felt like she had just punched him in the gut. He knew she was teasing him, but it still hurt. Amelia felt how her words effected him, and her face fell.

"I sorry," she said, caressing his cheek. "I didn't mean it like that."

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