Lifemates 5

Magnus went to her slowly. He bent down to her neck and began to nip. He used his tongue to ease the sting and then bit down. Her blood was a drug. Colors and emotions became more vivid. The binding words beat in his head, threatening to come out. He quickly closed the wound and moved away, putting the room between them.

She made a moan in protest and reached for him but he was so quick to move, her breathing was heavy and she was more than wet, she was pulsing with need "Magnus...I cant...these feelings are so intense my body aches" she said crossing her legs. She did not know his bite would make her feel this way " hurts...What do I do?" she said and the overwhelming feeling over her body needing to release hit him

"I want to court you, Megan," he said, breathlessly. "If... we do anymore... I won't be able to stop. I'll... I'll end up claiming you. You... said you weren't ready."

"I'm not but...." Another intense wave hit her and she clenched and bit her bottom lip "please...make it stop.....I cant....its hurts..." she said as her cheeks redden more and her breathing came faster, her body was acting like it had been ruffied with ecstasy, pulsing with need and desire that made even the touch of the sheets almost painful

He couldn't hold back. He went to her, kissing her deeply. He growled with pleasure.

She fell back onto the bed with a moan as is body covered hers, is kiss made her mind go blank, there was a primal need unlike anything she had ever felt, she needed him and she needed him now, her hands untucked his shirt and slid up, gripping his back

He knew it then. She was ovulating. He couldn't claim her yet. She didn't know much about the Carpathian people, or their way of life. He would not ask her to be a mother. He had to call on his centuries of control. His hand drifted low and found her core. His fingers went inside her and began moving.

She cried out and arched beneath him, she was so hot and tight in her core and his touch sent her body into a frenzy, her juices started slowly as he brought her close to insanity with his touch "Magnus, please! I need you! I need you inside me " she begged

He kissed her neck, his fingers moving faster. He wanted to help her get this out of her system so that he could court her without her hormones running wild.

He hand found his member and started to rub it on the outside of his pants, before he could stop her her hand went inside his pants and grabbed his member

He growled, shoving his fingers deeper. He had to send her over the edge now before his control disappeared.

She cried out and gripped his member harder, her wild young beast calling to him in every sense of the word, from her body, her smell, her moans, her need was relentless "Mangus! please! I want you to please I need you I'm going crazy!" she cried out

He felt her juices flowing freely over his hand. In a last stitch effort, he stabbed her deeper and harder than ever before, sending her over the edge.

She cried out and clenched around his fingers so tightly that they could not move, she heard him growl and felt hot semen pour over her hand, without even gievn him time to speak she growl and put him on his back on the bed and straddled him, making him watch as she licked her hand clean teasingly with desire in her eyes

Magnus growled and said, "Megan, you are too sensitive right now. And... you are not ready for the consequences."

She finished every drop before she spoke "the only thing I know is that I need you...more than I ever needed anything and though we may not love each other I can not deny that I need I want you to claim me...... I will not run any longer and we can get to know one another more after...I'll even go on that date with you...but as much as it scares me I need you Magnus" she said before quickly unbuttoning his pants and slipping his erection inside her, she cried out and was so tight she was having difficulty getting his large member all the way in

He growled and asked, "Even if you got pregnant from this night? You would stay with me even if that were to happen?"

With effort she took him fully inside her, she was so tight around him it was almost painfully, she looked down at him her eyes filled with desire and fear "I want to stay with you yes, why do you ask?" she said honestly, which scared her "Magnus...your too big..." she said gripping his chest, he would then realised that this was only her second time having sex and her body was new to is invasion

"You are ovulating, Megan," he said through clenched teeth. "That's why I asked. You are so tight!"

She could barely think "Magnus...please ...I cant...I need you...please claim me your world" Se said waiting for er body to adjust but it didnt her grip on him didnt lesson but got wetter and hotter

Magnus began moving as he said, “I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care.”

When he finished the words something click and she fell forward with a cry as her body finally adjusted to his the moment he bound them, she could feel a powerful beast stirring inside Magnus and she held onto him, her muffle cries vibrated his chest

He licked her neck and bit deep, taking her blood deep within him. He closed the wound, leaving behind his mark.

He cut open his chest and said, "Drink from me, and finish the binding."

She did as he said and she felt her whole world change, there was only him in that moment and the intense mind-shattering pleasure they were sharing, she could feel something old and primal stir in Magnus and felt him holding back please don't hold back...I'm giving you the same she said in her head not knowing he could hear her

"Anything for you," he said.

He began chanting and it sounded beautiful. Suddenly, though there appeared to be only one of him, she could feel him everywhere. Massaging and suckling her breasts, pounding into every hole, and licking every erogenous zone she had, even ones she never thought could be erogenous zones. His taste was wild and tangy in her mouth. When he growled her name, it was like there was an army of Magnuses around her, speaking all at once. All of them pounding into her or feasting on her like animals. Yet, every touch was so loving, it brought tears to her eyes.

The world around her went away as he consumed her, there was nothing else in the world but him, her mind was barely able to comprehend the pleasure he was making her feel Magnus! I'm scared! something...something is happening I feel like I'm going to shatter!

It's alright, he said. Fall with me, Megan. I will catch you.

She gave herself completely into his keeping and shattered with him, clamping down so hard it made him cum multiple times inside her

When he filled her, his spell broke and he was beneath her. She lay on his chest, hearing his heartbeat in her ear.

"We should sleep," he said. "Are you ready to go to ground?"

There was not a lot of emotion in his tone and it made her sad, after what they just did she found that his lack of words hurt "um......yeah....yeah I definitely am..." Se said not wanting to be awake anymore, she got of im quickly even though her body was sore and turned away from him, she didnt know were her clothes went so she wrapped the bed sheet around her

"Megan, what's wrong?" he asked. "If I hurt you in some way, please tell me." He wrapped his arms around her. "I need to know. You are, after all, my greatest treasure."


Maddox said, "Serenity, I know this, but I inadvertently made you uncomfortable with our love making. It will not happen again. If you ever feel ready to try, I will let you, but once it gets to be too much, tell me. For now," he looked at her, anger in his eyes, "tell me where your father lives."

She didn't like the look in his eyes "its don't have to do anything that's, not why I told you" she said softly

"I know it's not," he said, caressing her cheek. "You wanted me to know why you could not handle that position when we make love. But I have a need to show him what a real man is like. He hurt you and I wasn't there to save you. But I can bring justice to him."

Seren thought for a minute "Ill tell you on one condition....when we get there I want to be the one to do it..." She said with something in her eyes that told him it was not the first time she had thought about this

He paused for a moment, then said, "If you want. I will be right behind you, that way you don't fall over the edge. Taking a life, it isn't easy. As long as you don't kill him while feeding, I will have no worries."

Se looked at him with a serious face "what if I want to?" she asked sincerly

"I will not risk you possibly turning vampire," he said. "I will pull you away from him just before you killed him by drinking him dry. You can watch the life drain from him, but you will not kill him while feeding."

She looked at him and then nodded slowly "Ok...but there is a problem...that fake prince...banned me from leaving the grounds"

Maddox laughed and said, "He banned you from leaving the grounds... without me."

She smiled and gave him the address "but...before we go.." She said looking down at his still hard erection, she bent down and took him in her mouth

He growled, his hand going to the back of her head.

"You don't have to," he said through clenched teeth, "but don't stop."

She chuckled at his words and kept going, wanting to give him pleasure to make up for what had happened, going down on him made her body come alive and her juices started to flow

He gasped and said, "Serenity, I need to be inside you!"

She removed her mouth from him and replaced it with her hand, her lips traveled to his thigh close to his inner groin, she bit down deeply cause him a jolt of pleasure that made him cry out and his vision blur

He began moving his hips and screaming her name. He had to be inside her, before he lost his mind.

She closed the wound and looked up at him "Im all yours to take"

He pinned her the floor, thrusting into her hard. He was all instincts as he began moving. His hands bit into her hips as he held her still for him to reach deep.

She cried out, he core squeezing him and sucking him in the deeper he went

He pounded into her with everything in him, growling as he kissed her deeply.

"Maddox! I'm going crazy ! its too much!" she cried out as her breast went to the floor letting him go deeper

He threw back his head as reached her deepest core. He didn't let up, but he couldn't stop either. When she spoke, he filled her until she overflowed.

Her core miled him and went over the edge with him, her womb filling with his seed to the point she felt pressure in her lower stomach "Maddox!" she cried his name as she went crazy beneath him as her vision blurred and her body spasmed from multiple orgasms

He held himself up on shaking arms, fighting to stay conscious. He kissed her neck lovingly.

She moved slightly so he could rest beside her while he was still inside her, just as her body went limp and her eyes closed

He simply moved the earth so that they sank beneath it. When he was done, he passed out, sated for the night.


Hendrik smiled and said, "I know that. I'm not mad. It's still too fresh for me to start joking. This is on me. You have done nothing wrong."

She kissed both of his cheeks before she kissed his lips "If you dont cheer up I may have to use my fangs again until you do" she said teasingly

Hendrik said, "Oh really? I don't believe you."

She smiled and leaned up nuzzling his neck, licking it teasingly before he felt her fangs start teasing his skin, her tongue working in unison to make is skin go crazy with pain and pleasure

He growled and said, "This is boring me."

Se bit down had with a growl at his comment, letting him know she took offense

He growled again and said, "Now you are playing dirty."

She started moving her hips, rubbing his member with her core but not letting it go inside her as she tugged on his skin causing a wave of pleasurable pain

His hands traveled freely. He wanted to take over again. If he could drive her crazy again, he would do it. If only she wasn't driving him crazy.

He hands scraped down his back as she released his neck closing the bite but leaving the mark. She kissed him deeply, her tongue claiming his in a passionate dance as her hips started to move faster, her sweet juices acting a natural lube

His hands gripped her hips and began to shift her so that he could be inside of her.

She moved her hips just in time to avoid his invasion teasingly

He growled and said, "Like I said, not playing..." Suddenly, he found his hand pinned to the floor. "Really? Holding me down? Now I'm at your mercy."

She smiled "you are always at my mercy, " she said teasingly before kissing him deeply and rubbing once more your going to have to beg me my me how much you want me

"Amelia," he said, "what are you planning? Because this is already torture."

She smiled and slowly kissed down his and around his shoulders and neck, keeping his hands pinned as she teased his sensitive tip with her core lips, but using her legs to keep him from thrusting

"I..." he gasped, feeling her juices drench him. "I need to be inside you! Now! Please, Amelia!"

She nipped all over his chest and let his tip go into her core just enough to tease it and clentch and massage it you can do better than that my love

"Please," he said. "I'm going crazy! Amelia, let me inside you! Please!"

When she felt his beast fully emerge she released his arms

His hands went to her hips and slammed her down on him. He began pounding into her like a madman, growling like an animal.

Se cried out and gripped his chest trying to hang on "Yes! yes! more! fuck me more!" she cried out knowing it would make him go even crazier

He rolled until she was under him. Something flickered in his eyes. He bit into her breast hard, and for a moment, it was like his vampire took over again. Each thrust was a mixture of pleasure and pain.

She cried out and started to go crazy underneath him"Hendrik! " she cried out his name

He growled as he filled her, but he didn't stop. He couldn't stop. He sent her through multiple orgasms as he filled her until his seed fell like a waterfall from her.

Her nails dug into his back hard enough to draw blood adding to his orgasm, her body convulsed and tightly milked him, he was coming so much inside her she felt the pressure of his seed, she felt him lift he legs and slam her her other hole making her cry out as he filled that too, pumping into her like is goal was to fill every hold she had to te max "my mouth fill my mouth I want to taste you!" she cried out as she came again from him being in the back

He pulled out and did as she wanted, filling every hole to capacity and then some. When he was done, he collapsed in front of her. His eyes flickered between his vampire and him, almost like he was still fighting the darkness.

She was too tired to move or speak talk to me my not hide things from me

He showed her the conflict in his eyes. I have you, yet I'm still fighting the darkness. Amelia, what if binding you to me isn't enough to keep the darkness away and I become a vampire again? I could have hurt you!

She held himIs that even possible?

I don't know! he said, sorrow in his voice. I just... I feel the darkness and I wonder, what if you were too late saving me? I don't want to lose you, Amelia. I don't want to fail you again.

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