Lifemates 6

Megan didn't like the sudden switch and she wondered which one was the real him "I'm fine....let's sleep" She said standing up only for her world to spin and she started falling forward

He grabbed her and held her close, "You are not fine. You need to feed. Let me go get some bottles for you to drink from. Then, you can tell me what really has you upset. From being in your mind as we made love, I know how to tell when you are burying your feelings."

She looked at him like she was trying to figure him out "which one?" she said softly to herself

"All of them," he said. "You don't trust happiness, you hide that you are depressed with a smile, and you bottle up your anger most of the time."

She looked at him with a stubborn look "do not act as if you know me so know nothing " She said looking away with pink cheeks

"Every time you think I'm handsome or cute," he said, "you try to shut down those emotions because you don't believe it will last, or that love is real."

She looked at him like she was shocked yet amused "sounds like someone thinks highly of themselves...tell me, how do you ever have time to do much else when you clearing use most of your time stroking that big ego of yours" She said raising an eyebrow in a way that was both cute and funny

He smiled and said, "I don't think for a second I am cute. I'm manly, I'll give you that. I might be handsome, but only to you. And I don't have an ego. It gets in the way. Too many hunters have fallen to ego when I knock them on their asses. Makes them top heavy."

She bit her lip to keep from laughing, not wanting him to have the satisfaction of knowing he had made her "at least a man with a ego can be easily crushed...or given the right circumstances....if stroked just right...amazing things can happen" she said in a soft tone still looking away from him, unknowing to herself that she was doing it, he would fell her hands stroking his body as her mind went to naughty places that she did not know were open to him

He growled and said, "You keep using your mind to touch all those interesting places, Megan, and we may not make it out of this room in one piece. I already shattered you once. I'm more than happy, and ready, to do it again."

Her heart slammed into her chest and heat grew in her stomach as he looked at him shocked "I...I'm not doing anything thing....and don't use such words" she said shifting slightly, the way he had said those things made her body come to life instantly, she didnt like how much control just his voice had over her, yet she could help ut have her mind slip further into thoughts of the desire he was making her feel and that only made her mental touch stronger, his cock would feel as if it was inside her, he would feel her tightness and heat as she imagined him inside her

He stumbled, his breath slamming out of him. "Megan, tone down your thought. I can... feel it all." He walked to her. "I don't think I can hold back."

She moved back a little "I...I didn't mean to ...I wasn't doing anything.." She tried to say but the way he was looking at her made her mind fuzzy with desire, she saw his eyes turn into gold and cat-like and gasped and heat rushed her core

He growled and said, "You are doing so much, Megan. I have a need to be inside you again. I need you surrounding me."

Those eyes of his sowed something primal and wild, if she was not careful she feared she would be consumed by him and that thought did the opposite of scare her, a wild thought of him pinning her down and wildly claiming her body entered her mind, he would feel as if his fangs had just pierced her neck, he would feel her body beneath him "Dont..say such things..and what if I say no" She said not realizing the challenge in her voice would only bring out his beast more

He pinned her to wall, evidence of his desire pressed against her stomach, as he said, "You don't want to say no, Megan. I can smell your desire. You are doing things... I feel you doing everything to me that runs through your mind, feel myself doing them. I need to bury myself deep inside you. Feel how hard I am, and it's all for you."

Her breath caught in her thought and she lost the will to fight against his grip as desire shook her "y-you cant be look like you want to devour me..." she said not understanding how true her words were in a Carpathian sense. He wound feel how him pinning her was making her feel even more excited, though there was a part of her that wanted to rebel and fight he was hypnotized by his eyes, something that frightened most she found primal and beautiful

"I plan on devouring you, Megan," he said, kissing her neck. "I plan on worshiping you in ways you never dreamed. Now, don't move."

He kissed down her body, stopping for a moment to lavish each breast with his mouth. When was kneeling in front of her, he looked into her eyes one last time to show her his primal desire. Then, he began feasting on her juices.

She cried out and tried to push him away but it was no use, he consumed her thoughts and replaced them with desire and the ability to only think and feel what he was doing with his mouth

His tongue stabbed deep. This is your fault, Megan. You make me want to ravish you every time I look at you, but did you have to use your mind on me too? I can't fight that if you do that.

She gripped his hair D-dont blame your lack of control on me...I didn't do's your fault for making me such a mess She said in an uneven tone, unknowingly once more she imagined what it would be like to taste him, to make him lose control like he was doing to her, he would feel her mouth wrap around his member, he tongue teasing it as she took him deeper in her mouth

He growled and stood before her. "Megan, every time you imagine something, I can feel it happening as if it were real. You are doing this without training. That tells me your mental powers are strong." He leaned in and whispered, "Imagine me feeding on you while your mouth engulfed me. My tongue and fingers going inside you."

Her breathing quickened and he would taste her sweet juices in her mouth, feel on his tone and fingers her soft velvet core as well as her mouth covering his member, her legs started to shake and her juices started running down her leg, her pupils dilated and the feelings got stronger and more realistic, so much so it seemed like he could even feel her hot breath on him as she took him in her mouth, he would feel her hands grip his thigh and then his buttocks.

He growled and said, "Megan, stop. That's enough. I can't keep this just in our minds. Let's make love again." He laid her on the bed and slowly entered her. "Right now."

She lost all train of thought when he entered her extremely tight core, a wave of fiery sparks went through her body and she cried out and gripped the bed "wait...please.. its to much..." She moaned, her sensitivity was more then sexy but called to him, she was helpless aginst his touch like prey to his beast

He growled and began moving as he said, "I can't. Let me in your mind, Megan. Feel what you do to me."


Amelia looked at him with concern "let's ask someone for help then, do you know anyone good with this sort of thing?"

"No, I don't," Hendrik said. "You are the only one I know of that can do anything with souls. I hate to admit it, but... I'm scared."

She held him tighter "ok Ill look.." She said and went inside his body as a healing light

Inside was a seed of darkness, one left over from when he was a vampire. It was fading, but also fighting to survive. As Amelia came close, it began to smolder as it shrank away from her light.

Amelia pushed forward, trying to make it disappear for good or hurt it enough to make it too weak to survive

Suddenly, it lashed out at her, trying to take her down with it, but each tendril only turned to dust. When it was no more than a speck, it gave up, too tired and weak to go on.

you do not belong here...sleep an eternal sleep dark one She said going for the kill

The darkness did the last thing she thought it would do. It jumped at her and attached itself to her soul.

She slammed back in her body and quickly started to try and get rid of it

Hendrik went to her and said, "Amelia? What happened? What's wrong?"

Amelia gasped and then growled as she fought for control, she grabbed him by the neck and slammed him down on his back and kissed him deeply and rough, while her hands found and gripped his member tightly

Hendrik growled. Tell me what is happening. I want to help.

When she pulled back he would see her eyes flash before she shoved him deep inside her and started to ride him

He held her hips, making her go slow but deep. "Amelia, stop. Let me help you. This isn't you."

She grabbed his wrist and pinned his hands by his head "mine..." She said with a growl as she rode him hard, taking him deep inside her, her movements would go from rough to soft s she fought for control

He growled and said, "Yes, and you are mine. Now, let me help."

She released his hands and made him pin hers behind her back, making him sit in a seating position as she rode him"Hendrik...I want so strong..please help me"

He understood then. She had taken the darkness from him. He pumped into her, filling her with his light. He took her hard and rough. The harder he thrust into her, the more his light filled her.

She threw her head back and called out is name as she came close to the edge "Hendrik....I cant....I can't fight it much longer" she moaned through clenched teeth

He didn't stop. He was close too, but he had to get the last of his darkness. He found it his light becoming so bright, he and Amelia glowed. Hold on, he said. Almost have it destroyed. Then, the heat between us will be purely us and there will be no more fear. But you need to hold on.

SHe shook her head desperately "I....I cant ....its to much....the hunger...I..." she tried desperately to hold on, but she felt like she was being consumed by the hunger she felt fo his body and blood

Hendrik pulled Amelia down to him and kissed her as he finally destroyed it with their combined lights and said, Let's fall now! He surged up and filled her with his seed.

The world around her shattered with her as she came, she went limp on his chest as her body convulsed with orgasms

He held her close and said, The darkness is gone. Now, we don't have to worry about me hurting you when we make love, or it trying to take you over.

Hendrik....i cant move she said tiredly

Good, he said. I don't want to move.

She smiled softly and fell asleep in his arms

He laid there. He didn't even open the ground. He locked and warded the room before going to sleep himself, sure they were safe.

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