Lifemates 7

Megan's nails dug into his back like a wild female, sending a blissful pain through him "no...I...I don't know how...please...your to big..." She said as her tightness grew around him to the point it painfully erotic

Magnus kissed her neck with a growl and said, "I know you can open up to me, Megan. I know it's difficult. I will not connect us against your consent, but I have a need to be in your mind, just as I am in your body."

She arched,every touch and thrust he did made her go crazy to the point it was unbearable, if possible she was even more sensitive then before and even more fertile "magnus...I dont know how...I give you permission ...just please...its to much....either make me insane or stop..please...I need more" she said in moaning desperate tone that set him ablaze

He thrust into her mind as his teeth sank into her neck, connecting them in every possible way. She could feel herself clench around him, feel everything.

She cried out and started to go wild beneath him, arching and gripping his back hard enough to draw blood, her sensitivity would hit him like a train, making her tightness painful and unlike anything he had ever felt before, just the warmth of her soft skin was like fire to him

He closed the wound and said, "Take from me, Megan. I need you to feed from me."

She couldnt think straight "why...why do you need more..." she said in a moaning tone, still not understanding what blood meant to their kind

"When you feed from me, I am putting my life, my very soul, in your hands," he said. "You are my world, the air I breathe, my everything. There is no reason to live without you, Megan. Binding us tied us together, but we must trust each other for it to mean anything."

"but you dont trust me fully just like I dont trust you fully.." She said knowing she was right "you shield part of your mind from me..I cant do that...please...don't look to deep..." she said not wanting him to see her family life and the abuse. To distract him she licked the side of his neck, teasing his pulse with her tongue and fangs making him go crazy

"I trust you to run if I show you too much too soon," he said. "I let you see only enough to allow you to stay beside me. And I never planned on looking at anything you weren't ready to share."

She bit in then deep and wild thats not very comforting magnus..... but that does not matter right now......I need you now....I feel that beast you hold back..I want him...I need him...I feel the magic stiring inside are...beautiful

He pounded into her hard, throwing back his head as all control went out the window. I am not beautiful, nor has anyone described me as such. A monster, yes, but never beautiful.

Whats she said next shocked them both you are beautiful to me and your mine

Magnus was so shocked, he filled her with his seed, sending her over the edge.

She cried out and arched beneath him as he filled her with his seed, she felt as if she was shattering in a million pieces and was scared

He quickly recovered, held her to him, and said, "I'm here, Megan. I would never let you fall alone. Hold on to me."

She bit into his shoulder as her body rocked with orgasms, her core milking him tightly until her mind made him feel what she felt,her body craved him stronger then any hunger he had ever felt, his very existence in that moment was the most important thing to her to the point it consumed her

He held her close, savoring the moment. He knew it would have to end soon, but he wanted it to last as long as possible.

"Megan," he said, his voice filled with every emotion he felt for her.

After a few minute she went still, her breathing heavy and her body unable to move, her core was hot and tight around him and she released his neck and fell back

He knew she fainted from exhaustion mixed with everything else crashing in on her at that moment. He sent her to sleep and laid both of them in the ground to rest.

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