Cell block tango

The disgust grew in her stomach as she neared the cell, when she had heard what the headmaster had done only the prince could see the anger from her unreadable face. Though she wanted nothing more then to tear this man to shreds for what he did she walked silently down the hall towards his cell, her mind was only on the goal the prince had asked of her, to get a statement from him and find out in detail the events that took place. A part of her hoped that he resisted to talk, that way she could relieve some of her anger by making him give a forced and painful confession. She rounded the corner and came to his cell door, she nodded at the guards posted outside of it and the unlocked the door letting her in. With a small deep breath to calm herself she walked in, the echo of her heels was the only sound as she entered the cell.

Alexander didn't bother looking up. He knew the woman that had entered by reputation alone. She represented the women in warrior councils and was the prince's voice during negotiations when he was spread thin. He waited for her to sentience him. However, when the scent of her reached him, he reacted. Emotions were stronger than ever before, and colors blinded him. He looked at her. She took his breath away. He had never seen her before, or she would have been his. Now... he didn't deserve such a dark angle.

Sora was unsure of the look he was giving her, and to her surprised his scent was something she found pleasant, almost like burning would and lavender, she took a seat in front of him and opened her folder and clicked open her pen "Alright Mr. Corvinus lets not waist my time or yours, in your own words and from the beginning please tell me what took place on the night of april 16th at seven thirty pm" she said preparing to write.

Alexander loved the sound of her voice and said, "I was out feeding. I was without hope, wanting to end my existence. I found Serenity, and planned on using her only for sustenance. However, I discovered the wonders of her blood. They gave me some emotions, but not colors. Selfishly, I made her come with me to the school so that I could use her as a way to keep those emotions. I made her forget her old life so that she would believe I was her adopted father. It was wrong of me, but I didn't want to lose my new found emotions. A couple days later, I found her sister, who shared the same gift. I did the same thing to her, for the same reason. Over time, I began to care for them as if they really were my daughters. I still do. I want their love, even though I don't deserve it. I don't even deserve a lifemate." He looked her in the eyes. "This crime is the only reason why I do not claim you as such."

She growled and stopped writing "Watch your words, I am not your lifemate, your probably still hung up on that girls blood, now back to what you were saying, please tell me in detail the condition and abilities of the sisters blood" She said in a sharp tone

Alexander said, "Both women bring out emotions in males who have lost them. All it takes is one sip and you will feel them. And the more you take, the longer they last. In males with emotion, they bring out stronger emotions, like anger, desire, and rage. They are the rarest treasures we have. I fear what would happen should a vampire gets their hands on them." He smiled at her. "And I know you are my lifemate because before you came in, I had not colors or emotion. I have both now. You have lovely burgundy lips."

She wrote down what he said about the girls but not what he said about her, She started to take him seriously and started to analyze him more, she did find him attractive and felt the want to get closer, which could be signs of a lifemate but it could also be signs of a ancient, which he was. Their blood alone calls to others, she inhaled his sent and found herself wanting more, the sound of his blood made her hunger spike " If I am your lifemate we will figure things out, until then please remain in a appropriate fashion and tell me in more detail what you experienced feeding from these sisters" she said plainly, listening to his story she could understand why he did what he did, she had lost many males she considered family over the years because of the turning in the warriors, and if these girls were really as he claimed it would mean there could be hope for the males lasting longer but at the same time it meant they were in danger and needed to be secured as soon as possible.

Alexander nodded and said, "The emotions hit me hard, but not as hard as the lifemate bond. I believe this is because they are only shadows of the emotions we lost. However, it gave me hope, and I knew I could hold on longer, but only if I continued to feed from them. That is the danger of their blood. And it's highly addictive. Once you taste their blood, it takes great strength to stop. Their lifemates can stop because they will ensure their safety, but the older the male is, the harder it is to stop." He put his head in his hands. "I learned when to stop, but only because I began to feel like their father and wanted to protect them. They helped keep the darkness at bay, but their lives were always in danger. I hate myself for what I did to them, but I want them to view me as a real father, but I know I wouldn't change what I did. That's the worse part. If I could do it over again, I would change a thing. I found you, two treasures worth all the money in the world, and I learned how to be a father. I know it's difficult to understand. It's difficult to explain. But I would make the same choices every time."

She finished writing down what he said and closed the folder "Ok Thats all I needed for now, as for your claim that I am your lifemate I will bring it up to the prince and we will go from there" She said and stood up with a expressionless face, She was good at hiding her emotions, she had to be with her job, but in truth she was worried that he was her lifemate, lifemates complicated things and she found purpose in her job, if she was bonded she worried that it would interfere with her job, for so long her job had been the only focus in her life and the prince was her main focus as was the safety of all Carpathian people, if she bonded with a male she wonder how much her focus would shift, would she be able to do her job anymore? With these thoughts she turned to leave.

Alexander called after her and said, "I am proud of the job you do, Sora Lefreala. I hope that your job will become easier with my aid. I will follow you anywhere, and as a criminal, I will happily become your personal prisoner."

That caught her off guard so much that she stopped in her tracks for a moment "who said Id have you and trust me you do not want to be my prisoner....They never survive the night" She said trying not to have emotion in her tone and continued to walk away, shutting the door behind her. She quickly returned to the prince and got her knew orders, the girls would need to be guarded but more then that they had to find a way to fix them as well as test their abilities, as for the claim Alexander made about them being lifemates, she was to return to the cell to carry out the princes decision on his punishment and his decision on his claim

Alexander lost his colors and emotions the instant she was out of his sight. He punched the ground. He couldn't live like this. It would send him over the edge. He fought the demon roaring to get out, and won. But his great strength suffered for it.

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