Zandar said, "About an hour and a half at least. She was half dead when I found her trying to kill herself. I do not know who exchanged blood with her, but they did so twice. I did the third to save her life. Her powers seem to be under developed but she is nearly finished. She just needs to go to ground. After that, I do not know what to do with her."

Sora nodded "ok....before we put her to ground she needs to see a healer then, I will send people to her house to see what they can find out about her so when your done at the school give one of my men the details so they can go do that, for now keep her alive " she said and the car lurched forward as she stomped on the gas, heading towards the school.

Nats heart rate started to slow, he body was to weak to finish the transition and she was slowly dying.

Zandar began to breath for her and force her heart to work. He wasn't going loose her. He slit open his wrist and forced her to drink. His bloodline was an ancient one, and his blood would help her heal. When she had a healthy glow to her skin, he closed the wound. He kept an eye on her heart and lungs, making sure that they would continue to work. But now he was gray and in need of blood himself.

Sora moved her head slightly "I offer willingly hunter, I need you at full strength to keep her well, hurry and take what you need, though it would have to be from my neck I need both hands to drive, hurry now" she said in a commanding voice

Zandar smiled, mumbled his thanks, and bit deep. He had to close the wound after a moment. He hadn't taken nearly enough to replenish his loss, but Sora needed to drive the car. He sat back, and monitored the woman.

"What does the prince think we should do with her?" he asked. "She must have a lifemate or else the conversion would not have worked on her."

"He wants to meet with the girl and then decide what to do, we know nothing about her and that is just as dangerous as losing another female" she said as the car came to a stop "we are here bring her inside to the infirmary the prince will meet us there as we stabilize her" she said and opened the back door for him to help him.

Zandar picked the woman up and moved her quickly to the infirmary. He laid her in one of the beds and waited for the prince.

Desaray came into the room. She studied the girl and saw scars on her temples. She frowned.

"What happened to her?" she asked

Sora came into the room "Ive seen scars like that, only they were on patients who died from electric shock therapy, she must have been in a nuthouse at some point to put it bluntly" she said setting a folder on the table neck to the nurse "all the things we got from her place, Her name is Natasha Evergreen" she said and started back towards the door "the prince will be here shortly make sure she is well enough to talk" she said and left

Deseray sighed and said, "The woman has just undergone the conversion, and she wants to wake her so she can talk?" She shook her head. "She's going to need more blood."

She went to a cabinet and pulled out several bottles. She handed some to Zandar and the rest she helped Natasha drink. Deseray slowly brought Natasha out of her sleep.

"Hey," she said in a soft tone. "How are you feeling, miss?"


Jacob said, "I would never lie to you. It is impossible between lifemates. Besides, I don't want to hunt, despite my bloodline. I'd rather write. I love plays and stories. I have to learn how to hunt vampires so that, should I be forced to, I can always win, but I don't want to hunt them. I want to stay home, sit by a fire, and do nothing but read."

SHe didnt want to hear this, she was sure it was a trick "look right now I just want to get through this school...there is still a chance I wont even survive the conversion.." she said with more fear in her tone then she wanted.

Jacob said, "You won't have to be converted. I will grow old and die with you, if you wish. You will only be converted if you are about to die from anything other than old age. And I will make sure you survive. I refuse to lose you when I just found you. Does that put your mind at ease?

She looked at him with a troubled expression "no but its not like I can do anything about it...look promise me you wont tell anyone...." she said looking worried

Jacob made her look at him. His eyes held possession, tenderness, and passion the likes she had never seen before. He said, "If you weren't meant to be my lifemate, you would not survive the conversion. But you are stronger and better than you think. You are so full of light, if hurts to look at you. You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I don't deserve you. While I cannot hid this from those older than us, I won't tell anyone else on one condition." He smiled. "You have to audition for the play. Amour Blades is amazing and you would be a perfect Margaretta."

She glared at him "your blackmailing me...see I know you where no Romeo" she said in a sarcastic tone "fine....but I doubt Ill get it anyways" she said and started walking again

"I think you will get the part," said Jacob. "In fact, it was almost like the part was made for you." He held up a copy of the script. "Take a look."

He opened to page 24 where it read.

Count Germain: Until I can look upon you face again, milady, there will be no sun, no moon, no stars to guide me. I pray that we shall meet again soon, that your light will shine bright upon me once more.
Duchess Margaretta: You must be looking through a fog covered night to be so blind. I am no sun, no moon, not even the stars. My light has been smothered by those who live in darkness. If I am lucky and my light once again shines, it will only be if you can show me the truest love.
Count Germain: Then I shall prove to you, fairest maiden, that my love is deeper than the oceans. For your light, it is the one thing that keeps me going in this cold world. They cannot smother your flame, because you burn too bright. They have made you believe that your light is gone because they cannot stand its warmth. They see how cold and empty they are inside, and hate that you still burn with passion.
Duchess Margaretta: Pretty words will get you nowhere, count. I must leave. If I am not home one time, my husband will be upset and rightly so.
Count Germain: I prey we meet soon. Your husband, cad that he is, doesn't know how luck he is to be looked upon by you, to see your smile. He will never make you happy, never truly know you, and will never make you feel whole. Only I can do that. Your heart, your soul know this. In time, I hope to make your mind see it as well. Go, milady. Run to the cold walls of your mansion for now. May we meet again soon.

She stared at the script "what...what is your intention with this play? and dont lie to me?" she said trying not to blush.

"The same as the count's," said Jacob. "To prove myself to you."

"This is about love...not friendship" she said handing him back the script "look im tired...Im going to head back to my dorm...Ill audition tomorrow" she said sounding troubled

Jacob said, "That's where you are wrong. The play is about earning trust. The characters happen to fall in love, it's true, but he earns her trust by being honest with Margaretta. Germain never tells a lie like the duke. It is a play about trusting others and yourself."

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