Nat's eyes grew big and she tried to sit up out of panic but her body was to sore and tired to do so "w-where...where am I " she said in a frightened tone, her stomach was stiring and she felt like she was going to be sick

Desaray said, "It's okay. This is the infirmary at a private school. Lay down. You just went through a painful ordeal. There is a bucket beside the bed if you get sick, but you shouldn't. There is going to be some people in to talk to you soon. Until then, rest and relax. We only want to help you."

She tried to sit up once more and managed to do so, though it made the room spin "why...why am I here? I dont ...I dont remember anything except.." she said trailing off remembering how she had fell off her balcony "how? how? thats impossible.." she said starting to panic more

"Be calm," ordered Zandar. "I caught you as you fell. I couldn't let you die. Tell us about yourself."

She tried swung her legs to the side of the bed like she was attempting to stand up "how...thats impossible...there was nothing where you could have been standing to catch me" she said holding her head "who are you? " she said in a soft frightened tone

"I'm Zandar De La Cruz," he said.

"And I'm the nurse, Deseray Daratrazanoff," she said. "Lay back down before you injure yourself."

She shook her head " does not make sense...I need to leave" she said trying to stand but a burning in her stomach and throat made her almost fall over and she reached out to hold her self up, grabbing a hold of Zanders shoulder, the feeling was like she had not drank anything in a year, her throat was so dry it hurt, it was a thirst she never felt before, with her free hand she grabbed her throat "whats happening to me"

Zandar said, "Until you talk to our prince, we can't answer that. Know that you represent hope to our people and we will protect you." His voice dropped an octave and he put a strong command in his tone. "Lay back down and wait for him. You will answer his questions truthfully."

Nat did as she was told, though she was still scared. A few minutes later the prince and sora came in "Zandar....please tell me what happened so we can find the best care for miss Natasha here" he said in a deep tone

"I was flying over head," Zandar said, "when I saw her fall off her balcony. I could tell she had suffered. Something told me to save her, so I did. When I touched her, I knew she was psychic, possibly going through changes. I examined her memories, what I could of them, and found she had two blood exchanges. I performed the final one to save her life and brought her to you so that you could tell me what to do with her. I believe she has a lifemate somewhere and that is why she lived through the conversion."

"I see this must be a long where you in pain young one " he asked with a silk tone she could not refuse "about four days" she said honestly noises of disbelif echoed the room "I see....sora do what you can to ease miss natasha here into the situation she finds her self, and find someone else to help you as well since I know you have your hands full here...Zander we have business to talk about its best if miss natasha rest for now" he said and turned to leave the room " who are you?" natasha asked in a bewildered tone "you will find out soon sleep" he said issuing the command she could not refuse

Zanbar went with the man and said, "What would you have me do, my prince?"

As he walked the air around him held authority "there have been signs of a master troubling the school, while you are here I would like you to join the other hunters to investigate, if there is one im sure I do not need to tell you what you need to do" he said in a calm tone

"I understand," said Zandar. "About the girl. I would like Jacob to take over her care after she heals. He needs to redeem himself in his own eyes more than our family's. This will give him the chance. He always wanted a chance to prove himself to us, and I want to give him the chance to do just that."

"I will consider your request, now go, you can start by the lake, there was a recent attack by vampire wolves there, the other hunters will meet you there" he said just as sora came up from behind "Its time sir, everything is ready for your departure" she said in a calm tone, the prince simply nodded

Zandar said, "Of course. Safe travels."

He turned into mist and began to look into the attack.


"yeah well I dont trust ill be bad at the lead" she said knowing he was following her "look like I said Im not lifemate material...I do what I can to help you but I didnt ask to be apart of this world.." she said in a sadden tone "I dont want to kill people.." she said honestly

Jacob said, "You don't have to. You can do whatever you want. And you are perfect. Just be yourself and you will be fine. I don't want to make you into someone you aren't. Don't ever change who you are to try and make other's happy. You will only hurt yourself."

SHe turned toward him fast "stop saying stuff like that! you dont mean dont even know me and your just trying to get me to bind with you" she said with anger and fear in her tone

"I'm sorry you think that," said Jacob, his face expressionless but his voice radiating hurt. "I told you I wouldn't bind you unless I proved myself, I mean that. And I want to get to know you. What little I know makes me happy, because I saw into your soul just a little. I already have feelings for you, Victoria, and I know that they will grow the more I learn about you. But I make you uncomfortable by telling you how I feel."

He moved away from her, looking the picture of loneliness. It was like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders and it was crushing him. He cut his mind off from hers. The instant he did, showing her he was already a shadow in her mind, her own loneliness hit her. He began to fade, a dejected figure dispersed by a soft breeze. Then, she was alone, despair hitting her hard.

"damn you jake!" she screamed as tears burned her eyes but she refused to cry, she turned and ran towards her dorm, but she didnt make it far before a strong hand grabbed her arm "hey babe where are you going " Micheal said. SHe turned to him "not right now ok" she said and tried to get out of his grip "come on you said you where going to get snacks...I dont see any..does that mean your my snack?" he said teasingly and leaned in to kiss her, she turned her head "im not in the mood micheal" she said trying again to break his grip "your never in the mood, whats with you huh? Ive been patient Vic" he said grabbing her other arm and pulling her against him "come on..give me a chance.. I promise Ill make it worth your wild" he said leaning down once more to kiss her

Jacob appeared behind Michael and pulled him away from Victoria. He had fire in his eyes. He didn't look at her. He looked emotionless, like Carpathians older than him.

"The lady said no," he said, his voice showing her how bleak his world was without her. "That means leave."

Micheals face grew grim "and who are you to interfere what I do with my woman you pathetic fang banger" he said pushing jacob hard

"micheal stop" victoria said but was completely ignored

Jacob smiled, his fangs showing, "Interesting choice of words. I have yet to feed this night. Let me get my fill from you."

Micheal had no way to fight the compulsion on him. He went willingly to Jacob and exposed his neck. Jacob bit down hard, drinking a large volume. He closed the wound when Micheal's heart stuttered. He sat him down for Victoria's sake.

"He will live," said Jacob. "But only because you have feelings for him. Otherwise, he'd be dead for what he planned on doing to you."

He turned to start to leave.

"how could you do that so easily....turn someone into a mindless puppet and treat them that way.." she said going over to Micheal and helping him stand, it was hard because he was larger than her but she managed with difficulty "you want to know why I choose Micheal...because hes least with him I dont have to worry about becoming some mindless puppet" she said in a sharp tone that help sadness "goodbye Jake" she said and started to help guide Micheal towards the dorms

"I didn't make him a puppet," said Jacob. "I made sure he wouldn't know I took blood, and I stopped him from raping you. If you choose to see me as a monster, Victoria, than that's what I will believe as well. I will see you tomorrow. For now, he is too weak to hurt you, for which I am thankful. Be glad I didn't kill him."

"he wouldnt have raped me...and why would you kill him and is it that easy for you to kill?" she said almost stumbling trying to hold up micheals weight

"If you didn't give into his demands for sex, he would have taken it," said Jacob with complete conviction. "I couldn't allow that. Had he gone through with it, yes, I would have killed him. Instead, I used him to feed and allowed him to live for you. That is the only reason he still draws breath. However, no, it is not easy for me to kill. I can, but I'd rather not. I told you this. I'm a writer, not a fighter. I'm the one who protects the house should a vampire get through, a last line of defense with our warrior women, not one to be found on the front lines."

Right as she was about to answer micheal groaned and swayed, putting more of his weight into her almost making her fall over "whatever...I need to go" she said in a frustrated tone and started walking again

Jacob took Michael from her and said, "I'll carry him. He is too heavy for you. You are about to fall under his weight."

She glared at him "fine....but only because it was your doing anyways there for it is only right you do something" she said and started to walk silently, not even looking at him

Jacob said, "You sure are bossy. As I recall, it was you who sent me away in the first place. All I wanted to do was walk in the night with you, help you carry the drinks back to your fake friends, but you got angry for no reason. He wouldn't be in this mess if you had accepted my help, but you have to make everything into an argument. It's like you don't want to be happy."

"dont you dare blame this on me! just because you have lack of self control doesnt mean you can speak so carelessly. He is in this mess because of you not me, god you stuborn egoistically....Carpathian male!" She said in a cute frustrated tone "bite me jerk wad "She said crossing her arms and walking faster

He stopped in front of her, his eyes going soft, as he said, "I would happily bite you, Victoria. Just tell me where. And if I lacked control, we wouldn't be carrying him. We would be burying him. Now, if you are done pouting in that cute manner, we are almost to the school. I'll take him to the infirmary. Come tomorrow, he will be by your side again."

The way he said it broke her heart. Like she was ripping out his heart and crushing it right before his eyes. But still, he would take her boyfriend to get better so that she would be happy. His face became still as stone, betraying the hurt he felt.

"Will... this really make you happy?" he asked, his voice sounding like he was holding back strong emotions. "To be with someone that will toss you aside when he grows tired of you? Will it make you happy, even if he hurts you?"

She frowned " what makes you think I dont know what he will do? like I said he is human...he's safe....I dont care what he does as long as he keeps your kind away from me...." she said looking away "I may have to be here....but Ill be damned if I will be viewed like some baby making cattle...and thats how you males see us.....and as for the biting thing......never....I may be half Carpathian but in my heart im normal..and normal people dont go around drinking blood" she said though it was half a lie, to her she was just trying to hold on to a reality she knew and felt safe in, when she found out she was different her world changed and not in the way she wanted it to. She went from one cage to another and she refused to be trapped.

Jacob growled and said, "I don't want you because I want you to pop out children left and right! Carpathians treasure and protect our women! We don't hurt them! The ones you have heard about, they weren't normal!" He sighed. "You know what, if I can't make you see what I say is true, and you choose to be blind, then go ahead." He dropped Michael on the ground just inside the gate of the school. "You deal with this meat head. Because I can't do this. I can't force you to see the truth when you purposefully put on blinders. But know, if you get hurt, it's your fault. I tried to warn you, protect you, but you wouldn't listen because of your prejudice views."

He disappeared, withdrawing from her once more. Loneliness unlike anything she had ever experienced filled her. Jacob went to the highest point in the school and sat on the tower roof. He cursed himself for his temper, but he couldn't help but feel like she refused to see what was right in front of her.

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