Twins are not alike...well Mostly

Sara and Xavier barely made it into the school before they already wanted to leave "its crowded here..." she said to her brother "Of course it is..." he said in a tone of disgust "at least half of the school is sleeping, only the half breed ands people like us will be awake" he said plainly "no one is like us" she said jokingly "thats probably a good thing I can barley handle one of you" he said sarcastically. She nudge his side with her elbow "Ditto" she said as they rounded the corner into the court yard. They were told to go to the infirmary to get there physicals done but to them it was more of a bother and they both had other things they would rather be doing.
It didnt take them long to find the hallway that lead to the Infirmary the only question was if it would go smoothly.

Bethany was looking over her homework when she bumped into someone. She fell down and her papers went everywhere. She kept her hair covering her left eye as best as possible as she bent to pick up her things.

"I'm so sorry!" she said. "I wasn't looking where I was going! He's going to be so mad if I'm late!"

They both bent down to help her pick up the papers "teachers that tough?" Sara asked

"No," said Bethany, hiding her left eye. "They are more understanding than most. They seem to know if you are lying or not, and if there are any problems you are having. No, my boyfriend will be upset if I'm late for our date. My classes are over and I'm trying to get to my dorm to put my things away. I really should be going. Sorry for bumping into you." She picked up the last of her papers and went to leave, but the twins blocked her path. "Please, you have to let me by. If I'm late... he'll be upset with me."

"it seems he was already upset with you" Xavier said gesturing to her eyes

"to allow such things...shame on this school" Sara said

Bethany covered her eye and said, "He didn't do this! I fell! He's just helping me learn to be on time for commitments. He puts so much work into planning our dates, and then I come in late. He's really a nice guy." She flattened the hair over her eye. "I really should go. As it is, I'm going to be five minutes late." She said under her breath, "He's going to be so upset."

"if your going to lie you should do better then that...I mean come on the teach combat training here that would have been a better lie than where is he?" Xavier said plainly in a dangerous tone

"Please excuse my brother what he means is a guy to do such a thing is not worth lying for and he doesnt like ones who do such things" she said softly

"He really is sweet!" said Bethany. "He got me a nice outfit and took me to the most romantic restaurant. I'm fine. It was just an accident, honest." Then her face paled. "Baby, what brings you here?"

"just seeing what was taking so long " Erik said approaching them

"oh look he has come to us" Xavier said with a dark smile, sara put a hand on his should and shook her head

"I was careless and bumped into these nice people," said Beth. "I'm sorry. I'll put my things in my room and we can leave." She went to him with a smile. "I'm just clumsy today. It won't happen again."

"of course it wont" he said in a low tone that she knew meant he was upset

She didn't look at the other people as she said, "Can we go? They were saying some things that upset me and I just want to go on our date. I know how hard you work on our dates. I hate that I'm always late for them. It makes me feel bad."

"of course...lets go" she said wrapping his arm around her shoulders, his grip on her tight

"truth hurts honey get use to it" Xavier said


Beth winced more from the man's words than her boyfriend's grip. She smiled at Erik. She really did love him. However, when his grip tightened, she noticed the hallway to her room was empty.

"Erik, you're hurting my arm," she said. "Do you want me to change clothes? I'll be quick! No make up! Please, my arm is going numb."

"you wont need clothes for long..." he said pushing her towards her door "get inside now" he said in a low tone

Beth whimpered but went into her room willingly. She put her things on her desk and stood waiting, almost like she were on display rather than letting him into her room. She twisted the hem of her shirt in her hands. Then she noticed the table in the center of the room with a romantic dinner for two, still steaming. She gasped, tears welling up.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "You went through so much trouble to make that dinner for us, and I run into people, come to the room late. I don't deserve such a wonderful boyfriend. You even remembered my favorite food. What can I do to make up for this?"

"give me my desert...strip and ready yourself for me" he said gesturing to the bed that had rose petals on it

Beth paled and said, "Erik, I've never... I can't! Please, anything but that! I'm still a virgin!"

"are you saying Im not good enough? that you dont want to give your virginity to me?" he asked in a angered tone as he walked toward her slowly unbuttoning his shirt

"That's not it!" Bethany said, backing up into the wall. "I'm not good enough! I don't know what to do, what not to do! I'm scared, Erik! Please, I don't want to hurt you, but I'm scared!"

"what d0 you have to be scared of?" he said using his body to pin her to the wall, he ran his hand up her leg until it touched her core "you love me want to please me dont you" he said using his other hand to grip her hair "so when I say get undressed what are you going to fucking do" he said in a angered tone

Beth started crying and said, "I... I'm going to get undressed. But, Erik, what if it hurts? What if I can't do it right? I do want to please you, and I'm scared I won't."

"if you want to please me do what you are told when you are told to do it" he said pushing her onto the bed "now strip" he said taking off the rest of his clothes, his erection was long and thick, his body was toned and strong looking

Natasha awoke to a strange site, a man covered in dirt and another woman wearing only a jacket int he beds next to her, with a gasped she got out of bed , her body felt heavy and she wanted to sleep but she fought it, she used the wall to make her way over tot he door, the second she opened it though and sunlight hit her she cried out in pain and fell to the floor, her thighs were severely burnt and she started crawling until she was up against the wall. she started to cry unsure of what to do, her hands shaking and legs twitching from the pain

Go back to bed, said Zandar. The sun will harm you if you go out. When the sun goes down, we will talk. For now, rest.

Natasha jumped and looked around for who was talking but saw no one "where are you?' she asked in a scared tone

In my chambers, he said. Close the door, then go to sleep. My nephew is in the room and he will be hurt if the sun continues to filter through. I know this is frightening, but you are strong and you will get through this.

She didnt understand what was happening but she started crawling towards the door to close it, suddenly it opened wider, hitting her with sunlight again as two people came in, she screamed in pain

"shit!" someone said and quickly closed the door, when her eyes adjusted she say a boy and a girl rushing over to her, the boy picked her up and laid her on the bed and the girl went over to the cabinet and took a bottle of blood and a package of soul, she rushed back over and put the soul on Natasha's legs and the boy grabbed the bottle "drink this" he said and she did as she was told "what the hell where you doing in here like that" said the boy "i...I dont know..I dont know whats going on have to help me" they both looked at one another "you should sleep now" the girl said and natasha could not help but obey

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