Beth took off her clothes but tried to stay covered up. She couldn't look at him. She was shaking.

"Please, Erik," she begged. "Ask me to do something else. Anything else."

"have I not been patient beth? have I not been good to you? you were the one late remeber, now open your mouth and suck my cock" he said standing infront of her, his erection in her face

Tears ran like a river down her face, but she did as she was told. She didn't know if she was doing it right, but she was too scared to stop. She choked several times when he made her go deeper. Eventually, she had to stop because she couldn't breath. She began coughing.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I tried. I did. Are we done? Can we have our dinner now?"

He gripped her by her hair "now you tell me how much you love much you want me to fuck it now!" he said pushing her back onto the bed, making her lay on her back

Beth was crying hard but she managed to say, "I l-love you more than any thing in this w-world. P-please make love to m-me."

HE smiled and forced her legs opened, she could feel his large tip at her core entrance "who do you belong to bethany? who do you obey?" he asked as his tip teased her entrance

"Don't do this!" she begged, trying to stop him. "Please! I'm not ready! Erik! Stop!"

"thats not the right answer" he said thrusting into her hard, stretching her to the max

Bethany gasped, "It hurts. Erik, please, stop. I'm sorry. I'm yours. Just please stop this. It hurts."

"say it again" he said as he bagan to thrust deep inside her "god your so fucking tight" he said moaning

Bethany said, "I-I'm yours. Erik, it really hurts! Please, don't move!"

She shoved at his chest to get him off of her. The pain was so great, she didn't have any strength.

"shut up and relax and it will get better" he said fully laying ontop of her now, using one hand to lift her legs o he could go deeper "hmmm your so a good girl and moan for me beth"

Beth said, "I can't. It hurts. It's hard to breath. Erik, please, I'm begging you, stop." She tried to crawl out from underneath him. "I don't want this. Please."

He pulled out of her and flipped her onto her stomach and shoved into her again, gripping her hair and pinning her down with his body "moan beth " he said harshly as he gripped her breast roughly, tugging on the nipples

She gasped, trying to pull away from him. But she couldn't move. She felt hopeless. She stopped fighting, giving in. She felt sick. She hurt everywhere.

"Erik," she said between her forced moans. "Please, stop."

"you dont really want me to stop do you? do you?" he said in a threatening tone pulling her head back harshly as he continued to pound into her

Bethany looked at him with fear in her eyes, saying, "N-no. But it hurts, Erik. I can barely breath from the pain."

"I told you to relax and it will get better" he said moving her on top of him "now ride me" he said holding onto her hips

Beth saw her chance to try and get away, but when she moved to get off, his hands and the pain made her gasp and she sat back down, accidentally taking him deeper.

"I can't, Erik," she said. "I can't relax because of the pain. It's too much. Please. Don't make me do this."

"yes you can and you will" he said starting to move her hips for her while lifting his hips to thrust in deeper

"Stop!" she screamed. "Please! I'll... I'll do it, but please, don't move! It hurts more when you move like that!"

"then do it" he said slowly down his hips

She began moving. She kept the pace slow and shallow. Everything in her hurt and she couldn't get her body to relax. Her tears fell onto his chest. After a moment, she stopped.

"I can't do this anymore," she said. "Please, let's stop."

He groaned and rolled her over til he was on top "can you ever do anything right!" he said and began pounding into her, he covered her mouth with his hand and kept her pinned with his body, his thrust going deep and faster

Beth tried to push him off of her, but he pinned her in such a way that she couldn't move. She lay under him, pain and fear coursing through her. She screamed into his hand, hoping, preying for it to end soon.

"now lets see if you can do this right...fuck im cumming" he said and thrusted in her deep and hard as semen poured into her

Beth screamed as he filled her. She became stiff with pain, her body clenching up. She could tell from the look in his eyes, she could tell he thought she had enjoyed herself. She looked away from him. She felt dirty and humiliated. When he finally took his body weight off of her, she curled up into a ball. She hid her face, crying.

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