Wake Up

Jacob heard Deseray talking to his uncle, saying, "She has been badly used, Zandar. The bones in her foot are fractured and raped. How she managed to get as far as she did on her foot before that boy carried her is beyond me. Are you certain that they are human butchers?"

"Yes, but the prince wants hard evidence," said Zandar. "Since Jake's wounds have nearly healed, it will be hard to convince the school heads to take it seriously. Half of them are human and want photos. So, we can't force them off of school grounds."

"That is unsettling," said the nurse.

"The teachers are being more cautious," he said in agreement. "I have been asked to stay and act as extra security with some other hunters. I will be seeing you around, old friend."

"Alright," said Deseray.

Victoria awoke just in time to grab Zandars arm "tapes....he said tey have tapes....they liked to record the things they have done" she said tiredly

"Rest, little one," said Zandar. "Once you are healed enough, the prince of my people wishes to speak to you. You are, after all, with these human butchers."

She felt as if he just slapped her and she released his arm immediately "right...." was all she said and her expression went blank

Jacob said, "He means you have information to help us get rid of them. You are my lifemate and one of their victims. He has given you his protection. He wouldn't explain things if you weren't safe."

She jumped at his voice "it is not proven we are lifemates.....and according to you Im no victim remeber.." she said with hostility before looking at the nurse "I would like to take a shower...ill hop if I have to" she said wanting to wash herself and get away from jacob

Desaray escorted her to the restroom said, "I have the shower set up but you need to keep your foot dry. I want to put a cast on it while it heals. And you didn't see him when he arrived here. They nearly cut out his heart. I had to look into his mind. He was told you betrayed him, told them to make it painful. Can you imagine hearing that? The one person that stands between you and becoming a vampire says to torture and kill you?"

She didn't look at her "why a cast....cant a healer just get it done..." she said not commenting on what she said about Jacob

"Don't worry," said Desaray. "You can take it off when you are in your room. It's so you can appear human. I can only heal those who have Carpathian blood in them. So, after you wash, I'll knit the bones back together, then fit you for a cast."

"I see....so tell me...is it true? what they say about how painful the conversion is..." she asked still not looking at her? as she tested the water to see if it was ready

"It is," said Desaray. "But we also have a way to make the pain bearable. If I feel it necessary, or you ask your lifemate, we will have every Carpathian take some of the pain so that you can go through the conversion comfortably."

"I see....um I liked to be alone if that's ok..." she said softly

Desaray said, "As long as that foot stays dry. I will be back in half an hour. I need to check on Jacob anyway and change the soil in his chest. Enjoy your bath."

Once she was alone she sighed and let the warm water rush over her, though it didn't help. She could still feel his hands on her and him inside her, suddenly she punched the wall, no cry of pain escaped her mouth though she felt her bones crack at the force behind the hit. She decided she would leave this place, no more carpathians no more of anyone, she would leave and start a new life somewhere else. But not before she brought justice to micheal, he was going to pain for what he did to er, she let the anger consume her, build her up as her bloody hand turned the water red

Desaray ran into the bathroom and said, "Jacob said that you hurt yourself. Let me take a look. Talk to me. What's wrong?"

She glared at the woman but it was more for Jacob "Im fine...and tell him to stay out of my head of so help me....ill....ill....do something I dont know!' she said frustrated

Desaray laughed and said, "I completely understand. But you aren't fine. You were raped, had a fractured ankle, and now a fractured hand. I've been there, done that. And trust me, revenge doesn't help. Justice does. When you are well, I'll help you bring justice to the one that hurt you."

"I plan to get justice...and then some" she said standing up and getting out of the shower, not putting a lot of weight on her foot "I might as well get out its not helping anyways....here you can have it if you want...waste none want none right" she said holding out her bloody hand to her

Desaray shook her head and said, "I have fed already, but thank you. And I plan to stand beside my sister to keep her from making the same mistake as me. I said the same thing once. My brother didn't like what I did, and it took decades before I could accept that I didn't bring justice to him, but revenge. So, I stay away from men as much as possible. I was given this job to get over that anger."

"Oh? hows that working for you?" she said drying off and then flinching when she got to her breast, she looked down to see a cut between her breast that must have happened when he cut her clothes, anger filled her once more


Maddox scanned the room above him. He found nothing amiss and opened the earth. He stretched his muscles, coming in contact with soft skin and silk hair.

"Serenity," he said, holding her close to him.

She awoke to the sound of her name and strong arms, for a moment she forgot where she was but she didn't panic, something about the strong arms around her made her feel safe. As she came to a little more a hunger rose in her when she felt her lips pressed against warm skin, the smell was intoxicating and manly, she wrapped her arms around him and somehow let instincts that where new to her take over as she lick the soft skin on is neck

He growled in satisfaction. He pinned her beneath him, his hard length against her thigh. He waited, wanting her to choose the Carpathian way of life, his life, for herself and him.

SHe didn't fit it, she didn't want to either, she let go of a doubt or thought she had and let these odd new instincts guide her, ever so gentle she bit into his neck and moaned when is blood touched her lips

Maddox said, "That's it, Serenity. Do what is natural. Feed from me."

His voice made her body tremble and heat up, she wrapped her arms around him, gripping is back pulling her body to his as she took from him

His hand found her core. He put two fingers into her and began moving them hard and deep.

She gasped, releasing his neck and arching underneath him like a divine goddess that was all his to claim, something that surprised him was her gasping sound echoed almost like a compulsion would

He removed his finger only to replace them with his tongue. He stabbed deep, loving the taste of her.

She cried out and gripped his shoulders as she arched back, her cries echoing the room

Tell me what you want, Maddox said. I don't know what to do if you don't tell me.

I dont know this....this is knew for me...I dont understand these urges

Let go, and I will catch you, Serenity. Listen to what your body is telling you, then tell me. I can do no other than ensure your pleasure before my own and make you happy.

She let him in her mind, letting him feel her urges, she wanted to feel his lips on her skin, to feel him take something from her she did not quite understand....something that was painful at first. She wanted this while he was inside her, pinning her and taking what he wanted and they both needed

Maddox groaned. His control flew out of the window instantly. He made love to her in every way she wanted, giving her so many orgasms that they ran together. Still, he never let up. It felt like mere moments, but it was an hour before he finally fell over the edge with her.

She couldn't move, couldn't think, she laid there feeling as though she was floating Maddox....do what I did to you earlier....bite me....show me how it's done...please...Im not so scared of it anymore....my body...it craves it...I dont know why...am I weird for that?

Not at all, he assured her. It's normal for our kind. His tongue swirled over her quickening pulse. He loved how she gripped him in anticipation. When he bit deep, he felt her have another orgasm, and he joined her. He took only a little, but it was enough to cause them to need each other again. He closed the pin pricks, leaving his mark for the world to see.

When she was able to seak again she sighed "I must not have done it right....that was a very different effect from when I did it" she said softly with disappointment in her tone

"You did it perfectly," he said. "You got us started, and I helped us finish. And I will always need to taste you. Honey and spice."

"why does your kind crave such things? its hard to think about...foreign...most humans hate needles...the thought of someone biting into my flesh....it should not be so....appealing. Is it diffrent with other peope?" she asked innocently "if I bite a different person would it be different then it is with you?"


Magnus needed to feed. He opened the earth and looked at Megan. She took his breath away. He had to untangle himself from her body. He hadn't meant to wake her, but his movements did just that. He watched as she took her first breath. He groaned. Feeding could wait. He began kissing her neck in welcome.

A shiver went through her body at the warm feeling on he neck as she woke up more, her nose filled with the spicy smell that she felt drawn too, unknowingly to her she sought out his mind before she had even fully awoken and fully merged with his, letting him feel what she felt. She liked his smell though she did not know thats what she was smelling, she felt pleasure with his kiss and more so then that her body was reacting like a mated female, reaching out for him unconsciously

He hand drifted over her body, bringing it to a fever pitch. He tested her readiness. He needed to feed for the both of them, but he couldn't ignore her deeper hunger. He would do anything for her when she was naturally sensual like this.

For some reason she found herself moving instinctively, she rolled over onto her stomach and moved her hair to one side of her neck, baring one side, without knowing any Carpathian ways or customs and by instinct alone she just went into a position females do when they submit and recognize their mate

Magnus couldn't hold back. He used his knee to open her up to him. He tested her readiness with his tip and slowly entered her. He loved the look of lust and desire wash over her.

A gasped escaped her lips and she gripped the ground, her fangs extended at the pleasure, she was a pure carpathian female at that moment

"Feed from me," he said. "I need to feel you feeding from me, Megan."

She turned her head so he could see half her face, to his surprise her eyes were glowing blue as she looked at him, slits in them like is cat eyes, before he could say anything she grabbed his arm and brought his wrist to his lips and bit in deep

He groaned and began moving. He had to have her. There was nothing else on his mind. The feeling of her mouth on him was intoxicating.

She released his wrist and licked it, healing it, a purr like sound escaping her lips as he began to move, her mind started to effect is body again, he would feel her her hands running over every muscle he possessed

Magnus groaned and said, "If you do that, I won't be able to hold back."

He would feel like she pulled his hair making his head go back and feel her tongue run up the side of is neck

He growled. He picked up the pace. The things she was doing shattered his control, and he could only think about bringing both of them such pleasure that they will never want to leave the haven of their combined bodies.

She cried out "I feel it...the beast inside you...I want him....I cant explain it but I need it Magnus...please" she pleaded, calling out for the wildness inside him, the dominant power that he hides from everyone

Magnus growled, pinning her down with his teeth. He gave her what she wanted: him not holding back. He had to take her, bring her so much pleasure she thought she would die from it. When he climaxed, he filled her to capacity and beyond. Colors exploded around them. Yet it wasn't enough. He had to keep going, show her what she meant to him. Even before she came down from their first round, he started the next one.

It was too much, she couldn't think, all she was consumed by was him, something primal came forward and using her mind she pinned him on is back and began riding him, happy when is beast prootested, she leaned down and bit into his neck, not to take from him but for the sensation he would get, she released and closed it and moved to another spot and did it over and over again til both sides of his neck were covered with her mark

He tried to get his arms free, but his hips rose to meet her thrusts. He had to get closer to her, deeper inside her, until they were one being inseparable from the other.

Her mind wondered, touching all over is body, he would feel her lips everywhere on his skin

"I need to go deeper," he growled. "Right now, Megan."

His voice and tone broke her concentration and she could no longer hold him down but gasp


Hendrik looked around him. How did he get so lucky? To be brought back from the deep dark and to be in the arms of such a wonderful woman? He would never deserve her.

Amelia stirred and curled up more next to him, her arms wrapping around him tightly and her leg went between his binging her body closer to him

"Good evening," he said. "How are you feeling?"

She smiled up at him "better then I ever have" she said softy "you?'

"Like I am in a dream," he said, "and I never want to wake from him. What is on our agenda today? Do you go to classes and me teach, or do we play hooky and make love all night?"

She chuckled and kissed the side of his neck "maybe they wont miss us for another day....youll just have o give me homework" she said teasingly

"How about a special session of detention?" he asked wickedly. "One on one?"

SHe chuckled "it would not be the first time....Im a very troubling student you know" she said teasingly

"So, how should I punish you this time?" he asked. "A spanking? Or a night in the clock tower?" He teased her breasts. "Or, maybe we should go around the school and make love in every place we can? I heard some people get off on nearly getting caught."

She moaned softly "how about we stay here where I can make you get as loud as I want" she said teasingly as she started to stroke his member with her hand

He groaned and said, "That would work, except this is punishment for you. That's how detention works."

"like I said....Im not a very good student" she said before teasing is neck with her fangs

He flipped her over, pinning her arms. He spanked her bottom, then rubbed the sting away. "I can see you need to be taught a lesson, then."

She growled "If you think you can teach me....your not a very good teacher" she said teasingly

"I never said it would stick," he said, playing with her feminine folds.

She moaned "I guess that means you have to try harder' she said teasingly

He moved his fingers into her, moving them slowly, and said, "Like this? Is this what you mean?"

She growled and moaned "do not tease me....my need is strong and as such...well come here" she said breaking his grip and pulling him towards her, kissing him deeply

He laughed and said, "What would be the point of detention if you don't learn something?" He used his body to pin her to the bed, teasing her again. "Am I right?"

She moaned and groaned "Hendrik....please....I need you" she said biting her lip in a sensual way, her eyes held mischief

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