Wake Up 3

Desaray said, "I will see to it. For now, why don't you eat something. Anything you want. Well, except meat."

She looked at her weird "I cant have meat? why not?" she asked curiously

"Carpathians don't eat meat," said Desaray. "And we don't like the smell of cooked meat. So we are a vegetarian school."

Victoria groaned "of course it is....its fine Im not hungry anyways....I just want my bag" she said turning her back to her and laying on her side

Desaray held up a bag and said, "This one, right? I got it while you were bathing."

She looked back and saw her backpack, she sat up and took it from her "yes thank you..." she said opening it and taking out her sketch pad, she flipped to her most recent drawing, a males eyes, so detailed that it looked 3d, she had drawn this when she was sitting by the lake, she knew who they belonged too and she wanted to throw it away but she couldn't, with a quick motion she slammed the book shut, her heart beating fast in her chest "I would like to be alone please" she said softly

Desaray said, "I will be on the other side of the curtain. I have been told I can't be in a different room from you or you will try to escape. So this is the best I can do."

"I have a fractured foot im not going anywhere...I have just raped for crying out loud! cant I get some privacy please!" she said hating the desperation and pain in her tone

"I can't go against the prince's orders," said Desaray, bitterness in her tone. "I hate having to listen to a man. I'm sorry, I can't leave the room."

She cried and through her sketchbook across the room, her drawings going everywhere, several were of Jacob, others were emotional, sad but beautiful, one of the ones of Jacob, floated into the room he was in, and landed on his bed. The drawing was of him down on one knee and her sitting handing him what looked like her handkerchief that she had given him the day they met, though in the drawing it was just the two of them. in front of the tree in the harden

Desaray picked up the drawings and the book. She put them on the table next to Victoria. She wanted to leave and give the girl space to cope, but the stupid prince gave his orders. And damn him for making it an order!

Victoria feel silent, she was curled in a ball with the covers over her head, every time she closed her eyes she was back with him, his hands all over her, she wanted to puke, to punch something to do anything but just sit here and have nothing else to do but to think about it, hate built up in her heart, she gripped her hand in her hair and squeezed her eyes shut make it stop make it stop make it stop! she screamed in her head I should have stabbed him harder..I should have killed him! she couldn't get it out of her head she felt everything like it was happening all over again, she could feel him tearing her, her nails dug deep into er pams making them bleed, she started to panic, to feel trapped, she couldn't take the memories anymore she had to get away to make them stop. She sat up and opened her bag and pulled out her wooden case she kept her drawing materials in, it didn't take long for her to find what she was looking for, a short razorblade that was used for different things when drawing but this time she was not going to use it for drawing. She put the box back in her bag and laid back down and covered herself completely, she knew she would never be free, never have a normal life, She always felt trapped even before she came to the school, she couldn't take it anymore, she held the blade up to her wrist and with one quick motion cut deep, the blood gushing out instantly. She laid her now draining wrist underneath her to try to conceal the smell of blood for as long as possible and she waited, waited to finally be free and judging by how fast and how much she was bleeding, she would not have to wait for long


Maddox slammed the door and said, "That is ridiculous! And unnecessary! If the prince has ordered it, I guess we must do as he says. He is thinking of you and our people, after all."

Seren looked at him "whats going on....I dont understand" she said nervously

"The prince knows you and I have completed the binding ritual," he said. "So now, we have move our things to another tower and stay there. Since we are lifemates, everything has been changed so that I don't teach females and you are not around other males."

"why do that?" she asked innocently, though she found herself pleased he would not be around other females

"If a man were to touch you, I'd kill him," he said starkly. "So this is for the safety of everyone."

She chuckled thinking he was joking or speaking metaphorically "Im sure you won't have to worry about that...im nothing special...besides after everything that has happened even the girls will shun me" she said with a shrug

"You are special," said Maddox. "More than you know."

She rolled her eyes "your just saying that because I let you have sex with me " she said jokingly trying to take her mind off what was happening

"No, you could be denying me your body and I would still say that," he said. "I could be paralyzed from the waist down, and my words would not change."

She didnt know how to respond to that, she just stood there looking at him, her cheeks burning red and her heart picking up speed

Maddox smiled, "Let's go feed. You are hungry and need nourishment."

She nodded an followed him, letting him lead the way


Magnus said, "Alright. You can go." He shut the door, then punched the wall. "It's like they don't care what you have been through!"

Megan didnt fully understand what was going on but it was very out of character for Magnus to act this way "whats going on?" she asked cautiously

"You aren't even used to our ways," said Magnus, "and they are forcing you into a kind of crash course, that's what's going on! I wanted to ease your way into it, but they want to throw you into the deep end of the pool to learn how to swim!"

He was really starting to freak her out "magnus please....calm down and explain things properly" she said taking a step back from him

"These classes are meant to give you everything about our people all at once," he said, looking at the schedule. "This way, if you are faced with the prince, or have to go to a ceremony or perform a ritual, you will know what to do. But these are made to do it within a year or two. This knowledge isn't something you can teach in such a short time. It should be between lifemates and taken in your own time. Not this."

She took a deep breath "Ill do what needs to be done....whatever it takes to get me and my sister out of here" she said honestly "Im a quick learner....I....I can do this" she said softly

"It doesn't work like that," said Magnus. "You have much to learn. These are just the basics that our young ones learn. You have so much to learn. They are trying to cram thousands of years of knowledge into your mind in a decade!"

"by why? why rush me more than the others?" she said starting to get overwhelmed

"They may think they have reasons," he said, "but I don't believe they are good enough. Maybe they are doing this to your sister as well."

She got upset then "they cant! seren....she....I mean she had it worse...she has been through so much...they cant do this" she said and started towards the door

"If the prince order it, only he can undo it," said Magnus. "Let's go find your sister and learn of her fate. Perhaps she is not being told to change classes."

She nodded "thank you"

He took her hand and they left together.


Hendrix spanked her again and said, "Then prepare for me to be a tough teacher."

She bit her lip again this time leaving the blood there, her sweet smell filling the air

Hendrix growled and said, "Naughty girl. Perhaps I should stop." He started to pull out.

Before she could stop it a sound of protest escaped her lips and she grabbed onto him, she looked away from him blushing and slowly let go of him "if thats what you want" she said in a low tone

"Admit to being naughty and that you want me," he said, his tip teasing her entrance, "and I'll give you what you want."

She decided to play really dirty and start to effect is soul, urging him to make love to her like the both wanted, without holding back

Hendrik kissed her neck and said, "That won't work, my love. I know how you work. While I do desire your body, I can fight it. Now, don't you want to admit something?"

She growled "I cant...its not in my nature to submit...the most you will get out of me is....I love you and want to be with you" she said stubbornly with a deep blush on her face

He shoved into her, pumping furiously, and said, "That's all I wanted. You are naughty, though. You can't argue with that."

She cried out at his sudden invasion, she was so tight from being teased it was almost painful for both of them, it was like she was a virgin again

He had to make love to her roughly. He left light bruises on her, but he gave her such pleasure, people started avoiding the hallway because of how loud they were being. When he finally let her fall over the edge, there was not a square inch of the room they had not made love in. He collapsed on the floor, sated for the first time in decades.


Zandar woke Jacob and said, "I have a job for you, Jacob De La Cruz."

"What is it, uncle?" Jacob asked.

"When you are better, you are to look after the woman in the bed at the end of the room," said Zandar. "She did not have anyone to help her through the conversion. I want you to watch over her."

"Of course, uncle," said Jacob. "Victoria is refusing me as her lifemate, so I might as well be of use to our family and people."

"Good," said Zandar. "Heal quickly. She will need you to help her in her new life. Don't let us down."

"I won't let our family down again," said Joseph.

Zandar nodded and left. Jacob looked at the woman. He would do his duty. Victoria chose to hate him. He would do what she wanted and leave her alone.

Natasha stirred in her sleep until she finally awoke, she had dirt over her and it freaked her out but when she went to move her legs and arms hurt severely that when she noticed the burns and emebered everything which freaked her out more

Jacob said, "Hey, you okay? I'm Jacob. My uncle found you and I'm to help you out after I heal. What happened to you?"

She looked over at him "I-I dont know....I dont know wats going on...or why Im here.....my legs...the hurt so bad....I dont understand anything!" she cried, tears rolling down her face

"That's why I'm here," Jacob said. "It looks like you tried to go out in the sun when you haven't built up an immunity. It's okay. I did it once too. Calm down. I'll answer any question you have."

"Please...I just want to go home....I don't understand what going on here" she said and started to shake "I just want to go home!" she said closing her eyes, suddenly the room around jacob changed, he could smell sea water, hear waves, he could feel the sand beneath him, he was on a beach at sunset, somewhere he had never been before

"Where are we?" he asked in awe. "This place is beautiful. After you learn what you need to in order to survive, I'm sure you can come back to this place. I wouldn't want to leave either."

She opened her eyes, not understanding what he was talking about, when she did he was back in the room with her "what do you mean where are we? you do not know either?" she asked misunderstanding him, not knowing he saw her memory of home

He described what he saw and said that it just appeared in the room. "How did you do that? It was amazing!

She was shocked "how...how did you" but before se could finish there was a loud crash in the room next to them and a womans cry, suddenly a bunch of papers floated into the room, one landed right on the boys bed, another on hers, she picked up the pape and saw a drawing of a beautiful tree in a garden, a lone girl sitting under it, the branches holding her down, wrapping around her "this....is beautiful...yet it makes me sad....where did this come from?" she asked him

"From the mind of a beautiful, yet damaged woman," said Jacob, tears in his eyes as he looked at the picture of him and Victoria on the day they met. "She is my lifemate, my other half. I know this to be true. I can't live without her, yet, that is what she is making me do. She rejected me. I know I can make her happy, but she refused to let me. Then, I did as she asked and left her alone. I was captured, and some of her boyfriend's friends captured me. They beat me, cut me with knives, and tried to slowly dig out my heart. They tried to capture her, but she escaped only for her boyfriend to get her. Her boyfriend raped her and I couldn't protect her." Feelings of failure rolled off him in waves, mixing with his despair. "The one person I should have protected above all others was hurt and me a mere foot below her. She tried to tell me she helped, but I didn't believe her. She was the leader's girl, after all. But I felt every blow he gave her. I tried to fight back and that's when they started for my heart. Now... now, she hates everything I am. I can't be without her. My world is gray and I am numb without her."

She looked sad and confused "how could such horrible things happen..."

Jacob got up, clutching his chest. "I'll just go give this back to her. It's one of her beautiful memories, and I'm sure she would like to have it back."

He went to the adjoining room. He didn't see the nurse but he knew she had gone to get some blood for him and his roommate. He slipped and fell hard, knocking the wind out of him. When he got his breath back, he smelled blood. He got up and went to where the stream began. He pulled back the covers on the bed.

"Victoria!" he yelled, then used his tongue to close the wounds. He cradled her to him, rocking her as blood red tears fell endlessly. "Please, stay with me! I'm sorry I failed you! I should have believed you, trusted you! Please, don't leave me!"

"What happened here?!" Desaray yelled.

She saw the blood and saw Jacob with Victoria. Red fury enveloped the nurse. She pulled Victoria from Jacob, flinging him across the room in her rage. Without thinking, Desaray gave Victoria three blood exchanges to save her while Jacob fought to keep from blacking out. Zandar wasn't far behind, a bag of tapes at his side. He went to Jacob, who now had a concussion. Zandar picked up Jacob as if he weighed no more than a feather.

"Keep him away from her!" Desaray said. "Her blood covers the floors! And it is his fault!"

Jacob's flinch didn't escape Zandar's notice. He took his nephew to his bed before returning to Desaray.

"The girl was raped," Zandar said. "Don't you think maybe she tried to kill herself?"

"He was in here with her!" Desaray accused. "If you men didn't try to take what didn't belong to you, women like us wouldn't be in this world! We wouldn't be broken!"

"If he hadn't been chained in a cave, with manacles covered in vampire blood and systematically tortured, he would have prevented it from happening. He wasn't the one who raped her, it was a human."

"I don't care! It was still a man!"

"And what if I told you that she chose to be in that situation, what would you do? Her attacker was her boyfriend, a human butcher. She knew they were after her, yet she went with him."

"But... she... I..."

"You blame innocents because of one. I will dim her memory, but you must deal with the conversion with her. She is your responsibility."

Zandar left. Desaray never thought someone would put themselves into a situation like that. Victoria hadn't wanted to be raped. No, she made a bad choice, but she wasn't at fault. Men were.

"You will live," said Desaray. "Do you hear me, Victoria? You will live and I will help you bring justice to your attacker."

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