Wake Up 6

Natasha looked over at him "what happened? what was that screaming...are you ok?' she asked in a scared worried tone

"She went through the conversion," he said in a tired tone. "She convulsed in my arms and my wounds reopened. She's fine and in three days, she will be a Carpathian. Like me and you."

"A what? I dont understand" she said in a confused tone

"The pain you felt before coming here," Zandar said, appearing from nowhere and putting Jacob to sleep, "that was the conversion. You exchanged blood twice with someone. We don't know who. I performed the final exchange to save your life. You are now a Carpathian. We are a species as old as time and nearly immortal. We can run with the wolf, fly with the owl, and swim with the fish. We can become mist, command the earth, and we sleep in the ground. We live off the blood of human and the sun can harm us. We are not vampires, though our men can become them if we choose to give up our souls."

She looked at him for a moment like he was crazy "your kidding right?' she asked sincerely

"No," he said. "Do you wish me to demonstrate?"

She looked at him with an unreadable emotion "yes.." she said trying to sit up but the burns hurt her

He took her wrist in his hand. He turned it over and licked the skin. Looking at her, he showed his canines lengthen into fangs before he bit deep.

She gasped and tried to pull away but couldn't

He took a couple gulps before using his tongue to close the wound. He released her hand and stepped back.

"Jacob will be guiding you," he said. "He will act like a big brother, protecting and caring for you. Do you understand?"

All she could do was stare and shake her head for a moment "what....how...." the world around her changed in that moment, the walls started to spin until she passed out without another word

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