Wake Up 7

Bethany walked behind Erik. She still hurt from the night before. After he had taken her virginity, he allowed her to eat, but they remained naked. She ate very little of their now cold dinner, for which she took responsibility for. When he saw she wasn't eating, he made her try his "sausage." She didn't have any fight in her at that point. Why did she need it? He took everything from her. He had enjoyed the meal, even eating what she didn't. He had taken her three more times through out the night, leaving behind evidence of his rough use. Now, they were walking through the forest. She kept her head down, watching where she was stepping. They came to a group of trees that were tightly packed with only a small section between two trees to enter through. She followed Erik inside. She was surprised to find a small tent city, hidden by the trees from above and on the ground. Michael sat in a hammock and smiled at Erik as two of their friends put up boards to keep out intruders. Bethany suddenly felt trapped, and a shiver went through her as the other men looked at her. The women even creeped her out, like they knew what was coming and would enjoy it.

"So, Erik, this is the one you are training?" Michael said, getting up and circling Bethany like a shark that had spotted it's next meal. "I'm sure you are already aware of her parentage." He smiled. "Your father was from this area, right?"

Bethany said, "My mother says so. He died a years ago. My mom brought me here before she killed herself. He never told me about himself, only that he was happy and wouldn't change a thing."

"That's enough for me," Michael said, grabbing her arm. "Hey, Erik, is she broken in? The boys have gotten tired of the last toy we brought here. Can we make her the new one or are you going to be stingy?"

Bethany looked at Erik, fear coursing through her. Toy? He hadn't brought her here for a romantic outing like he said? She wanted to run, but she was in the heart of the camp. If she did, they would capture her easily. Tears fell as she looked at Erik, hoping he would save her.

Erik gave Micheal a look he knew met he was not to be tested "She is not to be touched by anyone but me, if anyone should lay a finger on her they will find themselves next to the leech in chains with him is that clear" he said in a dark dangerous tone

Michael let Bethany go, but not before squeezing her arm tightly. Bethany ran to Erik, rubbing her arm and hugging him.

"Hogging the halfers for yourself?" Michael asked. "Why don't you send us a couple of those half breed girls to us to play with? Then, your girl will be safe."

He looked at Bethany and she shivered. Michael would possess her one day, and show the big boss who should really be in charge.

"Ill send you and your boys treats when you do your jobs and finish out your punishment for being caught" he said in a harsh tone "dont forget it was your recklessness and stupidity that made us have to leave the school micheal...your lucky your still in the position you have...dont make me regret leaving it to you..no go do your fucking job" he said dismissing him

Michael clicked his tongue in agitation, but he wouldn't give up. He went back to his hammock, planning on his move to get the girl.

Bethany shook and said, "Can we go? I don't like it here. That guy looks like he wants to eat me."

"it will be his death if he even touches you" he said loud enough he knew Micheal would hear it "now come with me, Im taking you to my room" he said grabbing her arm leaving her no choice but to follow, once they were in his room he shut the door and locked it with the heavy multiple bolt locks that was on the metal door. There where no window in the room, leaving the door the only way out and only he had the key and combination to it "they will not be able to get to you in here, you are safe "he said tucking the key that was on a chain on his neck back into his shirt

Bethany hugged him and said, "I know you wouldn't let anything happen to me. Thank you. You're the best boyfriend ever! What should we do until classes begin? I'm still... hurting from last night. So, maybe just... cuddle?"

He picked her up in his arms and brought her to the bed laying her down "ill admit I was rough but I wanted you then and I had to have you...this time I will go slower and make sure you are ready for me that way you will know how to prepare yourself for me in the future" he said and took off her cloths and his leaving her no room to protest, he used his hands to open her legs, exposing her core to him, he leaned down and started to slowly eat her out, he planned to do so until she was as wet as he wanted her to be

Bethany gasped. She was still tender, but seeing him do this for her, brought tears to her eyes. And it oddly felt good.

"Michael!" she moaned. "Why does it feel good now? It hurt yesterday! I don't understand! And... I'm still scared... but... don't stop!"

His hands came up and gently played with her nipples as his tongue stabbed deep inside her,massaging her and teasing her core relentlessly

Bethany chanted his name, needing him to anchor her. "I can't hold on! Michael, please! I can't last much longer!"

He grabbed on of her hands and brought it to her core "you feel that...thats how wet I want you to get when I come to you" he said and then covered her body with his and slowly entered her, giving her body time to adjust to him this time

Bethany gripped him, fear coursing through her. But when there was no pain, she was shocked. When she relaxed, pleasure shot through her. She felt as if she were flying. She held on to Erik, needing an anchor. He felt her open up to him, needing him, wanting to soar with him.

He started moving his hips, taking himself deep inside her "telll me what you feel beth...." he said as he started thrusting faster

"Amazing!" she moaned out. "It feels really good! Much better than last night! I want more, Erik! Please! I want more of you!"

HE smiled and flipped her over on her stomach and then made her get on all fours as he thrusted into her again, much deeper then before, his hands grabbed her waist pushing them back to meet his thrust "you feel this beth? only I can make you feel this good...you love it dont you...you want more"

Beth was lost to the lust coursing through her. "I feel it! I love it! I love you! Give me more! Please!"

He thrusted harder and deeper, gripping her hair sending pleasure coursing through her "you love me? youll do anything for me?"

"Anything!" she said, gasping in pleasure. "Anything you want! Just don't stop!"

He brought her over the edge with him, his seed filling her to the max but he didnt stop, while she was still convulsing with her orgasm he started again, sitting her in his lap and lifting her up and down by the waist "I love you beth and I need you to do something for me....for us" he said as he wrapped her arm around her waist and used his free hand to play with her nipple

Bethany began bouncing on her own while saying, "What do you need? Please, tell me. Just don't stop yet. Not yet. I want to fly again. Please."

"I need you to go back to the school...and be my ears.....Im trying to make the world safe for us beth and I need your help to do it...can you do that for me baby? can you help me make a good world for us" he said gripping her bottom in a pleasurable way

"Yes!" she said. "Anything for you! Erik, I feel like I'm going to explode! It feels so good!"

"thats my girl.." he said as he took her over the edge, filling her once more "there is so much more pleasure I can show you baby...so make sure you do as I say and Ill take care of you"

Bethany collapsed, laying on his chest breathlessly. "I will. I do my best to do it. No being late. No talking to others in the hall. Straight to you after class. I promise."

He got up and put on his pants "I will met you by the lake...make sure no one follows you and do not be late" he said sitting down at his desk "rest for now you will not have to leave until an hour before sundown...besides im not done with you yet" he said as he started looking through his books "so stay naked"

Bethany didn't argue. She didn't have the strength to even say she wanted him naked too. She pulled the blanket around her and passed out. She only slept an hour when a knock on the door woke her up.

Erik clicked on a small monitor by the door to see who it was, then he spoke through it "yes?" he asked the man on the screen "we have new order" he said "slid them in my slot" he said clicking off the monitor and going over to a draw in the wall and pulling out the paper that had been placed in it

"What is it?" Bethany asked, sitting up, the blanket sliding away to reveal her full breasts. "What did that man want?"

HE put down the paper and walked over to her and unzipped his pants "nothing you need to worry about yet....now why dont you get some practice in" he said taking himself out near her face "after all you want to please me right...if you do a good job ill reward you"

Bethany looked at him for a moment. She still had trouble with this. She seemed to have a sensitive gag reflex when it came to this kind of stuff. But she tried her best. She knew where her limit was. She used her tongue to make up for what she couldn't do. She hoped he liked what she did. His groans seemed to say he did.

His hand reached down and started teasing her nipple "thats good beth..use your tongue more" he said

She did as she was told. It made her feel powerful, bring him such pleasure. If this was the only thing she was good at, he could use her mouth and body however he wanted. She finally found a skill she was good at. She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with joy.

"you like doing this dont you...you like pleasing me" he said looking down at her

She licked at the sticky bead on the tip of his member as she said, "This seems to be the only thing I can do to make you happy. I'm always late, I'm clumsy, and I make a mess all the time. This is the one thing I haven't truly messed up on." She looked at him. "Yes, I enjoy pleasing you."

She took him back into her mouth, showing him how much she enjoyed it.

"work hard to lpease me beth so that we both can be together..you want that right for us to be together?" when she nodded he continued "they you have to trust only me and do exactly as I say..everyone else is out enemy its only you and me" he said pushing her back onto the bed, he covered her with his body as his tip teased her core "say it...." he said knowing she would know what he met

She gasped and said, "I'll do exactly as you say. Everyone is our enemy. It's only you and me, together." She looked at him, her eyes begging him to take her. "Hurry, Erik. I need you."

He plugged into her hard and deep, pinning her arms above her head as he leaned down and suckled one of her nipples

She chanted his name, arched into his mouth, and tried to get free. She had to touch him. He had to go deeper. She wanted more of everything.

"Erik!" she said. "Please! I want more of you! All of you!"

"I will give you more if you do a good job tonight when you go back to the school" he said flipping her on her stomach keeping her hands still pinned, he pounded into her relentlessly, taking her over the edge again and again, filling her with his semen four times before he had had enough

Bethany couldn't move. She didn't want to. She was still shaking with aftershocks.

"I'll do anything for you," she said, her voice slurred from exhaustion and satisfaction.

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