Natasha woke up with a burning in her throat that was almost painful, it was like her throat had turned into a desert. She sat up, grabbing her throat her she looked down at the strange sensation on her wrist and saw a mark and then it all came back to her, she leaped from the bed and ran to the bathroom, she looked in the mirror at herself, she was sickly pale with dark circles under her eyes, she opened her mouth but saw no fangs, maybe she had imagined it, with a sigh she sat down at the edge of the tub thinking of a way to escape this place.

Jacob woke up and went to the cabinet. He drank a bottle then went to the bath room.

"Hey, I have something that will make you feel better," he said. "You'll need to drink the whole bottle. It will help."

She jumped at his voice "go away...Im fine" she said though it was not true

"If that were true, you wouldn't be hiding in the bathroom," he said.

"im not hiding...Im using the bathroom...which calls for privacy you know" she said

"Carpathians have no need to use the restroom," Jacob said. "We bathe and brush our teeth and hair to appear human, but beyond that, we have no need for the bathroom. So, quit hiding."

She opened the door slightly "you think you are such a smartly pants dont you" she said in with a pouting face "if you must know I was....checking on my burns so if you dont mind.." she said going to close the door

Jacob said, "If you drink this, you will heal faster. Now, come on out. Uncle Zandar will be here soon with your class schedule."

She opened the door then "my what?"

"Your class schedule," Jacob said. "So you can start learning about Carpathians, our rituals, our healing chants, and more." He held out his hand. "Come on, let's drink some of this stuff and just talk. I'm your keeper for now. I'll keep you safe."

The light of the moon shown on him. He didn't realize it, but it made Jacob look like a Greek god rescuing her from her troubles.

Her breath caught in her throat and she took his hand, her hand tingled at the contact

"Let's go see Victoria," he said. "I still have to give her back her drawing."

They went to Victoria. Desaray was sweating. Jacob went to Victoria's side.

"She won't feed," she said.

Jacob's breath caught in his throat. He tried to wake her up, but he couldn't.

"Wake up!" he yelled at her.

That's when he heard her heart start beating. Relief swept through him.

Victoria opened her eyes slowly the first thing she saw was Jacob holding hands with a girl she had never seen " move on quick....see I told you we were not lifemates" she said before she fell right back to sleep

Jacob felt as if she had punched him. He said in her ear, "I am your lifemate, you stubborn woman. But since you reject me, I will do my duty to my family and let whatever happens happen."

He walked away with Natasha. He had a duty and he would conduct himself with honor. As he left the room Victoria was in, his world faded more.

"what did she mean lifemate? Oh is that the girl that betrayed you? the evil one you were talking about?" nat asked still holding his hand

Jacob said, "Lifemates ate two halves of the same whole. One can't live without the other. The female is the light to the male's darkness. She isn't evil, but she is the one I was talking about earlier, yes."

"if she doesnt want you...what happens then?"

"Fate has said we belong together. I will simply wait for her to realize this and live life as it comes at me."

"can someone else?' she asked even though she didnt know why

"Not the same way," he said.

"so its possible....well for what its worth you seem to good for her anyways" she said innocently

"I thank you for your kind words, but she is too good for me. She hides from herself, so until she sees what she truly feels, I have no choice but to accept her wishes and stay away from her."

" dont have to stay away from me" she said surprising herself and blushing

"I have a duty to you," he said. "I need to help you through this scary time in your life. You are under the De La Cruz protection, so you are under my protection." He sat down. "So, drink every drop from this bottle. I'll show you around the school."

She sat down next to him, her body felt hot and for some reason all she could focus on was his lips, without thinking about it she leaned over and kissed him

He was shocked, but he didn't fight her. He was still young. He didn't know how to make a woman happy. But he could learn.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"natasha..." she said blushing, only inches from his lips

"Jacob," he said, his lips accidentally brushing hers. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

She jumped slightly at his lips touching hers, her heart quickened "Im sorry if I was out of line...I"

He kissed her. He told himself it was for practice. He needed to know how to make Victoria happy when she came around. He held Natasha to him, kissing her deeply.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss

He imagined Victoria and he growled. Instinct took over then. He kissed down her neck. He laid her down and his hand went up her shirt to cup her breast. He needed to be inside her.

She moaned and lifted her legs to his sides so he was completely over her, she was wearing no bra and no panties because she had been surfing before she came here and was naked under her wet suit, her skirt lifted up to her upper thigh

He willed his clothes away and ripped hers off of her. His strong, hard erection teased her folds. He took her breast into his mouth, his teeth teasing her nipple into a hard peak. His teeth sank deep as he surged forward.

When he bit her Nat cried out loud, but not from pain but pleasure, he filled her core, stretching her all the way to the back, her legs tightened around his waist

Suddenly there was a sound of glass shattering, Nat quickly looked over and saw the girl from earlier, she was pale and leaning against the wall staring at them, but before her or Jacob could react she turned and hurried from the room

Seren looked to Maddox "what happens if I cant learn all the things they want me too...and what are they going to do at this physical examine....I dont want them touching me..." she said with nervousness in her tone "I want to leave...I cant ...with everything that has happened..." she looked like a trapped animal needing an escape

He pulled her into the court yard with a smile. Be yourself, and you will be fine. And it's just to make sure you are alright. It is a woman examining you. She will enter your body as pure energy. No touching involved. And I will always be in you mind. You are not alone in this.

His smile made her breathless, she looked around and saw no one was near by "wont you get in trouble...touching me like are a teacher" she said in a worried tone not understanding

No. Because we are Carpathian, age doesn't matter unless the woman is under eighteen. Same for occupation. It doesn't matter. So, we are fine.

"but if you keep touching me like this....and quit smiling" she said covering his mouth with her hand, her cheeks turning red and her face looking shy and bashful

I won't lose this job, not that it matters. I have more than enough money, so I can take care of you. But we can fashion cloths and we sleep in the ground, so money is just a means to an end.

"Im not talking about the job..." she said in a low shy tone, her heart was racing and ever second that went by with his hands on her brought her body to live even more " should go...I want this over with...though I cant promise Ill be nice about it"

Maddox laughed and said, Then let's go.

With a groan she followed, as they walked by students she couldn't help but start notice males inhaling and watching her as she walked by, it made her feel vulnerable, they looked like they wanted to eat her alive

Maddox growled and put an arm possessively around Serenity. The Carpathian males backed off. No one wanted to face Maddox when it came to his woman.

"why are they looking at me like that....those boys...before they...they looked like that too" she asked with a shaken tone

It has something to do with your gift. That's also part of the exam, figuring out what your psychic ability is.

"can you be there....please" she asked gripping his shirt

I am always with you. Reach for me with your mind and you will find me. Besides, I will not leave you in the exam room alone. I don't know if any males will be there, so I must go to protect you.

She sighed as they came to the room door


Megan took Magnus hand "why dont you go eat before we go..." she said softly

"You need to feed as well," he said, then said in a joking tone, "Yes, I believe the cafe has some lovely bottles of our favorite drink. It will be more than enough to fill us."

She let go of his hand and looked at him suspiciously "what are you planning?" she said in a questioning tone

"Taking my beautiful lifemate out for a drink," he said.

She still thought he was up to something so she did something to mess with him, he would feel her hands run up his thighs and over his buttocks and up his back until they came to play with his hair "alright then lets go" she said with a smile going to walk passed him

He growled and said, "We get our damn drinks then we find someplace for privacy so I can make love to you for playing dirty."

She chuckled " I have no idea what you mean" she said and he would feel her lips brush his member as she walked out of the door

Magnus said, "That's enough, Megan. You need to focus. Feeding comes first. Then it's your sister, the physical exam, and finally spending the rest of the night making love."

"what if I dont want to have sex ?" she said plainly with a smirk

"Sex is impersonal," said Magnus. "We make love, telling each other with our bodies what we can't with words."

"but since we do not love each other what were we saying earlier?' she asked honestly

"I love you," he said. "I've been in your mind enough times, I can see who you really are. And you love me for the same reason. You just won't admit it."

"love is just a chemical reaction in the are all emotions" she said plainly

"The answer of a scared little rabbit."

"Im not scared Im logical...I mean dont get me wrong the sex is great and the act is intimate....but what Im feeling is chemical...thats why "love" fades over time"

Magnus smiled and said, "With humans, yes, but we are Carpathians. There is only one person for each of us. Our love grows over time. It doesn't disappear. Could you imagine spending centuries tied to someone you couldn't stand?"

She stopped "centuries? live that long?"

"Carpathians are nearly immortal. We can die, but we do live long lives. If we do not find our lifemates, we last until we can't any longer. If we have lifemates, we live until we are killed or until we greet the dawn together."

"why greet the dawn if you live that long" she asked continuing walking unaware of the males that where looking at her with hunger in their eyes

"We can grow weary of this world," he said. "When you can live for hundreds, even thousands of years, watching friend die, you soon wish to join them. It isn't that you become depressed, but that you know your time in this world has ended and you are no longer needed by our people. You know it is time to let the newer generation take over so that you and your lifemate can rest."

"I it painful?" she asked as one male got close as he walked by and inhaled her sent

"Depends on your ages the level of pain," he said honestly. "Though, lifemated pairs that greet the dawn do not fear it. I believe they make love at the end and are so full of pleasure that they do not feel the sun burning them. Like their love is what helps them leave this world rather than the dawn."

"thats.....sadly beautiful" she said trying to push down the emotions and worry that were coming up, she was deep in thought when a male bumped into her "sorry..." he said in a low tone, looking at her with a unreadable look, for some reason she felt the urge to follow him

Magnus growled at the boy and pulled Megan away from him.

He said to the boy, "You wish to steal a man's lifemate, boy?"

The boys eyes widened "I didnt know ...Im sorry" he said bowing his head and quickly left

"what...." megan began and shook her head

"That child thought to use your body and take your blood," he said. "He is not old enough to distinguish scents or to feel when a woman has been claimed. It is for those reasons that he still has his heart in his chest."

A look of anger came to her face and she turned to go after him

"No, you don't," Magnus said, carrying her down the hall. "I've already shown him his own death for thinking about doing those things. He will think twice before trying to take a woman again."

"hey what do you think you are doing put me down im far to heavy to be picked up like this your going to hurt yourself I dont like to be man haddled"

"We are too busy for this," he said. "Besides, you like when I carry you. You always wanted a prince to carry you, remember. Well, here I am, princess."

She blushed "hey stay out of my head...those where child fantasy brought on by wanting to leave home....if your my prince you didnt come when you where needed " she said trying to get out of his arms "if you dont put me down ill have to use drastic measures " she said and he would feel her lips on his neck, her hands clawing down his back

He put her down and trapped her against the wall. "If I had known you were out there, needing me, I would have come for you. Not doing so, it will shame me for the rest of my life."

She met his eyes and saw them flash to a yellow cat and back "well its fine that you didnt...what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right.." she said as her heart started to race with him pinning her to the wall

"You didn't need to suffer when I was in the world, Megan," he said. "Never again will you suffer needlessly."

She didnt know what to say, her heart started pounding "I can take care of myself...." she said not sounding like she meant it

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