Nat felt like her heart had stopped,tears ran down her face, the nurse came up to her with a concerned look "if you try to stop me I will kill you" Vic said and walked passed her and ran out the door, once she was outside the infirmary she started running, she had to get out of here.....

Desaray saw Jacob, who looked stunned. Fury filled her and she pulled Jacob off Natasha, willing to choke the life out of him. Zandar arrived as Victoria left. He was concerned. When he saw the scene before him, he understood.

"Desaray, I can't let you kill him," he said. "Just rough him up a bit."

Desaray did just that as Zandar clothed Natasha. Eventually, Zandar had to pull Desaray off his nephew, telling her to go after Victoria.

"Get up," Zandar said when the nurse left. Jacob stood on shaky legs. "You claimed the other was your mate. I don't care if she refused you, you should wait for her. This woman you so carelessly used, she is under our family's protections. Do you have anything to say for yourself?" When Jacob shook his head, Zandar said, "Then act accordingly."

Zandar put clothes on Jacob and left. Jacob sat down. Everything hurt. He had to find Victoria and explain. He got up and went after her, his legs shaking, but he made himself stay standing.


Nat stumbled out of the infirmary, her body was on fire and her mind was hazy, she rounded the corner and bumped into someone, though she didnt know who the smell of them made her lean into them "you...." she said wrapping her arms around them , slowly she looked up at them, it was a man she had not seen before, she ran her hand up his chest "who are you?"

Alexandor had headphones on so loud she could hear the music. He didn't hear her speak to him. He was preoccupied with his paperwork to even look up. He moved away from her, and continued walking, mumbling an apology and walking into the infirmary. He warded it so that anyone that didn't pertain to his business couldn't enter, so when Natasha tried to open the door, it wouldn't open.

Nat didnt know where to go so she sat down and lead against the wall, suddenly two boys approached her "hey ok?' one asked as he got close "hey man she does not look so good we should go get a teacher " said the other "yeah your right you go ill stay here" he said and sat down next to her "whats your name?" he asked as the other boy left "nat" she said leaning against the wall "im so throat burns" she said holding her throat "shit...your ...dammit ok dont worry my friend went to go get someone" he said looking for him "please....I dont understand..." she said leaning into him, he growled softly "fuck...ok we cant wait for him at this rate you mind as well be siting prey" he said picking her up in his arms and hurrying towards the infirmary "hey! anyone in there I need help" he said kicking the door

Alexandor said, "Go to another teacher or go look for the nurse. She isn't here and I'm busy. She missed our meeting and I have to go."

He unlocked the door and was gone before the boy even entered the room.

The boy groaned and walked in and placed her on a empty bed "stay here ok dont go outside its not safe right now for you" he said and went to leave but nat grabbed his wrist "please...i dont know whats...going on" she said

Desaray returned, tears falling. She saw the young man helping Natasha, so she coldly said, "What do you want?"

"um I found her outside...I think she is in heat..." he said taking a step back "I brought her here and the man that left wasnt much help so I was going to leave her but..." he said and looked down at his arm where natasha and a tight grip on his wrist

"Fine," said Desaray, making Natasha let go. "Leave. I'll deal with her."

The boy nodded and left

Desaray said, "You, girl, need to learn some control." She gave Natasha a bottle of blood. "Drink this then go to sleep." She ordered. "And if you must have sex, don't do it here. At least find a place that people won't see you doing it easily, if at all."


Victoria ran out of the school gates, she took the path towards the lake, she had to get away, she wished she had never came back, she should have just died like she wanted too, she ran and ran until she couldnt anymore, she clasped to the ground and started to cry

"Finally found you, you vampire whore," came from behind her just before something hit her and knocked her out.

When she came too, she was in a windowless hut, tied to a bed, naked. Michael was looking at her from the shadows.

"Finally awake?" he asked. "I think you owe me. I put so much time into our relationship, and you throw it all away from a blood sucking leech."

Victoria didnt even fight the ties, she was too weak "I should have listened to sorry....they are all liars...." she said tears forming in her eyes

"Just like you," he said, stalking towards her. "I'm going to enjoy making you pay."

He blanketed her body and shoved into her hard, not even preparing her. He smiled down at her cruelly.

"Feel that, bitch?" he said as he began moving hard and fast. "This is just the beginning. By the end of this, you'll be begging me to fuck you like this! Oh, yes, me and the boys are going to enjoy breaking you in! You are the camps new whore, you got that?! Now, scream for me! Beg for me to ram into you!" He gripped her breast painfully. "This is your life now, you skank! Enjoy it while you can!"

Just because she was too weak to fight him didnt mean she was going to give him what he wanted, tears went down her face and she bit her lip to keep herself from screaming, she was so tired...and so hungry...

Micheal slapped her and said, "You won't listen, fine. I know you are a full on bloodsucker now. You smell like them, like trash. I have a gift for you." He pulled out of her roughly. He opened a crate and inside were bottles of blood, showing this wasn't the first time he had a Carpathian in the camp. He forced the blood down her throat as he shoved into her and began moving again. "Choke on that, you whore! Take all of it! You will give me what I want or you will die!" When the bottle was empty he threw it across the room. He pulled out a knife. "I believe you remember this don't you?" He carve into her breast his initials before holding the blade to her throat. "You belong to me! Say it!"

She spit in his face, some blood mixed in with it "fuck you!"

Michael slapped her and said, "We will be doing plenty of that, I can promise you. And you will also be with Jack, Henry, and Daryl. Oh, there will be no sleeping for you. And I'll get the whole thing on tape." He pointed to the night vision cameras around the room all pointed at her. "Say cheese, bitch."

She looked at the camera "I barley feel anything his dick is so tiny"

Michael slapped her so hard that she was knocked out. That didn't stop him form performing. He pounded into her roughly, causing her to bruise. By the time his seed filled her, her face was bruised from his slap and she had a road map of scars and bruised up and down her body.

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