Maddox lead the way to a room with a single bed. It looked like a typical examination room from a normal human clinic, with the exception of what looked like a one way mirror. Maddox sighed, and sat in the chair.

"I don't see why we need such dramatics," he said.

Seren looked at him "what do you mean?" but before he could answer a nurse stepped in wearing a face mask

"hello my name is Sara ill be doing your examines today..." she said then glanced at Maddox "I'm going to have to ask you to step out sir" she said calmly

Not happening, Sara, he said. She is frightened. Allow me to stay with her to ease her distress.

I will be gentle as much as possible maddox you know this...talk to her if you must but I need you to leave..

She doesn't want to be alone. Ask her. This is still all to knew to her.

I understand that but I need you need to trust me, if it gets to much Im sure she will call you back in and I wont stop her but you cant interfere

You know I would never do that. I will stay in the corner and watch. It will only be so that she feels safe.

Sara sighed and Maddox would her the prince voice in his head, giving him the command to leave, there was no compulsion, he did not need it

I hate when you two pull rank on me. And he left. He sat next to the door. He didn't want to see the look of betrayal he knew would be on Serenity's face.

After about twenty minutes Serens voice was heard through the door "no! stop! please!"

What's going on?! Serenity, talk to me! Maddox stood at the door. He couldn't go in unless she called to him.

No one answered, everything went silent, after about another half an hour the door opened, sara stood there, she had a tube of blood and what looked like a folder "you can take her now...she is finished for today.." she said and walked past him.

Seren was naked with a shhet over her and pasted out on the bed of the examine room, sweat all over her body making her hair line look wet

Maddox went to her and sat her in his lap as he said, "Serenity, look at me. Open your eyes and look at me."

Tiredly she opened her eyes, tears that had built up escaped and fell down her cheeks

"There you are," he said. "It's over now. We can do anything you want. Just as long as we don't leave go outside the barrier. There are too many enemies out there right now and it's not safe."

With effort she wrapped her arms around his neck "please...." was all she said but he would know she needed to leave this room

Maddox nodded. He clothed her in an outfit that she would feel comfortable in and took her outside so that she could get some air.

She buried her face in her neck, her lips brushing his skin, for the first time he would feel her need to be close to him, she felt safe in his arms and something that would surprise him she was relying on him

Maddox cursed. Sara had a lot to answer for. For now, he rocked Serenity.

"Feed from me," he said. "You will feel better."

Again to his surprise she didnt fight him but trusted he knew best, she licked the side of his neck gently, he would feel the tip of her fangs teasimg his skin over his pulse

He groaned and said, "I would rather not do this so you can process it, but I can dim or remove the memory for you."

She shook her head before she bit in, it was so gently it was all pleasure and no pain

He smiled, "Good girl. Take your time. When you are ready, talk to me."

She took what she needed and then licked the bite closed and rested her head on his shoulder, people stared as he walked by holding her

Maddox glared at them. Let's go back to our rooms so others won't stare at you. I don't like how the men eye my woman.

She smiled softly " say it again...." she said with her heart beat quickening

Let's go back to our room so others won't stare at you. I don't like how the men are eyeing my woman.

Her smile grew " I strangly like you calling me your woman"

He kissed her deeply. You are my woman, and no one can take you away from me. Come back to the room with me, Serenity. I want to show my woman what she means to me.

"I have no choice but to come with you, you are carrying me " she said jokingly "and how will you show me ? " she asked curiously

The only way I know how, he said mysteriously.

She looked at him oddly but remained silent and waited to find out

He took her to their room and laid her on the bed. He willed their clothes away before he kissed her deeply. He had no words to tell her what she meant to him. So, he merged their minds, let her see the depth of his feelings as he brought her body to life

She moaned into his lips and wiggled beneath him

He blanketed her body, entering hard and fast. She could feel him everywhere she turned. He had to show her his love, and the only way he could adequately do that was with his body.

she cried out and gripped his back, her legs wrapping around his waist "Maddox....." she moaned near his ear

"Merge with me," he said. "Be one with me."

How?"she moaned going crazy beneath him

"Reach for my mind with yours," he said. "I will not do it this time. I need you to want me enough to share everything with me."

" im scared what if you dont like what you see..." she sad in between moans

"There is nothing that will make me stop loving you," he said. "I will always love you. Your past created the strong, beautiful woman I am holding so tenderly. I wish you had not suffered as you have, but it built you into who you are today. I love all of you and that will never change."

Slowly he would feel her mind touching his, it was faint and she was strugling to fully emerg

Satisfied that she was willing to try, he took hold for her. She felt what he felt, just as he felt what she felt. He moved harder and faster. He built up the fire in them both but refused to give them release, wanting the moment last a lifetime.

She went crazy, she didnt know where is body began and hers ended, she cried out his name and wrapped tightly around him "Maddox! please.....I cant take much more" she begged

Their memories played out. Everything that happened to her, he saw, even when she got surgery to reattach her hymn. She saw every kill he made, every friend and family member he had to destroy. At the same time, he filled her with his seed, sending pleasure through her.

She couldn't move, her breathing was quick and her skin flushed, she didnt know what to do or how to feel yet about the memories

Maddox asked, "Are you alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

She shook her head "it was just.....intense" she said in between breaths

"And it only grows over the centuries," he said.

She groaned and closed her eyes "I don't think I can handle it"

"You will be fine," said Maddox. "Now, why did you reattach your hymn? I'm not complaining, I enjoyed making you feel beautiful and wanted in that moment, but I would like to understand."

"my dad took my virginity....I did not choose it but it happened....I wanted to be able to give it to someone I wanted to give it too.....though yes physically I had already had sex I did not want to count it....so I got it reached so I good give it to someone worthy enough to have it" SHe said softly, not understanding what she just confessed to him

"So, you found me worthy of loving?" he asked with a smile. "Of giving such a precious gift? I'm honored."

"No!....I mean....my body was going through a lot of changes....I thought I was going to die....so I thought why not ya know....look lets drop it ok" SHe said sitting up

He smiled and said, "I understand. You thought you were dying. I don't mind. You still picked me, and that's enough."

She was blushing but was not looking at him "you.....are you scared when you fight?" she asked out of no where

"Not usually," he said, "but I've never had anything to lose before. Now, I have you, so I can't lose, or you will suffer with me. I will have to shut off my emotions so I can do my duty and protect you."


Magnus took Megan to the exam room. He paced the room while she sat on the exam table. He looked out of place, agitated.

Megan watched him "you know your pacing is not helping me feel less nervous" she said in a soft tone, but before he could say anything a woman came in

"Sora?" Magnus said in a unreadable tone

"you know her?" megan asked confused

"only my name....now if you would step out magnus so I can begin" she said holding the door open

Magnus put on his usual calm and said, "Megan, if you ever feel uncomfortable, reach for me. If she gets... rough... I'll come in and we will leave, alright?"

Megan nodded but he could feel her fear "ill be fine..." she said more to herself then to him

Magnus kissed her deeply and said, "When you are finished lying, and when you need me, I will be right outside the door."

Megan nodded

He walked out, looking at her as the door closed behind him.

Once he was gone the examine began

Magnus paced outside of the room. He wanted to be in the room. He had to be in the room. Twice, he reached for the door and had to stop himself.

Megan's scream suddenly was heard through the door "no!", suddenly sora came flying through the door, breaking it in half, she landed on her back with a grunt "dammit...why do I always get the there kind..." she mumbled to her self as she got up

Magnus looked inside and said, "Megan, you have to tell me you need me or I can't come in. And she will be back inside in a moment."

Megan was sweating and leaning against the wall, the only thing covering her was a sheet from the bed that she held up with one hand, she shook her head "Im...Im fine...I just want to get this over with" she said tears in her eyes.

Sora walked passed him and into the room, she told Megan to follow her to a new room and she did, she shut the door once more

Magnus tried to follow, but Sora was too quick. He tried opening the door only for his hand to get burned for his troubles.

After about another half an hour of silence the door opened, sora said nothing as she walked by magnus with a blood sample and a folder.

Megan was on her stomach on the bed, a sheet covering her naked body, she was breathing hard and sweat covered her body, her face turned away from him

He went to her and said, "What did the is Ice Queen do to you? Talk to me."

"Just...get me out of here please..." she said in a tired voice

He quickly clothed her and used blurring speed to take her back to their room. He sat her in a chair, letting her just breath as he knelt beside her, waiting.

She was silent, he could feel she didnt want to talk about it "can...can we go eat now...hmm..." she said softly

Magnus said, "Anything you want. When you are ready, talk to me."

"Nothing to talk about....im fine my stomach hurts and you said you need to feed" she said curling up in the chair " ill stay here"

"I'm not letting you out of my sight," he said. "Last time I did, you threw a woman through a door and almost through the wall behind her, and you became withdrawn. If you stay, I stay."

She sighed " look the botch asked for it plus no one is here ill be fine, im going to take ashower while you are gone thats it so please...I just dont want to go out right now"

"Then, I will stay with you," he said. "I'll have some bottles of blood delivered right outside the door for us. But I will not leave you."

She sighed but did not argue, she stood up and headed towards the bathroom

He let her go, staying a shadow in her mind. Within an hour and a half, a crate of blood had been delivered to their room. He brought it inside and made a romantic atmosphere for her to come out to.

Megan came out naked toiling her hair " you really need to teach me how you make the clothes....its cold in ..." she trailed off after she finally looked up " whats all this?"

He put her in a red dress and heels, letting her see how to do it with her mind as he said, "I thought this would make feeding a little easier on you."

She slowly approached " actually thos makes me nervous and uncomfortable....i never did anything like this..."

"You never had a romantic date?" he asked. "I thought humans went on dates all the time. If not, then this will be a wonderful experience for you. As I've never been with a beautiful woman on a real date before, it should be a first for us both."

She sat down akardly " im not sure how this is going to go"

"You're here, so it's already amazing," said Magnus.

"you sir must think you are so suave with smooth talk like that huh" she said sarcastically but could not hide the blush on her face

"No, I speak the truth," he said. "Without you, this would be wasted effort on my part."

She chuckled " of course it would because its for two" she said jokingly

"No, I could eat enough for two if I had to," he said. "It would be wasted because I would have no need to make my meal look special. I would feed from a human's neck and be done with it. This way, you can feed comfortably and enjoy yourself. Without you, there would be no joy for me to feel, so I wouldn't be able to appreciate all this effort."

"whats it like?.....feeding from humans" she asked curiously

"We show respect and make sure our feeding doesn't traumatize them," he said. "It isn't the same as feeding from lifemates. With humans, it is just a way to survive. However, with lifemates, it is erotic."

Do you feed from woman?" She asked without thinking

"I have, but none of them have made me feel the way you do," he said. "And I never fed from one that was pregnant. However, since finding you, I have found that I can't touch another woman. So, don't be jealous. Just as their touch is abhorrent to me, so is the touch of other men to you."

" I cant touch or feed from other men? " she asked

"Not if you wish for them to live," he said in a serious tone.

"You would kill them?" She asked with a weird tone

"Yes," he said.

"why? why kill them if they are just helping me and we are suppose to respect them"

"I'm a jealous man," he said. "The thought of you walking towards a man, looking sexy, as you call him to you so you can feed... I can't help but feel killing rage."

"what if I want to feed from another man? what if its an emergency? what if you are not around and I'm dying?" she said sincerly

"If it were just for sustenance," he said, "my jealousy would be great. However, in an emergency, such as you have described, I would allow you to feed from a man other than myself, albeit grudgingly."

"Oh you would let me huh?" she said raising her eyebrow and crossing her arms

"I can't help my nature," he said.

"try" she said plainly

"Would you change who I am, then?" he asked, hurt in his voice.

"one thing you will find I dont like to be controlled...." she said looking away from him trying to hide the sadness on her face

"I didn't mean I would control you," he said. "I'm just saying that it's in my nature to protect you and to keep you with me. You can feed from men as long as you don't mind me killing them for touching you and fantasizing about using your body."

"well fine then you are not aloud to feed from woman" she said looking away "and you better make sure...you know...your ready for me" she said shyly

"I'm okay with that," he said, smiling wickedly.

She blushed slightly "Im sure you would..." she said and he would feel like her fangs just bit into his neck

Magnus groaned and said, "Still fighting dirty, I see. Feed, then we can have fun."

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