Exam 2

"What do you mean shut off your emotions? why would you want to do that.....it does not feel good" she said with a tone laced with pain, reminding him what the prince did to her

"If I were to feel sorrow or remorse," said Maddox, "I could hesitate or make a mistake. And that would lead to my death."

"how about I feel it for you" she said without thinking

"Serenity," he said, "you don't need to feel such things for me. After the battle, I can morn for my fallen brother. But during the battle, I can't feel."

She was silent "I still dont know your ways very well.." she said with a sigh "Im going to go take a shower.." she said standing up, the sheet falling from her naked body

"A shower sounds good," he said. "I'll join you."

She blushed "No its ok...you dont have to" she said feeling shy

"No need to feel shy after all that we shared," he said as he picked her up and carried her to the bath room. "I usually make myself clean by thinking about it, so this will be a new experience for me."

Her heart started to race and she mentally kicked herself for getting turned on by him carrying her, she felt guilty like she was becoming needy

He smiled and said, "I can read your mind. I like that you need me."

She blushed "thats not it...Im sure its just my body changing...." she said looking away from him "I-I can walk you know.."she said softly

He just laughed and put her in the shower, following after her. "Now, let's get to cleaning you up."

Her eyes widened "I can do it! just...stay on your side of the shower" she said cutely though she was trying to sound serious

He laughed and said, "My side of the shower has you in it."

She looked confused "How so? their are clearly two sides, your standing in one" she said

"Because I can't be without you," he said. "So, which ever side of the shower you are in, so will I."

She blushed and looked away from him "where did you read that line?" she said softly and turned her back to him getting her front wet

He circled her with his arms and said, "I didn't read it anywhere. It is the truth."

she jumped "your side...."

"Is with you," he said, kissing her neck.

She let out a breath at the feel of his lips "maddox....say it again...what I like to hear" she said referencing what he said earlier about him being her woman

"You are my woman," he said, nibbling her neck. "Now and always, my one and only."

She blushed and covered her mouth, keeping in a moan

His hands found her breasts, teasing her nipples into hard peaks. "Tell me what you want, Serenity. Tell me and I'll give it to you."

She pressed her legs tighter together, she was determined to test herself to see if she could resist him "n-nothing" she said not sounding very convincing

His hand drifted down and found her core. "Your body is more honest than your mouth," he said, showing her his hand before licking his fingers. "Want to try that again?"

Her heart slammed into her chest and her hands dropped from her mouth, her breathing had quickened "I....I dont...want anything...just to ...um...take a shower" she said still looking at his fingers

He smiled, slowly, lovingly licking his fingers to get all of her juices. "Are you sure?" he asked as he pressed against her so she could feel his desire against her heated skin.

Her heart was beating so fast now she could feel it, she placed her hands on his chest and tried to push him back "t-this is why you need to be on the other side" she said feeling her control slip because she was touching him

He said with a teasing smile, "So, my woman is rejecting me?"

"Not rejecting you just not in the mood" she said trying to sound convincing

He nibbled on her neck and said, "You smell so good, Serenity." The tip of his member teased her folds. "And your body tells me it needs me inside it. Right now."

She gripped his chest and lost what it took to try and push him back, the way he said her name made her legs weak

He lifted her up and said, "Put your legs around me, Serenity. I need to be inside you as much as you need me to be inside you."

She did wrap her legs around him to help him balance her in his arms but to his surprise she reached between his legs and grabbed him throbbing cock

"What are you doing?" he asked as he gasped in ecstasy.

"I.....I dont know..." she said as she began to stroke him with her hand, her hot sweet juices dripped from her core onto his cock, lubricating it for her touch

"It feels like your teasing me," he said. "I need to feel you around me, Serenity. I need to be inside you. I am burning for my woman and she is tormenting me."

She liked the desperation in his voice, as she continued to stroke him and let his tips feel the lips of her core, she leaned in and started to kiss and nipple his neck

With a growl, he pinned her to the wall and lifted her hands. He shoved into her and began moving with long sure strokes. He thought he saw flames along his skin where her hair brushed over him. But it wasn't enough. He had to reach her very soul.

She cried out, her voice of ecstasy echoing the bathroom, she gripping his shoulders, her head leaned back against the wall giving a close look at the desire and pleasure on her face

His thrusts became deeper and faster. It wasn't long before he had her falling over the edge so many times, the orgasms started running into each other. Yet, he didn't stop. He couldn't. It was almost a compulsion to keep going

"maddox!......more show me more! I want you to not hold back....treat me like a Carpathian...show me what you would do....I want to hear your voice as you do it" she said telling him her desires for the first time

He merged his mind with hers. As soon as he did, all control he had turned to ash. Using his teeth, he pinned her in the submissive position. Soon, she was meeting his thrusts with her own. In her mind, she heard him chanting her name, an anchor as he sent them soaring beyond the heavens to a paradise only they knew.

He had never heard the cry that escaped her lips as she came with him, it was as if he was hearing her sour cry out for pleasure itself, she collapsed against him, her sweet blood dripping from his mark, her body was pink with his marks in every way, his hands, mouth, body, where all there

He closed the wound on her shoulder, sending another shock wave through them. He turned off the water, dried them off, and took her to ground. They fell asleep, their bodies still connected.


"I still cant control it completely sorry...." she said honestly and took a sip from the red liquid in her wine glass, she tried to pretend it was wine, since drinking blood still seemed wrong to her

He laughed and said, "With time, you will. But right now, I don't have to be in your mind to know what you want to do to me." He groaned. "Like taking me into your mouth. Honey, your wayward thoughts are..."

"killing me..." she said before reaching over the table grabbing his shirt and pulling him towards her and kissing him

He growled but said, "You still need to feed. Drink a whole bottle and then you can do to me what you please."

She leaned back and stood up, she grabbed a bottle and walked around the table where he was, she sat down in his lap "I told you....I dont like being controlled...and I also told you to make sure you were ready for me" she said handing him the full bottle and licking up the side of his neck, her fangs grazing the skin over his pulse, she moaned into his neck "you taste much better then that" she said in such a seductive tone it made his body feel like it was on fire

He took the bottle and downed it. He smiled. "Then, take what you need from me."

She didnt hesitate, she bit deep, unintentionally her mind wondered on where else she would like to bit him, he would feel her fangs in many places all over his body

He growled and said, "Megan, you are pushing me to my limits."

good...Im already at mine she said still taking from him, slowly though, enjoying it and not taking to much, she moved her hips grinding against him to get closer

He growled again, their clothes falling in shreds around them as he forgot he could will them away. He knocked everything off of the table and laid her on it so he could enter her hard and fast.

She gasped "what a shame you worked so hard on setting it up " she said teasingly and she bit his ear softly

He began moving in her and said, "I don't care. I need you right now, Megan."

She gripped his shoulder as he began to move, every thrust sent a wave of fire through her "make me forget....make me forget the day Ive had...use your magic on me Magnus I want to feel that part of you again...that part you hide" she said in a moaning tone

"I can erase you memories if you want," he said, "but I won't do that. Will you settle for making love instead?"

She sighed in frustration as her body build with heat "thats not what I meant" she said in a moan

He kissed her and said, "Then explain it to me."

"nevermind" she said biting her bottle lip as a blush came to her cheeks

"I wish to know how to make you happy," he said, kissing her neck. "How can I do that if you do not tell me? Or merge your mind with mine?"

She groaned "Mangus I cant stand your teasing anymore please!" she cried out

He smiled and gave in. He had to. He loved the desire cross her face when he used his his magic on her, but as much as he wanted to he had to be careful, if he lost his concentration for a second he could hurt her, and she was very good at making him lose just that, but he was determined to make up for not using it. He didn't know if he could hold on to what he was about to attempt. As he made love to her, she felt his mouth on each of her breasts. She had the taste him on her tongue, the feel of him thrusting into her mouth. He was having a difficult time, sweat covering his body, but the lust in her eyes made it worth it. He sent her over the edge twice before the wariness of his body made him have to stop. He filled her with his seed, then collapsed into the chair, exhausted and slightly pale, but sated for the moment.

She laid there on the table, her legs spread and his semen dripping out of her, he had a front roll seat as he watch his seed spill out her her still pulsing core, her breast bouncing slightly as she breathed

He looked at her and said, "Are you happy, my dear?"

When she could speak she said "Are you not?"

"I loved every moment and you know it," he said with a smile. "Now, I wish to go to ground, holding my lifemate in my arms."

He floated them both into the earth and held her to him as they shut down their lungs and hearts.

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