Awake in Pain

Victoria woke up on her stomach, her hands bound in front of her, her whole body ached so much that even the feel of the mattress underneath her hurt, She laid still, she was to tired to tell if there was anyone in the room with her and if there was she did not want them to know she was awake yet. She listened to see what she could hear.

Michael opened the door to his hut. He smiled, shut and locked the door, and went to Victoria. He undressed and rolled her over. He put some salve on his hand, found her raw and red core, and his fingers entered, moving to get the salve deep. He had used her body so much the day before, even his fingers entering her sent extreme pain through her body.

"Wake up, slut," he said in a seductive voice. "Time for round five. You know, after you passed out the first time, the sun rose. I was even able to untie you. You enjoyed it, too. You may have been unable to move because of the time of day, but you were able to talk for a bit. You begged me, you know? Begged me to keep going. You wanted my cock to pound into you. You didn't want to stop. I had to bring in a few of my boys to satisfy you. They complained that you didn't move, but you took all three of them at the same time for four hours. After about two in the afternoon, when they finished, I took over for a couple rounds." He pulled his hand out and smiled. "You're used goods now, a true whore. Now, in five minutes, we will go again. I won't fool myself into thinking the woman during the day is who you are now. You were asleep and thinking of him, that leech. You screamed his name. So... after the aphrodisiac that I put in that salve kicks in, I'll train you some more."

"your not a very good liar.....I cannot speak when I sleep in the ways of a Carpathian you slime ball" she said knowing she was right

He slapped her ass hard, laughing as if she had made a joke, and said, "You caught me. You didn't talk. But everything else is true. Now, I need to take a whizz." He went to her head and held his member. "Open your mouth and be my toilet. If you don't, I'll just piss on your face."

"you piss on me and Ill bite your dick off" she said with a growl

"Then open that pretty little mouth and drink my special kool-aid," he said.

"Micheal Im warning you...." she said in a serious tone "if you want something from me then you better not piss on me" she said harshly

"You will submit to me?" he asked. "You will do as I command you, no matter how disgusting, degrading, or humiliating it is? You won't question me?"

"On three I need to feed at least once a day...two......I want to be yours and only yours....and three....if I do...I want to earn my way back in with the group...those carpathians....they think they are above everyone else I want to help you take them down I was wrong..I should have listened to you..I want that school to burn Micheal" she said in a sincere tone

Michael thought about it for a moment and said, "I planned to feed you anyway. Why do you think I have bottles of blood in my hut? The school will burn, as planned, but I can't let you back into the group. What would people think if we recruit a leech?" He smiled cruelly. "And you belong to the camp. I'm more like... your trainer." He gripped her hair and tugged painfully. "You are in no position to negotiate. Your terms are laughable. You need to learn your place in this new world. You are the camp whore, a slut for everyone to use as they will. Sex, cuddles, or a toilet, it won't matter. That's where you belong. Understand?" He held her so that she couldn't move without pain as he let loose his yellow stream on her face. He laughed when he saw her taunt nipples. "Now, I believe you feel the aphrodisiac working. When you want me to help you release the stress of it, you know what to say. If you don't, beg me to tell you what to say. Just know the longer to deny the need, your body will continue to grow hotter with desire until you won't be able to think. I will be there to watch you drown in your own juices, but I will not help you until you tell me what I want to hear."

"I warned you not to piss on you will get nothing you want and you know me micheal when I say something I mean it, your boys will laugh at you because you wont be able to break me in and your not very smart either...they would have never expected one of their own to be working with your suffer you dim witted ass hole " she said spitting on his face, he could smell his piss in her spit

Micheal cleaned his face and went to his desk. He could hear her breathing get heavier and hear her writhe on the bed as his herb mixture took affect over the next hour. He looked at her with a smile. She was drenched in sweat, her nipples like pink mountain, and her womanhood glistened with her juices as they drenched the bed.

"Anything you want to say?" he asked.

"Go rot in hell" she said through glitch teeth

He sighed and went back to his work. As the next hour moved on, he could hear her moan as even the brush of her hair sent waves of desire through her. This time, he didn't ask. He waited. She would have to ask him soon or she would lose her mind and do it anyway. At least if she asked him to fuck her before that happened, it would be a step forward. Besides, taking out his anger on her for choosing Jacob was just the tip of the iceberg.

She was not going to last much longer, it was getting hard to think and everything, even a small draft made her body ache, she started rubbing her legs together, the friction made her cry out

He said, "You will lose your mind if you try and hold out for another hour. The only thing that can stop it is me. I put the salve and all-natural aphrodisiac deep inside you. Since you are tied up, you have nothing to reach that deep. Say it, Victoria. Say it and it will all be over."

She knew she needed to me able to keep her wits about her, she hated what she was about to do with every fiber of her being "Please....Micheal....I need you" she said squeezing her fist so hard she felt her nails pierce her palms

He positioned himself at her entrance and entered her hard and fast. He moved that way too. He was deep inside her, sending ecstasy through her. He played with her sensitive nipples. He smiled, knowing she felt that she was losing her mind anyway. He leaned down and nibbled her ear.

"You know," he whispered, "you humiliated me. When you chose that leech, you humiliated me in the worse possible way. This was payback. Now, I need you to break for me. It will keep you safe. I know you don't trust me. You need to if you want to keep your mind. Go ahead and fight me, make me look credible again. But you will break, be my toy, and I will enjoy training you." He filled her with his seed, but didn't stop moving, knowing it wasn't out of her system yet. "I need you to do as I say, beg me to fuck you like this everyday, and know that disobedience isn't tolerated. Once you become my toy, and I know you will not betray me the instance you leave my home, your training as the camp whore will begin. For now, I need to train you to be my whore." He flipped her over rammed into her so rough, she felt mind numbing pleasure and pain together. "Do you understand now? Breaking you is saving you."

"I didnt choose anyone! he cornered me....he said he was my lifemate...I rejected him...when you found me I was crying because they turned me! they turned me into what they were! I cried for you begged you to come and save me! He compelled me micheal! you knew how I was I hate them just as much as you did.....after they turned me the compulsion went away...I ran...I was running back toawrds the bunker...your bunker" she said in a sincere and desperate tone "I would have never hurt you micheal! they made me!...when your boys came to my room I ran because I knew I had to talk to you first to tell you what really happened...I knew you would believe me.....but when we where in the cabbin I heard that leeches voice in my head, commanding me to tell you I slept with him, to make noise...he told me to break the window and scream" she said tears falling from her eyes

He stopped moving. He was shocked. "You know not to look in their eyes. I still have to show everyone I'm breaking you, Vicky. If I don't, we both die."

She moved her hips trying to get him to move inside her "He made me....Ill do what you need me too...but please micheal.....believe me....I didnt betray you....."I loved you...I was saving myself for you...." she said shaking

"Then let me do what I have to so I can protect you," said Michael as he began moving again. "If I don't I will die, you will be tortured and raped hourly until you tell them anything about the enemy they don't know, then you will tied to a tree until the sun takes you." He held her to him, loosening the ropes holding her. "See how breaking you is protecting you? I know I will be rough at times, Vicky, but if my men don't see progress..."

She broke her ropes and wrapped her arm around his neck, pulling him close to her "I will...please tell me you dont hate me...I didnt want to become like was so painful Micheal...and then they trapped me in a room, told me I couldnt leave and that the prince wanted to question me....I was so afriad" she said gripping his back and moaning "please I only want you...." she said moving her hips to meet his, sending a spark through him

"I don't hate you," he said, kissing her. "Trust me to know how to handle the situation. God, you feel so good." There was a knock on the door, and he frowned. "I need you to beg me to pound into you, Vicky. The men are outside. It will be humiliating, but if you don't..."

Vicky gripped his back harder "more! please! more!' her voice echoed the room, her stomach twisted but she kept going "please dont stop! " she said closing her eyes

"Good girl," he whispered. "Now, I'm going to say some things, and you need to respond to them as if I'm breaking you." Then he said in his normal voice, "That's right, bitch! Take it! Admit it! You're a good for nothing whore!"

"I-Im a good for nothing whore!" she said tightening around his cock,

He groaned, believing she was a masochist as he pounded into her hard and said, "That's right! You love when I don't hold back! You like it rough, don't you, you little slut?" He bit into her nipple, leaving an indention of his teeth on them. "You like when I hurt you don't you, slut?"

She cried out from the pain but the herbs still in her made it seem like a moan "yes!" she said moving her hands down to grip his arms

"Where do you want it?!" he asked, reaching her deep core. "Where do you want me to paint white?! Tell me and I'll give you a reward, skank!"

"On my breast...please I want you to cum on my breast!" she cried out not wanting him to come inside her

He pulled out and began to use her breasts, crushing them around his member until he came. Not all of it landed on her breasts. He had so much built up that it shot out fast, covering her face as well.

"Not that it mattered," he said for the cheering men to hear. "I've marked your womb with my jizz already." He gave her pained look as the men made an "ohhhh" noise. "Take a break, slut. I'm not finished with you yet, but I'm tired."

She let him see the pain on her face as she curled up into a ball on her side, turning away from him

He covered her with a blanket as he whispered, "I'm sorry. It is true, I've come inside you several times already. But I thought you had betrayed me. I won't do it again if you don't want me too. The bathroom in in the corner behind the black curtain. It's more of an old iron tub filled with water, but you can heat it up and the bottom is protected so you don't burn yourself. You can clean up if you want."

Then he went out to his crew, where slapping him on the back and gave him congratulations. Off to the side he saw a group with their own toys. One was Danielle, crying as always as seed dripped down her legs and from her mouth. He saw Erik walking his way and groaned.

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