Not a warm welcome

Erik ignored the cries of the girls and the smell of sex that filled the hallway as he walked up to Micheal "it smells like a whore house in here" he said as the others left to give them privacy

"Like you don't have fun with Bethany?" Michael challenged. "I was having fun with Victoria, who I just captured the night before last. These men are allowed to have fun as well. Is it now a crime to enjoy our toys?"

The men who had Danielle moved her to the shadows. She couldn't break the grip of the man holding her wrists as he and his buddy used her core and mouth. She was about to pass out, and needed to talk to Erik. If only she could signal him.

"yes speaking of toys...I need to barrow one I want beth to learn a few things...Danielle has been here the longest so I would like it to be her, of course I will replace her with another until I am done with her" he said plainly

The men using Danielle gasped and started pumping furiously, hoping to finish quickly. Danielle moaned loudly as they moved, drawing Michael and Erik to the shadows next to Erik's hut. The men filled Danielle and collapsed. She shook with aftershocks, her body reacting despite her disdain. She looked at Erik, knowing he would see she couldn't move, too weak from the men raping her.

"Well, here's your pet," said Michael. "Anything else, brown noser?"

"yes....just a little reminder for everyone all toys must be logged and put on record...anyone have a unclaimed and tagged toy will have their toy removed....their personal toy" Erik said looking at Micheal "and since you now have made her unable to move you two get the job of carrying her to my" he said in a commanding tone and left the room

Michael clenched his fists. He went back to his hut to finish up the paperwork. The two men groaned but carried Danielle. Both of them were permanent members of the Michael's Gang that was also known as the "Green Team" as it always had the new recruits before they were sent off to other gangs. Once at Erik's hut, they took her inside and dropped her on the carpet. Danielle gasped as the air was knocked out of her.

Erik sat at his desk not looking at her, once the door was shut he was quiet for a moment "you know where the bathroom is go clean yourself up" he said softly so he did not wake beth who was in a deep sleep on his bed, he had given her something that would keep her asleep for another hour or so

Danielle fought to get her breath back. When she did, she stood on shaky legs and walked to the bathroom. She cleaned thoroughly, but quickly. She soaked in the water a moment longer to get her legs working again. She got out and put her skirt and thin shirt on. She had stopped wearing underclothes as the men kept tearing them.

"Thank you," she said as she walked out. "If you hadn't come along, they would have passed me to the next guys."

Erik remained at his desk not looking at her "yes well thats what a toy is to can rest here but I need to know something before you do.....give me an update of whats been going on down there...I trust your words more then Michaels men" he said plainly

"The teachers are still looking for us," she said. "Michael knocked Victoria out, lucky he didn't get caught doing it. My sources say she was turned into one of them and Michael is illegally and brutally training her to be a camp toy like me. He got papers this evening to register her as a toy for himself and some for turning her into a camp toy later. He started the training evening, when he brought her here, forgoing the rules in registering her immediately. From what I heard before three men jumped me, she offered to be a mole for us and he denied it to her."

Erik slammed his fist down on the desk "he brought not only a new toy but a Carpathian here?" he said turning towards her, his face held anger but she knew it was not towards her, her rubbed his temples, a sign of stress

"I'm afraid so," she said. "Because she humiliated him before she became a Carpathian, he targeted her specifically. And she doesn't know how to take care of herself now that she is one. In two days, she will become noticeably weaker, even with the bottles of blood he keeps in his hut. You know, this isn't the first Carpathian he brought here. That last toy he brought and didn't register was Carpathian as well. When his gang got tired of using her, they tied her to a tree just outside of camp and watched the sun destroy her. She was still begging them to rape her even as she burned." A tear fell down her cheek, which she quickly wiped away. "His lawlessness seems never ending."

His fist clenched "thank you for your may rest now...." he said gesturing to the bed, his head still in his hands as he leaned back in his chair

"Thank you, Erik," she said. "Oh, one last thing. Victoria seems to be a very popular girl. The nurse, a hunter, and another male are looking for her, all of them Carpathian. I used my abilities to touch their minds. The nurse and the hunter sensed me right away, so I didn't get much, but the other one seems young for their kind. Apparently, she is special to him, though I couldn't find out why. That's why that one keeps sniffing around here. I think he can smell her but can't find her. At least we know the defenses are working. Your second, Al, has some remarkable abilities."

"thank you for telling me you did good work, in the future though do no seek others minds out side this place it is dangerous, though do dig in the minds of micheal and his men when it is safe to do here drink this and go rest it will help you sleep" he said handing her a cup of what seem like warm tea

Dani smiled and said, "Thank you. I'll be more careful." She sipped the tea. "This is one of your special brews, isn't it? One that helps with pain and insomnia? I'm honored you would give this to me."

When she finished the tea, she laid down on the spare bed, sleeping happily.

Once she was sound aslepp he walked over to beth and picked up her sleeping body, he walked her over to his desk and sat her down in his lap facing away from him, the desk in front of her, her entered her with a hard thrust to wake her up

Beth gasped, unprepared for his invasion. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Good morning? I see you are happy to see me."

He planted her hands on the desk in front of her and covered her mouth with one of his hands while the other came around and played with her breast while he started to kiss the side of her neck "Im always happy to see you hold on" he said and began thrusting into her ravishingly, hard and wild.

Beth moaned, clenching around him, instantly lost. Even when she saw the paper on his desk for registration, she didn't care. Maybe it was for a gun. He wanted to protect her. She met him thrust for thrust, wanting him deeper, harder, faster. She could be happy if her life consisted of him always pounding into her like this.

He groaned "god beth your so tight" he said lifting her up and bending her over the desk, pulling her hair so she was forced to look up as he pounding into her harder "your going to go back to the school tonight baby...I need you to get something for me from one of the teachers after you do that your going to come give it to me by the lake " he said smacking her ass making her pleasure spike

"Yes!" she moaned out. "Anything! Just don't stop!" He hit her deep, causing her toes to curl. "Right there! Yes! Right there! I'm coming! I can't hold on!"

He slammed into her hard as they both came, his seed filling her "I still need you beth" he said flipping her over on her back on the desk and shoved into her once more "tell me what I want to her...tell me what I mean to you" he said gripping her breast with one hand

Beth moaned, "I'm yours! You're my everything!" She moved her hips, trying to get him move more. "Erik! I need more of you!"

He lifted her by her ass, taking himself deeper inside of her "fuck..." he moaned as he rammed harder into her

"There!" she gasped out, throwing her head back as her core tightened around him like a vice. "Right there! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!"

Suddenly he stopped and liked her protest groan "If you want more.....then take this" he said handing her what looked like a silver pill

She pouted in a cute way, but took the pill. "Now, what? What does that pill do?"

Suddenly she would feel all her senses heighten, including her pleasure, her body got hot, just him being inside her was enough to almost send her over the edge"you feel that beth...thats my love...only I can give this too you....If you dont come back to me in eight hours for another one youll hurt yourself and dont want to hurt me do you beth?

"No, I don't want to hurt you!" she gasped. "I want more of your love! Please! I need more!" She began moving her hips, taking him deeper. "Fill me with your love, Erik! Please!"

He picked her up and slammed her against the wall, but not hard enough to hurt her, he went so deep that his tip pushed against the back of her womb as he came, the pressure from his seed filling her made her orgasm ten times stronger, so strong that she blacked out, it was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

once he was done emptying himself inside her he pulled himself out and placed a sex plug inside of her, keeping his seed in her and then placed her on the bed and covered her with a sheet, he fixed his desk and sat down to finish his paper work


Victoria came out of the bathroom at the sound of Micheal returning "is everything ok?" she asked in a caring tone

"Have to register you as a toy," he said. "Otherwise, if I leave, the men will barge in and use you. That and Mr. Holier-Than-Thou-Boss-Man Michael threatened to cut my manhood off if I didn't."

She went over to him but did not touch him, she was wearing only a towl since he had ripped her clothes "what does that mean? for me?" she asked letting him hear the worry in her tone "for us?"

"Well, it will protect you," he said. "By registering you as my personal sex toy, if anyone touches you, they get punished, and I decide what punishment. Until then, you will have to stay hidden."

She nodded and slowly started to rub his shoulders, something he enjoyed and often asked her to do when they were going out "promise me...promise me we will make love in front of the school as it burns....that youll fuck my brains out at the sound of every damn leech screaming as they burn" she said, her tone full of hate

"Only if I can kill Jacob slowly," he said, looking at her. She could feel his need to torture and kill, just as strong as his need to breath. "I want him to suffer what he did to you, to us. And it will last a long time, until he admits his crimes against you."

She smiled "let me show her how much I want you to do that" she said and sat in his lap before kissing him deeply

He groaned and said, "As much as I would love to bang you again, if I don't get this done, we will have trouble. Let me sign the paper and take it to the office. I'm sure the lady there will file it for me. She usually does if I..."

Victoria put her finger to his lips "let me show you what I would have done if we had had the chance too before that leech interfered" she said and slowly started kissing down his body, her hands teasing the skin on his waist as she made her way down and started unbuttoning his pants

He groaned and said, "Victoria, I want to... badly. But if I don't turn this in now, who knows what Erik will do to you! He is..." he thought for a moment before his eyes lit up with a cruel idea, "he is worse than anything you can imagine. There is a girl named Danielle. He broke her in less than an hour. No one knows how, and he refuses to say. She will let anyone fuck her, it doesn't matter when or where or who is watching. She was an innocent, a human who turned him down in middle school. You thought I was bad? He is a million times worse. And he is my boss. And he has it out for me. If I don't get this in, he will do to you what he did to sweet little Dani."

She sighed and looked up at him "but....I dont like you messing with other girls....unless Im there to join" she said with a smile "promise me after this....after Im officially yours that you'll bring the girls you want here? " she said knowing that was something he would defiantly keep a promise too

"That is a promise I can keep!" he said, quickly signing the paper.

He sat her on the bed and left. About twenty minutes later, he came back with a smile.

"She filed it!" he said. "Two minutes of pumping and she's done. It took ten minutes for her to stamp it and file it correctly, though, which was ridiculous! But you are officially mine!"

She smiled sitting up on the bed where he had left her, still in nothing but a towel "im so happy" she said holding open her arms for him

He went to her, yanked the towel off, and suckled her breast. His hand found her core and entered her. He wanted to remind her to act like he was breaking her, but her skin was so soft and she tasted so good.

She arched beneath him and cried out, suddenly she rolled them until she was on top were she begin to ride him, her core becoming tighter around him "Does this please you?" she asked as he breast bounced up and down as she rode him

He gripped her hips and slammed her down harder and faster, saying, "Yes, it does. God, I wanted to fuck you from the moment we first started dating! Now, you're riding me!" He smiled. "You won't be getting any rest tonight. Let's have a fuck-a-thon. I don't want us to stop until we pass out!"

She wanted to cry and puke but it didn't show on her face, she had to keep going "more...oh god micheal more your so good" she said gripping his chest tightly, after a few moment of riding him when she felt he was close to cumming she moved from on top of him and took him in her mouth, forcing herself to moan as his seed shot out and went down her throat

He groaned. He pulled her up to him so he could look in her eyes. He rolled so that he was on top. He thrust back into her. He was still too rough, never having taken a willing woman before, and never one that hadn't asked for him to hurt her. He suckled her breast, hurting her a bit. He was going to go all night until he was too exhausted to move, until she couldn't move. He was enjoying himself so much, he didn't realize or care if left bruises behind.

"you love me dont you Micheal? you dont want other girls just me.No other girl brings you pleasure like I do, You know Im the only one you can trust" she said once again not knowing she was compelling him, her core tightened around him at the pain though he would think it was because of pleasure

He moaned and said, "Only you, Victoria. Only you. No other. God, you're so tight! You must love me pounding into you like this! I can do better, though!"

He went harder, rougher, deeper. But he didn't try to hit anything to bring her pleasure. To her, it was senseless pounding with no results.

She cried out "I love it when you come all over me! please cover my body in your cum!" she cried out

He smiled at her, kissing her deeply. He groan, almost not pulling out in time. He covered her stomach with his seed. He was tired, but he wasn't done yet. He entered her again. No change in what he was doing, just pounding away so he could get off.

"You like me fucking you?" he asked her with a smile.

"yes..." she moaned "I want to taste you...please cum in my mouth" she begged

He pulled out and began pumping into her mouth. He came with a groan. He entered her core again. This time, he didn't even last ten minutes. He didn't even have time to pull out before he filled her. He collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the bed with him still inside of her. No matter how much she tried, she couldn't get him off of her.

Her hunger beat at her, his neck was so close to her face, she felt her fangs grow "micheal Im hungry...I want so much to taste you....." she said in a moaning tone

In his sleep, he moved, as if trying to get comfortable. He exposed his neck to her, even though it put more weight onto her.

Something in her snapped and in her mind she cried out, she needed it she could feel his strong pulse, but she also knew it was a big risk, she tightened her core around him, hoping that would wake him up

All he did was groan with pleasure, move again only to fill her with his seed some more. His throat got closer to her, the sound of his pulse sounding loud in her ears.

She couldnt help it, she licked the side of his neck, the feeling of his pulse under her tongue made her moan, her heart started to race, she had word so hard, endured so much to get to this point, she could risk it, it took every ounce of will she had to not bite down, she wiggled beneath him, trying to get free

"Don't go," he mumbled in his sleep, grabbing her arm. "Stay with me."

"Micheal Im hungry it hurts....I dont want to bite you" she said in a pleading tone

He groaned. He woke up just enough to get up, grab a bottle, and hand it to her. He fell back on the bed next to her, snoring loudly.

She downed it quickly and it helped but she found that she was still hungry, she went into the bathroom and washed herself, trying to get as much of him off her as she could, she cried silently as she sat in the tub

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