Bethany woke up slowly, still sensitive, moaning as the blanket moved over her.

"Erik," she gasped. "I still need you. But I know you need me to do something." She smiled. "But I can't seem to remember anything but your touch." But then she saw his angry face. "I'm sorry. I was only joking. Erik, I know what to do! I was only joking!"

He threw a pair of clean clothes at her "then do it...and remember...you have less then eight hours to get back to me....now go daylight just started, Al will walk you out, you will be blindfolded until you get to the lake I expect you at the lake at noon do not belate" he said just as Al walked in

Bethany quickly dressed, nearly falling into Erik as she did. She apologized and followed Al. He showed her to the lake quickly. An hour later, she was waiting breathlessly at the teacher's door. Her heart was pounding. Something on the other side sent fear through her.

The door opened and a tall older man stood there, his eyes were dark and his hair had some grey in it, his build was skinny, he almost looked like a grim reaper with the bony shape to his face "beth?" he said in a low tone

"Y-yes," she said, her heartbeat increasing. "Erik sent me. I had a hard t-time finding you office. I-I-I need to get back to him with his things. I have," she looked at her watch, gasping, "an hour to meet up with him?! I'm going to be so late! He's going to be upset with me again!"

He handed her a sealed envelope "as well he should be....now you know where my office is there should be no more excuses for next time" he said and shut the door in her face

Bethany ran then. She didn't like the teacher or how he looked at her. She made it to the lake, but she was twenty minutes late.

"I... I couldn't find his office at first," she said breathlessly. "And I had to dodge this guy that... that looked like the Hulk's younger brother. I'm so sorry." She handed him the envelope. "But I got what you needed."

He snatched the envelope from her "you disappoint me beth...I told you how important this was and yet you still kept me waiting" he said and turned from her and started walking away, someone grabbed her from behind and blindfolded her "I will punish you when we get back" he said as the person behind her started to make her walk

Beth didn't talk the whole walk. She shook with fear and need, but mostly fear. She had tried her best. The hand on her arm held her in a bruising grip. She didn't make a sound. Erik's anger was enough to make her heart sink.

Once they were back at the base beth was thrown on a bed and the blind fold was taken off, it was not Eriks room but some place else, two guys and Erik were in the room "Since you seem to not care about me....then I guess you do not want me......so they can have you....If you decide that you still love me and will try harder let me know...until then they will watch over you" he said and gave a nod and left the room and shut the door, the two men were not gentle in taking her clothes off

Beth tried to scream for Erik, but one man began playing with her breast. She gasped. One filled each of her lower holes. Because of how sensitive she was from the pill, she was filled with ecstasy. She began begging them to go harder, deeper, to fill her like never before. Within an hour, she was dripping with their seed, yet they didn't stop and she didn't want them to. Still, all she could think about was needing Erik. She was lost to the tides of pleasure going through her, but Erik never left her mind.

They had just filled her a second time when Erik came in "what the hell!" he yelled and them men stopped "she begged us boss" one said "yeah she was screaming for more" the other said Erik looked like he was in pain, his eyes looked like he was tearing up "well it seems I got my Answer beth...you dont love me" he said and walked out of the room, leaving the door open

"Erik!" she yelled, crying and running after him. "I want only you! Please! I'll do anything to prove I love you!"

He went into his room his men smile as she ran after him begging him "you betrayed me beth....how can I trust you....first your late with something important...then you sleep with other men....leave me I cant even look at you" he said shutting the door in her face, his men dragged her back into the room she had came from and began messing with her again, one taking her from the back while another filled her mouth with his large cock

Beth fought the desire this time and won. She bit the man in her mouth.

"Erik!" she screamed, pain filling her and tears falling. "I'm sorry! Please!"

The man slapped her hard and put himself back in her mouth "you do that again and Ill fuck slice you bitch " he said holding a knife to her throat

Beth glared at him and bit down again, blood filling her mouth.

"Let go of me!" she yelled. "I don't want this!"

the man groaned in pain and cut her cheek with the knife and then slapped her hard on the same side, he then grabbed her extremly now sore jaw and held it opened and shoved himself deep in her throat, far enough it was hard to breath, he kept ahold of her jaw so she could not bite down again "you fucked up bitch...Erik does want you now you blew your chance so get use to this" he said as he came deep in her throat making her choke one his seed while the other filled her core with his

She coughed, crying, and said, "Erik, help me. Please. I'm sorry."

He did not come and they kept raping her for the entire day, new men coming in to do so

Bethany lay on the floor after everyone was done. She couldn't move. Her life, her world was in ruins around her. He hadn't rescued her. She just... gave up.

After another day of raping she would see him walk down the hall another girl following him out of his room, he opened the door for her to leave and did not even glance at her as he went back to his room, though this time he kept the door open

She stared at him with empty eyes. A man went to her and bent her over a table so he could ram into her. She just laid there. Erik would see that the light within her was gone.

Danielle said, "I think she's broken. She's moving or even moaning. She's... empty." She gasped. "Her mind is only on you."

"bring her to me before you go...after he is finished and dont tell her out relationship" he said and went back into his room

Danielle said, "Okay. Oh!" She handed him her report. "Before I forget, Michael's men captured a woman just before dawn. She must have some Carpathian in her, because they say she is like a goddess among swine. They have her in the main assembly room right now. Oddly enough, Michael is not among them."

He leaned in close like he was going to kiss her, his hand touched the side of her face turning her head to make it seem like they were kissing in beths view but for her he got close to her ear "thank you" he said in a low tone, his breath on her neck, with that he moved away and went into his room

Danielle smiled and looked at Beth. She watched the man fill her and walk away. Dani went to Beth and took her by the arm. Beth didn't fight back. He eyes remained on the ground and Dani had to fight to keep her on her feet. Once inside, she sat Beth down, who instantly pulled her legs up, open for which ever man wanted to use her. She didn't care anymore. It didn't matter that she had come continuously flowing from her core from all the men using her or that she was in pain. Erik didn't want her. None of it mattered if he didn't love her.

Danielle knocked on his door and said, "She's here and... you aren't going to like what has happened. I think you waited too long to get her."

the door opened "she was the one who betrayed me...take her in the bathroom and get her cleaned up after that lay her on the bed" he said and walked back and sat at his desk

Dani nodded and took Beth to the bath. She cleaned her up and laid her on the bed. The whole time, she read Beth's mind. She covered Beth up and went to Erik.

"It's done," she said. "But you may have misjudged her. She was..."

"thats enough you may leave now" he said cutting her off "my men will escort you thank you for your help Dani" he said opening the door for her , his men waiting outside of it

"But she...!" Dani tried to say as the door shut.

Beth hadn't moved from where she lay. She just started at the ceiling. Her eyes were dead, not seeing anything.

"you broke my heart beth.....how could you.....Why dont you love me anymore" he said still at his desk not even looking at her

She gasped when she heard his voice. She looked at him, tears in her eyes, saying, "I do love you. You left and they raped me. I was still feeling sensitive from the pill, and I couldn't fight it. When you saw me, I was coming down from the effects. I'm so sorry. You are my world, Erik. I belong to you."


Michael groaned. He remembered passing out inside Victoria, but nothing else.

"What happened?" he asked groggily.

Victoria had fallen asleep in the tub the water long turning cold, because there was no windows she was not prepared when day time came and her body went into a Carpathian sleep

Micheal went to the bathroom and saw her sliding into the water. He quickly picked her up and dried her off. He laid her on the bed. She was beautiful, like them all. He had to have her again. He positioned himself at her entrance before plunging into her, taking her hard and rough. Since she couldn't fight him, he could do as he wanted. His cruelty was evident in his use of her. He left deep bruises all over her, hurting her so that he really got off all at once. He filled her until she was overflowing with his seed.

Victors body was unmoving yet her skin healed from his roughness, becoming smooth and beautiful once more, she seemed even more beautiful as she slept

He kissed her and said, "I like you like this. At my mercy, unable to keep me from pleasuring you. Sleep." He noticed a small bruise on her hip and caressed it. "You are healing but this one spot remains. I wonder why?"

Suddenly there was a knock at his door "boss? the men were wondering if you wanted to break in the new recruit Erik sent....shes a looker too" on of his men said through the door

"Not now!" he yelled. "I'm not done with this whore yet! She will take all my attention!"

"but boss its daytime isnt she sleeping?" he asked in a curious tone "this ones a screamer just how you like em" he said with a chuckle

Micheal said, "Do you think that using the drug meant the training stuck?! You're an idiot! When she was in her right mind an hour ago, she tried to kill me! Let me get back to work and leave me alone!"

"y-yes boss....break her in good boss we love hearing her scream" he said and his foot steps could be heard as he walked away

Michael smiled, "Well, better get back too it."

And he started going at her again.

Though she was sleeping her core clenched him tightly

He suckled her breast hard. He filled her again before even an hour had past. He collapsed on top of her again, snoring loudly in her ear.

Evening fell and slowly Victoria awoke on her own, there was something heavy on top of her and she could hear breathing in her ear, she dreaded what she was waking up to, she wiggled underneath him

He didn't wake, but Michael began moving in her as he slept. Oddly enough, in his sleep, he was a tender lover and brought her pleasure as he moved.

with all the painful sex she had endured lately a part of her was grateful for him being gentle, she kept her moans quiet so she would not wake him and she tried not to move, her core clenched tightly around him

He groaned, kissing her neck, mumbling sleepily, "I love you, Vicky."

She gripped the sheets and a tear rolled silently down her cheek, she want to puke to kill him for what he was doing but she laid still and waited, hoping it would be over soon

He filled her again, and rolled off of her. He had a small smile on his face, making him look cute and innocent.

She shook with anger, she could kill him right now, he knew she had what it took but if she killed him, his men would make it hard for her to escape, she needed to know the building first so she knew how to get out. She got up and went over and grabbed a bottle of blood, the last one, she knew by what she was being taught at the school she was not eating enough, no wonder why she felt so tired and drained. Her body was so sore it hurt to even walk

Michael groaned and sat up, saying, "Why do I feel like I just got ran over by a sexy steam roller?"

She shivered and because her back was to him her face grimaced before she stood up and turned around with a smile on her face "well judging by whats running down my leg you had fun while I slept" she said in a teasing voice though she was screaming in her mind

He smiled, "Oops. Well, I'll let you soak in the tub. I have somethings to take care of."

Inside she was relieved "are you sure? you could join me " she said leaning against the wall in a provocative way

"No, I have to have a believable excuse for staying in my hut for so long," he said. "Telling my men I'm breaking you won't last much longer. Told them I'd pass on a screamer. They are going to start questioning me now."

"what does that mean? what are you going to have to do?" she asked in a worried tone

"I don't know," he said. "But I'll make sure it's something that will keep us safe, won't make you a target, and keep the men from asking questions. It may mean I have to bang a woman and you not be there."

"But you promised me....you promised you would bring them here....what if...what if I go with you....you said that we have to keep up that act to keep us safe right? Ill do what ever it takes...even if that means....being a toy" she said grabbing his hands "please ...if you need to be with another woman let me be there....as long as we are together I can do anything it takes" she said in a sincere tone

"If I took you with me, the men will use you," he said. "And I won't have them touching you."

"but....I can help you....Im a carpathian now....I can make sure your men are loyal...didnt you say you Erik was dangerous...what if he has spyies amoung your men? " she said knowing that would get his attention "please you know I love only you...they can touch me but you are the only one I want....besides I have show them how good you broke me in remember" she said softly "you want me to come....you will keep them from hurting me to bad but you want to watch and join as they fuck me in every room in this building...it will make you love me even more" she said compelling him

"You have a point," he said. "Erik is a big enough bastard to put a spy or two in my camp."

She nodded "so its agreed? youll take me with you?' she asked

"Yes, Vicky," he said. He reached into his desk and said, "You have to be led around on a leash and wear this. It will convince the men."


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