Duty 2

Erik sighed "How can I believe that...first you said you wouldnt be late and you were...how do I know you are telling the truth" he said putting his face in his hands like he was crying

She said, "I'll do anything to prove it! Just name it and I'll do it! I would never hurt you on purpose! Tell me what to do, and I'll do it without question! Humiliate me, beat me, hurt me, I don't care! Just don't leave me again, please!"

"I dont believe you....how can I trust that you love me" he said leaning back in his chair

Bethany began crying. She didn't know what to do. "I don't know," she said. "I don't know how to fix this. Please, tell me what to do."

"first....come take your pill...you hurt me....but I dont want you to get hurt...thats why I had come in there to give it to you while you dazed...." he said with pain in his tone

She went to him and took the pill without hesitation. "Okay. Now what? Just tell me and I'll..." She gasped.

"If you can deliver something to that teacher for me and be on time meeting him and getting back to me than I forgive you...if you fail I will never speak to you again because if you fail that means you do not love me" he said unzipping his pants and pullling himself out infront of her, still sitting in his chair

She collapsed to the floor, her hips moving against it as her core became wet. "Okay. Anything. I'll do it. Anything."

"dont fail me beth....or you will never see me again..." he said and gestured to her to come closer

She crawled to him, her legs unable to hold her. She stopped in front of him, her breathing ragged.

He gripped her by the hair, making her cry out in pleasure and he brought her face to his dick "now make me believe you only want me" he said

She took him deep in her mouth. Because of her rough treatment, she took him deep despite gagging. He felt her thought convulse of him as she gagged, tightening around him.

After a few moments he pulled on her hair to get her to release his cock "you have gotten better beth....show me more"

She looked dazed as she asked, "Which hole do you want? They are all yours."

"I will leave that up to you...after all you are showing me what beth?"

"That I love you and will never betray you again," she said.

She sat in his lap and put him inside her. Despite the number of men that had used her, she was extremely tight. She began bouncing in his lap, setting a hard fast pace. He could feel her getting close to climaxing, but she refused herself release until he told her. She threw back her head. He saw the cuts on her body, could see how they had trained her. She fought passing out from exhaustion as well, but she didn't stop.

He groaned and she would feel his seed shoot hard inside her making her climax

She gasped, but she wasn't done proving herself. She moved so that he was out of her, then put him in her backdoor. She began bouncing some more. She was even tighter now. She chanted his name, an anchor as she lost her mind to pleasure.

He grabbed her waist and started pounding into her harder "you feel that beth? feel what I can give you that no other can?" he said as he pounded into her hard

"Yes!" she screamed. "I feel it! I never want it to go away!"

"are you going to fail me again?" he said threw clentched teeth

"No!" she yelled. "If I fail you again, kill me! I can't be without you!"

"remember this when you leave to go deliver the envelope, " he said and he came, filling her up again to the max

She came with him, screaming his name. She laid her head on his should, breathing hard. She waited a moment and said, "I should go now. I don't want to let you down again."

"good girl" he said lifting her off of him and handed her the envelope, once she was dressed Al came in to escort her blind folded to the lake

Bethany ran to the office and knocked. She was anxious to get the job done and over with. She smiled sweetly when the door opened.

"I've come for another pickup," she said. "And six hours earlier than last time!"

He took the envelope from her and gave her one in return and then shut the door

Bethany put the envelope under her shirt as she walked to the lake, happy that she was on time for once. In fact, she was three hours early. She sat on a rock and waited. Suddenly, the hunter she had avoided appeared.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

"I'm just trying to unwind," she said.

"Did you know you are off school grounds?"

"Yes, but I just needed to get away."

"I can't allow that."

"I can't leave. Not yet. I promise to return as soon as I can, but I'm too stressed out right now."

He sensed something and said harshly. "Fine. I will be back in three hours. I expect you gone."

She nodded. When he disappeared, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Erik, please hurry," she said to the wind.

Suddenly a bag went over her head and se was thrown over what she knew to be Al's shoulder and he started running with her

"Where's Erik?" she asked, scared.

"shut up or you will get us caught and if you do that you fail Erik" he said as he continued to run

Bethany shut her mouth, gripping his shirt. She was starting to feel sick from the bouncing.

Soon he came to a stop and the sound of a door shutting behind him quietly, he put her down on what felt like was a bed "welcome home" eriks voice said as the door to hhis room shut

"I got your envelope," she said with a smile, "I was early, and I even made that guy I avoided last time to leave me alone. I did good, right?"

"you did" he said taking off the bag, he was fully naked and he shoved his fingers deep in her core before her eyes even had a chance to adjust to the light

She gasped and said, "Erik! Please, don't tease me!"

"Im not...you love me right beth? you want to be with me forever?" he asked and his fingers moved deeper inside her

"Yes!" she said, riding his hand. "I love you! I want to be with you forever and always! Please! I need you inside me!"

"since you did such a good job Ill give you what you need" he said and put her on all fours and shoved into her, he made her lay he breast onto the bed so she was at a angle "part of what those pills I have been giving you is to make you fertile beth....you have now had enough doeses for it to work...your going to bare me a child" he said pounding into her harder

"A baby?" she moaned out. "Erik's baby? I'm... I'm so happy."

"thats right...we will be a happy family beth...but only if you continue to do as I say understand? Im trying to make the world a safe place for our family...you want that dont you? to have a family with me?" he said as he grew inside her

"Yes!" she screamed. "I'll do everything you say! I want a safe world for our family! I want a family with you! Erik! I'm coming!"

HE groaned and came hard inside her, filling her up to the max, but he didnt stop he kept going

"Erik!" she gasped. "I can't think! It's too much! I don't want it to stop but I can't hold on!"'

"beg me beth beg me for more tel me how much you want me" he said cumming inside her again and kept going


Victoria had to keep down a disgusted groan, she managed to smile "anything for you my love, just promise me you wont have me blind folded I want to be able to see you at all times, so you can see me look at you while they pound me knowing Im thinking about you doing it" she said and put on the outfit

Michael said, "Blind fold are only for hiding the location of our camp and for the leeches we plan to kill." He smiled. "So, yes, you will see everything."

She smiled "good I want you to know every face Im going to make is for you" she said nibbling his ear seductively so he would get turned on and get this started

He groaned as he put the collar on her. "You are going to make this difficult, aren't you?"

She grinded against him, her breast rubbing against his chest and her core against his member and kissed his neck, his pulse made her have to move to his lips, her tongue opened his mouth and tangled with his as she wrapped her arms around his neck, she tasted so sweet and her skin was soft and heated

He pulled her close, whispering, "No other woman will do it for me. I have to see you looking at me. Know I will only feel you."

"Is it ok if I get jealous over other woman touching you......after all I want you all to myself...I wont act on it but know I will be jealous" she said rubbing on him again, this time he would feel her core become hot

He smiled and said, "Good girl. Let's go see what the men have brought."

She nodded and followed

He led her to the assembly hall. The men cheered and took him to the newest woman. He noticed the others eyeing Victoria. He had to fight the urge to pull her close to him protectively.

Victoria kept her head down, to them it would look submissive but her reason for doing so was because she was memorizing the rooms as they walk plus she wanted to kill them all, so she kept her head down slightly so she only saw the room and not their faces and they way they were looking at her

"You're turn boss," said one man. "We'll play nice with this leech." He tugged on the leash, causing Victoria to gag. "Very nice."

Michael nodded. He went to the woman. He recognized her as Serilda. He smiled and pulled himself out and plunged into her, hiding how his eye always followed Victoria.

Serilda cried out as victoria was being lead by the others not knowing where they were taking her

Michael pounded into Serilda so hard, she was bleeding. He lost view of her. The men tied Victoria to a bed and three of them began using her. The group of men parted enough for Michael to see Victoria. He smiled.

"Act like you enjoy this, you vampire whore!" Michael yelled at Serilda.

Serilda cried out more, begging for him to pound into her harder, victorias voice could be heard from the other room, she used no words and she didnt need to the sounds coming from her got the men so excited that more started to head towards the room she was in

Michael let his cruelty show. He began choking Serilda, not allowing her to breath, saying, "You can do better than that! Tighten up around me! Move your ass!"

Serilda did as he asked and began moving her ass, meeting his thrust, gasping for air

the mens praise could be heard from the other room, their moans and words told about how much they enjoyed Victoria "fuck! no wonder the boss was keeping her to himself" one said " damn she is so tight no matter how hard we use her" another said

Michael felt Serilda tighten around him as she started blacking out. He shot a load in her then pulled out roughly. He looked at his men.

"Three of you get on that bitch now!" he said. "She doesn't know her place! If she isn't fucked every hour, this is pointless!"

He went to Victoria, giving her the signal to bite one of the men so he could get them out of there.

with a growl she bit down on the closest mans thigh, her fangs sinking deep

Michael went to her and yanked her up by the throat, saying, "Drug must have worn off. Damn it, I thought it would stick this time. I have more work to do. But she'll be the best little whore I've ever trained."

With that, he dragged Victoria out. His grip didn't even slightly choke her. He tossed her into the hut, then shut the door, locking it.

"That was a good show you put on," he said. "Please, clean them off of you. I don't want you smelling of other men."

She went to the bathroom and had to force herself not to puck and clean herself off once she was done she came out, unfortunately still in that outfit

Michael surprised her and handed her a dress. "I was looking for something decent for you to wear. This is all I found."


Victoria smiled and put it on "its wonderful" she said and did a little turn after she had it on for him

"You're beautiful," he said in awe. "Makes me want to really try and break you."

She smiled "but then you would ruin this beautiful outfit " she said sweetly

He pinned her to the wall and said, "Toys don't wear clothes, Victoria. Tell me you want me to break you." He whispered seductively in her ear. "Just like I did to Serilda in the assembly hall."

She growled "dont say her name...." she said in a jealous tone she knew would make him happy

He smiled, "So, you do want me to break you like I did her. Now, I cant stop holding back."

She decided to take action, she kissed him making the first move, she turned him so his back was against the wall, she ripped off his clothes and got down on her knees taking him in her mouth holding his hips to keep him in place

He put his hand on her head, forcing her to take all of him in her mouth, saying, "I don't have to move my hips to get where I want to go. You admitted you want me to break you. I'll show you how good that can feel. Now, choke on my cock!"

SHe growled and broke his grip and moved back and stood up pinning him with ehr body to the wall "you dont ave to break me....I alreay love you so Im broken now Im going to show you how much you mean to me" se said and lifted her leg and put him inside ehr as she pinned his hands above his head "you like it when I take control dont you...you like how I do all the work and drive you crazy" she said her voice laced with compulsion "now but on a show for your boys and call me a whore while I take control" she said and started moving her hips taking him deep inside her

Micheal smiled and said, "You rotten whore! Beg me to fuck you!"

SHe moaned more! please more" and began to go faster, she went close to his ear "you want pain dont you....you want to feel my fangs scrap you skin as you thrust deep inside me "tell me you want me to fuck you haarder....telll me you want me to bite you" she said in a seductively tone

He kissed her neck and said, "I like pain. Bite me, Victoria. Take harder and deeper."

She moaned and bit deep into his neck making is body fill with ecstasy unlike anything he had ever felt before, instantly he was addicted to the pleasure her fangs brought him, she drank until she was saited, but not enough to hurt him, she moaned against his neck making the pleasure almost unbearable, she released his neck and licked it shut

He gasped and said, "Let's go to the bed. Please."

"you want me? how bad do you want me micheal?" she asked as she continued to ride him, keeping his hands pinned "How much do you want to touch me?"

"I want you so bad, I can't breath for wanting you," he gasped. "I need to touch you. Please, let me touch you, Victoria."

She stopped and pulled herself off of him "go lay on your back on the bed" she said

Micheal practically ran to the bed and laid down. He looked at her, waiting for her with a smile.

She smiled and walked over and straddled him, taking him inside her once more "I want you do call in your most trusted amn, the once man who you trust above all...I want him to come in me from behinnd...to make me even tighter for you....I want us three to become very close...do it for me micheaal please and Ill make you feel so good again" she said clentching arround im

Micheal called for Miller, his second in command and oldest friend. Once inside, Miller closed the door but was shocked by the scene.

Victoria looked at him, she seemed like a glowing goddess, her perfect smooth skin the way her cheeks were blushing the way her breast bounced "master said I am to please you" she said in a voice that made him instantly hard, she lifted up and took Micheal into her ass and turned around until her back was on is chest, she opened her legs, giving the man a perfect view of her wet pulsing core "for you" she said seductively

Miller smiled and said, "For a second, I thought... oh, damn it! Let me pound that!"

He undressed and shoved into her hard. He didn't hold back, pounding her painfully, trying to reach her deepest core. He suckled her breasts too hard, making her feel pain.

She cried out but because both of them were in her she was extremely tight, she looked at miller "am I pleasing you master? you like me dont you...you have never felt anything this good" she said moaning seductivly

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