Duty 3

Bethany begged, "More! I want more of you! I have to have you! Please! Give me more!"

He came another two time before he collapsed to the bed beside her, she had so much cum inside her it was making a puddle between her legs

She laid there, smiling, saying, "I'm so happy. Erik's baby. I'm so happy."

"clean me off beth" he said rolling on his back

She crawled to him and took him into her mouth, taking him deep into her throat. She gagged and squeezed him, but she didn't stop, even though she was exhausted. She needed rest, but she didn't want to stop pleasing Erik. She didn't want to fail him again.

"you can stop now beth....lay on your back" he said

Beth laid down, happy to have a break. She smiled, closing her eyes.

She would feel him put something in her mouth "swallow it beth" she did and then fell asleep


Miller said, "You feel so good! Not like any other whore I've been with! You're very talented! I'm going paint your insides white!"

"master trained me well......he said you were his top guy and he would only share me with you? would you like that other master?" she asked Miller as her ass tightened around Micheal making him go crazy, her words reaching him too, ow he only wanted to share her with miller

"Yes," said Miller. "I want to fuck you all day, every day."

"After you ask me," said Michael, pounding into her harder. "She's mine first."

"Sure, boss," Miller said, going harder.

The men came together, filling Victoria to the brim.

She cried out "dont stop! more! you want more of me! you dont want to stop until your to tired to move!" she moaned

They continued to pound into her. They would argue and go harder and deeper.

At some point, Miller said, "Yo! Skank! Tell us who's better!"

Michael said, "Yeah! Who's better? Me or this twig?"

"both masters are so good and both masters like how it feels when they fuck me at the same time, you don't want any of the other boys fucking me you two want me all to yourselves, you will fuck other girls to keep the others not suspicious but no girl can satisfy you like I can both of you will think of me when you fuck the other girls, and every chance you can you will sneak away and come fuck me, you love hearing my voice as you pound into me and when I kiss you on your neck you go crazy with estacy" she said leaning up and biting millers neck sending the same intense pleasure through him like she did to Micheal earlier

Michael and Miller came in her again. They wanted more of her, had to have more. They pounded her more, trying to reach so deep, they would always be inside her.

She made sure not to leave any marks on them, she felt stronger already from feeding from them "Im the best sex you ever had....tell me how much of a good whore I am tell me how well trained I am how well you both broke me into being the perfect toy only you two share!" She cried out as she bit into Micheal this time while she clenched around Miller making him cry out in pleasure

"She's the best!" said Miller. "Your reputations proceeds you again!"

"Couldn't have done it without you, man!" said Michael.

"I don't think I could go back to those other skanks!" said Miller.

"She's the best slut in the whole camp!" Michael said.

"The only whore for me!" they yelled out as they filled her a third time, passing out with her sandwiched between them.

Because she had feed well she was able to push miller over to lay next to Michael, she went and cleaned herself off and went back out into the room, she leaned over the bed and repeated everything while they slept to make sure it set in well and then she laid back between them knowing she needed to bee there when they awoke

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