Lovers? 2

Miller woke up at noon. He looked down at Victoria. He got into her mind and made her wake up just as he shoved into her. He picked her up and slammed her into the wall painfully, knowing she couldn't move or fight back against the pain.

"You like pain, right?" he said as he moved painfully inside her. "All you whores do. I'll make you scream, bitch. God, you get so tight when I ram you hard like this."

Michael woke up to the sounds of flesh meeting flesh. He stood up, turned Miller and Victoria around, and said, "That's my whore first." He entered Victoria's back door hard and fast. "You don't use her without my permission first." He smiled. "Though, I can understand why you did. God, she is so tight, even when she can't move!"

Victoria was so tired she couldn't even cry out from the pain, so she did the only thing she could do to try and get them to hurry or ease up "you like me dont you master? you like the way I like me then everyone else....tell me how good I make you feel masters.....tell me how much of a prize whore I am" she said in a tired painful voice

Her voice only served to make them ram into her harder. They chanted her name until they came insider her. When they laid her on the bed, that's when Michael saw the blood.

"You went too hard!" he said to Miller.

"She's too good!" Miller said. "I'll go get the first aid kit."

Once Miller was gone Michael smiled and said, "I'll clean him out of you. Don't worry."

He shoved into her and moved gently, knowing how much pain she was in. He kissed her deeply.

She kissed him back and forced a moan into his lips "yes master that.....oh micheal it feels so good like this...your amazing" she said adoringly hope it would make him want to do it more often like this "I read his mind for you my love he is loyal to only you....and so are the rest of you men" she said giving him good news to make him even happier

"Like I care," he said. "I only want you. Miller is a friend, but if he dies, I'd get a new second. But I could never replace you."

He filled her and laid beside her. He played with her nipple until Miller returned. They put salve in both her holes, complaining that they would have to wait until sundown to use her again.

"its ok masters.....when I wake Ill make it up too" she said in the voice they love and fell asleep

When she woke, it was to a sight she hadn't expected. Miller had tied Michael to a chair. He was cut and bloody, gagged with gauze, and looking like he was near death.

"He talked in his sleep," said Miller, walking up to her. "He was planning on turning us in and keeping you all to himself. I couldn't have that. He destroyed my loyalty and our friendship. When I reveal this, I'll take his place and you will be mine. Now, your feast awaits."

Michael looked at her. He fought against the restraints. He wanted her kiss, but he had to save her. The rope cut into his flesh, and the smell of fresh blood filled the air.

Victoria got up from the bed "but master.....there is no need to hurt Micheal...." she said going over towards Micheal "but if thats what you want......" she said. Micheal would hear her voice in his head to stay still and that she was going to get help, she told him he needed to distract miller so she could

Miller watched her bite into Michael, taking her fill. Then, Miller grabbed her wrists and slammed into her hard, not allowing her to close the wound.

"You are too loyal to this traitor," said Miller as he pounded into her. "You remember what I did before, right? Pound into you hard? Say you loved how it felt! Tell me to do it again!"

Michael fought against the ropes. He had to save her. His blood ran freely over his chest and he was losing strength.

"Let me taste his blood while you pound me, let me lick his wounds and ill get tighter for you master" she said her voice laid with compulsion, she didnt want to save micheal but she need strength and more blood

Miller put her face to the wound as he pounded into her. He laughed as he watched her feed.

"Make him hurt!" Miller ordered. "Beg me to pound into you like I did when the sun was out! I know you liked it, so beg for it!"

She licked as many cuts as she could, closing almost all of them and begging like he wanted in between, she still didn't get a lot of strength back, them waking her really drained her

Miller didn't hold back, causing her to bleed and loose more strength. Michael sat slumped in the chair. He couldn't move, his strength gone. Miller threw Victoria in to the wall and slammed into her back door as well. When he was finished, and hour later, she couldn't move for the pain.

"I'll be back," said Miller, blowing her a kiss. "I have to turn in a traitor."

And he left. Michael looked at Victoria, sadness in his eyes.

Victoria crawled over to Micheal and barley managed to loosen his ties, but she did "we get out of here, you need to get me out of here" she said with as much compulsion as she could muster

"I know," he said, picking her up.

He took her to the bathroom and removed the bottom of the tub. She heard a pop and the water drained. There, she saw that the whole bottom of the tub could be removed, that the heating unit was around the entrance to it. The whole time, her escape had been under her as she bathed. He put her over his shoulder and carefully took her down. He replaced the cover and they heard water fill the tub again. He sat down, the extent of his injuries getting to him and he was unable to move.

She knew she needed his help to get out of here "let me heal you my love" she said and licked closed the rest of his wounds

Michael said, "I just need some water and a good rest. There is a catch in the wall behind you. It has food, water, and clothes in it."

She went over and got them for him "hurry....we dont know how long he will be? I hear him gathering other men" she said lying

"They won't be coming for some time," Michael said, downing a bottle of water. "He has to file a claim, then get Erik to sign off on it. We can rest here for a few hours. I just can't find the energy to keep going."

She didnt have a few hours, she knew this "ill carry you then..." she said "I want us to leave this place and get somewhere safe" she said in a sincere tone

He chuckled. "Hate to break it to you, but there ain't a safe place for us. I took you from the leeches, now they want us dead. Miller said I talked in my sleep, so now our former allies want us dead. The world wants to kill us. Well, mainly me."

She sighed "what if I go find a place? I can move faster then them, once I do Ill come and get you and bring you there" she said holding his hand

"There is a map in the bottom of the bag," he said. "Find Erik first. Talk to him. He may be a dick, but he's the only one that can help us now."

She nodded and took the map, finally she saw it, the way out "rest and Ill hurry" she said and took off towards the Exit, with no plans to come back

Michael called after her, "I love you, Vicky!"


Erik waited only about ten minutes after she fell asleep to shove into her again, the pill to help her get pregnant last only an hour and he was going to make sure it worked

Bethany gasped, tightening around him instantly.

"Erik!" she moaned. "I'm so sensitive! I'm losing my mind!"

"lose it its ok...Im going to keep filling you until this hour is up so scream all you need beth because Im not stopping anytime soon" he said cumming inside of her taking her over the edge and then starting again

Beth felt herself shatter only for Erik to rebuild her and it happen again. She screamed his name to the heavens, unable to say or do much else.

After cumming in her seven more times the hour was up and beth could no move

Danielle knocked on the door. She had news, and she hoped Erik would be pleased.

Erik through on his boxers and nothing else so when he answered the door nothing was hiding his tone sexy chest or his long tone legs

Danielle said, "At least put a robe on. You will need it. The one funding our campaign brought some of the men to the school and attacked the girls dorm with a bomb. It's pandemonium. It's just the noobs, so they will most likely die, but now we have to prepare for war soon than expected."

He punched the wall near the door and turned to quickly get dressed "who sent them?" he said in a angry tone

"It was the teacher we always get our orders from," said Danielle. "He had messages for all his generals, like you. However, he ordered Jimmy to attack the girls. His men aren't combat ready. I think it was more of a show of force, but now, we are the ones at risk, not the teacher."

He dressed and put his fifty cal desert eagles in his chest holster and through on his jacket "Stay not let anyone in but me" he said closing the door and leaving

Danielle checked on Beth. Beth was still leaking cum from Erik's hard use. Danielle simply covered Beth with a blanket and sat, waiting.

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