Lovers? 3

Jacob covered Natasha with his body as dust and pebbles rained on them.

"You have to get to ground!" he said. "You will be safe there! I will protect you!"

"Whats going on?! " she said in a scared tone

Cries of the other females in the floors above them could be heard

"Someone it attacking the school," he said, keeping her head covered. "That could only mean either someone let them in or they were students here. And with the human butchers having students on the inside we didn't know about until recently, I'm guessing they are attacking." He made her look at him and see his fear. "I can't lose you, Natasha. Let me put you to sleep and put you in the ground. You must stay safe."

"no I want to be with you....please...take me with you or at least let me try to help the other girls" she said not knowing she was effecting him again

"I can see there is no changing your mind," he said with a groan. "Fine, but listen to what the other hunters and I say."

She nodded and they both left the room, it was a disaster, fire rained down from the other floors, people were being dragged out chocking and limping, others were being carried, They got the fire put out almost instantly, but the people were a different story since some of the building had collapsed

Jake and Natasha followed the attackers into the woods to a lake. He hid her behind some ferns and joined the battle.

Before any of the hunters could get a hold of the five attackers they all pulled out guns and shot themselves in the head

"Dammit!" Danarius yelled and kicked one of their bodies

"Compulsion....they reek of it" Raven said with disgust

Jacob sighed. Such a waste of life of men and women who could have done wonderful things for the Carpathian people and the human race.

"I got something off of one of them before he popped himself...I think I know where their base is" Raven said

"Then let's go there," said Zandar. "We need to destroy them once and for all."

"What if they have Victoria?" Jacob asked. "Or other women there?"

"We kill those that used them," said Desaray in a disgusted tone. "Then burn the place to the ground. I will heal the minds and bodies of those I can. Maddox can handle those I can't. I'm sure my cousin won't mind."

"Follow me and you girl" Raven said looking right at Nat even though she was not in view "Go back to the school and stay there" she said in a commanding voice and compulsion, without hesitation Nat got up and started walking, and Jacob got a very disappointed look from his uncle

"She wouldn't let me leave without her," Jacob said. "And she didn't want to go to ground."

"It doesn't mean you bring her with you," said Zandar. "You put her to sleep, you have her help with the victims in the bombing, you make her stay in the infirmary to land a hand. A battlefield is no place for one such as her."

Jacob lost track of what his uncle was saying. A tree seemed to split a part and someone stepped out.

Jacob looked at the woman for a moment. When he saw her eyes, he knew who she was. He started towards her. Then, a shot rang through the air


Victoria stumbled out of the Exit which was hidden as a fake tree, She was naked and covered in blood and it took a while for her to get back on her feet because she was so weak, The bruises and cuts from miller were still there all over her body, some bruises outlined his hands perfectly like he hand dipped his hand in ink and and slapped her. Her vision was hazy and she saw figures a few feet away from her, one became clearer then the others, Jacob, relief set in, if he was here then the others around him must be hunters. She started towards them the best she could and as fast as she could, She was so skinny and pale that no one would recognize her at first

Michael followed Victoria. When he saw her go towards the exit instead of Erik's room, he became angry. He had wanted to give up everything for her, and she abandon's him. He climbed up the latter to the false tree door. He saw who she was running too, and his anger. He pulled out a pistol, aimed, and fired.

"If I can't have you, you blood-sucking whore," Michael said, "no one can."

Victoria Stopped in her track, only a few feet away from Jacob and the others, She grew cold and felt as if her back was numb, suddenly she felt a warm sensation down her back and chest, she looked down and right between her breast blood was starting to run down her stomach from a sickening hole that was now there" she looked up but everything was now too fuzzy to see and slowly her world went black

Zandar grabbed Michael and compelled him to sleep before saying, "We have someone to give us answers. Raven," he tossed Michael to her, "take care of him for us."

Jacob caught Victoria. Tears ran down his face. Desaray knelt beside them, going into Victoria to begin healing her.

"Victoria, stay with me," Jacob said. "Come back. I'll protect you better. I promise."

The blood was pumping out the hole, the bullet had went straight through the other side. Judging by her body she had lost at least thirty pounds, which was bad since she was natural tone already and weighed around a hundred and twenty five when she was healthy

Desaray worked fast, yet efficiently, even while holding Victoria's spirit to her. It was hours before she was done and she needed blood.

"She will live," Desaray said. "She will scar, but she will awake in three days. We will feed her a couple times a night until she is healthy once more."

Jacob held her to him. He was even more confused now than before. This reaction to seeing Victoria is how a lifemate would react... yet he wanted Natasha as well. His head was spinning. But he ignored that, focusing on his need to save Victoria.

"I'll take Victoria and Natasha to the school," he said.

Zandar nodded. Jacob held Victoria to him as he ran. He didn't stop until they were in the infirmary, setting up a bed for Victoria in a windowless room to protect her from the sun.

Danarius comes back with Raven "its a blood bath in there looks like they killed all the woman" he said with a heavy tone

"how did they know we were coming?" asked Raven more to herself then to anyone else

"I dont know but we need more hunters to search the whole place....come with me Zandar I need your skills" he said and turned to go back to the bloody base

Zandar nodded and took to the air.


"Do we go now?" Miller asked Eric.

Erik was fuming "Have the boys move out to our fall back base" he commanded "Leave the toys...we will get more but they are too much of a fact" he said and pushed a button on the wall, an alarm started to go off and suddenly gun shots could be heard through the facility as the men started killing the woman they had "Hurry and start preparing everyone for evacuation" he said and went back to his room and shut the door "Dani wake beth we need to leave and her will take my passage way while I travel with the others is that clear?"

Dani nodded and went to Beth. Bethany woke up and wasn't happy that Erik wasn't with her. Then she heard the gun shots and fear shot through her.

"We have to go," said Dani leading her to the the tunnel entrance in the bathroom.

"What about...?" Bethany asked.

"He will come along later. For now, he wants me to get you to safety."

Beth nodded and followed Dani. They traveled through the tunnels and waited for Erik to let them into the fall-back base.

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