Runaway Mate

Zandar ran after her. Wait! Little one, what is wrong?! Because I lost control for a second and said the binding words?! Talk to me!

binds...Im tired of binds....and my not yours to so easily ones...hearts....I will rip out their hearts for touching me

Little one, it was the heat of the moment. So that I can always find you. I will not ask anymore of you than that for now. I will court you as you deserve, little one. This is a promise, Serilda.

They were always in heat too... She said and leaped over a large fallen tree like it was nothing, she was fast and agile, like the perfect predator

They were humans, Serilda. And they are not like normal humans. We found evidence that they used enhancers that effect even Carpathians. All those men will suffer but you need to heal. All those women... they suffered as well. Every man will die, I swear it.

My people need me...I am need to heal She said slowly down when they got to a lake, she dived in and let the cool water wash over her before coming up for air How can I trust you will keep your word of not touching me? lifemate....need touch...but I am not ready

I do not need to touch you sexually to be happy. I will, of course, want to make sure you are safe and hold you to me, but I will wait for all other things. Does this satisfy you, little one?

Her answer was her splashing him playfully Once, getting his shirt wet, she chuckled and went back under the water

He laughed and transformed his clothes into a bathing suit. He waded into water. When he saw her pop up, he splashed her. He couldn't remember laughing or even having fun. But, in the middle of a massacre, here she was, making him laugh and play. For a moment, he forgot about everything and enjoyed the moment.

She went under agaib and grabbed his ankle and pulled him under the water, he would see her smile at him as she floated up to grab hos shoulders, she looked exotic and mystical as her hair floated around her

He was in awe of her beauty. He took them to the surface and held her to him. His skin was heated and he wanted to... He backed away from her and went onto land. He was completely dry. He leaned against the tree, facing away from her and breathing heavily.

She looked at him curiously before getting out and going towards him cautiously, her bofy still wet and now glowibg in the moonlight " you ok? " she said touching his mind with hers, it was so gently yet so personal, he felt as if she was inside him, caressing his mind

He said, "I just need some space to get my... my everything under control so I can keep my promise to you. Don't worry, little one. In a moment, we can go back to playing."

But you seem under stress? Can I help? " she asked gentle touching his back, her warm huma hand sent elecrity through him

"No," he said with a smile. "You have already said you are not ready for me to touch you in such a way."

She grabbed his hand " I can give you somethig no one has had before" she sai turming him towards her anf moving her hair to expose her neck

Her sacrifice melted his heart and said, "I would, little one, but I am afraid that I would break my promise if I were to touch you while everything is so out of my control right now. When I am more in control, I will take up your offer, but for now... I will not break my promise to you."

" you can touch me to feed....I trust you to stop of It becomes uncomfortable" she said getting closer and wrapping her hand around his neck and pulling him towards her neck

Zandar couldn't deny her anything. He drew her into his lungs, licked her neck, then bit deep. Her blood was unlike anything he ever tasted, like nectar and exotic spices. He moaned, drawing her close to him. He fought the demon demanding he finish claiming her, and won. He closed the wound and moved away from her.

"Thank you, little one," he said. "Now, you enjoy yourself while I regain my control."

She shook her head and completly cught him off guard btly semi shifting fangs and biting deep into his shoulder, his body instantly set a blazed

He moaned, his arms going around her. "You are destroying my control, little one. If you don't stop, I may not be able to hold back. I may break my promise to you."

" no you wont I believe in you" she said in his head as she moaned into his neck, his blood doing something to her she did not understand, her body felt hot and alive " I feel....I feel" she said once mor in his head as she pinned him to the tree with her body, pressig it closer

His arms went around her as he said, What is it? What do you feel? Because it's getting hard for me to think. He pulled her closer to him, close enough that she could feel the evidence of his desire.

She surprised herself by moaning into his neck at the evidence of his desire I dont want to get coser to you....but I cant.....I feel lost....And I dont now how to close the bite...but a part of me does not want to taste....I want more

Zandar groaned and said, Little one, if you take too much more, I won't be able to protect you if we get attacked. And if you ever feel lost, look to me and I will guide you back. Close the wound with your tongue.

biut I am not Carpathian I have no heal to my tongue.....I know she released his neck and quickly kissed him, her tongue dance with his, the kiss was so intense the world around him vanished and his body was set a blazed, all to quickly she ended it and licked the bite on his neck and slowly it closed

"You see," he said with a smile. "Full of surprises. Let's get you to the school so you can heal. I'll take care of everything.

She nodded and followed him

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