Two Months Later....

The school was back to normal, with the exception of extra hunters to protect the students. Many of the students made a full recovery. The memorial for those lost in the attack and battle lasted a full week. Jacob would check on Victoria every day. It seemed like she was the only one who refused to wake up. Desaray said that it was because of her lack of nourishment, the wound's location, and the fact that they couldn't put her in the ground properly.

"With the infirmary being on the second floor of the central building, there is just no way to properly treat her," she said. "It will just take longer than normal. Give it time. Now, go away."

Jacob place a vase of tiger lilies beside her bed every day. He had seen she drew them a lot in her pictures and thought that it would be a nice gift.

The sound of Victorias heart suddenly echoed the quiet infirmary.

Jacob walked in, almost in a daze. He replaced the dead flowers with fresh ones and sat beside Victoria. He took her hand and that's when he noticed her heart.

"Desaray!" he called. "She's waking up!"

"Where were you ten minutes ago?!" she said, running in with blood and equipment. "I had to rush to get everything!"

Jacob looked at the door way. "Natasha, isn't this great! She's going to live!"

Natasha didnt understand why he was so happy about it and she didnt like it

Victoria took her first breath and waited for the pain, to hear them pounding into her, when she didnt she slowly opened her eyes, she saw the ceiling of the school infirmary and it all started to come back to her

Deseray held a bottle to her lips gently and said, "Drink, child. You need to feed. You are still weak right now."

"We want you to get better," said Jacob. "The school talent show is coming up. The play was canceled due to the attack and all. But as long as you get better, we will be happy." He looked at Natasha. "Come on, Nat. Quit sulking. The last person in the infirmary after the attack is waking up. This is good news! There is going to be a party now! I'll take you to the amusement park in the basement and we can go on all the rides!" He saw her face and went to her, holding her close. "What's wrong?"

Victoria chocked slightly on the blood, her throat sore and her still weak made it hard to drink, she tried to pus the blood away, not wanting to drink any more.

Jacob went to Victoria and helped her sit up. "You have to feed, Victoria. I know you are in pain. This will make it better. You haven't fed properly for so long, your throat must be dry." He held her tenderly. "I'll help. We will go slow." He brought the bottle her lips. He rubbed her throat to get her to drink. "Feels better already, right? Just go slow for now. When you want more, just tap my arm or something. For now, just take sips."

Nats anger grew, he said she was the one for him, not her, why is he being that way towards her. She was the one who ran away and rejected him, she got herself in this mess.

"Jacob...are you going to introduce us?" she said walking over to him

"Oh, right!" he said, putting down the empty bottle. "Natasha, this is Victoria. Victoria, this is Natasha..."

"His lifemate" she said with a smile.

The look on victorias face was one of tiredness and something else no one could place "I you mind I want to rest" she said in a weak tone

Nat was upset that she didnt seem to have much of a reaction, she wished jacob would do something or say something to get a reaction out of her or to make it clear he was done with her

"Can you tell me why you ran away?" Jacob asked. "I mean, you denied I was your lifemate, but you seemed to get upset when I tried to find out if you were or not. If I wasn't, then why did it upset you?"

" did you not hear what I said? I want to rest" she said plainly "why dont you and...whatever her name is go somewhere else instead of bothering me" she said weakly and turning over slighlty

Nat was fumming how dare she act like this

"All I wanted to know was why!" Jacob said, angry. "And her name is Natasha!" He sighed. "I don't even know why I'm bothering. It's not like you cared that I wrote a play for you, or that I tried to show you my feelings. If you want to be alone, then be alone." He turned to leave with Natasha. "You can keep the flowers. Thought I'd try to cheer you up, but I see your still as cold as ever."

Jacob walked out of the room. He felt he had left a part of himself behind, but didn't understand why.

" careful girl there might be another girl he rights a play for soon, he doesnt seem to be able to make up his mind " she said sarcasticallu after them

Nat stopped and looked at jacob hurt anf angry, she wanted that girl to be put in her place, he chose her! Not victoria

Jacob growled and said, "You wouldn't know! You never tried to look in my mind like Natasha does! She actually cares! I doubt you even have heart! Maybe your precious Michael hit empty space when he shot you!"

"Jacob!" said Desaray angrily. "You and your woman will leave this room at once!"

"hey jacob...tell me did she look in your mind before or after you fucked her.....because from what I remember you were not the only male she was trying to Care for, " she said coldly

Jacob said. "At least she did shack up with a hundred guys, who happened to be murderers! She has stuck with me this whole time! My first and only!"

Victoria felt like he had punched a whole through her chest "Desary.....Im too weak to do it....please make sure he knows how wrong his words were just now" She said turning over, only desary would see te blood tea fall down her cheek

Deseray shoved Jacob and Natasha out of the room, closed the door and yelled, "That woman was raped a hundred times over! I had to work three days just to make sure she would be able to carry children! Next time you want to tear someone down because of a stupid reaction, think about what you say! Now leave and don't ever come back to see Victoria!"

"thank you" she said when they were gone

"You're welcome," said Desaray. "I'm sorry that we didn't rescue you sooner. You are under my protection, so I have failed you in the worse way. You really should feed some more. You are still too thin for my liking."

She shook her head "Im not hungry...Im just going to rest thank you" she said trying to not sound like she was crying as hard as she was

"Alright. I'll leave this case of blood next to the bed," said Deseray. "When you feel up for it, feed."

With that, Deseray left Liliana's room.


Nat looked over at jacob "she deserved what you said....the way she spoke to us was wrong.." she said holding his hand

Jacob removed his hand from hers. He was angry and hurt, but for two reasons and they clashed in his mind. One was because Victoria was used so badly, they had nearly caused her to not have children and he had hurt her in an unimaginable way. The other was for how she treated him and Natasha.

"My... head hurts," he said, sitting down and putting his head in his hands. "Why does it hurt so bad?"

"do you need me to get you anything?" She asked sitting next to him

Jacob said, "Someone to explain why I feel like I'm betraying my lifemate, while at the same time I feel like I'm with my lifemate. Part of me wants to stay with you and be happy, yet another part wants to go to Victoria, beg forgiveness, and be with her. What's wrong with me?"

"you said I was your lifemate...that you didnt want her anymore! Im going to my room come to me if you finally decide who you want" she said in a hurt tone and ran off.

"Natasha!" Jacob said, running after her and stopping her. "Of course I want you. That's why this is so confusing. I don't understand why this is happening. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I love you. Whatever trick she is playing, we will get through this."

"you think she is using tricks? like what? magic?" she asked

"Compulsion," said Jacob. "When I feed, I use compulsion to keep my prey calm. I don't hurt them or influence their minds. I make sure they are safe and aren't afraid. But compulsion can be used to control others, like make them feel things they shouldn't. You know, mind rape them."

"what?! then we should tell someone..thats just wrong" Nat said upset hoping he would want to go tell someone he thinks Victoria is using that on him

"Yeah," said Jacob, getting angry. "Yeah! She shouldn't do that to me! I belong with you! Let's go to Deseray! She's the one who gets to take responsibility for that ice queen!"

"are you sure she will help us? she does not seem to like you or me, in fact she seems to take victorias side, I dont think she can be trusted" she said "why dont I go she might take it seriously because im a female, you wait in my room and ill come to you when im done"

"Alright," he said. "I'll go for a walk and clear my head. You go deal with Deseray."

She nodded and left for the infirmary, when she got there she could not find the nurse, but she did hear a man coming out of victorias room

Xavier began heading towards the exit of the infirmary.


Xavier walked with his sister and said, "You seem to have injured yourself while we were training. Let's go to the infirmary."

She sighed "thats because you through your punches and it distracted me...anyways Ill go by myself you best go overview the reconstruction finishes on the girls dorm" she said opening the door to the infirmary "we will meet up after" she said going in

Xavier followed her and said, "You know that everything is on track. If I go, then everyone will know our secret. I'll sit here until Deseray is finished with you."

She rolled her eyes "no one will know anything you just want to check on the last victim because you think she knows where they went" she said knowing her brother too well

"Sometimes, being a twin is troublesome," he said.

"Well, what happened here?" asked Deseray.

"my brothers a jerk and I think I dislocated my shoulder" she said at the nurse hurry and sneak into the girls room while she pups my arm back in place

Xavier stepped away from the bed as Deseray went to examine Sara. When he was sure she was busy, Xavier went into Victoria's room.

"Hello," he said. "I need to talk to you."

Victoria did not turn to the voice she heard "I already told the hunters everything I know.." she said tiredly

Xavier tried to enter he mind, but was kept out. He stifled a growl and said, "Perhaps you forgot something. Like how you got out of the camp or the location of their back up camp."

"I got out of the camp by letting them do what they wanted to me and gaining their like I told them, there are under ground tunnels....that what I know..if you do believe me go ahead and just look in my mind so we can end this conversation, Im tired" she said slowly sitting up and looking at him, she was sickly skinny and pale, their was a wrap around her chest that had some blood on it. From what he would have heard she had been worse then this when she had come in, but looking at her now he had a hard time imagining that

"I can't get into your mind," he said. "Your shields are strong for one so young."

"what are you talking about? Im so weak right now Im pretty sure the wind could kick my ass? and why is a student asking me questions?" she said looking at his uniform

"For the prince," he said. "And I am trying to enter your mind, but I cannot enter." He squinted his eyes. "Do you not feel that?"

She looked at him like he was crazy "feel what?......a your telling me a student is working for the prince?" she said in a tone that said she did not believe him

"I'm related to him," he said with a shrug. "And you were supposed to get tired."

"I'm already tired?? are you sure your ok? " she said still looking at him weirdly, not knowing that he meant he was trying to compel her

Maddox, please come to the infirmary, Xavier called out as he said, "I meant tired as in frustrated, upset, and angry. Yet, you just seem worn out."

Maddox arrived and bowed to Victoria. Xavier told him the problem and Maddox nodded.

"Get up and punch me," Maddox said, protecting Xavier from his voice.

She looked at them both confused "I dont even think I could stand let alone punch maybe you too need to rest and get looked at..." she said and her chest started to bleed a little from her sitting up "look I dont know what this is about but you can tell the prince all I know is that they have tunnels underneath the base...are we done here or are you going to continue to bring weird people into my room" she said looking at maddox

Xavier was shocked even he couldn't resist Maddox voice. he looked at maddox to see how he was handling it

Maddox said, "My voice is compulsion itself. That is why he brought me here. Because none can resist me, yet you and my lifemate seem to be the only ones who can. Lay back down. My cousin will be in to look at you."

"wait you were trying to compel me? isnt that kind of messed up? Im sick" she said tiredly

Could it be?.......there hasnt been one in centuries.....could she be a sheild? Sara said in both maddox and Xaviers head

It is possible, replied Maddox. And I still say we need to find a new name for them. Still, she didn't respond to my voice. I think we should ensure her safety above all others, besides out prince and our lifemates. However, I don't know how to make her understand.

"It was a test," said Maddox. "We think you have a rare gift. We want to know how you found your way out of the tunnels. Can you tell us?"

If she will be hard to train her, the only other shield we had in gone and we cant get into her head to help her train....there are other ways to test it though...

"micheal gave me a map...though I dont know where it is anymore...and what gift?" she said softly

Then we must do it, said Maddox as he answered Victoria, "You are able to keep everyone and everything from entering your mind. There was one who had the same ability. They were able to protect whole armies with their ability."

She laughed "then Im definitely not one of them....look at me...I havent been one of you for less then a year and before I was turned I had no physic abilities what so ever...besides I have been compelled before...I think" she said thinking about it "either way.....maybe you all are just having a off day

Maddox cause her pain...under extreme stress she might react

Maddox said, "We shall see."

He used every once of compulsion he had. He tried to make her feel as if she were being ripped apart slowly. He was using so much of his ability that blood red sweat dotted his head.

She rubbed her head slightly but nothing else "hey are you ok? your bleeding" she said and started to try and stand up, she reached down and grabbed on of the bottles and held it out to him" maybe you should sit down.." she said softly. Suddenly Xavier appeared next to her, one hand gripped her shoulder and the other pressed on her back where her wound was, hard enough it started bleeding. She cried out a bloody curdling scream "Stop!" She screamed, Xavier felt the compulsion in her tone, even Maddox would feel it. But nothing else, he released her and she clasped onto the bed "guess she is not what we thought" Xavier said wiping her blood off of his hand Or maybe she is too weak to do anything....maybe because she had been tortured pain wont bring it out....what do you think Maddox? Sara asked

I think she doesn't have control over her abilities and it turns off and on without her knowledge, he said as he sat down. Because of what she has gone through, her shields are now up constantly. The conversion may have done it.

"lets take our leave the nurse will be here soon" Xavier said and left the room

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