Xavier left the infirmary. He spared a passing glance at his sister as he did so. Once outside, he bumped into a woman.

"Sorry," he said.

Nat looked up and her hunger hit her like a train, the man in front of her, his smell made her mouth water and her heart speed up "It's...its ok" she said in a low tone, not able to help that her fangs came out, her eyes told him exactly what she wanted. Her thoughts went to him and her in the darken hall near by

He growled and dragged her to the darken hallway. He knew this girl, and her abilities, but he couldn't stop himself. He trapped her against the wall, his body against hers.

She gasped and her body heated up, he was so strong and intimidating it was like he was a magnificent beast, exotic and dangerous yet you wanted him. She reached up and licked the side of his neck, her fangs grazing the skin, just like she likes to feel Jacob do to her, it always set her on fire when he did

Xavier growled. He threw back his head, waiting.

She bit in deep and moaned, his blood was indescribable, it was the best thing she had ever tasted in her life

"Let go of him right now, Natasha," said Zandar, keeping Serilda behind him.

"What's going on here?" Jacob asked.

Natasha released his neck though it was hard and licked it shut "what? I didnt...he...." she didnt know why they were looking at her like that, he was the one that pulled her in the hallway, she looked at him hoping he would tell them that

"She can manipulate feelings," said Xavier. "A rare and dangerous gift. Even knowing this, I was unable to stop myself from bringing her to this hallway to ravish her. She can even manipulate feelings of those who can't feel, making their bodies react as if they wanted her, even making them think they are feeling for her. However, it is false. Her lifemate would most likely be immune to such charms."

"Why didn't anyone tell me that?!" Jacob asked, panicking. "That means, she isn't my lifemate, Victoria is! And I've hurt her in an unforgivable way!"

Before anyone could stop him, Jacob ran to find Victoria.

"jacob!" she started to go after him but Xavier and Zandar stopped her "what gift? I dont have a gift! I dont even know why Im here" she said in a nervous tone

"Like I said," said Xavier, "you manipulate feelings."

"Tell us," said Zandar, "have you felt yourself wanting something and Jacob doing or saying it for you?"

"thats because he likes me..... all I wanted was to go my beach" she said and the area around them changed to her beach, they would smell the sea air, feel the warm sand on their feet and the sun on their skin as they saw the beautiful white sand and clear water

Xavier growled "Not just emotions...." he said unhappily to Zandar

Serilda gripped his arm from behind, the change was scaring her

Zandar looked at Serilda with a smile and said, "It is a very convincing illusion, but that is all. Stand still." He looked back as Xavier. "What should be done with her?"
"put her to sleep....right now we have someone else we need to figure out first....and having two girls with such strong abilities is dangerous if its gone unchecked and trained" Once Andar put Nat to sleep and the illusion feel he looked to him "Victoria...the one Jacob mentioned, we believe she might be a shield" he said in a serious tone

Maddox stayed behind to regain his breath.

"Do you wish me to examine you?" he asked. "Deseray and I are cousins so I am just as skilled as she in healing."

Victoria started to shake "why.....why me......why pain" she said in a voice that was filled with pain and a crying tone as she tried to drag herself further on the bed but it was too painful

"I do not have the answers," he said. "I do know that we are not given more than we can handle. Any other woman in your position would have broken instantly, but you stayed strong. I think you were put in this situation so that you can help."

"please...I cant take much more....please put me to sleep I feel like im going to break" she said in a uneven tone

"Because of your shields, I am unable to do so," he said.

She sighed "then please heal me.....enough were I can walk..." she said and slid him the box of blood so he would have strength to do so.

Maddox drank one of the bottles then began healing her. An hour later, she felt stronger. Maddox drank two more bottles and held the third out for her.

"Drink this," he said. "You should be able to drink easily now."

She did as he said and finished the bottle "thank you..." she said slowly getting up, Im going to go take a sower.." she said and went towards the bathroom, when he wasn't looking she left the infirmary, needing a walk to herself

Maddox drank another bottle when Jacob came in. Jacob looked everywhere, but couldn't find Victoria.

"Where is she?" he asked.

She left, Maddox said. After being held captive by men, I wasn't about to stop her. I heard her leave about five minutes ago.


Victoria heard the claps and cheers in the distance, "the talent show must be tonight" she thought to herself and went in that direction

Jacob ran all over the school. He had to find Victoria.

Se could see the act on stage ending and she clapped for them, she only saw the last bit but it had to do with elemental control and he was good

Jacob stopped by a tree near the talent show, trying to catch his breath. Every second, his heart sank more. Tears stung his eyes.

"Victoria, where are you?" he asked the wind.

"Up next is Victoria Manrow!" said the announcer.

Victoria was shocked, she forgot she had entered, slowly she made her way to the stage, she needed a distraction and this might help, she went to the crew and made sure her pictures that were to be displayed in the background were ready, she told them she was going to sing instead of just an art show, they brought out a grand piano on the stage with her and she sat down and began to play the soft melody that went with the song she had written during her captivity

Job well done
Standing ovation
Yeah you got what you wanted
I guess you won
And I don't want to hear, they don't know you like I do
Even I could've told you
But now we're done

'Cause you play me like a symphony
Play me till your fingers bleed
I'm your greatest masterpiece
You ruin me
Later when the curtains drawn
And no one's there for you back home
Don't cry to me, you played me wrong
You ruin me

I know you thought
That I wouldn't notice
You were acting so strange
I'm not that dumb
And in the end I hope she was worth it
I don't care if you loved me, you make me numb

'Cause you play me like a symphony
Play me till your fingers bleed
I'm your greatest masterpiece
You ruin me
Later when the curtains drawn
And no one's there for you back home
Don't cry to me, you played me wrong
You ruin me

We're that song you wouldn't sing
Just a broken melody
You're killing me

You play me like a symphony
Play me till your fingers bleed
I'm your greatest masterpiece
You ruin me
Later when the curtains drawn
And no one's there for you back home
Don't cry to me you played me wrong
You ruin me

Her drawings played in the background, during her performance, the sadness and loneliness they showed matched the song


Megan and serne decided to eat before heading over to the talent show, Maddox and Magnus were out doing things for their prince and though tey told them to stay in the rooms, they really wanted to go "Man...ill never get used to this...." Megan said finishing her third bottle "Me either I have to pretend its not blood just to do it.." Serne said and finished her third "though this blood....taste soooooo good" she said chuckling. Megan chuckled "I know right...ok lets go....but I want one more" she said and grabbed another "me too" seren said and joined her

After they had a fourth one they stumbled out of the room,, laughing and going towards the talent show

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