Incounters 2

Jacob looked at the stage. His heart was breaking at the song she sang, the pictures that showed. When it was over, he was at the edge of the stage. He had to do something.

He jumped up, took the mike, looked at her, and said the binding words for everyone to hear. Everyone gasped. Jacob, on the other hand, felt everything finally click into place.

Victoria looked at him in shock and then anger, she stood up from the piano " bastard!" she cried and tackled him hard to the ground

"Ow!" he cried out. "Damn it, woman! First you deny that I'm you lifemate, then you get up set, now you are saying you don't want me!" He smiled up at her. "You need to make up your mind."

"saids the guy who fucked someone while I was being held captive!" she said "And then claimed she was his lifemate!" she said punching him hard in the face and then cried out, her shirt became soaked with blood from her wound and she feel onto her side, groaning in pain

"No!" he said. "You aren't even closed to healed! Why did you even leave your room in the infirmary?"

Suddenly she saw one of the humans from the base in the crowd as she turned her head, she saw him pull out a gun and aimed it at Jacob who was in front of her with his back to the crowd "No!" she screamed as the gun went off, a gush of power burst from her, pushing back jacob and the crowd , the bullets stopped in mid-air and dropped inches away from Jacob like it had hit an invisible wall, the human was thrown back as well just as Victoria passed out

"Victoria!" Jacob said, cradling her to him and rocking.

He didn't notice any of the hunters subduing the man.


Zandar said, "This is getting more and more serious." He looked at his mate. "Serilda, can you go to the infirmary to get healed by yourself or do you need me with you?"

"I trust yu...if you think it is safe I will go" she said in a sincere tone and went to where he showed her in her mind

the both heard jacobs voice and the binding words "what has he done now?" Xavier growled and headed that way

Zandar followed and said, "Digging the hole deeper each day. Let's go save the poor fool."

Xavier and Zander arrived just in time to see Victoria punch Jacob hard in the face and then fall on her side

"Let's see if he can get himself out of this," said Zandar with a smile. "The torture of this moment will be a good enough punishment."

"Where the hell is that brat?!" Deseray yelled from the central building main entrance. "I'll kill him!"

Zandar was shocked when the man stood up and shot at Jacob and Victoria. He was even more shocked with the power she used.

"She is special," he said.

Xavier growled "zandar grab him and let's see what he can tell us " he said in a dark tone that meant it he wanted him to not make it a pleasant experience for him "And have the hunters take the girl to my room....keep the wards up, they seem to be after her" he said and walked away Sara care for the girl in my room...Im going some place to find out more about shields

Zandar grabbed the man and took him away. After securing him, he followed the men and Jacob. Jacob held Victoria to him.

The men brought her to a large bedroom that was in the security tower near the lifemate building, it was nicer than any room they had seen, they placed her on the bed and began hooking her up to a drip that would give her blood, a nurse with a mask on came out and started getting to work on her "zandar please go deal with the human, the lifemate can stay here, I will watch over them" she said softly

Zandar nodded and said, "Jacob, treat her well."

Jacob took hold of her hand. I'm not leaving this time, Victoria.

"tell me what happened so I can best treat her " the nurse said softly unwrapping her chest bandage, the bullet hole was leaking blood in a sickening way, running underneath her breast and down her stomach "hand me the gauze there after you put on gloves" she said examining the hole

Jacob put on gloves and handed her the gauze as he said, "I said the binding words. She tackled me, angry. I tried to make light of it, but then I noticed her wound had opened. I asked her why she had left her room. That's when there were gun shots. None of the bullets hit us. She passed out after that."

"nothing else happened?" she asked

"Not that I noticed," he said truthfully.

With a sigh she turned to put pressure on the wound which made Victoria groan "Im going to ask you to do something that she will not like but it is necessary" she said looking at him "Finish the binding ritual....make her feed from you and you take from her....I will help her feed from you" she said hoping if they were fully bound he could access her mind

"I haven't laid with her," said Jacob. "She would hate me for all eternity if I did that."

"Its the only hope we have for you being able to get into her mind" she said honestly

"I can't," he said. "After what they put her through at that camp two months ago, I could never sink to their level."

"if you don't she might die jacob..." she said honestly

"Can I be alone with her?" he asked. "Can you make her well enough to do that? Look, there is only one way in or out, so I can't exactly run off with her. Just heal her so that we can finish the ritual. I'm not going to lose her again."

She went into her body and fixed her up the best she could, he would have to be gentle but otherwise it will not hurt her "ok its done, just be gentle" she said and left the room and going to go get blood for herself

Jacob gently bit into her neck and drank from her, unable to keep his hands still. He closed the wound and opened his chest, forcing her to drink from him.

"Forgive me, Victoria," he said as he blanketed her body, willing their clothes away. "If it wasn't for the fact I need to ensure your survival, I would never do a thing like this."

He gently entered her, exciting her body. He had a fine sheen on his skin for where he had to fight his need to plunge into her and claim her as he wanted. When he saw her eyes flutter, he hid his face against her neck, kissing her soft skin.

She gasped and he would feel her hands grip his back hard, her core tightened around him "w-why.." she moaned as pleasure built into her, she didnt fight him and her sweet scent only got stronger, her skin softer and warmer

"I can keep you alive," he said, "but the doctor, nurse, person said that I had to complete the ritual. I'm so sorry. I'm trying to be gentle because of your condition."

Her mind was hay and she was sure she was dreaming, but he felt too real, she was so tired yet her body was on fire, it was almost too much to handle, he thrusted once more in her and she cried and arch slightly underneath him, her breast pushed into his chest and he would feel her get wetter "wait...please...I cant...I dont understand this feeling...its too much.." she said in a moaning tone into his chest

"I know," he said through clenched teeth. "It's taking everything in me to not move faster and harder and deeper. I want to touch your very soul, Victoria. I want to be go so deep inside you, you will never get me out. But this is to save your life right now." He felt himself grow inside her. "I'm sorry I hurt you." Then he kissed her as he filled her.

She cried out into his chest, her nails digging into his back as he came inside her, he mind slammed into his for only a moment, her thoughts wee confusion and pain, she didnt understand why he was doing it or why it felt right when she felt it wasn't,she felt even worse because he had betrayed her with Natasha and she still thinks the words he said were true in the infirmary, not understanding what a bond feels like, when her sheilds went back up she laid quietly underneath him, he would feel her tears on his chest

He laid next to her, separating their bodies. He put her in some cotton pants and a white button up shirt. He put jeans and a white shirt on himself. He called the nurse in once he was sitting back in the chair.

"I'm sorry again," he said. "For everything."

Victoria didnt look at him "congratulations jacob you earned the spot of a hundred and one..." she said knowing he would know she was using his words from earlier against him, saying he was the hundred and one person to rape her

The nurse came back in to look at her wounds but when she got close victoria growled touch me and ill kill people are no better then who took me.....I wish I had never come to this school

She stopped but then continued to get close "well then it shouldn't matter if I touch you" she said and she felt bad right after, but sara did not take kindly to people talking in such ways

Victoria sat up and looked at her like she could not believe she had just said that

Jacob felt like Victoria had punched him and said, "We are just trying to save your life. I didn't want to do that to you. I wanted you to be happy first. She," pointing to Sara, "said it was the only option if I wanted to save you. I'm sorry I said that. It seems Natasha can manipulate feelings. I didn't even know she was doing it. I would have never hurt you, lifemate or not. I know nothing I say will be enough to show you this. But I have to tell you the truth so that you know. I am so sorry and there will never be a way for me to make up for everything I've done to you."

"I didnt know medicine called for rape..." she said in a cold tone to both of them

"It does when the patient is a run away that keeps everyone from her mind, so now because you have finished the bond even if he can't get in your mind he will be able to track you, it also means that unless you two are in the same room you will experience the separation which means get use to his company" she said forcing her to lay back depite her growl

"You told me she would die if I didn't complete the ritual!" Jacob yelled, throwing his chair across the room as he stood up. "I told you I didn't want to do it because of what happened, but said she would die! Why would you put her through that again?! Why would you use me to do it?!"

"Before you start throwing a tantrum look at the facts....she leaves and wanders she gets kidnaped and almost dies...she leaves she wonders and gets shot at and almost she cant wander, plus I needed to see if the bond would allow you in her head, she needs to eat and no one can get her to do so when she is asleep or awake, she would need your help and if you cant get in her mind then you cant help her" she said simply

Victoria went to say something but coughed instead

"You could have just told me that instead of lying!" he said. "I wouldn't have completed the ritual, but at least I would know the truth! You have made her hate her own people! I could have at least salvaged our relationship, but now, it has been turned to ash because you decided using us was better than being honest!"

Jacob went to Victoria and tried to put his arms around her.

She didnt stop him, instead she gripped his shirt and held onto him while she coughed, it was painful because of her chest wound

"But you wouldnt have done it and like I said in a way her life did depend on it,well now you take care of her now, everything you need is in this room, if you need help call" she said and walked out before he could say anything

He handed her a bottle and said, "You try to drink that. I'm going to get us out of here."

He went to the door and tried to turn the handle. The handle turned but the door refused to open. He threw himself against the door until his arm began to bruise.

"Damn it!" he said.

She took her time and managed to drink it all "stop....its pointless" she said softly not looking at him

"I'm getting you out of here!" he said, not giving up. "You've been trapped long enough! You shouldn't be stuck in a windowless room! You shouldn't be forced to stay with someone you despise! This! Isn't! Right!"

He hit the door so hard on the last word, she heard a sickening pop. Jacob sank to the floor with his back to the door, holding his dislocated shoulder.

"Enough!" she said trying to sit up and managing though it pit a lot of strain on her "why does it matter to you what I need? just do what you do best and think about yourself, call the nurse in to fix your arm and stop making so much noise" she said through clenched teeth

"I deserve worse than a dislocated shoulder," he said. "I hurt you in so many ways... I wasn't thinking about me, Victoria. I was being controlled and I never even knew it. Part of me did. Every time I looked at you, a part of me knew something was wrong, but Natasha was always there... controlling me. I am so sorry for all the things I've said and done. Go ahead and throw things at me. I'm not going to fight back."

She rolled her eyes "do I really look like I could through something right now?" she said and then sighed "Come here..." she said softly

Jacob said, "They may be forcing us to be in the same room, but you don't have to force yourself to..."

As soon as he got close enough she grabbed his arm and shoved it back into place with a sickening sound "asshole....." she said and laid back done and turned over

He screamed. "Fuck! That hurt! I try to be a gentleman and make up for everything that has happened, and you turn around and be a bitch! God! Why did fate put us together?! We aren't even compatible!"

"whats this I hear? are you taking it back again? to bad there is not another female here for you to fuck and say its your real lifemate" she said coldly and sarcastically

"Damn it! That's not what I meant!" he said, sitting down. "I mean... you have yourself so closed off that I can't get into your head, and I'm your lifemate. Me, I want to make friends and talk to people. You like to go out, I like to stay in. We are total opposites. I don't know what to do and what not to do, and so I keep hurting you when I don't mean to." He put his head in his hands. "I should have protected you, and I didn't. I shouldn't have been fooled by Natasha, yet I was. I shouldn't have been able to be with another woman even under compulsion, yet it happened. I failed you in so many ways, I will never be able to make up for it. But I want to try."

"why bother? like you said we are complete opposites, why dont we just accept we wont be normal lifemates and just do out own thing" she said still with her back to him

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