Incounters 3

Jacob said, "Because I want to be someone you can count on, to lean on when things get tough, and you know will never hurt you. I've done a piss poor job of that already, I know. Still, I want those things. Right now, I feel so lost, I don't know if I'm stepping on a landmine or not. I hate failing you."

She sighed and didnt speak for a few minutes "im...hungry" she said in a tone he had never heard before

"There are some bottles at the foot of the bed," he said, then chuckled. "If I let you feed off me, you'd drain me dry."

"true...but I still cant get the bottles so come close if you dare" she said joking back

He looked at her, stunned. "Did you just make a joke? This is the most open and honest you've been with me."

"Or maybe Im trying to get you close so I can drain you dry.....either way...I really am Hungry..." she said keeping her back to him

"Fine, come here," he said. "Don't hurt me too much. I'm sensitive."

"you come here...Im the hurt one jerk" she said in a aggravated tone

He chuckled. "You might not like it." But he wrapped his arms around her as he laid in the bed next to her. "I like to be close."

She growled, something that surprised her since she had never done it before "you could have just handed me a bottle" she said removing his arm and turning over to face him even though it was painful "But since your here" she said and surprised him by quickly biting deep into his neck

He didn't fight her off but he did say, "Just when I was making head way."

She bit down harder at his comment, her aggravation also came from what his blood was doing to her body, she moaned into his neck and quickly pulled away, her cheeks red "no more.....I dont want to drink from you anymore..." she said pushing him away "just hand me a bottle

He handed her a bottle, ignoring the blood still flowing from him.

She took it "close that...or your going to fill the room with your smell" she said looking away from him

"You put it there, you close it," he said. "My tongue isn't long enough."

To prove it, he stuck out his tongue and tried to reach the side of his neck, making noised as if he were straining himself.

She groaned and pulled him over by his shirt and ran her tongue over it, setting fire to his skin, he would smell her excitment

He groaned, gripping the bed hard enough to put holes in the sheets.

"Victoria," he said breathlessly.

He would hear her heart quicken at the way he said her name "dont....dont do that to me...I want....I want ..." but she trailed off as he would smell her excitement grow

"Take what you need from me, Victoria," he said. "I'm supposed to provide for you, and you me. So, take what you need."

"I cant....cause all I can think about is you and her" she said pushing him back "and I dont know why it hurts and angers me so much but it does, to know your hands...mouth...everything was on her..." she said looking away from him "Im going to sleep..." she said turning over and curling up

"I'm sorry," he said. "I would change everything if I could."

"But you cant....." she said and then went silent as sleep took her

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