Talent Show

Everyone waited for the next act to show, getting anxious.

"Serenity Stone? Where are you?" the announcer called out.

Seren chuckled and Megan looked over at her "I cant believe your going to do this..." she said chuckling "me either but I feel so...I dont know...Alive!" she said and walked on stage, when she told them the song she wanted to play she got a funny look from them but she ignored it and began to sing This song

She had male dancers on stage with her, using them as props for the song, they danced with her just as the song required, They were shirtless and had on tight black pants, in the middle of the song they undressed her until she was in nothing but a lace white bra and matching underwear.

There were growls erupting from the crowd. The unclaimed males started to get restless.

She was being passed around between the four male dancers, doing quick yet Erotic dances with them, she was getting so into the song she unknowing called fro Maddox with her mind as her body grew hot with excitement.

Maddox appeared and growled. What are you doing, woman?! Get off that stage like that!

She smiled as she saw him in the crowd and teasingly beckoned him to the stage as she moved her hips Erotically

If I come up there, I'm carrying you back to the room, he said angrily. You won't like what will happen. Now, get off that stage.

Come get me she said teasingly as she was picked up by one of the dancers and did a spin while she wrapped her legs around his waist and continued singing

Maddox got on stage, grabbed her, and said, Show's over!

She smiled and pressed her body into him and ended on the last note "Creature of the night!" and kissed him deeply, her one hand gripping his waist the other grip his hair so she could deepen the kiss. Growls and cheers erupted from the crowd.

Maddox pulled away and said, You are in trouble, Serenity. He looked at the crowd, commanding them. My lifemate has to leave now! So calm yourselves and forget you ever saw this!

She laughed "hey dont make them forget my performance I worked hard on it ...well kind of but still" she said blushing "And trouble?"

You showed your body to complete strangers, allowed other men to touch you, and you...

She smiled and pressed her body into his firmly "are you jealous?" she asked raising her eyebrow "are you telling me you didnt like what you saw? How I moved my hips, the way my body....."

"You should only dance like that for me!" he said. "No other should see you like that! Do you understand!"

She took a step back from him, her face unreadable and without saying anything walked off stage "hey anyone want to dance with me?" she said with a smile at the crowd of males that greeted her off the stage

Maddox said, "Any man that touches her dies!"

With a growl the men reluctantly backed away, she turned around with a face of anger "Speak out loud one more time and Ill kiss the next male I see that is not you!" she yelled

Then go to our room! he said. I don't know what has gotten into you, but this is not how my woman acts in front of other males!

"Maybe it is! you dont know me! maybe I should just finish it! Im almost naked anyways and its my body I can do what I want with it!" se said storming off

You get naked for these men, and I'll start talking again, he said. Go to our room and we will talk about this.

"Bite me asshole!" she said and continued walking the opposite way of their room

"Our next performer is Megan Stone!" said the announcer.

Megan sighed "well angry sex for her, tight pants for me" she said with a chuckle and walked on stage in her tight rock outfit


Suddenly the stage light up as the music started, she took a deep breath and started singing Rock on!

Maddox went after Serenity. Magnus was walking by and saw Megan. His heart stopped.

As she sang the crowd cheered and got excited with her, they started jumping up and down, the males whistled, The background change and fire exploded with the music, making her skin glow against the tight leather and corset,

Magnus went to the stage and said, "While I find this incredibly sexy, I don't want to have to hurt people. Please put on something more decent."

Megan only winked at him and continued to sing, as the song built she took off her sheer jack, leaving her with only the corset as the top "Cause that's where we back love!" she sang and bent backward Erotically

Magnus growled, jumped up on stage, grabbed the mic, and said, "Shows over. There are no more acts. Go to your rooms now."

Everyone booed him.

Megan crossed her arms "What is it with you and other males ruining a good time" she said coldly and then looked to the crowd "I think we all deserve to have a good time dont you!" she said to the crowd and they cheered, she looked to the stage people and nodded and they started playing dancing music since there was not another act for a while. Megan started dancing and went off the stage into the crowd to dance with other people, ignoring Magnus

Magnus growled. He went into the crowd, threw her over his shoulder, and took her to their room.

"Hey! put me down!" she yelled beating on his back

"No," he said, "not when you are showing off for other men. Do you want to get someone killed?"

"oh my god really! I was enjoying myself not showing off for anyone!" she said biting his waist

"Ow!" he said. "Well, you certainly weren't dancing for me. And that outfit... you can wear it for me, but no other man should see it on you. I don't like how they were eyeing you."

"Oh they were eyeing me hu well maybe I sould go back and...."

He tossed her on their bed and said, "No man should be eyeballing my woman other than me."

"your woman? you sound as if you have a claim that I should follow.....what if I want guys to look at me?" she said going to stand up

"You're my lifemate, my wife," said Magnus. "That means that I have a right to kill any man that touches you inappropriately."

"dont you think thats a little extreme? and what if Im the one who touched them? huh? then what? are you going to kill me?" she asked as her jeans outlined her butt perfectly as she bent over to take off her boots, he would see she was not wearing underwear

He growled and said, "No. It is impossible for me to harm you. I would still kill him for thinking about what he would do to you. And why are you dressed like that?"

"I dressed for the song...." she stated plainly when she took off one boot her position changed since they were high heels, she butt did a slight sway and she stepped down to undo the other boot

"You should only dress that way for me," he said.

She stood up then and looked at him with a raised eyebow "dont tell me you like me dressed this way?"

"I do," he said with a smile. "You are sexy in that outfit. But you should only wear it for me."

She rolled her eyes and went over to the blood crate and down a bottle, and swayed alittle "you...are too much you know that...." suddenly he was thrown on the bed by a invisible force, his clothes tore off of him, she crawled onto the bed and straddled him "so...how much do you like te outfit?" she said teasingly

"I like it very much," he gasped. "I want to take it off of you, unwrap you like a present."

"Oh? well then maybe you shouldnt have interupted my preformance" shee said with a michevoius smiled grinding on him once and then started to get off

"Come on!" he said. "Don't leave me like this! I want my lifemate!"

"well then mr maco man maybe next time you wont get all jealous and embarass me like that " se said standing up from the bed

"What do you think I felt, seeing every unclaimed male looking at you, thinking of using your body?" he said. "Do you know how much it hurt knowing you weren't dancing for me?"

"I wasnt dancing for anyone but myself thats what you dont get....for the first time in a long time I felt good about myself and let go....I didnt have to worry about seren or worry about bills, I could let go and do something fun...." she said sitting on the bed with her back to him "I've never been able to before..."

"You can always be yourself," Magnus said. "Your sister is safe with her lifemate, I have more money than I will ever need for ten lifetimes. So, just be yourself."

"I really didnt mean to hurt you....I was just having fun" she said softly "but still what you did hurt me too...it made me feel like you didnt trust me " she said

"I trust you," he said. "I don't trust other men. And you wouldn't either if you had read their minds."

"so what if tey looked at me....theey only want my body...Im not inteested in that....you at least pretend to be interested in my mind" she said teasingly

"I love everything about you," said Magnus. "But I can't let them touch you. Please, for me, let loose, but not like that. I already have to fight my desire to keep you tied to my bed waiting for me." He smiled slyly.

"as if you would be so lucky" She said standing up, her tight corset and pants moved wit her body like they were a second skin

He stood up and said, "I think I am. I've been in your mind long enough I can now break your control. So," he wrapped his arms around her, "what shall we do now?"

"oh? what control do you think you can break?" she said trying to move out of his arms

"The one that you used to hold me to the bed," his said, his hands slowly peeling her shirt off.

SHe stopped him "fine so you broke it....doesnt mean your that lucky" she said teasingly

He kissed her neck and said, "I need you, Megan. Please."


Seren went into the garden to try and get away from him

Maddox appeared next to her and said, "You can't hide from me. I will always find you. Now, what the hell were you doing on that stage, dancing like that?"

"Having fun until you showed up party pooper" she said not looking at him but trying to get away from him still

He grabbed her arm and said, "You are not running away from this."

She growled "Im not running I'm just trying to get away from you...." she said trying to break his grip, her breast bouncing in the lace bra as she did

"I think it's the same thing here," he said, pinning her to a tree. "Why are you acting so out of character, Serenity?"

When he pinned her one of her straps to her bra broke, slightly revealing her right breast "how do you know if I am? we have no know each other long enough.....maybe I want to try and be with other people? Im young I can date and things..."

"Not when you are a lifemate," he said. "I'll explain so your human brain can understand. You are my wife, Serenity. That means, no dates and things."

"What! thats not fair! Im to young to be married and its not like you want me....."

"This is how our world works," he said. "There is no going back. And I will always want you." He kissed her neck. "In every possible way. You are the blood in my veins, the only thing that keeps the darkness at bay, my reason for living."

She groaned, she hated that his kiss sent fire through her, she put her hands on his chest to push him back "well the other guys wanted me too,,," she said trying to destract him

"Then, am I allowed to kill them?" he asked. "It's my right to get rid of them for trying to steal you from me."

"what if I went to them? what If I was the one that pinned them against a wall and started...."

He growled and said, "I'd kill them! You are mine, and I am yours. No other will do for us."

"how do you know if you don't try? huh? Ive seen some of these women around here! they are way more beautiful then I am....and your a teacher...you see them every day...." she said looking away from him and pushing on his chest to try to push him away

"Those that have tried," he said sadly, "they had a disease. They did not behave as lifemates should. They... they had to be destroyed because they hurt too many people. They went mad, Serenity. Sold their people to our enemies, turned vampire, and much more."

"see you didnt say you didnt want to though...let me go....I want to go back and have fun not sit here and talk about this"

"Serenity!" he said. "I don't see any woman but you! You are the only one for me! And you aren't going back to that show when you are almost naked!"

"Liar! and fine ill put some clothes on! but im going back and tere is nothing you can do to....."

"Go into my mind and see that I speak the truth!" he said. "And you know you can't stand other men touching you! You know it repulses you! So don't even try to say it isn't so!"

"really? it felt pretty nice when I wrapped my legs aound that dancer!" she said knowing it was because she was looking at maddox, but she would not addmit that

Maddox growled. She could see fire in his eyes that sent shivers through her. "He's a dead man!"

She gripped his shirt "Why! it makes no sense! if im the one who started it why hurt him? " she said not understanding his logic

"He touched you," he said, trying to turn from her, anger coursing through him. "Knowing I was your lifemate, he still touched you."

She sighed "if I go back to the room with you will you forget about him?"

"You will be going back anyway," he said. "I can't have my woman running around with her clothes falling off of her!"

She groaned "you know what! "She said and succeeded in thinking her clothes away for the first time "Hey everyone! look at...."

He punched a hole in the tree and said, "Do you like hurting me, Serenity? Because that's what's happening. The pain of hearing every man's thoughts about what they want to do to you, fighting the demon right now so that I kill every unclaimed male in the school. I'm at the end of my control, Serenity, and it hurts."

"than take it out on me! not them" she said as her heart pounded in her chest, she had never seen him like this, she bit her bottom lip

"That's not how it works," he said. "If they touch you, even knowing you are my lifemate, they are in the wrong and it is my right to dispose of them."

She tried to step sideways so he was not pinning her to the tree anymore "I..."

He growled and said, "If you want those men to live, do not move. Do not say you are going back to that talent show. We are going back to the room, now."

She didnt like that he was threatening her and she glared at him to let him know "yes master" she said coldly

He groaned and said, "Don't do that. I'd rather not hurt you again like I did with that vampire."

"thanks for the reminder master..." she spit out coldly

He clothed her and carried her to their room. He sat her on the bed.

"Do not," he said in a pained voice as he closed the door. "Please, do not do that."

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