Talent Show 2

Megan held down a moan "don't use that tone of voice....I wont fall for it" she said though she didnt try to get out of her arms anymore

He slowly peeled the rest of her clothes off and knelt before her. "Megan, I need you." Then he began licking her.

She gasped and her hands instantly gripped his hair, her skin was soft and warm "if you do that...I wont be able to stand.." she admitted as she felt her legs start to shake

He didn't stop licking her. He wrapped his arms around her to help her stay standing.

She cried out, her body was way more sensitive then was normal and he would sense that "please! its too much" she moaned

He picked her up and laid her on the bed, entering her hard and fast. "It's okay. Let go. Just feel."

She cried out, her body felt hot like it was feverish, she was wiggling underneath him

He began moving with sure strokes, chanting her name as pleasure coursed through them.

She clawed at his back and suddenly became wilder, she rolled them until she was on top, she gripped the bed frame and began riding him hard and fast

"Megan," he said, "you are wild today."

She looked down at him, he would see her cheeks were flushed her fangs were out and her eyes were glazy

"Are feeling okay?" Magnus asked, suddenly worried.

"more....I need more....I feel like Im on fire please magnus!" she cried

"Megan!" he said "We need to get you to the infirmary! Something is wrong!"

"Please magnus....I Need you...please help me with the fire you started" she said as sweet beaded her body, her temperature was easily a hundred and four

"You could be ill," said Magnus through clenched teeth. "Please, let's see."

"magnus...." she moaned his name in his ear and teased his earlobe with her teeth "please....pound into me hard....make me scream your name until I lose my voice" she said in such a seductive tone it made his pleasure skyrocket

Magnus tried to fight through the pleasure, but he was losing.

"Harder my lifemate....show me how you want me" she said clenching tightly around him "Burn with me Magnus"

Magnus rolled and pounded into her. He had to have her begging him, screaming his name.

She cried out "yes! magnus more! Im going crazy!" she cried arching and meeting his thrust, she was wild beneath him

Magnus went harder and faster, sending them over the edge hard.

She cried out and wiggled underneath him as her body shook with orgasm but before he could do or say anything she rolled them until she was on top and began riding him again "more....please more" she moaned

Magnus said, "What has gotten in to you, woman?"

"you" she said teasingy as she picked up the pace

"Not what I meant," he said.

She chuckled "No? I was so sure" she said as he fet her skin grow hotter

Magnus said, "You are burning up. We really need to get you checked out in the infirmary."

"Only for you" she said riding him harder "If I stop I ache for you " she said

"I will not use you like this," he said, lifting her off of him. "Let's go see what's wrong. You usually need a break in between. After you are checked out, we will make love, I promise."

She growled "Please dont stop!" she cried

"You could be sick," he said. "Please. It will only take a moment. If you are well, we will make love all night long, okay?"

"Please it hurts without you inside me" she said as her breathing quickened and she looked uncomfortable

"Might as well tire you out," he said, letting go of her waist. "I'll let you do what you want. I'll enjoy it either way."

When he let go she collapsed on the bed, her breathing heavy and her cheeks flushed, her erotic juices running down her leg and se moaned looking unable to move "it hurts...please"

He laid on top of her and entered her. He moved with hard, sure strokes. "You need me, so I'm not going to leave you."

She cried out, after she came with him a second time and she begged him to keep going and he did she was able to think alittle more clearly , he had her on all fours the blood....when did you figure it out" she said in between moans

"Once you instantly started round two," he said. "That, and one of the other hunters told me about tainted blood and drinks making it's way to only the female students. I figured that tiring you out will burn it off quicker, so you will be well again, though maybe a little sore."

She cried out as he got bigger inside her "Magnus...I feel sick to my stomach" she said before he sent her over the edge as he filled her again, she couldnt move and even though er bodt temp was down she still ached for him "how long....will this last...I cant..."

"One more, at least," said, moving again. "I know you are in pain, but we have to get you burned out. Hold on to me."

She moaned and grabbed onto him, but she was so tired but he brought her to life once more, se cried out his name and arched as he built the fire in her "Im going crazy! all I can feel is you! Magnus Im scared its too much!" she cried out as she started to experince only a fraction of the lifemate bond

He pushed into her mind, showing her everything he was feeling. He kissed her, having faith in her to know when she was done, when the drug was out of her system.

She cried out, their minds connecting made it more powerful, she felt like she was going to break, her heart was beating out of control as she called out his name, suddenly he would hear another heartbeat, it was soft and barely noticeable but it was there

He climaxed into her one final time. He rolled off of her, unable to move. His eyes were wide.

"You're pregnant..." he said, disbelieving.

She was so tired she was sure she did not hear him right, her breathing was ragged and she couldn't move as her body shook with after effects "What?" she asked barly able to understand him from her exhaustion. Before he could answer she passed out, giving him a chaance to check to make sure

He shed his body and entered hers. There it was. A baby. He went back to his body and put them both in the ground.


Seren didnt look at him and she remained silent what ever you say...your wish is my command she thought to herself not knowing e could hear her

Maddox said, "Serenity, please. I fought every instinct I had just by pulling you away from the show. Go into my mind and see what watching you did to me. You will hear every not so innocent thought, every desire to dominate you. You will also see what it and you did to me."

"what exactly did I do to you...." she asked still not looking at him

"You sought other men," he said. "You wanted them, not me. What is it about me that... pushes you away? I love you, Serenity, yet you still seek other men. Why?"

"But you dont know me!" she said standing up, her cheeks flushed "What if you leave me? what if you get tired of me like..." she didnt finished "what if you force me to do things again...God! why is it so hot in here!" she said pulling at her clothes

"Our feelings grow over time," Maddox said. "So I can't leave you. And I never forced you to do anything."

"yes you did! you forced me to watch and....other things" she said holding her head, her cheeks had gotten redder

"I never forced you to do anything," he said. "You could have said that you wanted to leave when you saw the vampire. And you had plenty of chances to stop me."

"you had me over your shoulder...are you really taking no blame here?" She said shaking her head slightly "Im going to take a shower she said and started walking towards the bathroom

"You wouldn't listen," he said, "and their thoughts were getting overwhelming. It was either start killing them, and have you see me as a monster, or bring you back home, and people stay alive. I chose this option so that you wouldn't run from me."

She slammed the door to the bathroom and turned on the shower, she only turned on the cold she felt as if she was burning up, she took off her clothes and noticed she was really wet between her legs, she shrugged and stepped in letting the cold water wash over her

"I want to talk," he said on the other side of the door. "To explain."

After a few more minutes of silence the door swung open, seren stood there naked, her cheeks flushed her breathing heavy and her erotic juices dripping down her legs, she tackled him to the ground and kissed him deeply, her hips moving and grinding against him as she ripped off his shirt

"Serenity, stop!" he said.

"Maddox.....Please....I need you" she moaned, her heart pounded in her chest "Im aching for you please" she said grinding against him more, her need was so strong it overwhelmed him "please....only you can satisfy this burning need" she said kissing his neck as she unbuttons his pants

Maddox stilled her hands and said, "You are not acting like yourself. Allow me to examine you. If you are fine, I will make love to you. Otherwise, we will need to heal you."

"let me examine you first" she said and ripped off his pants and hand him in her mouth within seconds, her mouth was hot and tight, her tongue teasing the skin mercilessly as she moaned sending aa vibration down is cock

Maddox said, "Serenity, while I am enjoying this, this is serious. One of the human butchers may have done something to harm you."

"the only one harming me right now is you " she said straddling him "because you wont make love to me" she said lowering herself on him, her hot core tightly squeezing him harder then it ever had before, so much so they both cried out

"You go from being pissed to wanting me," he said through clenched teeth. "That doesn't strike you as odd? Think."

"All I can think about is how I want you deeper inside me" she said in a moaning and pleading tone "Maddox please.....show me what you were talking about....show me how much you only want me" she said as he felt her erotic juices gett warmer as she got wetter

Maddox said, "I would if you were in your right mind. Think. Use your brain."

"are you saying Im crazy for wanting you this much?" she asked as her skin became hotter to the touch "Please Maddox....its becoming painful...please" she said as her nipples hardened

Maddox said, "You have no idea. Have you fed today? Let's feed before we make love."

She growled in frustation "I have feed plenty! if you dont want me then Ill go find someone who does..." se said going to get off of him

"Where did the blood come from?" Maddox asked, worry in his town and fear in his eyes. "Serenity? Where did you get the blood from?"

"god your always questioning me.." she said standing up but when she took a step her cried out and grabbed her stomach and began to fall

Maddox caught her and said, "I need to know. Where did you get the blood."

"It was already here...Maddox please...i feel like im on fire please make love to me...even if you dont want me please I need it!" she cried as another wave of pain and lust hit her

"But... we don't get a new crate of blood for two more days," he said. "Serenity, I think you drank tainted blood! We have to get you to the infirmary now!"

"Please listen to me! you said you know my needs right then please look in my mind...it hurts....I feel like im on fire please maddox I need you please!" she begged with tears in her eyes "please do this and I promise Ill do what ever you say I wont even leave te room if you dont want me too please..."

"I can see and feel your pain, Serenity," he said. "And it kills me that you must feel it. But I will not let this drug make you into something you're not: a sex toy for my enjoyment."

He clothed them both and ran them to the infirmary. There, he saw much of the same thing with other females. Desaray was worn out.

"Another one?" she asked. "She's in pain. Use the room to ware her out. From the look of it, three round will do it. Just enough for her to think straight again."

"Must I?" Maddox asked.

"This is a natural drug that effects Carpathians," she said. "If you don't, she will loose her mind. Yes, you must."

Maddox growled and took one of the room and laid Serenity on the bed.

Her body was burning up and even the sheets hurt against her sensitive skin, tears fell from her eyes "Maddox!" she cried out his name as she wiggled in pain, sweat covering her body

Maddox removed their clothes and quickly entered her. He started moving. He didn't like doing this. It made him feel sick.

She cried out and started going crazy beneath him "Maddox!" she cried out his name, the harder and faster he went the more her pain went down, she hung on to him as he pounded into her "Im scared..." she moaned into his neck

"I know," he said. "I will get whoever dropped the tainted blood off. I will make them pay for hurting you. I swear it."

"My stomach it hurts....it hurts maddox" she said gripping his back in pain "Im sorry....for what I said....I wasnt...when I was on stage I was thinking of you ....Ill admit I hated that their touch bothered me.....Im scared of what I might feel for you..." she said in between moans

"You should have talked to me about your fears," he said. "We can work on them together. That's what being a lifemate is about, working together. When you hold part of yourself away from me, I end up hurting you without meaning to. And I don't want to hurt you."

"Im scared Maddox..." she said crying out in his shoulder as she felt him grow inside her "please at least enjoy this...if you dont ill never be able to face you again"

"Woman, I am enjoying it," he said. "That's what makes this whole thing sickening to me. You have been turned into a sex toy and I am enjoying, when I shouldn't be."

"No I want you too....lets think of this as a opportunity....Show me....show me what you like...how you want to take me...show me everyting you have been holding back because of my fears....I want you too..." she said determined not to fight him "Im yours...now so dont waste it" she said clentching around him

He pushed into her mind and showed her everything. She saw every kill, every friend and family member that weighed on his soul. She saw how the darkness had spread across his soul. She saw how he couldn't talk to people in the normal manner because of the danger it caused. But most of all, she saw what she meant to him, what he wanted to do to her, what he wanted her to do to him, and how much he wanted to destroy the men that had done this to her.

She was scared, she felt like she was ready to shatter but it was so intense she was fighting it "maddox!" she cried out his name and gripped his back.

"I'll catch you!" he said. "You have to trust me as I trust you!"

She forced herself to let go and held onto him, trusting him to take her were she needed to go

He sent her over the edge so hard and fast that he had no strength left. He rolled until she was on top of him. He was breathing heavily.

"I don't have it in me for round 2," he said.

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