Talent Show 3

Seren laid on top of him she was unable to move, even as the pain started up again, it had been so intense her head was still spinning and her body still having the after effects

Her stomach started to cramp and she clenched around him because of the pain "I cant...I cant do it anymore...not after that...I'm so tired..." She said her heart beating fast and out of rhythm, something clearing was not right the way her heart was sounding the beats were to close together

Maddox started to move slowly. "We will build up to it, then."

She whimpered into his chest "please no more...Im so tired and sore" she said but when he kept moving the heat build and she started to moan and slowly meet his thrust

"I know," he said, picking up the pace. "Two more times. Then, we can go back to our rooms and sleep."

"Maddox.....I cant ...it's too much...." she said slowing down, she groaned as her stomach started to hurt, then he would hear it, her heart was beating fast but there was another heart beat beating slow with the pain

"Stop!" he said. "Your pregnant!"

She was barely able to lift her head she was so tired, she looked at him with fear in her eyes "what...what do you..." she flinched in pain as another wave went through her and her stomach clenched

"We came here too late," he said, cursing himself. "The drug is hurting the baby."

Deseray, we need you and anyone that can help!

"Maddox ...whats going on..Im sca" she cried out as another wave went through her, her body was covered in sweat and she was burning up

Deseray came in just as Maddox laid Serenity on the table and clothed himself. She had to remain naked in case something horrible happened. Deseray shed her body and went to look. When she came back she said.

"We need to get the tainted blood out of her system faster," she said. "Maddox, you feed her. Amelia, you will have to use your teeth the open a wound in her arm. Don't drink her blood. Hendrix, you will be in charge of bringing in blood. Ours isn't tainted, so it's safe to drink. Go."

Everyone set to work. Maddox ripped open his wrist and pressed it to Serenity's mouth. Amelia worked on the openings. Deseray pushed the tainted blood out of Serenity and the baby's bodies.

Seren started to panicked, the bite that Amelia gave her hurt and she didnt know what was going on and the fever made it worse, she stated to fight and try to get away, her fear filling the room, Hendrik would sense Amilea was having a hard time keeping control, the girls blood was very addictive

"We are trying to make the pain go away," said Maddox soothingly. "Please, don't fight this. We are saving you and the baby."

The word baby made her panic more No im not! please stop Im scared Madox please!

You are stronger than this, Amelia! Hendrix said. I know you won't give in to the lure of her blood.

Amelia had sweat on her forehead I cant....its ...I cant.... "maddox switch with me....her blood...its" she said with hunger in her eyes

Maddox nodded. He removed his wrist, closing the wound. He began going where Deseray needed him, opening her skin with his teeth. After an hour of this, the tainted blood was gone. However, replacing the blood was more difficult. Hendrix replenished Amelia. Maddox had to drink several bottles while replenishing Serenity and the baby. Deseray refused to drink until Serenity was stable again.

"It's safe now," she said. "I'll go to ground now. You all should as well. Everyone affected is in the clear."

They all nodded and Amelia left with Hendrik, Seren was curled up on her sighed and was shaking, her mind closed to him

Maddox carried her back to their room and laid her down.

"I'm sorry that this happened," he said. "But we are going to be parents. We were blessed with a wonderful treasure. Isn't that...?"

Seren moved away from him quickly and curled up in a corner, hiding her head in her arms, she didnt know her chaotic thought would reach him So your pregnant....thats my girl.....we are going to be parents....its the best gift a father could give you be happy..... your my secret treasure baby girlHer father's voice echoed in her head as she shook in the corner

"Serenity?" Maddox asked, concerned. "What is wrong?"

She covered her ears with her hands and began to rock, she got so overwhelmed she didnt realize she let her guard down, her memories and her father's voice would now be seen in his head as her mind connected to his,

Maddox growled and said, "Serenity, I'm sorry that this is distressing to you. I can't change what is. Other than aborting the baby or destroying you, tell me how to fix this."

"Just....leave me alone...please" she said trying to make herself smaller in the corner

"You are asking the impossible," he said. "Your pain is my pain. Share this burden with me."

"no! you are my burden! ever since that bastard took me my life has been hell....and I thought I was already in hell...I guess it got worse....now I cant even die...you wont let me know....Im stuck having a child I dont want....and im stuck living a exsists I dont want..." she said in a hearbreaking tone filled with pain

He didn't let her see the pain those words caused. "I'm sorry. I... didn't realize you hated this so much. Will... will you allow me to put you to sleep so that we can go to ground?"

"no! I told you I wanted to die...thats why I traveled to the mountains in the first place....If I sleep I dont want to wake up.....Im sorry....but will never be what you want me to be" she said soflty

"You can't be you?" he asked. "You can't be Serenity Stone? Because that's all I want. You."

"serenity stone died a long time ago.....im just the hollow shell thats waiting to be broken and done" she said in a emotionless tone

Maddox said, "You don't believe that. A part of you wants to live, Serenity. That part of you is brave and strong and beautiful and amazing. You hide her away, and for good reason. You have lived in a world of sickness and hardship. You hid yourself in a place where she wouldn't get hurt ever again, but now, you fear putting yourself in my care because of what you have lived through. It won't be easy to bring her back. I know this. I am here, and I will never hurt you. Let me see you, not the shield you have put up against the world. Let me in. Please."

"I don't know what you are talking about." she said in a tone that he could tell she was lying "....you got what you wanted....I'm pregnant and now I'm stuck.....just leave me alone now ok...." she said in a low tone

He looked at her. His face was like stone, but his eyes told her the pain he was in from her words. "He took everything from you, yet you endured, Serenity. Yes, I am happy we are going to be parents, but not at the expense of your happiness. No, I haven't got what I want... because you haven't given yourself to me. I have shown you everything I am, yet here I am, patiently waiting for you. Serenity... I love you. If only for me, show me the woman I know you are. He may have use your body, but he never touched your soul." He laid his hand on hers. "That's what counts. He never touched your beautiful soul. Yet, now, even your lifemate is kept out. And... it hurts."

"you dont know what e touched" she said moving away from him "he was my father...If I cant trust him...nevermind please....just...put me to sleep" she said in a defeated tone

"He wasn't your father, Serenity," said Maddox. "Any man who touches his daughter the way that man touched you is not even a man, let alone a father. I will not go to ground with you until you understand this. He couldn't kill the light inside you. He was jealous of how bright you shown, reminding him of the monster he was. But you hid away from him, where you were safe. Have the courage to trust again, because I know it's in there. You have more courage than anyone I've ever met. You are still clean, Serenity. Not even that shell of a man can take that away from you."

"im not clean....." she said softly

"Yes, you are," Maddox said. "You are clean. He tried to taint you, even make you fear what is natural and precious, but you are clean and stronger than him. By saying you are unclean, fearing to trust and love, you are letting a monster win. And I know you. You would never let a monster win." He cupped her cheek. "So you aborted the baby he put into you. So he used your body. That doesn't make you unclean. You knew the baby would suffer and saved them. You put everything good in you in a safe place. All of that, that takes courage. And that courage is what kept you clean."

"you assume I aborted it....." she said looking away from him "I miscarried.....a ten-year-olds body is not ready for a child..." she said with years in her eyes "he would have never let me abort it.....and it was not te last time I got pregnant by him...."she said honestly, sharing something with him

"It's okay," he said. "I'm here to protect you now. His taint never touched you. You stayed clean and innocent and pure. All of that is in the past. It shaped you, made you stronger. But it didn't break you. If you had wanted to die, truly wished that, you would have done so during the conversion."

"what....what do you mean?" she asked finally looking at him

"The way I see it," said Maddox, "there are four things that must happen for a conversion to work. One, the woman must be a true psychic, a link fate put there because of the lack of Carpathian women. Two, she must have a potential lifemate waiting for her, or her conversion is pointless and life threatening. Three, the woman must possess a strong and intelligent mind, or she would go crazy with the pain and have to be destroyed. And four, she must have a strong desire to live, or the conversion would claim her life. You have psychic powers, I was waiting for you and you alone, you aren't crazy because you are smart and strong, and, lastly, you wanted to live or we wouldn't be here and I would be dead or worse."

"I was compelled remember.....maybe thats why I survived....he compelled me too" she said looking away from him again "can we please sleep now..." she asked

"You can't compel someone to live, Serenity," said Maddox. "Not even I have that ability. No, you lived because you wanted to. Admit it. You wanted to live."

"How am I supose to know....I was not in my right mind then...all I know is I dont want to live now..." she said standing up and going over to the bed, she slowly crawled in and covered herself with the blankets, even her head "I want to sleep here not the ground..." she said

Her words cut deep. "Then, scoot over. I will sleep beside you."

"no...you did alot tonight you need the ground....I dont know how I know that but I just do.." she said curling up

"Thank you for your concern," Maddox said with a sad smile, "but I will not leave you above ground unprotected. I will sleep here next to you."

"why are you so stuborn..." she said into the pillow

"Because," Maddox said, "what happens to you happens to me. Because you are the air I breath and the blood in my veins. Because I love you."

"such strong words for someone who has know me less than a year.." she said shifting slightly, her buttocks rubbing against him slightly

"I've been in your mind enough to know you better than any other ever could, even given a thousand lifetimes. Even your sister doesn't know you as well as I do. And I learned it all in two days."

"Stalker...." she said and he knew she was hiding a smile

"You mean lifemate," he said with a chuckle, "and you wouldn't change a thing about me."

"Thats not true...I would change a few things...one being how stubborn you are...now go to ground" she said pushing him with her butt

"I refuse to go to ground without you," he said, his arms going around her waist.

She let out a breath that had a slight moan to it "Why....something so simple.." she said with hate in her tone as her heart started pounding

"Without you by my side," he said, kissing her neck, "there is no color, no feelings, no reason to my existence. I am empty without you. I need you. I will stay here with you, because my place is at your side, as your place is at mine."

Another breathless sound came from her and her body started to get warm "ok...ok you win...Ill go to ground" she said shifting her legs as she felt herself start to get wet

"I know you are not admitting you are clean, or that you want to live," he said with a small smile. "But, at least you will be healthy. Sleep. I will wait until you are out to put you in the ground."

"I cant sleep or think straight with you this close...." she said in a shy tone

"Shall I put you to sleep?" he asked seductively.

Her heart pounded harder in her chest, her breathing quickened and he would smell her erotic juices as she got wetter "y-yes...." she said sounding unsure

Maddox smiled and kissed his way down her body. When his mouth found her core, his tongue stabbed deep.

She cried out and her hands grip his hair, all train of thought vanished from her mind, only the pleasure he was giving her was there, he would see her thoughts were of a true lifemate

He kissed back up her body, kissing her deeply as he slowly entered her. Do you love me, Serenity?

She wiggled beneath him and gripped the sheets hard as he entered her I cant.....please...dont make me say it..

I need to hear you say it, Maddox said, moving his hips. Please.

She cried out as he started movingI dont know! I dont know if I do! I dont know how love feels..

Link your mind with mine and find out.

No please Im not ready for that again...it was too much...to intense..I can barely think now she said arching beneath him

You said you don't know what love feels like, and I am inviting you to see. I mean, how can I tell you about the most painful, most pleasurable, most unbearable, all encompassing feeling in the world? I've heard that it is easily mistaken for loathing.

please maddox...im going crazy....dont make me think.... she said trying hard not to fight her urge to run from him even as he brought her such pleasure

I don't want you to think. I want you to feel my love. Just feel.

She gripped his shoulders and started to try and push him off no please.....I dont want to...please she said fear in her tone

I will be with you. Merge your mind with mine.

She tried harder to get from underneath him, but her tries only made him go deeper until she cried out and moaned No! I cant!

Yes, you can. You are brave, Serenity. Show your bravery and merge your mind with mine.

She was able to get from underneath him, making him leave her body, she rolled over onto her stomach, brushing his member with her butt

He growled and pinned her to the bed, his teeth keeping her in the submissive as he plunged into her again. What is so scary about love? You already know I can never hurt you and I will never leave.

She cried out and gripped the frame bars in front of her you already have hurt me! I dont want love! Im not made for it! and you cant say you will never leave carpathians can die too!

I would never leave without you, so I will fight to live until you and I choose to leave this world together. And if you weren't made for love, then why are you gripping me so tight?

its...its the position and your teeth she moaned in his head, gripping the frame harder, her skin was so soft underneath him, her body warm, everything about her made him want to dominate her more

He growled, slowly started to pull out, and said, Do you wish me to stop, then?

Her heart slammed into her chest and she tried to remain quiet y-yes she said but he knew she was lying, he could feel her body protest, needing him, calling to him

He slammed forward, moving hard and fast. Your body is more honest than you. After all this time, you still... She could hear the pain in his voice.

She cried out clenching around him like a vice grip we have only known each other a few months I dont know what you want from me maddox....I cant.. she was cut off as he built the fire between them o the point she lost al thought

I want you to admit to being clean, admit to wanting to live, admit to loving me, and I want you to mean it all!

"I wont admit to anything I dont feel!" she cried out

He filled her, taking her over the edge. He separated their bodies and turned away. Her denial hurt him. He looked alone to her in that instance. Completely alone.

When she could move she did "Im not like your kind.....I cant fall in love with someone in a day...its not how I work...you are asking me to ie to you if you want me to say I love you...because I dont.....and its nothing to do with you really....Im not good with this stuff and I dont trust easily and you have not earned all my trust ..." she said getting off the bed "IM sorry but you are just going to have to accept that how I was brought in your world has made me not want to be in it" she said and went into the bathroom and he heard the shower start

When she came out, he was gone. She could still feel him in her mind, but he was gone. Sleep how you want. I'm going to watch the sun rise.

your lying but nice try...your hurting me again Maddox saying stuff like that to make me feel bad.....you cant make me feel bad because I don't love you, its childish and it makes me angry

He showed her the image of himself on top of the tower. I forgot how beautiful this country is.



Amelia had snuck in without her lifemate knowing to the infirmary, she held her arm to her and sat down, she could wait while the others got taken care of. She thinks she dislocated her shoulder when she had tried to separate two males who were fighting over a female

Desaray sat down and said, "I feel like I'm running a brothel, not a school infirmary."

Amelia couldn't help but chuckle "too bad you are not getting bad like a brothel or right now you would be rich" she said chuckling "I mean come on the one in that room is already pregnant its not like they need it at this point" she said gesturing to the room Madox and Seren were in

"Right now, I don't care," said Deseray. "I know she is with child, but that means they have to burn the drugs out of her system even faster. That's why they are going for three rounds instead of two."

She shrugged "by the way you rest and take care of the others im not in that dire need" she said chuckling

"At this point, I'm a glorified traffic director," said Desaray. "Give me your arm."

She chuckled and gave her, her arm, just as Hendrik walked in with another male student with a black eye and bloody nose

Deseray popped Amelia's arm back into place.

"What happened?" Hendrik asked as he sat the young man down.

Before Amelia could answer Deseray said, "I need both of you to come with me. The people in the room... the baby is in danger."

Amelia nodded and followed the nurse into the other room

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