Talent Show 4

Fine I will join you.....Im more then ready she said sincerely and opened the door to the room and started walking towards the exit me you and the child.....let's do this she said in an emotionless tone as she reached for the door to the exit of the building

I'm not doing this to greet the dawn! said Maddox in a panic, locking the door to keep her in. I'm doing this to give you space! I planned on going to ground in before nine! Go to sleep!

Well then I'll come watch it with you, since you worked so hard to make me feel bad for how I feel I'll make it up to you by punishing myself, by watching the sunrise knowing I will never be able to enjoy daylight again she said surprising her self as she was able to break the lock and start opening the door, she saw the sun rising on the grass and sidewalk in front of her as she went to go step out

Maddox was instantly there shielding her from the sun. Fear, anger, and an emotion she dared not name played across his face. "I don't know what that will do to you! Please... I'll come back inside, okay? I just... I tried to give you some space so you could sleep on your own and think things over. Not try to kill us all."

She didnt even look at him, he would see it then, how she was looking behind him, tears in her eyes as she looked at the rays of the sun that were on the grass "I use to love it you know....the sun....the way it made me feel warm....when I was so cold..." she said softly as tears started to fall down her cheeks

"This evening, I will help you get acclimated to the sun again," he said, wiping her tears. "In about a month, you should be able to take early morning and late evening sun. Just enough to watch the sunset. Though, you will still need to wear heavy duty sunglasses so that it doesn't harm your eyes as much. I don't know about you, but it feels like needles poised, ready to stab my eyes. I left without my glasses as a sort of self-punishment."

"It doesn't matter," she said looking away from him "Ive always lived in the dark...might as well make it literal," she said and turned and started to walk away

"You will find, Serenity, that I never say anything I don't mean. You like to see the sun rise and set, then I will give it to you. It will just take time and it will hurt."

She shrugged "it always hurts...."she said rounding the corner and disappearing from his view

He smiled, a shadow in her mind, "Sunglasses are in the top draw of my desk. However, once the pain is too much, I'm dragging you back in here and putting you to ground, understand?"

"its fine I dont want to go....enjoy your sunrise" she said as she entered their room

"I can't now! You have me nervous! You refuse to let me into your mind completely, so I'm walking on eggshells! I've never had this happen before and it's uncomfortable, to say the least!"

"what do you mean? what have you never had?" she asked as she started to take off her clothes

"Someone not trust me, a lifemate to lose, a woman who easily tears me apart without remorse," he said with a shrug. "I can handle any pain thrown at me until it involves you. And, honey, your leaving pieces of me everywhere. I don't know how much more I can take before I snap!"

"what happens wen you snap?" she asked fully naked now as he walked into the room

"Never had it happen before, so I'm scared to find out," he said honestly. "But I would most likely make love to you while showing you your own inner thoughts, desires, and dreams that you said have died."

"Oh so I have nothing to worry about since none of that is there" she said with a shrug and getting into the bed after she put on a large t-shirt and white laced underwear

He growled and pinned her to the bed. "None of it?! Really?! You are saying you never existed at all?! That I made you up so that I wouldn't be lonely anymore! That you aren't in my bed right now?!"

"Im saying you are not considering me at all and are only thinking with your Carpathian mind! " she said fighting against his grip "my body might be Carpathian but thats it! I dont love so quickly I dont heal as quickly and twenty years of hell is nott going to go away just because you want to be loved! your lucky I even have sex with you! I hate sex!" she said wiggling harder beneath him

"We don't have sex!" Maddox said. "We make love! There is a difference! When you make love, your body comes alive! Sex is nothing but useless pounding! You're right, your childhood will never go away, but denying the truth will only allow it to control you! And you do love me! Quit lying to yourself!"

"Idont I dont I dont I dont! god! why cant you accept that! I havent known you long enough to love you and I dont trust you enough for love to even start growing!" she said arching underneath him to try and break his hold

"You aren't even trying?! Your sister has accepted her lifemate! She loves him and admits to it! Stop being a stubborn child! Stop letting your father control you! His compulsion reeks!" His eyes got bit. "His compulsion..."

"Let me go! " she cried out finally able to get one of her arms free and pushing him sideways off of her, she moved to get off the bed quickly

He fell off the bed hard and said, "Ow! Think, Serenity! There is a reason why you keep hearing his voice when good things happen. When you finally feel a little happiness, it isn't just memories playing. Those can be blocked. But you haven't been able to do that. You hear him clearly, as if..."

"As if I am right next to her," came a voice behind him. "Burn, vampire." Serenity saw the man of her nightmares before her, knocking Maddox out cold. "Come with me, baby. We have to save your sister."

Seren couldnt think couldnt move, she looked at Maddox uncouncious body and then back to her fathers, she knew she had to thinnk and quick "no.....not megan....please just me" she said slowly getting off the bed and walking towards him

Derek pulled her to him, hugging her close, and said, "Of course, my treasure. What ever you want. Let's go. The sun is up. We can escape. I have a van right outside. Hop in and tell me what hell they put you through."

"I cant be in the sun....they hurt me papa" she said softly hugging him back

"Those monsters!" he said. "Then..."

He put the blanket over her and carried her out. He tossed her into the back and drove quickly. When he stopped, it was at another cave, one with a door. He carried her in, shut the door, and removed the blankets. The inside looked like it belonged to the Flintstones, but nicer. He led her to the bed.

"Sleep," he said. "I'll protect you."

"I want get far away from here papa....please peomise me we will go far away" she said grabbing his hand

"We will," he said with a twisted smile, "but I need to do something else first."

He ripped her clothes off of her and took his clothes off. He licked his hand to get her wet before entering her. He then rolled until she was on top.

"You know I like when you ride me," he said, massaging her breasts. "Show me you remember."

She hid her face by looking down and having her hair cover her face and se began to ride him like she knew he liked

He moaned and said, "That's it. My perfect little girl. Daddy love you. You know that, right?" He began to thrust into her hard and fast. "I want you to remember this. You are mine. Daddy is the only person you can trust."

She nodded "I love you too daddy...." and then she did something she hated but knew he loved "fill me daddy.....let me be your vessel to your dream of a physic family..." she said gripping his chest

"Not yet, my treasure," he said. "Not yet." She recognized the glint in his eye. "You ran away. I want you to show me what that vampire has taught you."

She nodded and got off of him and got on all fours, her hands gripping the frame of the bed "h-he like submission" she said waiting for what she knew was to come

Derek slammed into her hard. He moved hard and fast and deep. He slapped her ass until it was bright red.

"You think of that thing and you will remember this," he said, laying on the compulsion and his hands going to her shoulders. "Remember that I was loving and he was cruel." He started choking her, ramming into hard enough to cause bruises. "This is what he did to you! Forced you, hurt you! This is what he did, isn't it?! Tried to take you from me!" He let go so she could breath. "I am more preferable, aren't I? You know only I can care for you."

"yes papa! only you please dont let him hurt me again!" she cried out

He laid down, pulling her with him and thrust into her. He filled so much, she was overflowing. He made her lay beside him, bodies still connected.

"He will never touch you," Derek said. "Or that child I just put inside you. You are mine."

She laid still, squeezing her eyes shut as tears form in her eyes, and once more she had to say thee words that make her want to die "I love you papa......please dont stop...more....please let me please you more"

He smiled, bringing her hair to his nose. "Ride me again. You are such a good girl. It will be your reward. Ride me until you can't move."

SHe slowly got up and started to ride him, her body had gotten so tired from it being daylight, but se forced her slef to keep going, knowing the punisment if he didnt cum

He pulled on her nipples. "It's like you're not even trying, Serenity. Faster and harder. You know what I want. Do you want to end up like your useless mother?"

"NO papa! I want to please you I do! but those monsters did something tto me...Im so tired papa" she said fighting harder against the need to sleep but she was slowly losing "Please help me papa.....I want to please you" she said leaning forward and kissing his chest and neck like he likes

He grabbed her hips and slammed into her. "That's it, baby. Squeeze around me. You are my only treasure. Make a baby with this!"

He pumped into her hard. She felt the bruises then. He gasped, holding her to his chest.

"Sleep now," he said. "Just like this. I always loved waking up inside my little girl."

She was shaking and tears fell from her eyes as sleep took her

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