Father-Daughter Time

The following rising, Serenity woke up to Derek holding her hips and slamming into her. She felt so sore, she knew he had to have woken up before her and used her while she slept.

"Finally up?" he asked. "I had some fun, but without you enjoying it, it was unsatisfying. What did those monsters do to you, baby?"

"the mind washed me into thinking I was the headmasterrs daughter and he made me call him father" she said knowing she had to tell him a form of the truth or he would know

"I'll kill him!" Derek said, slamming into her in anger, hurting her. "Was the man in the room with you the headmaster?! If he was, I'll go back and finish the job!"

"no he was the guy who took care of me...and was a teacher there....papa your hurting me..." she said kissing his neck

"So, they put you with a teacher?" he asked, easing up. "Did you like him? Grow to love him?"

"I couldn't trust him, between them messing with my mind and other things I didnt trust him," she said as she started to move her hips they way he liked

"Good girl," he said, filling her. "Now, I have some papers to fill out and forge some documents so we can get the hell out of here. Why don't you drink some of daddy's special milk while I work?"

He lifted her off of him and sat at the desk. He waited for her to get under it so he could begin working.

She slowly went under the desk and started going down on him, tears fell as she did, she was hungry and sore and wanted....she wanted something...someone? she couldnt think tough

He worked for hours, holding back what she was trying to take from him. Just like old times, he thought to himself. When he finished the last of his work, he used both hands and moved her head for her. When he came, he slammed into the back of her throat, forcing her to drink or drown.

She fought the urge to bite down or to throw up, knowing if she did she would be punished, she coughed and gasped after he released her to get hair back n her lungs

"papa...im hungry"

He smiled and said, "I know just what you need. Since they turned you into a monster like them, it's only fitting you eat like them." He went to another room. He brought back a woman, battered and bruised, tossing her to Serenity. "I have a few toys I bought to pass the time until I could rescue you. Drain her of all her blood. I have two more in the spare room. Eat then we will leave."

"you want me to ...kill them all?" she asked in a shaking voice

"If you have to," he said. "If not, just get them close enough to it that they die from blood lose." The woman whimpered, frightened. "They weren't even good toys. They tired to escape twice! So, eat!"

"I can erase their mind...we can let them go?" she asked

He went to her and slapped her. Then, in a voice laced with compulsion, he said, "You will drink their blood until they die from blood loss! Do it now!"

She cried blood red tears as she crawled over to the woman she felt her fangs grow, the woman screamed and begged her not to "Im sorry" she said and bit deep in the womans neck, she could feel her heart slow please I dont want to do this please!! this is wrong!!!! make it stop!!!!

"You've taken enough from her," Derek said. "Go to the next one. This doll will die on her own now. Do the same for the other two chained to the walls in the spare room!"

Seren knew she would die slowly and suffer, with blood red tears falling from her eyes she finished the girl off until she heard her heart stop, she released her neck and cried out in agony "Please papa Ill do anything you want please....let me erase their mind and let them go you have me now...please" she said begging on her knees

He back handed her and, using compulsion again, said, "You know letting them live is too much of a risk. Drink their blood so that they can die peacefully as this one did."

She made her way into the other room and didn't even say sorry this time, she could bare too, she bit deep in the first girls neck, she tried to make it as quick as possible and as painless, within only a few moments the girls heart stopped and she moved on to the next one and dd the same thing, after the last one past away she sat there curled up in the corner staring at their bodies

Derek came in and said, "You did a good job. You saved these girls from being murdered." He picked her up like he used to when she was a child, having her wrap her legs around him while they went on walks before he started using her body. "I have a prize for you. You always liked my gifts." He shoved into her and pinned her against one of the bodies of the women. "Feel them embrace you. They know you helped them. Tell them you are happy you could set them free."

Something snapped in her, she felt herself shatter and at the last moment she cried out a name "Maddox!!" before her mind went numb and a blast from her sent her father flying across the room, the cave walls started to shake and she cried out, holding her head with her hands, her power shook the cave making it starts to crack. She stood up and with inhuman speed she picked up her father by his throat pinning him against the wall

Derek looked at her and gasped out, "So, you want to be a monster like them? You would kill your own father?"

"No father would dare treat his daughter the way you have," said a voice Serenity knew all too well. "I followed your depravity, Mr. Stone. It is worse than any vampire. These three women were kidnapped from their homes around the same time Serenity and Megan appeared in Romania. For your treatment of her alone, she has a right to kill you."

The cave still shook with her shattered mind, her breathing was ragged, her grip on his throat tightened, maddox would feel her struggling for control "no.......I wont kill you.....because....you hurt someone worse then me....you made it impossible to give the man I love what he deserves.....and for that......he is going to kill you" she said through him to Maddox feet

Derek coughed and just as Maddox was about to give the killing blow, Derek shoved him to the ground and ran for the exit. Maddox would have given chase, but he had to get Serenity out.

"I will take care of things here," he said. "Go outside and get some air. It will be alright now. You shattered all his compulsions on you. I knew you could do it."

She stood there shaking just as the cave was, Maddox would hear her father scream from outside, she was losing her fight on control and her mind was becoming more shattered and lost

Maddox smiled and said, "Get out of here. Run. Get yourself back together. Heal a little. I will find you and take you someplace safe."

Without another word she turned and ran right into his arms, hugging him so hard it would leave a red mark, she buried her face into his chest, but right beofre he could hug her back she let go and ran out the cave

He began destroying everything. He burned papers and broke the stone furniture. He apologized to the women before turning them to fine ash and letting the wind take them. He stepped outside the cave and let it collapse. He followed Serenity's scent.

"I found you," he said when he saw her next to a lake two hours later, stopping just short of her in case she didn't want to be touched. "I will always find you. I am sorry it took so long. Are you feeling a little better?"

She remained silent and curled up by the lake, hugging her knees to her chest

Maddox sat next to her and said, "Do you want to talk? It will help. Let me help you heal."

He would then see in a circle around her the grass was black and dead, her face was buried in her arms

"Serenity!" he said in fear, taking her by the shoulders. "Let me in! Please! Did he make you feed from those women?! Tell me so I can help you!"

"let me alone!" she growled in a tone unlike her as a invisible force pushed him hard away from her and into the water, he only saw a glimpse of her eyes, they were blood shot with red tears falling from them

"I can't," he said, wading towards her. "You are not alone in this battle, Serenity. What happens to you happens to me. Do you want us to turn vampire? Cause more innocents pain because he tortured those women? You can fight this. You are of the light and you are stronger than the darkness trying to take you over."

She grabbed her head and started to rock "no...no...make it stop...blood....i want it.....the feel of their life pulsing against my teeth....the struggling of their heart.." she growled and worms started to emerg from the dead grass around her

"I know," he said softly. "It will be like that for a while. I'll have blood taken to our rooms so that this doesn't happen. We will build up to humans. But I will be with you, to help you."

"make it stop maddox please make it stop....I hear it...their screams in my head...their blood on my lips....more...couldnt stop...needed to end it..." her heart started going crazy in her cest, beating loudly and out of control, she looked up towards the sky and grabbed her throat with one hand "down....down it went...more and more....flowing until there was silence" she said in a uneven tone as blood tears fell down her face, the battle with her was so strong the animals around them were getting nervous. It would be then he would relaize for such a strong battle to ensue meant she killed all three woman

Maddox made her look at him. "You didn't kill them. He used you to do it. He knew it would destroy your will to fight him, so he made you do it. You are not to blame. Blame me for not getting to you sooner. It wouldn't have happened if I had moved faster."

"That's not true," said a voice behind him.

"Father!" Maddox said.

"We feel her pain," Erik Daratrazanoff said. "Daughter, talk to me. Let me see your pain so that I may heal it."

She glanced at him sideways and then behind him "too bright....she is too bright....It hurts" she said in a pain filled tone covering her eyes with her hands

Meghan stepped from around Erik and took his hand

"You see yourself," Erik said. "She was like you once. Broken. But her love for me and our children allowed her to come back. You are letting him win, Serenity." He smiled. "Your light is so bright, but you cannot see it. That man is trying to snuff it out, putting his demons in you."

"If you can break his compulsion, you can fight this," said Maddox. "I am with you, now and always."

Whimpers and gowls came from her and she started to rock

"Erik....she is with chid" meghan said softly "the child is in pain" she said in a worried tone

"Serenity doesn't want the child," said Maddox. "And I will not sacrifice her happiness for a baby at this time."

"I see," said Erik. "My grandfather killed while feeding. His struggle was harder, but he did say he found female who suffered as your woman is. She too was pregnant." He looked at Serenity. "Put all the darkness into the child all at once. You will give birth this night. I will take care of everything after."

"wait....thats not true...Erik loos in her memories.... she protected it" she said even though the memories were scrambled and hard to read

"I believe you, my love," said Erik. "Then, we don't have to perform a dark spell. Serenity, go back to a time when you were happy with Maddox, when you realized you loved him and wanted to be with him for eternity. Focus on those thoughts. I will take care of the rest."

"cant....I cant none exsist...voices in my head....no cant trust....dont love....just leave me alone! I dont know you!" she said geting up to run from them

Maddox slit his wrist, getting her attention. "Take what I offer freely," he said. He knew he was putting himself at risk, however, he also knew that as her lifemate, he did so gladly. Besides, no one can hurt their lifemate.

She stopped in her tracks as the scent of blood filled the air

Meghan gripped Eriks hand tightly, worried for her son

Slowly Seren turned to look at him and then her gaze went to his wrist, her fangs grew and she closed her eyes and listened to the beast roaring inside her, she was afraid of it and what it wanted

"Come," said Maddox. "Feed from me. I offer freely, my life for your life."

"Idiot...." she growled , her fist at her sides clenching so hard that her nails dug into her palms, without another word she lunged at him but right before her teeth sank deep into her neck an arm came in between her teeth and his neck and she latched deeply into it instead.

Meghan flinched when she bit down hard, she had moved so fast even Erik didnt have a chance to stop her,

"She's my lifemate, mother!" Maddox said. "She will kill you in this state! I was perfectly safe!"

"Are you sure about that? she has not falling in love with you yet Maddox...she was kept from doing so....I will not take the risk.......Easy girl.....calm yourself....." she said and was able to push in her head, her emotions were everywhere but not impossible to sort through you hate feeling this way dont you....you hate that he got away......your afraid to come out because he still walks this earth

Seren growled and bit deeper

y-yes... Serene said back

Its ok to be afraid but he wins if you do not have courage to keep going......I know it seems hard but your sister still does not know he is here....you protected her growing up didnt you....kept him focused on you....now you have the power to stop him....Maddox can teach you to control it...

Blood red tears started to fall as she continued to feed

Dont fight the pain seren...embrace it, let it make you stronger....let go of this darkness....give it too me....come on.....do not stay in the shadows when you crave the light

Erik and Maddox would hear Meghans heart start to slow

Maddox put his wrist to his mother's mouth.

"Meghan, lifemates can't harm each other," said Erik with a smile full of pride. "You know this. You let your maternal instincts take over. As close as she would have gotten, she would have stopped. Not even vampires can harm their lifemates."

Meghan simple licked Maddox wound close "It means I care for my son and his lifemate.....She will not kill me.....you feel this too otherwise you would have stopped her by now" she said smiling at Erik

Give it to me now little one and you can walk once more down your path

please....Im sorry Seren said and Meghan would feel as the darkness entered her, her beast roared but she kept it under control.

Seren released her wrist with a cry and fell over

Maddox caught her while Erik watched Meghan.

Meghan stood up and growled for a moment before she sighed and slowly opened her eyes and smiled softly at Erik, unchanged love in her eyes

Seren shook in his arms and curled up in a ball, burying her face into his shoulder

"Welcome back," Maddox said. "This time, I won't fail you."

"get me away from here....please...." she said in a desperate tone

Meghan went to Erik and leaned into him, she was pale and tired from blood lost

Erik took Meghan back to the monastery, while Maddox picked Serenity up and clothed her. He carried her back to the school, but stopped just inside the gate.

"Do you want to walk around or go home?" he asked.

"I feel dirty....I want to bath...I dont care where..." she said softly still burying her face in his chest

Maddox took her to their home and started a steaming bath. He put herbs in the water to help her calm down. He also lit candles, letting their healing aroma and muted light fill the bathroom.

"It's ready," he said. "I'll be in the bedroom. Take as long as you need."

She nodded and went in there, quietly shutting the door, it was silent for hours after that, not sound was heard from her

"Serenity?" Maddox said, getting nervous. "I've stayed out of your mind out of respect. Tell me you are okay."

"im still here...." she said in a whispered tone "but....im not ok..."

"Do you want me to come in?" he asked. "Do you need my help?"

"I dont know..." she said honestly "the waters cold....I didnt notice until now"

Maddox concentrated and the water was steaming again. "There. Hot. Do you wish to talk about it?"

"No....." she said softly "I want to sleep here.....can I do that? Can I sleep in the water?"

"I'm sorry, Serenity," he said. "You can't sleep in the water. It is dangerous."

"why?" she asked

"Because when you wake, you could breath in the water. You also wouldn't heal."

"ok..." she said surprising him, she put up no fight

"You are deep in your mind, Serenity," he said. "Talk to me, share your burden. We are in this together."

"Im cold....can you....can you warm me...' she said in a whispered tone

He went to her with a towel and pulled her out of the steaming bath. He dried her off and put a robe around her. He carried her to their bed and simply held her, letting her feel his body heat.

"Is this what you mean?" he asked.

"I....dont know....I feel exposed...im scared" she said in a distant tone

"What will make you feel safe with me?" he asked.

"I dont know.....please....I dont want to think anymore.....I just want to feel safe"

"I want to show you something," he said after a moment, pulling out a necklace. "My mother gave this to me, said that I should give it to my lifemate. Anytime there is danger to you nearby, it heats up. Like a warning system. You can find a safe place to hide then and I will eliminate the danger. When you need to feel me, press the jewel in the center and you will feel my heartbeat. I have a matching ring that does the same. You will always be safe now."

The necklace felt cool against her skin "it feels....not normal" she said unaware she was feeling ol magic

"My great-grandfather made it for his mate. She was scared of losing him. Before he greeted the dawn with her, he changed the magic so that it acted like a warning system. It is very old and very powerful. Only we can take them off, so no threat of losing them."

"how does a necklace know if im in danger?" she asked softly

"To be honest, I don't know. I'm just telling you what my grandmother told me."

"ok...."she said and went silent again, curling up on the bed "can....you take my robe off maddox...."

Maddox removed the robe with a thought. Her naked body gleamed in the candle light.

"C-Can... you touch me Maddox...." She asked in a timid whisper

He ran his hand over her body, careful of where he touched so as not to scare her or make her regress. But his touch was as loving as it was possessive.

She shivered with his touch "more...." she breathed but did not move

He started to go closer to areas that could trigger the memories. He looked at her, worry in his eyes, but his face seemed made of stone.

When his hand neared her core she grabbed his wrist, her heart pounding in her chest, her breathing quickened "Im......Im sorry" she said in a pain filled tone

"It's okay," he said with a smile. "Don't push yourself. We will get through this together. I don't need to make love to you, because I am in your mind. That is all the intimacy I need."

She didnt let go of his wrist, slowly she started to move it up her body, avoiding her breast, until it came to rest on her throat, with her free hand she moved her hair from her neck then reached around and pulled him down towards her bare neck until his lips were on her skin, he would feel her shudder at the sensation

He kissed her neck, letting his hand drift down her arm. He found her hand and put it around his neck. He didn't want to push her too far.

She let out a moaned sigh "more.." she said in a breathless tone

"If we push you too far," he said, licking the side of her neck, "it will only hurt you. Are you ready to make love to me at this time, Serenity? Because that is where this is headed."

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