Freedom 2

"She's my lifemate, and no one is fully in control around their lifemate," said Raoul. "And she doesn't have a grasp on her abilities. Can you tell me about her past, before coming to this school?"

"you think you are in a position to ask questions, lifemate of not Raoul? I expect more from you, you are one of my oldest and that means you can not lose control, hee is what is going to happen, you are going to say the binding words before Zandar brings the girl in there, if they click then we will work something out from there, if they do not then we need to take other measures" he said in a tone that left no room for argument

Raoul placed a barrier around the prince, the other hunters guarding the exits, and himself, though the latter was grudgingly. Zandar went to the cell, awoke Natasha, and took her to the front office.

"You can't escape, Natasha," said Zandar, passing through the safeguard. "Stand there for a moment."

Raoul's breath caught in his throat. She looked so alone and trapped, and he was sure his face mimicked her's only with anger mixed in.

"I'm sorry to do this in such a way," he said before uttering the binding words.

He felt the strings tying them together, and his soul felt at peace for the first time in centuries. He didn't bother hiding his joy, confusion, and discomfort.

Natasha felt something she couldn't explain and made her even more scared "What did you do to me?" she said backing away until she unintentionally backed up against Zandar, she jumped and went to step away but zandar gripped her arms keeping her in place in front of him "shall I take her back now?" he asked looking at the prince "yes and put her back to sleep" the prince said "No please! dont make me sleep...I wont try to run I promise!" she said with panic in her tone "you running is not what concerns me" said te prince giving Zandar a look that said to put her to sleep now

Zandar put her to sleep again and carried her back to her room as Raoul took the barrier down.

"I want her to be moved to my rooms," said Raoul. "She is my mate, and it is my duty to care for her."

"She is too dangerous right now Raoul, you know this, first we must figure out a way to control her abilities until she learns to do so herself, in putting the other girl I mentioned earlier in the room with her it should help test both of them" he said in a matter of fact tone "Until then you are allowed to stay close enough for both of you to be comfortable but you are not to be in the same room with he is that clear?"

"I can't be close enough to my own lifemate to comfort her?" Raoul asked, anger and shock on his face. "You are saying I have to have a door between us? I can't even finish the binding?"

"you will not be even near the door and no you cannot finish the binding yet until we can prevent her from controlling you, I understand this must be hard but it is for her safety too, if you want to make things go faster so you can be with her then help us find a way to handle this, I need to go to the monastary to see if I can find away to help us control her abilites, in the mean time magnus will be in charge and while I am gone I want you on patrol of the grounds, you are one of our strongest fighters and with all the attacks lately it will be good to have you focused out there" he said looking throuhg some papaers on is desk

"I cannot leave her in a cage when I'm free to roam. I can barely stand being indoors to teach. I need her to be near me at all times. She could try to hurt herself just to get out."

"Raoul she is not you and that is why I am putting the other girl in there, she will not be alone but if you want to protect her this is the way to do it, she is a danger to others and herself until we can help her with her ability, now I am leaving in a few moments, maddox will inform you of your post, I will do my best to find out what I can so you can be wit your lifemate soon, trust in me raol and do as I ask, if you fight me on this, it will be even longer until you can reunite with her" he said in a stern yet tender tone

"I understand," Raoul said. "I want to be stationed near here so that she won't have such a strong reaction to the separation. And," he looked Xavier in the eye full of determination, "I have to be able to go to ground next to her. I will let another put her to sleep for me, and that is tough to give you, but I must sleep next to my mate."

"and if I say no to you sleeping next to her?" he said in a challenging tone "will you obey and trust my judgment?" he asked

"I would have to go against your judgment," said Raoul. "Her needs are more important than your orders."

He growled loud enough to make Raoul look down in obedience "You think I do this because of my need?" he said in a dark tone "everything I do is fo our people I would think being as old as you are you would have learned this by now, since you made it very clear that you are blinded by your own false assumptions I have no choice but to think of you as a liability and threat at this moment" he said in an emotionless tone with a stone face.

Maddox suddenly entered the room and the prince nodded at him and before Raoul could react Maddox repeated the prince's orders in his real voice, the compulsion set in immediately

"I understand," said Raoul. "What would you have me do then? I am already feeling the separation from her and having a hard time not rushing to her... room and hold her close to me. I didn't mean to over step my bounds, but I felt I had to tell you how I truly felt in that moment."

I understand that Raoul which is why Maddox is here, we will all work hard so you can be united with your lifemate" he said in a softer tone standing up "I leave now fo the monastery, Maddox will take you to your post just outside the building she is in, if you wish to help her focus on your job and kill any threat that comes near this school, we have lost too many, any vampie or human butcher you see kill as if they were after your lifemate" he said in a serious tone

"I understand," said Raoul, keeping his anger well hidden. "I will help protect our people. I hope that my loyalty to you and our people is never under question again. And I apologize if my comment before upset you."

He gripped his shoulder like a brother "Raoul I have know you long enough to know what you hide under that stone face......I am happy you found your mate, I would have hated to lose you, but you said yourself she does not know her own abilities, she might hurt herself or someone else if we do not do this carefully I will do what I can brother trust in me and wait for me to return" he said in a tone that touched his heart "FOcuse on the hunt and trust me to protect yourlifemate as if se was my own like I would do for all lifemates" he said squeezing his shoulder

"Thank you," said Raoul, giving him a small smile. "I guess... part of me feels as finding her is a blessing, but a part of me is upset that I have her as a lifemate. Honestly, I know I'm supposed to act like a lifemate, but I just..."

"you just what brother? talk to me" he said in a sincere tone as Maddox left the room to give them privacy after he squeezed Raoul other shoulder in a silent support

He looked Xavier in the eye and said, "I don't think I want her as my mate. I know that sounds terrible, but you saw how I acted. I questioned your judgment, which has always been sound. She can't control her ability and harms everyone around her because of it. How am I supposed to handle that? I'm barely in control of myself right now."

"her powers are dangerous yes but they also can be seen as a blessing,she has a rare gift that might be able to help our brothers fight the darkness as well as be a strong hunter, think about it, she was able to get to me and to you think of what she could do to a master vampire or a brother close to turning, things should be easier once you have completed the bonding...when I get back we will figure out a way to make things easier on both of you, keep in mind the bright side of things Raoul, she did not do harm intentionally and she was brought into our world in a cruel way.....I will tell you about it when I return until then trust in me and your brothers, keep the school safe and let her sleep" he said in a sincere tone

"I do trust you," he said sincerely. "I will do my duty, as I always do. I hope that we can get this done as soon as possible. I don't know how I will react tomorrow, but today, I will keep a level head."

He nodded and left, after he was gone Maddox came in and showed him to his post, every post had a button that if the hunters saw any danger they were to push it before they attacked to alert the school there was danger nearby She will be woken up soon to feed, so your mind should be at ease once you are able to feel her, do not worry she will be fine

Thank you, said Raoul. However, not long after he started watching, he heard a growl. He waited a fraction of a second before he pressed the button as a Sange rau jumped on him.

The second the alarm went off four hunters appeared and started to help him, Whats going on? wait.....what is that thing?!Natasha's voice and presence filled his mind, filling him with a comfort feeling only a lifemate could give with their presence

"What is a Sange rau here?!" he yelled. "We need every Guardian of All here now! They are the only ones that can take them!"

"We only have two and one is a student" Danarius said blocking a hit from the creature

"We don't have a choice!" Raoul said. "I prey one of them is from the De La Cruz family!" He winced as the Sange rau's talons raked across his chest. "Get the here now!"

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