Freedom 3

Scarlett had just finished her shifting class when a hand grabbed her shoulder from behind.

"Cousin, you are needed," said Zandar. "I have one other to summon. You know where the holding cells are. A Sange rau has attacked one of our hunters."

Scarlett nodded and started running towards the area, she was nervous, she had never fought a Sange Rau and knew little about them, but she was determined to do her best, She pulled out the long engraved daggers that she was given by her mother as a family heirloom, she arrived just in time to deflect a blow that the creature was going to make to another hunter. The sound of her blades against the creatures claws echoed the area

Raoul immediately closed off the wounds to stop the bleeding, but the pain coursing through him was mind numbing. Zandar arrived to help Raoul heal. Shortly after, Michael and assessed the situation. He didn't notice the woman fighting, only what she was fighting. He leapt in, moving faster than either lycan or Carpathian, crashing with the Sange rau into the bushes.

"Scarlett!" Zandar called out. "Help Michael!"

She didn't hesitate, she went with him, she saw the creature growl and swing towards his chest, he was to close and was going to get hit, out of instinct she grabbed the hunters shoulder and wrist and used them to lunch herself off the ground and kick the creature in the chest and back.

Michael followed up by lunging for the withered heart. He punched through bone and tissue. He pulled it out and tossed it to the woman's feet as he held the Sange rau down. It bit into his shoulder, trying to throw him off.

Her dagger went deep into the heart and it burst into flames and the creature turned to ash, once the creature was gone she limped over to the hunter, her leg bloody from the creature clawing it when she kicked him away earlier "Close off your wound...I will help you to the school hunter" she said in a soft tired tone as she ripped her pants to let the would breath and so he could look at it, three deep gashes in her calf and two in her thigh. She closed off the wound so no more blood would seep from them and then so they didnt attract anymore unwanted visitors she burned hers and the hunters blood that was on the ground so the smell would disappear.

Michael gasped. Colors and emotions flooded him. He barely managed to close off his wound. He finally looked at the owner of such a melodious voice. She looked like an avenging angel to him. Without thinking, he sad the binding words, tying them together.

Scarlett was so shocked she growled "impossible...." she said in disbelief taking a step back and winced, she had stepped back on her hurt leg making her lose balance

Michael rushed to Scarlett and picked her up, ignoring his own pain, as he said, "You need a healer."

She pushed at his chest "Im had worse put me down hunter" she said overwhelmed

"I will not put my lifemate down if she is in pain," he said as he began walking. "I am Michael Donavine. May I ask what your name is?"

"you bind me without even knowing my name and now you want it? how nice of you" she said in a fiery tone "judging by your smell you are not that old...was their really a reason to rush the binding?" she said deciding not to fight him or she might hurt them both

"I was incapable of thinking clearly when I saw you and heard your voice," he said honestly. "I will not perform the rest of the ritual until we know more about each other. I apologize for saying the words, but I wouldn't take them back, even if I could."

"How old are you?" she asked in a curious tone "had how close were you to the turning?"

"I am 569 summers," he said. "I could have held out for another five hundred if need be. Now, your name, please."

"Scarlett...if you feel like you may be nearing your turning we can complete the ritual" she said in a plain tone

"No, I am fine," he said with a smile. "I must say your name suits you. Fiery and passionate."

She chuckled "it runs in the family now can you put me down please Im not some damsel in distress I can walk and prefer to do so" she said honestly not use to being held like this

"You can't walk on that leg," he said. "You will only be in more pain. Don't worry, no one will see this. They are too busy with the injured hunter to care about what we do at this time."

"your my lifemate I do not worry if anyone sees us like this" she said with a shrug "But your shoulder with hurt more if you continue to carry me" she said gently moving his shirt so she can look at the would "Hold still " she said leaning up and gently started to lick it to clean and heal it as much as she could, her much was warm and she was very gentle but thorough

He groaned as desire washed over him. "Careful, pequeña. My control is starting to slip."

hold your self hunter, think of me as a healer and no one special if it helps She said though her heart started to race, his blood made her whole body come alive, a moaned escaped her lips and caught her off guard Im sorry she said plainly. Her tongue slowly eased the pain and started to close the woulds as she continued to gentle lick the wounds and skin, her lips gently brushing him randomly

"It is fine, pequeña. It is only natural. I'm enjoying the emotions sweeping through me. Keep going."

She did as he asked, a few minutes later the wounds were closed, she went still in his arms as she became a white light and healed the damage on the inside, it took about ten minutes until it was done. When she came back to her body she was breathing quick and had to lay her head on his shoulder "get another to do a better job...Im still learning but I did my best and you should have no permanent damage" she said tiredly

"It will be fine, thank you," he said. "But I didn't mean for you to become energy and heal me. I wanted you to continue feeling your tongue and mouth on me."

The way he said it made her heart slam into her chest "careful hunter....I have self control I can lose too" she said in a low tone as her body came alive once more, her mask was cool against his skin and he could smell her sweet desire that started to take place.

He chuckled and said, "Well, then it's a good thing we are at the school then. Wouldn't want you to lose control, now would we?"

She rolled her eyes though he couldn't see it "we both know the one most likely to lose control is you hunter " she said making her point by gentle kissing and grazing her fangs along his tender shoulder

He growled and said, "Do not push me, pequeña. I will not hold back if you keep going like this."

"Oh you were holding back?" she said in a teasing tone "just like a hunter...."she said letting her fangs cut the first layer if skin teasingly

He pinned her to a tree just outside the school and began nipping her neck, using his tongue to ease the sting.

She gasped and made sure to balance on her good leg and lean most of her weight against the tree, she had grown up hearing about the intense need between lifemates, she barely could stand how much her parents and the de la cruz brothers were with their mates, now she understood, she had just met him yet her body was more alive then it ever had been. She has never been shy about things she wanted and she was not going to start now, she rip open his shirt, all the buttons flying off and her hands started explore his body

He growled and bit into her, her clothes coming off of her in ribbons.

She moaned as he took from her "dont remove my mask...thats all I ask" she said in a moaning tone as her nails teased his back " hurry hunter...finish claiming me....I cant wait much longer" she said in a honest tone as her body was awakened even more.

He closed the wound, leaving his mark. "Why can I not look upon your face properly?"

" its my only request hunter...i am giving you everythong else" she said as her emerlad green eyes held lust in them, they were such a powerful light green it looked like they were glowing. Her firery red hair danced downe her lusious body, her skin was pale and soft with no blemishes, her hourglass waist made her breast and hips seem larger in size giving her a perfect hourglass shape, she was tone from her training but still held a femine delicacy in her form.

He smiled and said, "I will do as you ask this rising, but someday, I want to look upon your face. I should know what my lifemate looks like." He kissed down to the swell of her breast. "Can you live with that, pequeña? Showing only me your face?"

She growled with pleasure " maybe one day....but times up hunter I cant wait anymore" she said turning in his arms until she was facing the tree, she held on to the tree as she seductivly bent over into a submission position, the perfect female move to call forth the beast in any male " I need you to finish claiming me...cover my mouth or we will be heard" she said in a seductive tone

He quickly removed his clothes, forgetting he could make them make them disappear. His hand rubbed over her round bottom, then tested his readiness.

"How much do you need me, Scarlett?" he asked.

She growled " so your that type of male.....I need you bad enough Im in this god awful sub position" she said in a teasing yet frustrated tone, her core was hot and wet, ready for his envasion

He chuckled and said, "Then, you aren't truly submissive. You should want to be this way with me." He slowly entered her. "You shouldn't force yourself to be in a position you dis like."

"never said i didnt like it but because of my legs its the easiest position right now.." she said in between moans, she was like tight silk

He began using long, sure stokes. He kissed up her spin before pinning her with his teeth. He didn't bother holding back. He moved hard and fast, bringing her to the edge, but kept her there, refusing her release. What do you want? What do you need?

"Lift me by my waist and go deeper" she said needed to get off her sore leg, she was honest and straight forward.

He closed the wound on her shoulder and pulled out. He turned her around. He noticed the dragon over her left ovary. He bent down and kissed it, pinning her back to the tree. He lifted her legs up over his arms before shoving into her again. He held her with his teeth again. You're a revered Dragonseeker and a Guardian of All. A dangerous and beautiful combination. It is an honor to be your lifemate, pequeña.

"Please do not tell anyone" she said in between moans

It will be our secret until you are ready for the world to know of how strong and amazing you are.

What you call amazing I call a failure....I tainted the dragonseeker bloodline

You did not taint it. You added to it.

that is not how I see it....they are always reminding me how fragile I am she said not being clear who they are. She wrapped her arms around his neck to help herself balance as he continued to make love to her no more talking....Im starting not to be able to think straight

No Dragonseeker is fragile. They are all strong in their own way, he said before losing himself in her tight folds. He wanted her begging for it to never end, to scream his name, just as he was doing in her head.

She had to cover her mouth to keep quiet but in her mind she was crying out and was still having trouble keeping her loud moans covered by her hand, her core tightened around him so tigt it was almost painful, he would then smell the blood that was mixed with her sweet juices


Roaul felt his pain lessen and become bearable, hearing Natasha's gasp in his head as she unknowingly was helping him by taken some of the pain onto herself

No, break off from me, he said softly. You do not need to share this pain.

I....dont want to I dont know why....Who are you?

I am your mate, the one man destined to make you happy and ensure your safety for all time. Break off. I will not die this night.

Die? I dont understand.....mate? im so confused but....I dont want to break off with you...I dont understand...I cant see you yet I can feel and hear you...have we met?

Yes. I said the binding words that connected our souls. You are my lifemate. And I was wounded, a mere scratch. Go back to sleep.

No it was only one word but it meant so much, even though she was scared and confused he could feel her not wanting to leave him

I know you are out of place in my world, but when we can finally be together, I will show you the beauty of it.

I want to go home....must I stay in your world?

I am afraid so, Natasha. The sun will burn you, you will have to sleep in the ground during the day, and you will have to drink blood to survive. But I will be with you every step of the way.

I can never be in the sun again.... their was pain in her voice and her memories of bathing in the sun on the beach or watching the sunrise threw a wave she was surfing invaded his head, he would feel the warm comfort of the sun on his skin, smell the fresh beach air

Not right away, he answered. I will help you get reaccustomed to the sun so that you be out until late morning and late afternoon. And you will be able to surf at night, seeing everything as if it were high noon.

can you.....are I going to see you? she said with loneliness in her tone

I wish we could see each other now. The prince wants to help protect our people from your wild ability. Until we can protect you and everyone around you, I have been told to remain close but I can not be in the same room as you.

He would feel her pain and dread, he would feel how she honestly did not know of her ability and felt as if she was in danger and needed to flee

We are trying to help, my little mystery. Once we know what we can do to help, you will be allowed to return to classes and we can learn about each other.

are you the man from earlier?.... she said in a worried tone remembering the intimidating man that she got close to being intimate with

Yes, he said.

why are you talking different now? you seem ....nicer

Because you are scared and I know you do not mean to use your abilities. Before, I thought your fear was an untruth and you were being irresponsible with your powers.

I tried to tell everyone one believed me she said with pain in her tone as she curled up on the bed in the cell she was in, hugging her legs, her fear and loneliness beated at him

Well, now you have me.

Do I? Or maybe you are just under my wicked spell... she said with pain in her tone all I want right now is to go home and be free of this suffocating room...

No, you did not put me under a spell. I would not be able to feel emotions or see in color. And I understand the need for freedom. I feel it all the time at this school.

like you said I tricked jacob to think I was his lifemate right? how do we know Im not doing the same to you...any proof?

I would not feel emotion, see in color, or bind you to me with the binding words.

They were just words...though I didnt understand what you were can that prove anything..

Then, I will repeat them for you in your language. I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care. He could feel their bond growing stronger.

they are beautiful so lonely now....the feeling got worse...why is that?

It is because you are away from me. We need to bring our bodies together to finish the ritual and you will be officially mine. It is similar to being my wife, only deeper and there is no way to reverse it.

Our mean sex? With you... she asked unaware he could see her remebering how close they were to it before, he could feel her fear get stronger at how intense it had been and how he intimadated her in ways that made her feel intense things she didnt understand

No, I mean make love. I will be more gentle and caring of you than I was last time. You do not need to feel fear.

What if I dont want you to be gentle....I.....liked that you were.....wild is a good word for it she said not understanding what power her words held for him

He put the image in her mind. Her writhing beneath him, screaming his name, as he pounded into her, wild and out of control. This what you need our first time to be like?

Her heart slammed in her chest and her body became on fire, strong enough she had to cover her mouth to keep quiet, her need hit him hard, filling him like it filled her, she wanted what he showed her, so much so it scared her, she was not use to such intense feelings but her body was honest please.... she said unsure of what she was asking for

When we can get your abilities under control, then we can do that and more.

you dont want me do you......your.......ashamed of me... she said unintentionally finding the memory of him talking to the prince about her. She didnt know why but it hurt to hear him say what he did Ill go now she said and manage to break their connection

"Damn it," Raoul said just as the prince and his sister arrived. "She found out what I said to the prince and now she is even farther away from me."

"Im sorry to hear that....but I have news, go retrieve her, put her to sleep and come with me...we have work to do"

Raoul got up with a nod and put on a burst of speed. He was in front of Natasha in seconds.

"I need you to go to sleep," he said. "You will be out of the room, but... with your abilities outside of your control, we must be safe. I promise I will not let you leave my arms."

She laud there curled up, her eyes closed but tears fell silently down her fast " do what you people win I have no more fight left in me" she said in a heart breaking tone

He went to her and held her to him. "Do not talk like that. You are strong, just as I am strong. You are my strength. I know I haven't thought or really acted like a lifemate, but..."

Suddenly pushed him hard enough to make him fall, she ran for the door and slammed it behind her, locking him inside and then turning and running from the room

Raoul chuckled as commanded her, You will sleep, lifemate. You will not be able to leave the building because you will sleep in the office chair. At the same time, he told the prince what had happened that he would find Natasha asleep in the front office behind the desk

Someone came to let him out of the room " the prince said yourlife mate is too wild for her own good and to make sure to not be tricked again" the hunter chuckled as he said that and grped his arm playfully " didnt take you to be a sucker for a pretty lady"

Raoul growled and said, "I could not stand the tears in her voice. And do not talk about my mate in such a way."

" Relax brother it was a compliment to her and only a shot at you" he said jokingly " come the prince said to hurry"

Raoul went to the prince, but on the side closest to his mate. "You summoned me?

"we are taking her to the monastery....they have a ritual that will help" he said in a tone that left no room for debate

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