Freedom 3

He closed the wound on her shoulder and threw his head back, his seed filling her. He then buried his face in her neck, holding her against the tree, trying to catch his breath.

Her body shook and her core pulsed around him, milking his seed from him as she had the after effects of the orgasm they shared, her body became heavy and it was only after she came own from the high of their lovemaking and she caught her breath that the wounds on her leg started to really hurt

Raoul reluctantly separated their bodies, picking her up. He clothed them both and took her to the infirmary. Deseray went to Michael and showed him to a windowless room.

"I'll heal her once I get some bottles of blood," she said as she was leaving.

"Thank you, healer," said Michael.

"Ill be fine here why don't you go check in with Zandar" she said plainly

"I will not leave you," said Michael, his tone saying there was no room for argument. "You are my lifemate, and I can't let you be alone. What if you are put through more pain because I was not here? I'm taking on a great deal of it as it is. I let you feel some of it, only because if I take on all of it, you would have tried to walk on that wounded leg."

"give it all to me I have had worse and you need to save your strength I will not argue that you stay here but only on the condition that you will not take any of te ain on yourself," she said sternly

"I can not let you be in pain," he said, shaking his head, "but I also know the tempers of Guardians of All and Dragonseekers." He gave her the full brunt of the pain, immediately wiped her brow. "You are sweating blood. Are you sure?"

She gripped his shirt and pulled him towards her and kissed him, her lips were warm and soft its better now she said in a sweet tone

"Do not hide your pain," said Michael when he pulled away. "Please, share it with me. It is my duty to keep you safe and happy, and it is an honor, but you are in pain. I should be taking all the pain away so that you can properly rest."

"I like the pain.....just like when you train the pain lets you know how hard you have worked, this is no different this pain is my victory in battle and it is mine alone" she said with a soft smile

"It shouldn't be like that," he said. "Everything should be shared. And pain... it could be seen as a victory, but not when it's done to you."

She chuckled "you are such a male"

"No, I'm a man in love," he said with an answering chuckle. "That's even better."

"you say that now...give it time I'm sure we will bump heads soon" She said through clenched teeth, she moved the cover from her leg and cursed, black streaks had formed around the wound which meant it was poison "can you grab some towels I'm going to have to let it start bleeding again" she said uneven tone

Deseray came in and said, "No need. Your healer is here." She sat down and looked at the wound. "You know, this is a simple procedure. It's a painful, but slow moving poison. The more you bleed it, the farther it goes."

Once Deseray was healing energy, Michael said, "I think those moments will be fun. It means you have a mind of your own."

She chuckled and flicthed "im sure" she said as se gripped the sheets and started to sweat more

"Allow me to take the pain away. I can't stand to see you in pain like this."

"Its ok....go feed i will need you when this is done" she said a for a second he saw her eyes flash to her dragons, it was a exotic and beautiful emerald green mixed with gold

"I can't leave you," he said. "Nor do I want to. Besides, I don't need healing. You did that already. I am fine. You and I will feed together."

She sighed " fine...i will let you win this round inly because I need all my consintation right now"

"Just let the healer do her job. You relax and talk to me."

" what do you wish to talk about?" She asked

"Who told you that you were fragile and had contaminated the Dragonseeker line?" he asked.

"What else would you like to talk about?" She said looking away from him.

"Why do you wear a mask?"

"My mixed blood was not a pleasant expirance.....and things happened to my face....anyways the pain is bearable going to rest" she said still not looking at him

"Scarlett, I'm trying to learn about you so that I don't step out of bounds later," he said, his voice soft and comforting. "I have shown you respect by not going through your memories. I wish to hear about if from you and only you. Please tell me."

She sighed " I got scared...badly...almost lost my eyes" she said in a low tone

"So, why do you hide this badge of courage?" he asked. "Surely, you don't care what others think."

She didnt answer him but he could feel her closing off to him slightly

"What's wrong?" he asked.

" just not something I want to talk about right now" she said honestly

"It will come out sooner or later. Like I said, I'd rather hear it from you. But I'll wait for now. Tell me some of your happiest memories."

"most recent was outside a few minutes ago" she said bitting her lip against the pain

He chuckled and said, "I meant before we met."

"its really hard to think right now....please just let me concentrate" she said in a soft tone

Michael said, "You shouldn't be in pain." He looked at Deseray. She is in pain. What is going on?

A side effect of the poison, Deseray answered. It is almost out, but it must be all at once. So I have to get it back to the entry point in a large clump. That's why she is in pain. I'm forming a lump, hardening it, and then you can cut it out.

"Cut it out?!" he yelled aloud.

"Cut? Cut what.." she was cut off as she growled in pain and jumped as a sharp pain went through her leg

"The healer must make the poison into a rock in your leg and I must cut it out so that it doesn't spread," he said, a growl in his voice.

"I see....then to make it easier on both of us put me to sleep...I trust you will wake me once its done" she said laying back more on the bed

"Okay," he said, worried but he put her to sleep.

Moments later he saw a large lump in her leg. He cut it out when Deseray told him and destroyed the poison with fire. When he was finished, Scarlett was completely healed. He woke her with a smile.

"Better?" he asked.

Much, thank you both, I will rest here, please do not let me keep you from your duties any longer" she said in a soft tone

"My first duty is to you," he said. "I want to earn your love, not just your body."

"It wont be done any sooner if you stay" she said with a chuckle and a tired smile "you want to impress me dont slack on your hunter duties and go do what you need to do, ill be safe here and we can keep our minds connected" she said softly


"I understand," said Raoul, excited. "Let's leave as soon as possible. The quicker we can get her powers under her control, the sooner she and I can finish the ritual

"the car is out front put her in the back with you, once in the car I will explain the ritual more" he said and left the room

Raoul picked Natasha up and took her to the limo. He laid her on the seat, her head on his lap. He also covered her with a blanket. He waited for the prince to join them anxiously.

After a few moments, the prince enters the limo "ok.." he started as he got comfortable "will give her a brand on her inner wrist that will glow when she is using her abilities and give you a brand on the same wrist, the brand will make you immune to her abilities and will allow you to cut them off from her when it is necessary"

"Must it be a brand?" Raoul asked. "Can it be a bracelet or necklace that she can't remove?"

"the brand can be removed when we feel she has got control of her powers" he said looking through some paperwork "but there is one thing that needs to be done before the ritual can take place" he said as the limo stopped and the door was opened revealing that they were at a nice hotel "the binding must be complete, we will wait in the lobby do not waste any time and do not give her any time to think" he said as a command

"We have a room here?" Raoul asked, feeling trapped. "Or... can we go someplace... outside?"

"there is a room here but as long as you stay within a mile of the area you can go outside if you wish, but for safety reasons do not go far" he said not looking at him

"You would rather I go to the room," Raoul said. "I will go inside, for everyone's safety. What is the room number?"

"it is your first time with your lifemate Raoul I am not without understanding, just stay within a mile, not hurry" he said knowing Raoul well enough to know what he needed

"You and I both know that if I was outside, the hunters around her will hear," said Raoul. "Our hearing is exceptional. I don't want them to hear even a whisper of a sound from her when we make love. At least with the walls between them and us, it will be harder for them to hear."

He sighed the room number is 411" he said "now go you are wasting time"

Raoul went to room 411 and used a safeguard so that no window or door could be opened except by the prince. Then, he removed their clothes. He started kissing her neck and massaging her breast. Awake, Natasha. Awake needing me.

Natasha awoke with a gasp and arched slightly underneath him "wha...what are you doing? where.....are we?" she asked thugh it was hard to think striaght

"Safe and out of that room," he said against her skin. "Can I not be with my lifemate? We are alone. Let's enjoy all your interesting fantasies."

"I...dont...what fanties.." she said in a not so convincing tone "wait body....its so sensitive" she said wiggling beneath him

"We don't have much time before they come looking for us," he said, testing her readiness. "This is as free as it gets before they put you back to sleep. Please, I have to do this."

" I dont..." but she couldnt finished, the feeling of his tip at her core made her cry out, she was still not use to controling her senses like a carpathian, everything was sensitive "please ..." again she begged for something we didnt understand

Raoul understood and surged forward. As soon as he did, he began moving his hips hard and fast. He kissed her deeply, needing to taste her.

She moaned against his lips,her hands gripped his back, all thought went feom her mind as she melted into him

Raoul had to get deeper, so deep she would never get him out. He had to find her soul. He kissed down to her jaw, then her neck, then her collar bone, until he found her breast. He teased her nipple before biting into the swell of her left breast, feeding from her. He closed the wound, leaving his mark. He used a nail to open a wound on his chest before holding her to him.

"Feed from me," he begged. "I need you to feed from me."

Once more she felt something awaken in her, she rolled then until he was on his back, she kept the pace he had set and leaned down and bit deep

He groaned, taking hold of her hips, picking up the pace, then slowing it down, and starting over again, keeping her from the ever building climax.

She released his neck and lick the blood from the skin, healing the bite in the process. She leaned up and threw her head back, her breast bouncing with her, her hands on his chest

"What do you need, lifemate?" he asked.

" dont know.....its too much....Im....scared" she said looking down at him, her lips parted eyes full of lust and worry

"I'm with you," he said. "Listen to what your heart, body, and soul tell you."

" im afriad of what they want.....want I want" she said in between moans

"Don't be afraid," he said. "They both want the same thing. Listen, and you will hear it. They are saying you want Raoul Sangria. I hear them now."

" thats what im afriad of....I want....more of you....all of you....and I dont even know you yet I know your holding back...and I dont like that"

"It's okay to want me. It's natural. We will learn about each other. And I'm holding back so I don't overwhelm you right now. When you know more of our world, I will make love to you like never before."

" dont hold back please....i want to know....I want to know what Im gettig into....please" she said in a pleading tone, he would feel his beast roar its head and the urge to want to take her without holding back was overwhelming

He rolled until she was under him. He pinned her down with his teeth, his hips moving hard and fast. He growled when she arched beneath him. He held her hips for his invasion. The image he showed her was coming to life in front of her.

She felt like she was going to break, she gripped his back hard enough it bled as she cried out, she was wild beneath him and he would feel magic suddenly start building in her

He threw back his head, filling her with his seed. Suddenly, he felt something burst from her and he was thrown back off the bed.

She floated off the bed for a second until she came falling back down on it, Car alarms were heard going off in the distance, the lights flickered and then slowly came back on as she laid emotionless on the bed passed out

He went to her and quickly closed the wound and put her into a Carpathian sleep. He clothed them both and went to the prince.

"It's done but what did she just do?" he asked.

The prince sighed " you know the feeling of magic raoul to not play niave, it seems your lifemate is determined to be a headache " he said getting into the car

"Yes, I know she used magic, but what did she do?" he said. "I heard alarms, so..."

"Get in and save your questions until we get to the monastary" he said in commanding tone

Raoul got in and held Natasha to him. "How long until we are at the monastery?"

"That counts as a question..." the prince said in a low tone "please I know you are worried but rest for now we will be there soon"

"I can't rest," he said. "But thank you. I just want this taken care of. She's Carpathian, so we could just fly there."

"We cannot" he said simply " now please hold your questions til we get there"

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