Freedom 4

Raoul sat back, drumming his fingers. Within an hour and a half, they found themselves at the human village at the base of the mountain that housed the monastery. He was even more anxious.

"We must walk now," he said.

The prince nodded and got out of the car.

Raoul got out and carried Natasha as if she were a princess. The navy blue dress she wore made her seem ethereal. His jeans and matching shirt made him look like a prince. He nodded to the prince and began to climb.

Once they were at the top the doors opened and they all stepped in, the monastary was enchanting

Raoul looked at the prince and said, "You should enter first. Everyone inside will respect you far more than they would me."

"With your age you are welcome here as well" he said as he walked in,
The grand hall held rare beauty and magic and purity filled the air

"They have upgraded this place," said Raoul in awe. "I remember this place holding individual houses for each family. Why have they all decided to live under one roof?"

"they still have their own places and courters" the prince said plainly " We have entered through a different hall, one that leads to our resting ancestors" he said as he lead them down the middle hall, the magic and power was only getting stronger the further they walked

"Courtiers? Why do they have those? And why are we going to see our ancestors? Wouldn't the Cave of Warriors be better?"

"never said we were going to see our ancestors" he said plainly as he continued to walk until they came to a door, he knocked and waited for the door to open, A elderly female with white hair in a bun opened the door "come in sir" she said bowing out of respect and opening the door "She has been waiting for you" she said moving aside so they could enter, the room held a large pond and wild plants everywhere, in the middle of the pond was a woman,

"Who is she?" asked Raoul, unconsciously trying to shield Natasha.

She is the one who will be preforming the ritual, her name is Natalia" he said in a soft tone, the water calmed as the woman got out, her white wet robes clung to her naked body making them see through, exotic tattoos beautifully covered her body in designs and ancient words of magic "Prince Xavier nice to see you again, shall we begin? please undress both of you and enter the water" she said looking at Raoul

Raoul thought away their clothes and walked into the pool. He looked uneasy.

"do not worry hunter no harm will come to either of you" she said and started to chant, the water started to float up like vines all over both of their bodies , he would feel the slight burning on his wrist and feel his soul connect to something deep within Nat that could only be described as magic

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"all magic has a source, when lifemates combined their souls its a certain part of the soul they bind, I am binding the part of your soul that holds your magic, you natural abilities as you would call them" she said

"I thought our abilities were natural," Raoul said. "Not a form of magic."

She smiled "she is part mage..." she said softly "and carpathian abilities are mother earths gift" she said


Alexandor stood guard in the hall. He looked around for any threat and saw a young girl walking towards him.

The girl's hey where all white, she was clearly blind but yet she walked with no help or no cane "I had a dream about you..." she said in a soft tone stopping near him, within arms reach "Alexandor Dragonseeker...."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

She slowly reached her hand out to him and gently took his hand, her skin was soft and cool "what you search for is in pain....darkness surrounds her..." she said in a low tone "im not suppose to tell you....but her cries keep me up...." she said in a tired tone


Michael said, "You know my duties are done for the night, so all I need to do is tend to my beautiful lifemate."

" fine but no more questions" she said tiredly

"Well, you can ask me question," he said. "Tell me what you want to know about me."

"What would I have to do to get you to crawl into the bed with me?" She asked teasingly

"Oh, I'd do that just by asking," he said, chuckling. "Anything else?"

" would I convince you to be naked when you laid next to me" she said with desire held in her tone

"You need only think it, and you will make my clothes disappear just by looking at me," he said with a smile.

"what fun is that...." she said and pulled him into the bed by his shirt, making him rest on top of her,with a smile she ripped open his shirt and teasingly licked up his chest to his neck

"When we are alone, you could surprise me," he said. "Right now..."

"You should think about who is in the room with you," said Deseray. "She needs blood and rest, as do you. Go to ground after you both drink five bottles."

"there is nothing wrong with showing my lifemate affection...if it bothers you feel free to leave" she said plainly

"Just keep in mind that trying to have sex where others can see you is frowned upon," said Deseray as she left.

"Alone at last," said Michael.

"she acts as if I was raping you right in front of her" she said rolling her eyes and surprising him by nipping his neck

"Actually, she is worried about me raping you," said Michael, fighting to hold onto a train of thought. "It's due to her past."

"well im not afraid of fact Im hoping for it" she said and once more surprising him by biting deep into his neck, she took no blood but teased the bite with her tongue until it was so sensitive every stroke of her tongue sent fire through him

He growled and said, "You raping me, or me raping you?"

She closed the bite but left her mark "either way we both find a happy ending no matter who starts it" she said with a smile and looked him in the eyes "question bad do you want me?"

"With every fiber of my being," he said truthfully. "But the healer is right. We do need to rest."

She smiled and rolled him onto his back so she was on top "then rest" she said laying her body on top of his teasingly

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