Hidden Truths 2

Raoul nodded and walked back to the car. When he tried to lay Nat down in the seat, he couldn't remove her hand.

"Sweet heart, you need to lay down," he said.

Suddenly she pulled him on top of her with a quick jerk "Dont leave...." she said without opening her eyes, her plump lips slightly parted, her skin smelled like the beach breeze, warm to the touch with a hint of coconut.

"Never," he said.

He would see the tip of her fangs poke out just below her bottom lip "whats that smell..." she said in a low unintentional moaning tone, slowly with her eyes still closed she arched her neck slightly and nuzzled the side of his neck, her lips brushing his skin "Its you..." she purred

He swallowed and said, "I don't know what you mean."

She nuzzled his neck and he would feel her lips press more into his skin, her arms came and wrapped around his neck pulling him closer until he laid completely on top of her

"Natasha, the prince could return at any moment," he said, but he was quickly losing the will to fight her desires.

Her body grew warm underneath him "I feel...strange" she said as her fangs grazed the side of his neck lightly

He groaned and said, "How so?"

She let her hand slid up and grip his hair "I have urges....I dont understand....why do you smell this good" she said nipping his neck but not breaking the skin

"Because I'm you lifemate," he said with a smile.

"but I thought Jacob was...." she said loosening her grip on him

"No," said Raoul. "You were attracted to him and your abilities caused him to do what you wanted him to. He did and said what you unintentionally told him to."

She let him go like he had slapped her and finally opened her eyes which held sadness. She then looked away from him and without another word she slid into the back seat

He sat down next to her and said, "Talk to me. What are you upset about?"

She was silent for a moment "lets just go.." she said without looking at him still

"We have to wait for the prince to return," he said. "So, let's talk to pass the time."

"whats there to talk about? how your unsure if you want me? or how about you think there is something wrong with you because you dont want me?" she said letting him know she heard everything he said about her "Ill answer for you...lets just not talk" she said in a lower tone scooting away from him.

"Little one, I don't know how to handle this situation," he said. "Your abilities... my insecurities about being a lifemate... Forgive this ancient for acting like a scared fledgling."

"I dont even know what a fledgling is so....no your not forgiven" she said just looking out the car window, Suddenly it started to ran.

"It is our version of a child," he said. "We are fledglings for about 100 years."

"Still not forgiven..." She said softly as she watched the rain, she leaned her head up against the window

"How can I gain your favor, then?" he asked.

"let me go home.....or let me wake up from this nightmare" she said in a low tone

Raoul head back without me I will be staying here longer then expected the prince said in his head suddenly.

I can't do that. Your second would have my head! Raoul said. You are unprotected!

"Natasha, going home will not be the same for many reason," he said to her, "one of them being I would be with you. Second, this isn't a nightmare, you only see it that because I have been the worse kind of lifemate and your world has changed from what you wanted it to be. You wanted Jacob, you got him. He even explained this world to you and you accepted it. What is so different about me?"

"Jacob wanted me..." she said in a upset tone "no matter what you say....I didnt do what everyone keeps saying...its impossible ..." she said not believing that powers like that existed "the last few days have been fuzzy for me...I dont remember much....but what I do know is that I want to go home....without you" she said still watching the rain.

"Not happening," he sighed, then the car started moving. "That little prince will be the death of me. Natasha, we are heading back to the school. And no, not the way you think. He's young, yes, but he had a mate and you aren't her. I have bound us together, so you are stuck with me. Jacob would have loved you like a sister, but that's because you were under the care of the De La Cruz family. It was his job to protect you while you study here, not sleep with you."

"Shut up!" she said in a pain filled tone "Im guessing thats your job huh? To fuck me is that it? I never asked for you or to be bound to you or for any of this!" she said and opened the car door even though it was moving and jumped out, she was able to land on her feet since it wasn't moving very fast and started to run in the pouring rain. Her clothes immediately becoming drenched and see through

He easily caught up to her and said, "My job is to protect our people. Being with you... it's supposed to be an honor, but I'm messing it up royally. I can't give you what you want, because it would get you killed." Then, an idea hit him. "Would you like to see Jacob and ask him yourself what happened?"

"No! I never want to see him again or anyone at that place I just want to go home...now leave me alone" she said not stopping from running, he could see her perked nipple through her soaked shirt, her wavy hair darkened as it got soaked

He had to kiss her. His hands rand over her, inflaming her. "You can't tell me this feels wrong, Natasha. I would give my life for you. I will always come back to you. I will never leave."

She fought against his hold "I...I dont know what you mean I dont feel anything....let go" she said not sounding as convincing as she wanted to, she was glad there was rain because she suddenly felt hot in his arms


He started running then. He had to. He had to find her. I'm coming to help you. Hold on.

A bit off in the distance he could see a figure in between two large boulders, a fading glow stick made just enough light to make out a feminine figure

Alexandor went to the woman and said, "Are you alright, little one?"

She was a human, badly injured, she was wear rock climbing gear and by the looks of it had been down here for days. Both legs were broken and she had bite and scratch marks all over her body. She was barely conscious "please....help....my friend she....something....took her" the woman said. He would then realize the sweet blood was not from this woman but from a puddle of blood that was next to her.

"I'll get you both out," he said. He then started down the hallway.

The smell of the sweet blood got stronger the more he moved down the cavern hall, until finally he came to a opening, torches lite the room that was obvious a vampire layer. Though judging by the smell the vampire was not there at the moment, but the sound of a faint heart beat did echo in the distance but it was hard to tell which way it was coming from.

"Where are you?" he called out. "Please, tell me so I can get you out of here."

Suddenly he heard a soft bang of a rock coming from the right of him from a near by hall way

He ran down the right passage. He hoped that he would find her. He hoped he would be fast enough. He hoped...

"I'm almost there," he said.

Laying naked on the cavern floor was a woman, her pale skin was covered in bruises and a deep mark on her of a healing bite, her back was to him and she was on her side, her long brown chestnut wavy hair laid across the floor

He created a blanket and placed it over her as he said, "I've come to save you and your friend. Please, allow me to pick you up so we can leave."

She was to weak to move or talk, she had a blindfold on and her hands were bound in front of her, which meant she could have been the one to make the nose and the closer he got the more he could smell the vampire on her, including the wetness between her legs which meant he was here not to long ago. A shiver went done his spine like something evil was near.

He gently picked her up and went back to her friend. He put her friend under a compulsion so she didn't see what happened and would trustingly gold onto his back. Once that was done, he started to make his way out of the caves.

The girl on his back was to weak to hang on "my friend....were is my friend?" she asked weakly

"I have her," he said. "We will be getting out soon."

"that not her.." the girl said weakly. As soon as she did the woman in his arms bit into his neck deeply pinning his arms by his side.

"Hide," Alexandor said as he threw the vampiress from him.

The girl was too weak to move and her broken legs made the fall from his back more then she could bare and she passed out when she hit the ground.

The vampiress ripped off her mask to reveal her red eyes, she licked her bloody lips "Mhmmm come hunter give me more of your blood" she said in a cold voice

He didn't waste time with pleasantries. He quickly dispatched the vampiress then went to the hiker.

"I need your help," he said. "Your friend is very important to me. I must find her. Where did they take her?"

"I dont know...."She said weakly, he could hear her heart start to slow

"You have to fight to stay alive," he said. "She needs you. There are still two tunnels. I need to know. Please. Try to think."

"Im sorry..." she said right before her heart stopped

He sighed, then burned the body. He would just have to search. He went down the middle path, hoping his mate was there.

In the middle of the room that he came to there was a large natural spring, but instead of water it was filled with blood, he would sense there was a vampire in there but it was sleeping, but there was no sigh of a woman.

Fighting his desire to feed, he made his way back to the fork and went down the left path. I'm coming. Stay with me. I need you to give me a sign you are alive. Please.

here....im in here her weak voice was the sweetest thing he had ever heard, instantly emotions and colors invaded him. With her mind brushing his he got the direction she was at and knew he was going the wrong way and that he needed to go back towards the pool of blood.

He ran back to the pool and looked around. I cannot sense where you are. Give me a sign, please.

He would suddenly get the feeling of someones arms around him, the nails digging into his hip and shoulder and a small bubble came up from the pool of blood.

He dove into the pool and started swimming as best as he could, trying to ignore the hunger beating at him. That's when he found her. I'm coming. It will hurt, but I have to get you free from him before we can get you out of this hell.

He couldn't see her face well because of the bloody bubble but he saw her arms reach for him like he was the world to her

He removed the vampire's arms from her body and carried her to the surface. Her bubble popped the instant her head was above the blood. She gasped for air as they made their way to the shore.

She was shaking and her arms wrapped around his neck making it impossible to see her face as she buried her face in the nape of his next, her soft whimpers and shakes let him know she was crying as she held on tightly to him like her life depended on it.


Michael sighed and said, "I don't remember them too well. I know my mother was the sweetest, kindest woman I have ever known. My father was emotionless and merciless in battle, but a big old teddy bear at home. Especially with my mother."

Scarlett closed her eyes "what happened to them?" she asked in a low tone as she wrapped her arms around him.

"A vampire attacked us," he said. "We were going to a party to celebrate me finishing my training. The master vampire went after my mother. She died with my baby sister. Father dispatched the vampire and then held them both, feeling them die. I had to destroy my father before his darkness took over."

SHe looked up at him "Im sorry to hear that.....what did you do after that?" She asked

"I went to the party, and informed all of my people," he said. "It was a sad and happy day. We lost a potential lifemate, a hunter and his mate, however, I allowed him to join my mother in the next life. We celebrated the end of my training and the lives of those lost that day."

She laid her head back down on his chest "that sounds.......weird " she said unsure how to put it "how did you come to be here...at the school?"

"I was told by the prince to come here," he said. "I act as a guard, a teacher, whatever is required of me."

"I see....but is this what you want to do with your life?" she asked closing her eyes

"No," he said. "I want to do more than play bodyguard to a bunch of children. I want to bring the arts back to this world. Or maybe I want to work with my hands and hand carve things. I don't know. I just don't want to be a hunter all the time."

Suddenly she started to sit up "You should rest....I need to grab something from my room" she said and started to get off the bed

"Not until the healer says so," he said. "We stay here."

"I have my duties..." she said standing up to get dressed but almost fell over because her legs were wobbly from their love making

"You are not able to walk," he said, making her lay down. "Wait for the healer. Don't make me put you to sleep.

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow "are you threatening me hunter? because if you are I may need to remind you who your dealing with" she said in a challenging tone

"You are too tired to fight me," he said. "Just sleep. The sun will be rising soon."

She looked at him for a moment and then smiled "give me a reason to " she said teasingly

"Didn't I already do that?" he asked with a smile. "Twice?"

She rolled her eyes "is that all you think about? can you not think of anything else that might persuade me?" she said sarcaticly

"I could always try jokes," he said. "The prince says my joke make even crickets stay silent."

She smirked "was that suppose to be one?"

"Maybe," he said.

She rolled her eyes "Ok Ill make you a deal....Ill get back into bed if you tell me something you consider to be a weakness for you...as a mate I should know that way I can balance you " she said softly with pinked cheeks

"My weakness, huh?" he asked, acting like he was thinking. "There is only one thing that I can consider my weakness." He leaned in close, like it was a secret and whispered seductively in her ear. "You are my weakness."

Her lips parted slightly at the feeling of the heat of his skin so close to her and his words that made her almost speechless, Almost "Then....." she said before quickly nipping his neck your in for a interesting life...

"Never doubted that for a second," he said with growl.

She teased her nip with her tongue as she crawled back into bed with him

He watched her crawl towards him. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

When she got up close to him she was straddling him, her lips inches from his, her tongue slowly and sensually licked his top lip "Sleep" she said before he could do anything and put him in a Carpathian sleep

How long are you going to ignore your father? came Mordred's voice. I have a job for you.

Scarlett clenched her teeth and got up from the bed Ill be there in a moment She said getting dressed in a pair of black tight jeans and a green tank top with a black jacket. After she put her hair up in a bun she turned to leave the room

Now, came the voice as arms wrapped around her. The voice she hated most whispered in her ear, "Finally got his tone down, didn't I, little mutt?" He pinned her to the ground. "I've waited for this day. The day I fuck your brains out and make you my bitch."

"what keeps me from telling father if you touch me" she said with a low growl

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