Hidden Truths 3

Raoul said, "Natasha, the farther you get from me, the more pain you will be in. You will feel as if you left part of yourself behind. It will get harder to breath. Your mind will search for me. Eventually, you won't be able to move, the sadness will be too great." He pointed her in the direction she was heading. "If you don't believe me, test it. I will be here, waiting for your call."

She looked in the direction she was going "And if I dont call?" she asked in a challenging tone

"When your distress it too much for me to bare, I will come for you. About five miles should be enough, though I doubt you would make it to half a mile. No lifemate does."

She looked like she was thinking for a moment "If I make it six then would we agree I am not your lifemate and then we can go our separate ways?" She asked

"No," he said with a smile. "But we can agree you are stubborn and are a masochist."

She was silent for a moment "fine then if I go six can you take me home?" she asked

"I can't," he said, his face falling. "Your neighbors would kill you if they found out what you are and the prince has said you must study for at least two years before you can leave the school."

"I will not be controlled by someone I do not know! this isnt fair and its not right! I have animals I need to take care of friends and family who will miss me! I bet they have already filled a missing persons report...you cant keep me locked up!" she said and pushed out of his arms and started running again

It has all been taken care of, he said. Your animals have gone to your mother's for now, though will be moved to my estate in time. Your friends and family believe that I, as a wealthy business man, am trying to convince you to be my girlfriend with a trip around the world. And before you ask, no, I don't do that with all the girls.

how dare you! I worked for years to get my place! it was my dream home... the pain in her voice cut like a knife

I didn't do that, he said. The prince ordered it. I do have a villa on the beach in your hometown. I often watched the sun rise from it, wondering where you were. A chuckle filled her head. To think my lifemate was right next door to me.

its not the same...that was my home....Im only in my twenties it was the first time I was truely on my own and now its been taken from me by monsters!

Her words hurt him and he pulled away from her. He wouldn't let her see how much being called a monster affected him. The separation set in immediately.

She gasped and slowed her running but kept going, she couldn't think straight all she could start to think about is the pain that was developing in her chest

Raoul wanted to go to her. Not even half a mile. Soon, she would reach for him. But he stayed put.

Without realizing it she started crying, a panick set in and she started running again but the more she ran the worst it got until she fell on her hands and knees and cried out like she was in the worst pain of her life but she continued to crawl

"Call to me," Raoul said to the wind. "One mile. I feel your pain. Just stop being so stubborn for this one moment in time. I'll take it any other day, but just for now, call to me."

Sweat covered her body and she clawed at the ground, she moved one more inch and the pain became unbearable, she cried out and a bolt of lightning struck the tree next to her setting it ablaze. She curled up on her side in the pouring rain underneath the fiery tree "please....." was all she said in a heart breaking tone against the worst pain she had ever felt in her entire life.

Raoul appeared before her, extinguishing the flames, and picking her up. "I would never lie to you. When the prince lifts his command, we will return to our home. I promise. I will include the home you bought in my circle of protection. We will keep it, staying there most of the time if you like. We will use the villa only when necessary. Okay?"

She shook in his arms not saying anything, her mind still reeling over the pain she had felt, she was sure he had did it to her on purpose as a way to keep her from funning away, no one could feel such pain by simply being apart from someone. She just nodded not wanting to talk.

"Natasha, please, talk to me," he begged, rocking her and betraying the pain he had shared.

She couldn't fight the urges she was having to be close to him, something in her snapped and with a cry she kissed him deeply, wrapping her arms around his neck, the rain barely able to touch the fire that started in her as she did so

He moaned, needing her as much as she needed him. Their clothes came off in ribbons. He held her over him, seeing her above him, his mysterious goddess.

"Natasha," he said, awe filling him.

There were many emotions on her flushed face and she looked him in the eyes as she slowly sat down, taking him inside her hot wet tight core, her mouth opening the more she did until she cried out and threw her head back when he was fully inside her, she was so tight it was almost painful.

He gasped. He held her hips gently, telling her that he was with her. He began moving, hoping she would find her own power in their relationship, one that would make her stay.

With ever move of his hips tears fell from her eyes just as the pleasure built, She hugged herself to him, all her fear and anger hopelessness seeped into him like she was letting it go and sharing it with him

He shared his fears and insecurities with her in return. "Every problem, we face together. Every burden, we share it. And I couldn't get away with a lie if I wanted to, because we have to merge our minds often, just like our bodies. You'd find everything out in the end anyway."

Her nails gripped his back "Im not meant for the dark...." she said unintentionally sharing her memories of the sun with him, how she loved sun bathing and surfing and hiking.

"It isn't so bad," he said as he sat up. "To us, the dark is bright at noon time. It sings to us. You just have to listen. One day, I will show it to you, all the stories you can hear when you allow yourself to."


When he stepped out of the blood, he cleaned both of them off. "We have to hurry. The vampire will wake soon, and I can't be caught in the sun."

He began running then, hoping to make it back to the monastery, leaving the vampire behind for now.

She didn't say anything but just held on tight keeping her face buried in his neck.

He ran for what seemed like hours until he entered the familiar darkness that brought him to the cave. Almost free.

Suddenly the woman in his arms cried out in pain and grabbed her stomach, it was then he would realize that she had a pregnant belly

He ran faster until he burst through the doors. He sat her down before shutting and locking the doors. He sat down, breathing heavily.

She continued to hold her stomach and cry out in pain and she laid on her back as she was clearly going into labor

He would suddenly feel someone touch his mind, the same person that had guided him only it was not the woman he had rescued. The touch was soft and weak but full of life.

He went to the woman and began healing her, driving out any poison the vampire may have put into her. He also checked on the baby. A girl.

"Did the vampire force you to drink his blood?" he asked the woman.

She shook her head "no....please....save my baby....Im only seven month..." she said in a weak pain filled tone. He could tell by how weak she was she might not make it through the childs birth

"I will save both of you," he said as he sent the call out for aid.

The woman who had sent him into the tunnels appeared "Pick her up...I will take you to the healing springs but you are alone after that" she said in a calm tone, her face still hidden underneath her hood of her white robe

He didn't hesitate. He quickly followed the woman. His heart pounded, fear coursing through him. He didn't like the emotion. It left him unbalanced.

She lead him to a large room with many healing pools "pick one and good luck hunter..." she said shutting the door behind her

He didn't even wait to remove their clothes. He went to the nearest pool a sat down with her. He gently washed her hair, giving her the sense of safety.

the blood made the water dark as it washed off "please....my baby.....it doesn't deserve to suffer" she said through clench teeth

"This water will heal both of you," he said. "Let it wash over you."

She cried out as another contraction hit "I....I want to push" she said

"It's alright," he said. "The water won't hurt the baby. It actually helps make giving birth easier. I will be here. I will heal your little one of any injuries, then heal you. I promise, you both will live."

She started to push , crying out as she did, sweat beading her forehead "please.....you must help her father....he didnt mean to...." she said in between breaths "he found me to late....please..." she said in a sad tone.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

She cried out and pushed again, once it passed she looked at him "the pool.....it was my lifemate......we got attacked....he thought...I died and he turned....I survived but when he found me...it was to late..." she said trying to talk through the pain "please....take care of my daughter and end our suffering....he deserves to be at peace and I wish to be with him" She said taking his hand "please...."

"That is impossible," he said. "He can't be your lifemate."

"Please hunter....look in my mind...youll see the truth" she said as the baby started to crown

He entered her mind and saw it all. The miscarrages before this child, the love, the joy of her mate coming come, the building of a home, the fear of his death when he left, the happiness that there only child would survive. Then, finding him a vampire because she had to hide under the earth for days or risk death. The pain of him filling her, using her unmercifully. Never letting her go, even as his poison filled her beyond the help of any healer. Knowing that she should kill the monster that used to be her mate, but unable to do so.

"You're daughter is my lifemate," he said, a tear falling. "I cannot let her die. I will give her to the prince to decide who will raise her before giving you and your mate the rest you deserve."

"Please hunter......when she is old enough.....tell her her parents loved her very much...and give her this" she said ripping of a locket that was on her neck that held her and her lifemates picture. Just as she took it she cried out and started pushing again, one more push and the baby would be delivered "please dont make the same mistakes we did......dont make her suffer wondering if you were ever going to come home...." she said with tears running down her face "I hope you both have the time we didnt" she said with so much hear break in her tone it was unbearable. She pushed once more and with that the child was out but it was not crying.

He went to his mate and picked her up out of the water. As soon as her head hit air, she screamed. Alexandor never thought he'd hear a more beautiful sound than his lifemate taking her first breath.

Xavier, I have need of you, he called out. My lifemate was just born. Her mother is beyond the aid of healers. I must grant her last request and destroy her vampire lifemate and herself. I need you to take my mate to someplace safe.

Maddox is on his way he could tell by the princes voice that he was hiding how he felt

The baby slowly stop crying and looked up at him cooing, she grabbed his fingers with her tiny hand and at that moment he would realize who guided him in those tunnels

He hugged her to him, tears falling, and said, "Little one, in eighteen years, I will claim you. I will give you the moon if you ask for it. You don't realize how much power these tiny, perfect little hands."

Just as Maddox appeared, Alexandor kissed his mate's forehead.

When he pulled back she opened her eyes for the first time, to everyones shock the were a bright purple almost violet colored

Alexandor didn't want to give her to Maddox. Her eyes were deep pools of amethyst that he wanted to drown in. That is when he knew how dangerous he was at this time.

"Maddox, take my lifemate," he said with a heavy heart. "I must put her parents to rest."


Alister smiled and said, "Because then he will see you as the slut you are, for the mistake. The disgrace of the Dragonseekers." He shoved his hand into her pants. "Besides, why would your loving uncle hurt you in such a way? Remember how you tried to tell him how I would hit you? He didn't believe you then, why would he believe you now?"

She grabbed his hand with a growl "you are only human.....I could snap you like a twig now get of of me" she said but then dread hit her when she suddenly lost almost all her strength and then she realized the sun had risen and her body was shutting down to try to make her sleep "you bastard....you wanted for..." she wasnt able to finish because her grip on her hand grew weak and his fingers entered her core

He moved his hand hard and fast, saying, "Of course. Diluted or not, your blood makes you powerful. But this day... you will be mine to do as I please. If you tell anyone, they won't believe you. How can such an old, frail groundskeeper rape a Carpathian woman in her prime? And my naive brother could never see me doing this." He pulled her clothes off of her before undressing. "Now, become my personal toy, Scarlett, and do as I ask without question. It will be fun for both of us."

She growled weakly "If you do this I will kill you...." she said in a low but fierce tone

"I doubt that," he said. "It gives my men rights to kill you." He leaned in. "You that would mean your lifemate would turn vampire, right? Part of my army."

She clenched her teeth and spit in his face "fuck you you worthless piece of...."

Alister shoved into her, covering her mouth. "That is the plan." He moved hard and fast. Using his abilities, he began to chip away at her mind, molding her into his willing puppet with each thrust. "Be mine, Scarlet. Our forbidden romance. Do as I say, when I say, and your life will be better for it."

She tried to fight him she even tried to call out to Micheal but she was to weak to do so, she shook her head, trying to get him out of her mind but she didn't have the strength to, she could feel herself slipping under his control

"That's it," he said, moaning with pleasure. "Give yourself to me. God, you feel amazing. The disgusting little bitch, doing the only thing she is really good for: being a whore and my puppet. Give up. I'm more powerful than you could ever be. Remember what I did to you? Where you almost lost your eye? That is who has power over you now. You answer to me. You listen to me. If you do anything to disobey me, I'll kill your man and my brother, do you understand?"

Though she knew it would be difficult for him to do so before she could do anything she felt her mind be completely taken over by him and she arched underneath him "yes I understand" she mumbled underneath his hand that was over her mouth

He removed his hand, now going full force. For a man that looked to be in his 60s, he had the energy of a man of 20. He had her sopping wet, climaxing indefinitely. He suckled her breasts hard enough to draw blood. His grip on her left bruises.

He said, "Scream for me, beg for me to pound into you. Swear your loyalty to me, Scarlet, and I'll give you the world."

She did as he ask "please! more! harder! Ill do anything you ask just please fuck me harder!" she cried

Because of the lethargy, Alester was able to move her into positions that gave him the maximum amount of pleasure. Many times, he did hurt her, but he told her pain was good. With every thrust, he hit the back of her womb, causing shocks to go through her.

"Pain makes you stronger," he said. "I am making you stronger. You should be thanking me for beating you as a child. I made you who you are, not my fool of a brother. Tell me how thankful you are!"

"thank you! thank you for making me stronger...I want to be stronger!" she cried

He kissed her hard as he filled her with his seed. He rolled off of her with a smile.

"You will gain so much, puppet," he said. "Tomorrow, you will act like nothing happened. When I call you, you come to me. No hesitation, and no reason good enough to stay away. I don't care if you are inches from death. You come to me. Understand?"

"Yes" She said before a carpathian sleep took her right there on the floor with his seed pouring out of her core

Alister dressed himself, then dressed her. He even put her in bed next to her mate. He smiled. The game was afoot.

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