Hidden Truths 4

Natasha gasped when he moved "I cant...handle this...its too much..." she said in between moans, he could feel her body start to react to his and it was scaring her and she was started to close up to him again

"It's ok," he said. "You set the pace. This time, I will follow your lead."

He could feel her hesitation, she doubted her abilities when it came to sex

"Natasha, no matter what, we will learn everything about each other together. You will be fine, okay? Just do what you need to to feel like you aren't trapped with me. Okay?"

Her thoughts distracted her, all the troubling thoughts of home and her life and the days she can barely remember since the night everything changed, he would see and feel from her mind those agonizing days of the conversion she went through alone, the helplessness she felt and the fight she put up

"It will be okay," he said. "Lean on me. I will always pick you up when you fall, hold you when fear and sorrow grip you, and laugh with you in happy times. It will be fine."

She shook her head he could tell her thoughts were getting in the way of her enjoying their intimacy, her body ached for her but her mind was not letting her have him

He pushed into her mind, showing her how she felt. He kissed her, so she could see how she tasted. He moved his hips, sending shock waves through her.

The rained danced down their entangled bodies, her skin and taste even sweeter because of the water, her thoughts slowly fading the more he touched her

"Natasha..." he said through clenched teeth, feeling her move on her own again.

"Show me.....show me what I feel you what to show me" she said moaning

He pushed into her mind once more and showed her what he felt. Everything. His fear, his joy, his pleasure, his pain, but most of all, his growing love for her.

Her legs wrapped tighter around his waist and gasped "I feel...something....clawling to get out of you....I want it but im scared"

He said, "It's alright. I'll catch you."

He rolled until she was under him. His eyes began to glow, growls came from his throat. He moved hard and fast. His cat, his wolf, and his dragon merged with him. He suckled her breast.

She arched underneath him and cried out "more...dont stop please....I want this....I want you!" she cried as she connected to his mind

He could only answer in growls. He pinned her in the submissive, trying to reach her deepest core, to bury himself into her soul.

Her hand gripped the ground, digging deep in the wet dirt, the environment around them seem to get more wild by the minute, before she turned her into a submissive position she thought she saw steam coming off his skin. SHe loved this, it was like riding a wave, a wild unpredictable current that you never knew what it was going to throw at you.Her excitement filled his senses, she loved that he was wild and wanted more of it, She welcomed all his beast into her arms.

He filled her with his seed, but didn't stop moving. He couldn't stop. He had to bring her the ultimate release. He held her hips still for his invasion, needing her to want him.

She cried out "Raoul!" her arms gave way making her lay on her chest, taking her into a deeper submissive position. A certain scent suddenly filled his nose that made his beast go crazy, she was ovulating

He filled her once more before rolling so that he could stay inside her. He held her to him and, once his beasts left only a tired man behind, said, "Well... that was exciting. Do you hurt anywhere?"

She laid a crossed him her back to his chest, his arms around her waist, her breathing was quick and the rain felt nice and cool against her hot skin "thats.....all you have to say.....exciting?" she said in between breaths

"To be honest, I don't know how to describe it," he said. "Um... did you know you are ovulating?"

She stiffened "I...I dont understand....I thought I cant do that stuff anymore?" she said hoping she was right

He tried to get up, saying, "Um... well, every century or so, Carpathian women ovulate and can produce children. Some can even have children earlier. Now, if you excuse me. I have to..."

She surprised him with how quickly she turned around, pinning him "What! and you....you still came inside me! oh god you came inside me!" she said banging on his chest

"I didn't realize it at first!" he said, blocking his face. "When I did notice it, I couldn't stop the second round! I'm sorry!" He pulled her in close to him. "But if we become parents, I will not complain. After all, she will be as beautiful and wild as her mother."

She bite him hard on the shoulder because he was pinning her hands underneath her, her teeth sunk in deep and even though she was made she moaned the second she tasted his blood, it was enough to make her almost lose all thought

"It will be alright," he said. "We will get through this together. And I will take care of you the whole journey. For all we know, you won't get pregnant."

She release his shoulder and locked her legs around his waist and rolled them til he was on top , once he was on top she broke his arm hold he had on her and then rolled them once more so she was on top the only difference was his arms were pinned above his head "Brazilian martial arts seem to work even against your kind" she said sarcastically "you better hope I dont get pregnant" she said in a threatening tone

He looked at her and said, "Really? I think you would be beautiful with the glow of motherhood upon you."

"This is not funny! Im only twenty five! Im not ready to be a mother, my whole world has changed over night the last thing I need is something like this! " she said with anger and panic in he tone how can I raise a child when I dont even know what I am she thought to herself "god how could I let you get me so worked up and make such a mistake like this....and how could you let it happen.." she said going to get up off him

He held on to her and said, "I would have stopped it if I had remembered. I promise. We will face this together, whatever happens. Hell, I'll be what humans call a househusband if I have to!"

"Im not ready for a husband of a child! got thank god your god like sexy because it seems like you dont have any good sense" She said trying to get off him

"Natasha, there are people ten years younger than you having children," he pointed out. "And there are Carpathians ten times your age also having children. Do you think any of them are really ready? No. And anyone that says they are, they are either lying or naive. But I do know this, you are just as prepared as I am. Trust me, this is not a curse but a journey that we will be taking together. I expect to have gray hair by the time the child comes."

She sighed and closed her eyes, she couldn't imagine herself a mother, but curiosity got the better of her and she started to think about what their children might look like. Suddenly two small bright figures appeared in Raoul's view, one was a little girl with natasha hair and his eyes the other was a little boy with her eyes but Raoul's build, They were playing in the rain, laughing and jumping in puddles, their cute innocent laughs echoing in the wind

"It's a beautiful picture," Raoul said. "Your vision of our 'little monsters' and my vision of children... Look! The girl is trying to go out to the ocean with you, the moon reflecting off of the sea behind you... like a night time sun. The boy, a little warrior already, is trying to protect our little princess. And see that? You are surfing like you always have. It's just under the moon instead of the sun, but you are even better than before, your balance improved and being able to sense the creatures of the sea right below you helps. I stay on the sand, protecting the children. Uh, oh! Our daughter has your temper and is fighting with her brother just as you come back in. What will mama-bear do?"

Her eyes opened and they disappeared "What are you talking about?" she said once more trying to get up, not knowing what she was imagining he could see

"What you envisioned," he said. "I like that you tapped into my mind. You got their images from me, but their personalities are from you. Though, I must say, it fits. So, what will you do to stop their arguing? She seems a little young to be going out on the sea without you on the board with her."

"Im not havng this conversation..." she said stubbornly "now either let me go or im going to bite you again

"Not if I can help it," he said with a smile that made her heart skip a beat. "Sleep."

He caught her, clothed them both, took her back to the car, put her inside, then they rode back to the school, where they would sleep together in the ground.


Maddox took the girl and left with her with inhuman speed

"Is she ok?" the mother asked weakly

"She is perfect," he said. "You did very well. Are you ready to go into the next world with your mate?"

There was something unreadable on her face but he was sure it was part of her heart break at his words "yes...."

He carried her back to the cave and carried out the sad deed. He did it quickly and efficiently. He returned to the prince and collapsed at his feet, his feelings and colors receding now that his mate was out of his sight.

The prince placed and hand on his shoulder "hold closing the knowledge that she lives....most of us do not get that mercy" he said in a firm yet caring tone

"I know," Alexandor said. "The way she looked at me... so trusting... and I just handed her to someone else!"

He gripped his shoulder tighter "trust in your brothers to care for your lifemate ...you know how we care for such things...she will be fine and she will grow strongly...now tell me what happened" he said calmly

Alexandor told him everything from the moment he entered the monastery to him handing over his lifemate. By the time he was finished, his emotions and colors were gone.

"It will difficult for me to be near her," he said.

The prince had a look of concern on his face "I know, we will find a proper solution. But first describe the woman again that came up to you" he asked

Alexandor tried, but it was like the memory was fading. When he finished, he said, "I'm sorry I can't be more helpful."

The prince got up then "Alex I know this is a trying time but we need to find that woman...there is no one here at the monastery the looks like what you described" he said in a serious tone

Alexandor nodded and said, "She seems to appear and disappear like a shooting star. I can't even pick up a scent of her and she walked with me down this hallway. Perhaps someone else saw her leave."

After an hour or so of searching they found nothing "go back to the school I need to wrap things up here " The prince said to Alex

"With all the ancient hunters and their mates, I have no doubt you are safe," he said. "I will meet you upon your return."

The prince bid him farewell and closed the temples gates as he left, he would feel a one of the strongest wards he had ever felt go up behind him. A true testament of his princes power

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