New Things 1

Seren moaned in pain, her body was beaded with sweat, slowly she started to go still in his arms, her tired body finally starting to relax as the pain subsided, she curled up on Maddox's lap, her hand clenched his shirt and her eyes were shut, she shook in his arms, soft whimpers escaped her lips, her fear beated at him

He hugged her close, his hands shaking. "Serenity, my love, talk to me."

Quickly color came back to her face, her heartbeat slowed to a normal pace, the healing rate was as if someone was healing her like a healing light. Suddenly a sweet powerful smell filled the air and the price growled behind him "That healing is not normal....and neither is that smell" he said in a low dark tone

Maddox could feel his teeth lengthen and, with a growl, said, "Xavier, leave. It is too dangerous for you to remain here."

"I will call for Erik Daratrazanoff, " he said with a growl and vanished from the room

Seren grew hot under Maddox's touch, which made her skin seem softer then it already was "no...I dont...want.." she mumbled, Maddox could feel her fighting to keep down a unknown energy that was swarming inside her, whatever it was it was strong and wild

"I'll keep them out," Maddox said, going close to neck. "But this... smell... It's hard... to fight."

"please..." she said moving her head and exspoing her neck more " will help" she said in a strande tone.

He bit down gently, with every ounce of love he had for her. When she started to feel weak, he closed the pin pricks and held her. He heard someone land outside of the cave. He growled and said, "No one is to enter until Serenity says so!"

"Even family," said Erik, standing in the door way, his eyes glowing silver in the dark.

"Yes," said Maddox.

"Remove the compulsion, Maddox," Erik commanded.

Maddox fought the compulsion, second only to his voice. He found his mouth opening, despite his desire to give Serenity what she wanted. Blood beaded on his forehead from the strain.

Since Maddox was concentrating so hard to fight Erik's compulsion he let the ward he had built to keep down serenity's energy slip, she jerked in his arms and gasped like the breath had been knocked out of her "No!" she said and crawled backward away from him. The sweet smell in the room grew stronger and so did the air, the temperature in the room grew to match hers as her body heated up. Growls of males and females echoed the campus. Serenity focused and started to push it down just like she always had but she was tired and it was to strong now because she had been converted. She grabbed her head with her hands and began to rock " I cant make it go away I dont want it ...please stop...make it stop.." Blood started seeping from her eyes and ran down her face, her body was becoming ill as she fought her own energy down.

"C-come in, m-mother, f-father," Maddox said.

Erik instantly went to Serenity and said, "Why do you try to suppress what is natural? It will soon kill all three of you. You can't make it go away. Accept it."

"It will go always has...I dont want it...." she said as her fangs grew in her mouth from the stress. Erik felt it then, it was not energy that she was suppressing but magic, a strong magic, it was her psychic ability though he could not tell what it was

Erik sighed and said, "It won't go away. However, I can suppress it so that it doesn't overwhelm you. You have to learn how to use your abilities, not hide from them." He took her hand, his grip telling her everything. "Hiding from them will only destroy those you love, starting with my son."

At the touch of his hand she jerked, her skin paled and then became pink with color and it grew hot under his touch and she started to sway, her eyes opened and met his they were completely black " dark.....the magic that runs through your blood...out of love the darkness grows..." her grip tightened on his "blood....a father...daughter...mother....Tied with darkness and cant cant see....ill help you see...." Erik felt her magic surge into him, it felt like the sun had formed inside him, burning and filling, he now knew what her gift was and if she continued they would both be in trouble.


Scarlett crawled over to him, blood dripping from her mouth from his punch as she crawled up onto his lap like he wanted "please..." she said in a pained filled voice tone that was laced with fake desire

Alistair smiled and said, "Ride me, hot and wild like the whore you are."

She did as she was old and began riding him, she was no longer able to fight his compulsion and was being consumed by it, she exhausted herself the more she tried to fight it to the point her body was weakening.

"Give in to your master," Alistair said, massaging her breast. "You are my toy, Scarlett. Give in."

Scarlett? came her lifemate's voice. Please, don't shut me out. I feel your pain. Call me to you that I may heal you.

Scarlett rallied at the sound of Micheal voices, she tried harder to fight it, her body grew weaker by the second, she knew she couldn't fight his compulsion but she could tire herself into exhaustion that would make her sleep making it so he would have no choice but to stop. She was a guardian of all she could not disrespect her lifemate like this and being compelled was a taint, something warriors like herself should be able to fight against "Stop!" she cried out in her head through the haze

Alistair grunted ash she clamped down on him, filling her. He slumped back and said, "You can leave now. But I expect you to come to me every night, so I can pound into you like I want." He cupped her cheek. "Remember, human form and no mask. You are my toy, my creation. Return to your man as if nothing happened."

Scarlett could barely walk as she left, once outside she took to the air and left the school grounds, after about twenty minutes of flying she landed pale and extremely weak in a front yeard of a cabbin that was deep in the woods, a woman came out and bent down to her and help her up and started leading her inside the cabbin "the usual?" she asked in a sad tone and scarlett nodded as they entered the cabbin.

Scarlett! Michael called in her head, panic in his voice. Call me to you!

Im fine she said in a tired tone "quickly.." she said to the woman, the woman injected her in the stomach with a long suringe and instantly she felt sick, she leaned over and puked in the bucket that was neck to the bed already "that right let it out...hurry in case your lifemate finds us" she said putting away the herbs and needles

Michael sat in the trees above the cabin. It was clear that Scarlett trusted the woman inside. Will not harm your friend, my little love. But I have found you. Please, trust me enough to tell me what is happening. I know something happened. I just can't see what it is. I know this woman helps you. Let me in so I may aid you.

come in but do not ask questions please...give me time and i will tell you she said honestly. She would break this compulsion no matter what, until then she would keep fighting.

Michael instantly went to her side and held her. "We are in this together, Scarlett. Allow me to lend you strength." He fixed her mask as it began to fall. "My mysterious lifemate, beautiful beyond words."

When he touched her he could tell she had a high fever, sweat covered her body and there were bruises of hand prints on her body along with her swollen jaw Im fine...this is nothing...see if Clara needs help please


Victoria looked uncertain and after a moment she spoke in almost an emotionless tone "I was raped, beaten and defiled in the worse possible ways, to survive I had to act like the toy they treated me as on top of that I was converted through all this and now you are telling me that it's my job to save him? where was he when I was being tortured and needed to be saved? oh yes fucking another girl....I'm use to living a half a life so just like I had to survive on my own so can he, if he decides to die it will be because he chose too" she said and turned to leave once more

Zandar grabbed her shoulder gently and said, "You don't understand, little sister. He's a moron, it's true, but he was also not in his right mind. Look in his mind, his heart, and his soul, Victoria. There is only you. Both of you were trying so hard not to connect that it worked. But you need each other. He is incapable of choosing to live or die, Victoria. Please... save him..." He looked at his lifemate apologetically. "Save my... my son."

Victoria stared at him for a moment and then sighed and moved towards him "your being unfair jacob.....wake up and continue to have not made things up to me yet..."

Jacob moaned. Zandar collapsed, crying, love for his son filling him. "Thank God!" He looked at Victoria. "I'm in your debt. We are trying to make things right. I'm sorry that we couldn't come to your aid when you needed us most."

Victoria let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding and felt relief she didn't know she was going to feel "I um...can I go now..and dotn feel sorry for me bad things happen right.....besides....your mate had it worse" she said standing up like she was going to run from the room.

"The prince has a task for you," said Zandar. "It is of vital importance. Natasha, the woman that brainwashed Jacob, is your mission." He looked at her. "Xavier will explain. I'm sure he won't mind if you get some of your rage out for what she did, but be aware that she didn't even know that she was controlling Jacob."

Victoria looked furious "excuse me? you want to run that by me again?" she said in almost a threatening tone, unknowingly her fangs had enlarged due to her rise in anger which was disrespectful to someone of Zanders age and title

"I know that it too much to ask," said Zandar, "especially after everything she had done. I wouldn't ask it of you, but the prince is asking for your aid. He will be here in half an hour."

SHe clentched her fist "I refuse" she said followed by a growl that startled her

Zandar stood up and bowed, "Victoria, this is the prince of our people, Xavier Dabrinsky, and his twin sister, Sara."

Victoria refused to turn and greet them "the answer is no" she said in a low tone.

Zandar could see the prince was not in the mood for such disrespect, something had happened to make him very irritated

"Victoria..." Zandar said, "this isn't a mission you can say no to. I'm sorry."

"Zandar take your son to the healing room i will take care of victoria" Xavier said in strong tone "and stay clear of tower A" he added


Manuel put his hand on her shoulder "what she means is not right now you cant, think of it like are surgent in training and the earth will be your patient, but not just any patient but someone you love just as much as you love the earth, would you perform the life-saving surgery before you have been trained properly? risking the life of your patient? or would you wait until you have been fully trained so you know you can give them the love and care they deserve?" he said in a soft tone

Maggie looked at him, tears flowing freely. Before she could stop herself, she buried her face in his chest, gripping his shirt tightly, as she wept loudly like her heart was breaking. No, she wouldn't risk anyone... but she couldn't ignore how the earth cried to her. She felt torn between doing the right thing and doing what her instincts told her despite the consequences.

He stroked her head softly and let her cry "work hard here, learns well and you will be able to heal the earth ou love so much, the earth is not going anywhere so take your time and learn all you need to so you can heal the earth the way it deserves in the future" he said in a soothing tone

Deseray suddenly pulled Maggie and Manuel apart. A tentacle erupted from the floor and grabbed Deseray, who now stood in the spot that once held Maggie. She smiled and disappeared.

Maggie shook and said, "A monster... grabbed her..."

"run and find one of the teachers and let them know what has happened" he said and compelled her leaving no room for era "you are to go to your room and wait for me there after you do, do not leave your room until I tell you too" he said and jumped down the hole after deseray.

Maggie ran to the nearest classroom and interrupted the class. She explained before going to her room. Once there, she paced. She didn't know how she got there, but she felt uneasy.

About a half an hour later Manuel entered the room, he was dirty and covered in blood but was walking fine but he looked tired.

Maggie ran to Manuel, needing to look him over. She led him to a chair and made him sit down.

"What happened?" she asked. "I hear the earth screaming in pain from that unclean thing. I've never been so scared in my life! I thought... I thought..."

Before she could censor her thoughts, an image of him dead played before his eyes as her mind had imagined while he was away.

He went to her and hugged her "I am fine and so is the woman, that vile taint is no longer in the ground hurting the earth"

"I was more worried about you!" she said, tears falling. "I'm worried about the earth, yes, but you took on that monster by yourself! I don't even know you and I seemed to care more for you than my precious earth!"

HE sat her down on her bed and kneeled infront of her "its ok calm you remember what you have been learning about in your classes? " he asked trying to give her time to figure it out herself

"We've been learning how to be patient," Maggie said. "It isn't my strongest virtue. In fact, I don't have patience at all. I hate waiting around when I could be helping the earth or others!"

He chuckled "and what about lifemates?" he asked softly

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