New Things 2

Erik said, "I can not suppress this ability. It can no longer be contained. You must learn how to control it. Once you start using it, you will be able to turn it on and off at will. Right now, it is destroying your mind. Let me in." The silver glow disappeared and his features softened. "I will be nearby. Call on me when it starts to deteriorate. It will do so as time goes on, and will need to be fixed every century or so. Until then, you will see a faint dark aura around those who have darkness in them. That is the best I can do. The rest is up to you."

"your darkness is not your biggest burden....bones cracking...flesh tearing...her cries call to you but darkness keeps you apart....used...broken...never forget...never heal....Erik.....Erik..." the more she said his name the more her voice sounded like his lifemates "Erik! me!....I cant protect him!" she cried out

Meghan, Erik's lifemate was being held back by Maddox as she tried to get to her, her growls echoed the room "Stop! let go of him!" but neither Erik or Serenity could hear her or anything from their surroundings.

Erik growled and said, "You can protect him because you hold his soul. You protect him from his greatest enemy, the darkness within. Fight that, and you will become his strength! You will be come the iron in his will!"

"I can't! Erik Im sorry i feel him slipping I cant hold onto him!" she yelled not only mimicking Meghan's voice but her exact words at the time in the memory she was latched onto "guilt...betrayl,,,greif....lost...darkness...regret....take it away....go back ....I want to go save him....but is already here.....he came didnt blinded by the darkness to see...." serenity's voice trailed off as images as Erik grown son invaded his mind, he is smiling at him, he becomes transparent his body fading until only his soul his left, innocent, pure, yet familiar I came back his sons voice echoed his head. Suddenly serenity was ripped from Erik and landed hard against the wall as Meghan protectively put herself in front of Erik and growled

Erik knelt to the ground, breathing hard. He looked at Maddox, a sense of love sweeping through him that Erik almost overwhelmed Meghan with it. Then, Erik went to Serenity and began to look her over.

He gasped at the scars he found on Serenity. Maddox looked at them and Erik knew he thought them defensive wounds. Erik lightly touched Serenity's mind and knew that wasn't the case. He saw how every time she became pregnant, Serenity did anything she could to abort the child. When she became desperate, she took a knife and nearly destroyed her womb. Erik became light and looked at the damage. He didn't let his shock at the damage send him into his body. He went to her mind to help her control her ability. A sudden force pushed him into his body so hard, he physically hit the wall three feet away.

"The child has a 50/50 chance of survival," he said as Meghan came to check on him.

Meghan looked him over and helped him up once she saw he was ok "Erik please...tell me what going on...she knew things...she sounded like me" her heartbreak shown through her tone, like she was reliving the memory again "And now she can throw you? we should tell the prince she seems dangerous"

Serenity groaned but did not open her eyes

"She isn't dangerous," Erik said. "She lets her emotions take control, and her power goes haywire because of it. It is also too much for her body to contain at this time. I have made it so she will only see people's inner darkness as an aura surrounding them. For those who don't know what to look for, it is merely a shadow and nothing more. She will be able to ignore it, but we need to teach her to discern who will turn vampire, who is part of the society, and who is safe. She is an asset to our people."

In her mind, he played what Serenity had showed him. Maddox picked up his lifemate, needing to hold her. Erik looked at his son, smiling. We had him this whole time, my love.


He laid Scarlett down and said, "What happened to her? She shut me out, so I don't know what happened. She looks badly used and beaten." His fist clenched. "Who did this to my lifemate while I lay helpless in the hospital?"

Clara continued to put the herbs back on the shelf "Its not my place to tell.....just give her time and try not to baby her, she needs to feel strong right now" she said not looking at him "She will need rest soon and to feed....I've known her for years so trust me when I say don't let her feed from would be too hard on her" she said and turned to walk into the back room

"I don't know how to help her," he said. "How can I get her to feed when I can't let her feed from me?"

"I suppose a bag would do..." she sighed as scarlett through up again and she looked at her then back at him. Suddenly she pulled him into the neck room by his arm " betraying her trust by telling you this but since your her lifemate I cant stand her being hurt like this anymore, she has been coming to me for years serveral times a month...for a miscarage inducer..."

Michael looked at Clara, shocked. "This... isn't the first time someone did this to her? Please, tell me everything so I may free her from this beast."

Clara shook her head "she has kept it from me and for good reason because I would have ended it long ago" she said in a angered sad tone "im only human sorry she has suffered for so long because i don't have what it takes to help her fight her demons..but you do" she said with a bittersweet smile "When you find whoever is doing this make them suffer because they deserve it I promise, this is the least damaged she has come to me yet, he went easier on her this time and I think its because of you, he must know she has been bonded which means he is someone that is close to both of you" SHe said in a sure tone "if there is anything I can do to help please let me know" she said in a sincere tone

"I need you to stay with her," he said. "I'm going to my own human friend. He has always given me sage advise for one so young." He smiled with Clara, knowing that the image was a strange one with the elderly man far younger than the young looking ancient. "I will be back soon."

Michael flew off then, heading to talk to his old friend, the groundskeeper.


"I'm not surprised you know Jacob is my son," said Zandar, "but... he won't leave her. I may have hammered in some things too hard. Be patient with him. He's still green."

"He stays he dies" Xavier stated simple knowing he was too weak and needed to go to ground "his lifemate will join him at dawn" he added "Now I will not repeat myself," he said gesturing to the door

Jacob started to sit up, blood beading his forehead as he tried to get to Victoria. Zandar put him to sleep and started carrying him out. Zandar stopped for a moment and looked at Victoria.

"Don't fight the prince," he warned. "You won't win."

Then, he left.


Maggie blushed and said, "We are reviewing that right now in my Carpathian Studies course. But I don't understand how simple words can bond two people so deeply. I mean, they are just words."

He lifted her chin so she would look at him "they are more than just words, they are a promise to your soul from mine and vi versa" he said glancing only a moment at her delicate lips that he wanted to devour but stayed in control

Maggie smiled and said, "It's just hard to wrap my head around."

Suddenly, she gasped and cupped her head. The earth called to her. She suddenly stood up and began walking out of the room. Suddenly, she found herself outside, her hands buried in the dirt, and she was chanting. She didn't know what the words meant, but knew that they seemed to call to the earth and help it grow.

She also felt weak. She couldn't stop the words from coming out, or her energy from going in. It was almost a compulsion to heal the earth and it was taking her life.

Suddenly the cries of the earth faded and strong arms lifted her off the ground and cradled her against a strong chest "if this is what it takes so be it" Manuel said

Maggie looked up at Manuel and said, "How...? It's not healed..." Her body felt heavy and her eyelids felt weighed down. "I'm so tired. Thank you for saving me."

"I will always be here for you, rest now I will not leave you this night" he said as he started to walk her back to his room and not hers.

"Where are we going?" she asked. "My room is..."

"With me..." he said before sending her to sleep

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