Danger and Protection

Malachi flew above the school, looking for weak spots, but found none. Being an ancient kept him in good standing and no one sensed his presence. Those that sensed evil would feel uneasy, but nothing more than that. Nothing to sound the alarms. Still, he had to get in, get a foothold. Below him, the future of the Carpathian people was ripe for the picking. If he could destroy the children, hope would leave the women, who would start refusing to have children the more he destroyed them. But how could he get into a school designed to keep him out?


Dom sighed. The prince told him to patrol around the school. He would do his duty to this year's students and protect them from outside the wall, but then, he would seek the dawn.


Amelia lay in the flower beds, taking in the scent. She loved to just stare at the stars, surrounded by nature. She let her senses reach out and suddenly shrunk back. Evil stalked the school. She was sure of it.

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