Sleep/A weeks worth/Class

Megan's felt like her body weighed a million pounds as she slowly started to wake up. Her mind was hazy and she was having trouble waking up, she felt something heavy laying a crossed her waist, it was warm and hard, an arm? She didnt know it was hard to open her eyes. The more she came to the more she felt the ache in her body and the hunger that started to fill her. She moaned slightly and sucked in her breath as the hunger grew stronger, pain started to swarm in her head the more awake she became the worse she felt.

Magnus said, "Megan... we need to feed. For you and the baby."

His voice soothed her in ways she didnt understand " hurts" she said in a soft pain filled tone

"Feed from me," he said. "I will then feed from the bottles before going to hunt. Take as much as you need."

She moved in his arms slightly until her mouth was at his neck, she nuzzled it, finding more comfort in his warmth and smell. She shivered slightly against him

"It will be okay," he said. "Feed from me, my love."

His voice, she loved his voice, it filled her with warmth. Her small feminine fangs grew in her mouth and slowly broke his skin over his pulse, letting him feel it slowly as she did so

Magnus growled, wanting her, but holding back so she could feed.

His growl sent heat through her body and the moment his blood entered her mouth she was gone. All thought left her mind and she brought herself closer to him until she was fully on top of him, moaning against his skin

"Megan, this is to feed you only," he said. "Once I have fed, I can indulge your desires and needs. We are both too weak to make love."

His words didnt sink in, her hunger had taken over, she had never before had to deal with such a over powering need it was consuming her and her new Carpathian survival instincts were taking over as her body was finally getting what it needed. She felt like she had was starving, and his blood was what she needed, everything in her told her to take more, to not stop, but through the haze a part of her was fighting as she started to feel dizzy, no, that was not her, when she realized she was feeling how Magnus was started to feel weaker it was enough to break the haze. It took everything she had to close the bite before quickly moving away from him, her hunger was less but was still there "Im..sorry" she said looking away from him


For the last week Amelia had been doing nothing but studying. Hendrik had been busy teaching his classes since more and more students had come to the school. She saw him when she went back to their room and he made sure to make make her tired for the next day ever night since they had been bonded. She found that this man was consuming her every more each day. His presence as growing stronger in her heart, mind and soul. Which is why she was failing his class, it was hard to constraint when he was her teacher and all she could think about was all the naughty things he had done the night before with the hand he was writing with. Never the less for the last week thy had been slowly getting to know each other, well when he was not jumping her. She smiled at the thought "Amelia!" Micheal, her teacher yelled her name getting her out of her haze "um yes?" She said looking up "your up child, I hope you pay more attention then that in the ring" he said. Amelia nodded and entered the large dirt circle. She loved this class, she had always been a fighter, she loved it even more that the fight training classes were outside. She looked at her opponent, a young large male named Lestat. He was a quiet guy who seemed way to serious for his age, he was also one of the best fighters in the school and a senior. He stood about 6'1 and she could swear there was not a ounce of fat on the boy, all muscle. Amelia was the best fighter in her class which is why the teacher had choose him for her opponent. He nodded to her and she did the same "Remember what we learned yesterday, use illusion to your advantage, Lestat you will use illusion, Amelia you must block them...ready? mental Shields up. Fight" The moment the Micheal said that, Lestat charged and Amelia felt her shield get rammed as she dodged his blow. She was fast then Lestat but he hit a lot harder then her, she kept landing blows on him, trying to hit the same place to wear him down while dodging, all the while trying to keep him from her mind. The more she hit him the more he hit her mind. Suddenly she started to get dizzy, she tried to fight through it but it still costed her as Lestat slammed against her mental shield again, this time breaking through. Suddenly the scene around her changed. she was in a cave surrounded by wolves. He total blinded her vision with his illusion. The wolves all leaped at her at once and attacked her, she knew the pain she felt was Lestat hitting her. The problem was she couldn't see him. She struggled to guard her vital spots while trying to put up her mental shield again. She called forth lightning to hit in a circle around her knowing lestat would have to move back. It worked and she was able to push him from her mind and put up her shields again. But the moment the illusion broke he was there, his hand going for her chest, she moved with only a second to sparing dodging his hand but she didn't have time to block his leg as it came up and side kicked her hard in the stomach sending her flying out of the circle. Normally a kick that that would have hurt yes but not have stopped her from getting up, in fact she had suffered worse in this class but a pain unlike something she had ever felt before formed in her stomach and when she went to sit up she cried out and fell back and curled into a ball on her side, the smell of blood filled the air as she felt something warm spread between her legs.

Hendrik ran from his classroom, most of the students knowing it had to do with his lifemate. He was soon picking up Amelia and said, "What happened? Tell me why you are bleeding like this, my love."

"I...I don't know" She said "Dont move me hurts worse.."

Micheal came over "Match up and spare" he said to the rest of the class as he looked Amelia over "Hendrik how long has it been since your demon has been fully gone?" he asked

Hendrik said, "We have been together for almost a month since I claimed her, but... almost four months since she and I first..." He saw the judging look on his coworker's face. "I was close to failing her, but she saved me." He looked at Amelia. "Wait... are you saying she is pregnant?"

"Thats not...possible Im not able too..." She said in between breaths of pain

"Not only is she pregnant but she seems to be exactly four months along... " Micheal said with a concerned tone "take her to the healing cave not the infirmary, I will get someone to cover your class, she is bleeding to much and she should be showing by now and she is not, how she managed to hide this for four months while being around not only ancients but healers is unsettling" he said in a stern yet concerned tone

Hendrik nodded, worried. He ran to the healing caves and put a blanket of soil over her.

"The healers stronger than Deseray are coming," he said. "Stay with me, Amelia."

She looked pale "this...cant be right...Im not able too...I would have known..." She said with a pain filled tone "

Amera appeared and said, "I need to know everything."

Hendrik told them everything, no longer caring if he was judged. Amera listened as she sat next to Amelia. When he was done, she entered Amelia's body. She was soon out.

"It seems that your son is battling his demon before he born," said Amera. "Zack, my love, I will need your aid today."

A handsome male appeared beside her "at your service little one" he said in a soft tone. But before she could say anything, with inhuman fast reflexes he had her behind him protectively and growled looking at Amelia "Do not" he said in a warning tone

Amelia looked up and Hendrik could see her eyes had changed, her lovely light blue was now almost white 'its not possible....I would have known...and Hendriks...he not" she said started to move under the soil, trying to throw it off of her looking towards her stomach

"Hendriks your make is a soul reader, stop her before she does something she will regret" he said in a warning tone as he put up a ward around them so if something happened no one around including Amera would get hurt

Amera said, "Zack, I can protect myself. You know this."

Hendrik said, "That ability is so rare. Are you sure?" He looked at his mate. "Calm down, my love. My miracle. We are seeing if you are pregnant, and any dangers that come with it. And if you are, then we will get through it together. Rely on me."

"Amera this is different, soul readers can be unstable and their damage..can be incomprehensible, I know you are able to protect yourself but this is something you have not encountered before, please trust in me on this" he said before looking at Hendricks "I am sure, Its impossible to mistake one if you know what to look for, but she is rarer then you think, which makes her even more dangerous, She is a sufletul sufletului as well" he said in a low almost warning tone knowing he would know that that meant soul weaver in Romanian. There had not been a soul weaver in the Carpathian community since the known dragonseeker River, which was centuries ago.

At that word Amelia's head snapped over to Zack and look of panic on her face. Ignoring the pain she pulled herself from the soil "D-dont call me that....Im not....your wrong...." she said in a panicked tone, not realizing she just let them know she knew what he had just called her, yet they all knew she did not know romanian


Andros prepared the tools for his next class as it grew near. He knew the importance of teaching young Carpathian how to defend themselves, so he could not let himself be distracted while teaching by his lifemate, but he was not sure how well he would be able to manage.

Morgan walked in, looking so ethereal that all the men were looking at her... except for Andros. She smiled and sat down, a large amount of skin showing and drawing everyone's eye.

Alicia walked in, her hair covering half her face and long sleeves covering her arms. There was a noticeable limp. When she sat down, she gasped. It was clear she was in pain and heavily abused in several ways.

Andros kept down his growl "Ms Morgan we have a dress code here, you have exactly five minutes to go back to your dorm and change into appropriate attire" He said in a stern tone Deseray please come to my class room and student I have seems to be in pain

Morgan said, "But I am adhering to the dress code given to me. Right, Alicia."

"R-right," said Alicia, shivering. "Please forgive my cousin, Mr. Katona."

Alicia refused to look at her lifemate, but he watched as a tear fell onto her desk. It hurts. I know you can hear me. She is heartless. She bragged about killing all women who might take some guys from her. Myself included. Last night, she forced me to join her in her sick game with men she captured last night. She laughed as they beat me, insulted me, and... and... She hugged herself, knowing he could see what Morgan put her through.

"I am telling you otherwise, now go" He said in a even sterner tone, without letting Alicia know He took the memories of Morgans actions, not just at the school but before then and shared them with he prince. As he did so it took everything in him to not kill her himself . She would not be in this school after this, the prince informed him almost immediate that people were on their way to take care of her.

"Not without Alicia," said Morgan, giving him a smirk. "She goes with me, everywhere." She pulled Alicia to her, causing the other woman to gasp in pain. "Isn't that right?"

Alicia nodded, crying in pain, "Y-yes. Everywhere. Just... don't hurt me anymore, mistress."

Gasps could be heard from around the class. Morgan threw Alicia into the wall and went to punch her when some female Carpathian students grabbed her and threw her out of the class. Alicia started to get up and go after Morgan when the other women stopped her.

"You don't have to take that," said one girl.

"Yeah, she is soooo toxic," said another.

"Let's go shopping," said a third. "You need to start feeling good about yourself."

"Wait," Alicia said, backing up into a corner overwhelmed. "I don't... this is too much! I'm not used to this! Please, stop!"

"Everyone sit down!" Andros voice boomed in the room, He knew the female Carpathians the prince had sent to get morgan were already escorting her away outside the class room. Once everyone was setting he looked over the class sternly "Go to page 320 in your text books and begin reading, I am going to escort ms Alicia to the infirmary, I will be back momentarily" he said and without hesitation picked her up in his arms and left the classroom

"Andros," Alicia said, "it hurts."

Deseray was waiting and said, "Lay her down gently, you brute!" She looked at Alicia sadly. "You should have let others help you, little one. But that is in the past. The men that hurt you were..."

"Under her control," said Alicia to Deseray. "They are victims as well."

Andros was having trouble keeping his composure, which was saying a lot for him "Please take care of her Deseray I will be back" He said and quickly left the room. He needed to calm himself before he did anything rash like tear that woman apart regardless of the rules. He decided he would go round up the students from Alicias memories, from what he saw she was right they were victims too and need to help to heal from this

Three Carpathian boys, no older than 100, stood under a tree, looking at the sky like they were waiting for the sun to rise. All three looked as if they now had the weight of the world on their shoulders. They all looked at Andros at the same time, feeling his probe in their minds. All three had the same compulsion: that they had raped a woman willingly and Morgan had tried to stop them before they turned their lust on her as well, trying to destroy everything both women were to have toys to play with. All three felt they were more vampire than Carpathian and wished to end it before friends or family had to destroy a monster.

He walked up to the slowly "Calm your thoughts young ones and hear me" he said in a soft yet stern tone "your are carpathians, the blood that flows through your veins comes with hardships and trial, you owe it to yourselves and your people and the lifemates that await you to get through this. what you did was an evil act that was forced upon you by an evil person. though you will have to live with the memories of what you were forced to do, you must find strength, you must remember who you are and learn from this instead of letting it consume you"

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