Sleep/A weeks worth/Class 2

Magnus said, "You don't need to worry about me, Megan. If it had gotten too much for me to handle, I would have stopped you." He kissed her. "But I thank you for caring enough for me to stop. I will go hunt and return as fast as I can."

She nodded and watched him leave, while he was gone she decided to take a shower, the warm water felt nice against her skin

Megan, Magnus' voice rang in her head. I want you waiting for me. When I get back, I will make you feel the love that consumes me.

She was so flustered by his words she dropped the soap that was in her hands Havent.. you had enough of me...I mean that night when we were drugged..

Was only the tip of the iceberg, little love, Magnus said with a chuckle.

She knew she was blushing, she felt knots of excitement form in her stomach will have to wait because im in the shower she said showing him images of her hands running over her body teasingly as she washed it

He growled in her mind as erotic images flashed through her mind at rapid speed. Everything he wanted to do to her, everything he wanted her to do to him, all melted into each other.

Suddenly, his mind pulled from hers as the image of a vampire flashed in her mind and the words, Go to ground! echoed.

Shock and panic filled her, she rushed from the shower and quickly pressed the alarm button that every room had. Withing seconds large men entered the room. She completely forgot she was naked "Please you have to help him Magnus was out hunting, I saw a vampire and I cant connect to him anymore" She said in a panicked tone "Ok stay here, everyone here has a assigned feeding area so we know where he will be" with that they left.

Megan found she could not stay still thought, She dressed quickly and left, determined to find him. She left through the gate and tried again to open her mind to connect with Magnus, she found he was blocking her "fine! ill find you a different way!" she through her mind out again until she found what she was looking for, the vampire I see you too the vile voice said into her head making fear fill her chest, but she pushed past it and ran in the direction he was at. She had just broken a tree line when someone grabbed her from behind making her cry out as sharp nail dug into her waist and she was lifted up of the ground, the sound of large wings filled her ear as she was lifted higher and higher. Off in the distance she saw Magnus and the other hunters fight a vampire, The sight of them was all she could think about, she saw wolves come from the woods and go to attack the hunters. watch as i kill your lifemate little one, i want to hear you scream a dark voice said in her head, She focused more on Magnus, the bird flying her closer to the battle, once she was close enough the birds talons dug deeper and made her cry out, Magnus suddenly looked up towards her, letting down his guard, she saw the vampire reach for his chest, Absolute panic and fear consumed her and she felt something snap inside her "NO!" she cried out. The vampire went flying away from him and the bird cried out in pain just as th vampire did when he slammed into a tree. The bird let go a she screamed as she began falling towards the the ground.

Magnus jumped up and caught her, floating her down. I told you to go to ground. This battle will be more difficult with my pregnant lifemate here. We have to get the poison from your system, as well. Do you think you can stay in the middle of all of the hunters and try to follow my instructions to save you and the baby?


Hendrik was shocked and said, "We will look into it, my love. Stay calm. I know you are special. You called me back when I was more vampire than your lifemate. If it is true, then you a bigger miracle than even I knew. Let's hear him out and keep an open mind." He looked at Zack. "Are you sure?"

Before Zack could speak Amelia stood up, blood running down her legs "No! hes wrong!" She said in a panicked tone and looked at Hendriks "you have to believe me, hes wrong im not a soul weaver I swear!" She said swaying slightly

"then how do you know the word?" Zack said in a low tone

Amelia looked at him 'I-I read it somewhere.." She said in a uneven tone

Hendrik said, "She may have picked it up from my mind. I am trying to calm her down."

"Im calm...why wouldn't I be calm...I..always stay calm under pressure thats why im one of the best fighters of my.....class" She said putting her hand on her stomach as she tried to clear her mind "Im just in shock.. I got hit hard...its my fault...I didnt happens...thats why we train right..." She said looking around like she was looking for a way out "you know...Im feeling much better...I think I just want to go back to my room and rest....and" but she was cut off when she gasped and dropped to her knees, the blood between her legs ran black and started to burn her skin

"We do not have time for this!" Amera said, tears falling as a soothing and healing aroma filled the room. "The both of them are dying in front of me! I have to save them! Zack, please understand! This is a conversation best save for after she is healed and the baby is saved!"

"Hendrik put your woman to sleep so we can heal her without incident" Zack said

"NO! Hendrik dont.." Amelia begged in a pain filled tone trying to move towards him "Im fine I swear...dont let them.." she was cut off by gasps of pain as blood sweat started to bead her forehead calm yourself little one please... she said giving in and looking for what she feared, they were right, she was pregnant, was infertile when she was human, she now knew after being converted it must have been fixed, she connected to the infants soul, fighting through the pain calm yourself...your ok...your safe, feel me little one please.... she said to it, gripping the ground as she fought through the pain "ok....I wont fight you...just please dont put me to sleep..." she said in a strained tone your ok...I see you, Im here she said in a soothing tone to the child, she looked over to Hendrik, her eyes were completely white, she was pale and very weak looking "I cant see...please help me back into the soil" she said in a weak tone.

"I will keep her in check," said Hendrik, laying his mate down and putting a blanket of soil over her. "I will take the full brunt if anything happens."

Amera couldn't sit by anymore. She ran to the woman's side and began working. She wasted no time, going to aid the child first.

The child's blood had turned toxic, burning Amelia from the inside out. The child moved like it was in pain as he struggled his own blood, a clear indication he was still not a full vampire

Amelia called out to Hendrik as the pain was more then she could handle

Hendrik tried to take on the pain as best as he could, but it was difficult when he could see the torture his mate was enduring.

Amera surrounded the baby and, while her mate and Hendrik were singing the healing chant, Amera filled the child with love and acceptance as she sang the Carpathian lullaby. She began filtering out the vampire blood. She needs blood and a lot of it so she can give it to the baby. I'm going to attempt to find where the vampire blood is manifesting from, because it shouldn't be here. Without waiting for her mate's reply, she began looking and, in his chest, where his lung would be, something had made it's home. She went to attack it and it forced her back into her body.

"Well, someone is using Amelia to find a way into the school," said Amera, breathing heavily. "Because Hendrik was a vampire at the time, a stronger vampire somehow got him to put a foreign body in your womb that night without being anywhere close to him." She took Amelia's hand. "If it wasn't for this new enemy, your son would be fine and healthy. Now, Amelia, I need you to tell your child to help me. He is gifted in ways even I can't compare. He will be a master healer, for sure. He will rival even my Uncle Gregori!"

"Are you sure?" Hendrik asked, surprised.

"Yes," said Amera. "But the spore this enemy put in your son is strong. I have not seen anything like this since the parasites. But this isn't living, so I don't know how this is doing what it does. I can get it out, but it needs to be studied."

"Whatever you need to do!" said Hendrik. "Just save my son!"


"We do not fear what we did, sir," said one of them, showing all three had aged from the experience. "We all know it is one of many trials we needed to go through to be worthy of our lifemates."

"We fear that we enjoyed the power we felt in that moment," said the second. "That is why we are waiting the dawn."

The last said, "We do not want to feel a desire for that tainted power over the next century creeping up on us." He stared Ambros in the eye. "The feeling of having absolute power of a weak woman nearly consumed us. We do not wish to have that turn us vampire later."

The first said, "Do you have any advice, to help the desire to experience it again to at least lessen? We do not want to greet the dawn, but this is just..."

"All consuming," said the third.

"Help us, sir," said the second. "Please."

"Every male has that desire, turn it towards something else, for hunters its the desire to have power over their prey. To build their strength and skills so high that they know they can overcome in battle. For healers its to study, to learn, to hone their skills so much that they can bring their people back from even the worst of injuries. to save a life " he said in a confident tone "my advice to get started into focusing that desire into something else is this, think of your lifemate, weather you are a hunter or a healer you wan to make this world better for when she enters it and if she is not to appear in this life, you can greet the dawn knowing you still spent your life making this place better for those who have found theirs, that our people and lifemates and children have a better world because of you actions and always remember where you came from, not all children even make it to this age, you all are a gift and you are loved by all our people, right now there are hunters and healers and more risking their lives this very moment to make this world better for you, do not let their efforts be in vein, rise above this, learn from this and grow stronger from this"

The young men nodded and the third one said, "I would like to apologize to the women we hurt. We all should. Then... then we will go to ground and throw ourselves into training. All three of us are hunters, so we will take extra courses to aid our people."

The other two nodded their agreement.

"go eat and go to ground, tomorrow if she is feeling better you may speak with her, if you need help or you feel again it is too much you may come to me" he said patting each of their shoulders as they stood up

The first two left but the third stayed behind and said, "Sir, you said her, as in single. Does that mean the evil one who you said controlled us was the white haired woman?" Anger radiated from him and his fists clenched. "If so, I wish to aid in bringing justice to her. My friends... they simply wish to forget, but I want to see this end. Please."

"your prince is personally seeking that justice as we speak, he does not take kindly yo anyone hurting his people, she will get what she deserves" he said in confidence "what is your name?" he asked as they walked side by side

"Anton Potter," he said. "I hope you didn't send single men to her. She is worse than a black widow. I should be fine, sir. You don't need to follow me to the cafeteria. I've had dark things happen to me before, but nothing like this. A moment of weakness, which I intend to repent for. It won't happen again. But my friends... they haven't had an experience like this. I'll watch over them. I won't forget my duty again."

Andros nodded "Train well and find me if you need me, also.." But he was cut off when a females scream could be heard outside the school wall

Anton said, "I'll go tell the other teachers. You should go help the hunters. I'll find a healer if I can and send them after you. I don't have enough experience to fight a vampire or human butchers, so I'll help keep the other students safe."

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