Heading for Trouble

Anton had trouble running. With the thoughts his friends were broadcasting so loudly, he was surprised that a hunter didn't find them, but they weren't coming.

Talk to me! We can get through this together! he sent to them.

You can survive, Anton, said the first friend. You survived where others could not for a century. You aren't losing your colors yet. We are. We can't live knowing that we hurt someone so deeply.

My colors are gone, my friend, said the second emotionlessly. My demon is to close this day.

You both are young! We can fight the darkness together! You are not alone!

Anton, it is too late, said the second. The darkness is spreading far too fast to stop now. If only we were stronger.

We are children learning! said Anton. We are allowed mistakes! Go to ground now before the sun gets too high!

No! said the first. You were able to suddenly decide to get over it and plan vengeance or whatever! But we fell so much farther than you did!

That is not possible! You both still have honor, same as me! We were controlled by someone who caught us off guard! Please! Don't leave me alone! You are all I have!

Goodbye, Anton, they said as he came into view on a rocky cliff. Don't let the darkness crush you as it has us.

The early morning sun hit his friends and Anton was shocked with how fast they burned, their silent screams burning their own mark in his soul.

Why? he asked the universe as tears fell. Why, when I finally let someone close, did this have to happen? Why didn't I notice how withdrawn they were when they walked away from Ambros? Why didn't I check on them? Why did I fail them?


Luna knew the vampire had been killed, which meant there were Carpathians around. She was in her wolf for, running as fast s she could to the sight she knew the vampire had died at, she needed things to be fresh so she could trace it back from where it came from. She had been tracking a Ancient for months now, he had been using others to through her off track, she knew she was close and he was getting angry. He had sent human ghouls after her in daylight just a couple of days ago. As she ran she kept her senses out, She knew there were Carpathians near by and she needed to be careful. The closer she got the more the smell of them got overwhelming, She knew there must be a community of them near by for her to smell this many of them.She broke the tree line with a strong jump, instantly she slammed hard into something, more of a someone. She rolled with a hard thud, the impact knocking her breath from her but she still quickly got up and shook her self before preparing herself against whoever she had slammed into . With a growl she looked up to see a young Carpathian male.

Anton fell to the ground hard. He sat up, evidence of tears still stained his face. He looked up to see the most beautiful wolf he had ever seen. He couldn't look away. The world seemed brighter, as if he were seeing something good for the first time.

"You are not a normal wolf," he said. "It's okay. I won't hurt you." He stood up, wanting... no, needing to take a chance on this unknown wolf. "I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise."

The wolf growled, its golden green eyes met his and it took a step back I dont have time for this....if hes here there are more of them around yet she found she wanted to approach him, his scent hit her nose and her mind went blank, it was the best thing she had ever smelled, it was a wild scent, like sandalwood and sunlight. For a moment she relaxed and closed her eyes, taking in the smell more

Anton looked to the east and said, "I go to the school nearby. We are hoping more lycans like you. We have a few, but not many. We even have a couple of lycan teachers." He looked at the wolf in front of him. "You can join as well. They are from different packs and called the 'Wild Bunch' because their alphas want them to eventually rule their packs but they caused a lot of problems with the other lycans. We have combat classes you can take, and tracking classes, and so much more. And I can watch over you."

She looked at him then, she had heard the rumors of a school but it was kept a well secret and well guarded. A part of her wanted to laugh at the thought he was suggesting she be a student and train, that time had long passed and she was more then skilled already, true as a warrior there is always room to grow and enhance more of ones skills but she did that by learning day to day. As the sun began to rise more she knew she had to hurry or there would be nothing left of the vampire for her to smell so she could trace his steps. With one last glance at the boy, meeting his gaze she ran in the direction of the where the battle had taken place.

Suddenly, Anton tackled her as a ghoul went to grab her. Anton took the attack across his back, the vampire's talons leaving deep scratches that he barely felt. Without wincing, he turned and looked at the ghoul.

"The teachers need to know what is nearby," he said. "There are thousands of students. Humans, lycans, Carpathians, and jaguars, all of them are in danger. Get a signal out to the lycans. They will send hunters." He smiled as he blocked the ghoul from seeing her. "Until the hunters get here, we can keep the five of them busy, right? I won't fail you or anyone else again if I can help it."

She growled and threw him off of her, She didnt know what he was talking about, he talked like they knew one another, maybe he was confusing her with someone else. But right now that didnt matter, if ghouls were here then the hunters hunting them were not far behind and she was not going to be around when they showed up. Her and Carpathian hunters had not gotten along int the past. She also need one of the ghouls alive, Usually the strongest would be the right hand of the vampire but she knew that was not always the case, she looked around and watched them. She saw one who seemed more intelligent then the others, he was analyzing her moves and watching her as the other seemed more feral. Thats the one she wanted, that was the vampires right hand and he would have the information she needed.
She didn't hesitate and went for the attack, she managed to tackle him to the ground, she left herself open on her shoulder on purpose waiting for the ghoul to take the bait, he did. He bit deeply into her shoulder. The herbs she had mixed and the spell she had done early were working perfectly. The ghoul became paralyzed, unfortunately he didnt let go of her when he did. his jaw locked tight on her, it made moving difficult but she managed. She turned to see the man that was with her had just finished the last ghoul and she could smell the hunters close by. She needed to leave now, she used her snout to through the ghoul over her back, she winced when that made his lock jaw tear her skin even more. Without looking back at the man she headed towards the woods

Several hunters appeared and blocked her path, blocking her in. Andros was with them and saw Anton was injured but then, one of the other hunters gasped.

"Her leg," he said. "That's the famous Hellhound!"

Anton looked at the wolf and walked forward to stand beside her, aligning with her.

"Boy, get away," said a second hunter. "She is dangerous. She is a rouge werewolf that is capable of killing a master vampire."

"She is my lifemate," said Anton. "She can't be a rouge if she is my mate, now can she?"

The hunters looked around confused. It was true, a rouge werewolf doesn't have a mate. They didn't know what to do. Then, Zandar stepped forward, clearly the leader of the small party.

"We need to take you to the infirmary," he said. "As for this wolf, we need to determine if the rumors are true." He looked at the wolf. "It would appear that this one isn't as the rumors claim and a vampire may have aided in that, trying to get rid of an enemy they have no hope in defeating. If this is indeed the case, we can stop hunting her and give her aid instead. Until then, she will be kept in the detention center and have the prince and leader of the lycans to determine the truth. But we will have to destroy the ghoul first."

She growled and moved away from what she considered the delusion Carpathian. She would not let them kill the ghoul let alone take her. Fire started to form at her her feet until a ring of fire circled her, making her truly seem like a hellhound. It was clear this was her way of saying she was not going with them. The ghoul twitched on her back making his teeth tug on her skin painfully but she didn't move nor flinch.

Zandar said, "Get back! She's clearly dangerous!"

"She's amazing," said Anton before going to the edge of the flames. "I won't let them lock you up. They simply want to get answers. If you aren't an evil rouge werewolf, we need to know this." He looked at Andros sadly for a moment before resolve took over. "Where she goes, I follow. If you try to capture her, you will have to go through me. She is my lifemate, and nothing will tear us apart."

She was on a time limit, the ghoul would be unparalyzed in a few minutes and she was still bleeding and had yet to get the venom of the ghoul out. She did not have time for this. While still keeping the fire up she started to shift into her human form. Her form shrinking down allowed her to be released from the ghouls jaws and he fell at her feet as she stood up.The fire made her pale skin seem to glow. Her wild curly brown hair danced down her back. Before anyone could see her face she put on a mask that had been tied to one of her legs. http://orig10.deviantart.net/03c8/f/2015/032/6/b/black_wolf_mask_by_hontor-d8gcqia.jpg

The ghouls bite was deep in her shoulder and blood oozed from it and black veins appeared around it, signally the sign of poison "I do not have time for this, I can not what you want, I will be leaving here with this ghoul, even if it means your kind loses you" she said in a low threatening tone

"Wait," said Anton. "I will be going with you."

"Not with both of you poisoned," said Zandar. "You both need to be healed, and we need answers. It isn't optional. As for the ghoul, it can not be allowed to live."

He turned to look back and out walked Xavier and Sara. He sighed. Anton, however, was surprised and shocked.

"The prince," he said.

"The sun is up an my people stand here why?" he said in a dominate aggravated tone.

"Ask them I care not for what your people do as long as they do not interfere with my work, which they are, so either they leave or me or the sun will take them" Luna said in a dark tone.

"Andros take the boy since you know him well, there is no option in this" Sarah said and Andros nodded and mental put Anton asleep before he could protest and caught him and started back towards the healing cave.

"Zandar quickly update me on our guest here" Xavier said while keeping his eyes on Luna

Zandar said, "The boy claims she is his lifemate, though he has yet to do anything about this other than tell us. There is evidence that this girl is the infamous Hellhound, who destroyed a master alone. However, if she is truly the boy's lifemate, that means she isn't the rouge like we thought. Yet, with the magic she has exhibited here, we do not have evidence to prove or disprove what the boy claims. Also, she protects a ghoul, and we do not know the purpose. She could be it's ally or it enemy, but both outcomes are disturbing, even more so if she is the boy's lifemate."

"My intentions with this ghoul are none of your concern and even if I was to tell you it would solve nothing, your kind has a talent of butting into things its has no business too and you males feel the need to control everything and as for this lifemate business I have no time for it and I will not be tied down to some delusion kid, now choose die here and leave me be" She said as the blood reached down to her stomach, outlining scars that were there.

Xavier looked at his sister, a silent communication was going on between them, after a short moment he looked at Zandar and the other hunters "Return to your homes, rest and meet me tomorrow morning in my office" he said giving a command. He then looked at the woman "We will be in touch" He said in a a dark tone "for your peoples sake I hope not" She said back in a tone matching his

"The prince never says anything he doesn't mean, Hellhound," said Zandar before leaving. "But I wonder, who really is delusional, the boy who claims you as his lifemate or the pup who plays a dangerous game to hide from what she knows it true."

Her eyes turned into her wolfs " You want to know what I know is true, If your kind didnt exist neither would the monster you turn into. Its for that reason alone I dont hesitate to kill your kind if they get in my way, if you keep talking I might just put you on the list with your fallen brothers but in this case we all know there is only one I will have to go after to end your sad existence" she said looking at Xavier. A clear threat towards the prince.

Xavier stopped, a low growl echoed the area "Zandar leave now" the command was stern and strong "Using me against my people will be a mistake, one I will enjoy making very clear to you soon" He said and with that they all disappeared, leaving her alone.

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