To Save A Wolf

Anton awoke at nine in the morning. He had to find her, his mate. He didn't know her name, but when he had hit a low point, she appeared. She must have been having a bad go of it too, being afraid of Carpathians yet needing to track a master vampire that was near them. He opened the earth above him and dressed, with thick sunglasses. He went back to the place he first met her. Then, he tried to follow her scent in the form of his own wolf.

When he found her cave, he transformed back into his human form and waited ten feet from the door.

"Knock, knock," he called out. "I've come to court the most beautiful woman in the world. Is this warrior goddess inside?"

There was no answer but he could hear a faint heartbeat from inside the cave

He ran into the cave. He saw that the cave was large and looked like a kind of den. The ghoul looked like it was tortured, but he knew he had to destroy it for good. He quickly set it ablaze before looking in a dark corner. There she was, his woman, knocking on death's door.

He ran to her and picked her up, saying, "You will not die." He cut open his wrist with his teeth and put it to her mouth. "Drink. I will have to take you to a healer. I'm not arguing with you on this, so when you are fully healed, then you can attempt to kick my ass, but for now, you will do as I say so you can live and finish your mission, with me by your side."

She was not conscious, he could tell she must have been sick for hours before getting to this point, her whole body was covered in sweat and she was burning up. There was a large spot of vomit near where she was laying. From the front he could see her scared burnt arm and all the scars of battle she had, included scared bit marks on her neck legs arms and even her stomach, like something tried to ear her alive. There were clear scars he knew had to come from wolves as well. she even had gun shot scars in random places. She had scared chain marks on her wrist and ankles as well

He closed his wound and tried to do a basic healing. It was difficult after giving blood and with very little training. When he brought down her fever a few degrees, he ran to the school, going to the cafeteria. He grabbed some blood and ran out with it. He was back in the cave and put up a barrier to keep her from leaving, and keeping out ghouls and newly turned vampires. Still, he knew that if someone didn't come at sundown, they would be in big trouble. He put a layer of dirt over the both of them before adding a blanket on top for her comfort and fell into a human sleep.
Luna awoke with the taste of blood in her mouth, she found it was the best thing she had ever tasted. She felt heavy and her body felt like it was on fire. She tried to move but she felt like she weighed a million pounds. Still she forced herself to move and found she was covered in dirt and a blanket, she shot out her senses and smelled a male, she knew it was the one from earlier before she even saw him. He was next to her, she could see the sun was just about to go down with only small rays left. She looked behind him and saw the ghoul and been burned to ash and she had to keep herself from growling out of anger. She had gotten what she needed but she knew he had more information and now she would not get it. She reached over to her bag that was next to her and pulled out a vial of black liquid, with shaking hands she downed it. It was the cure for the ghoul venom, she had been going for it when she passed out. She knew it would be a couple of hours before it took effect and even then she would need to heal from the damage the venom cost. She knew she was too weak to fight right now, she didnt even know if she could stand up. But if he was here when that sun went down others would follow and she was determined not to be here for it. Painfully she started to crawl out from the dirt, slow so not to wake him since she could tell he was not in a Carpathian sleep but a humans. She had gotten all but her calves out when her whole body was struck with pain, like someone had electrocuted her and she cried out.

Anton groaned, sitting up slowly, saying, "Are you okay?" He went to her, showing his clothes still on him. "We need to get you to a healer. I will not argue with you, lifemate. I need you to live, and if you fight me and healer, I will bind you so that you will never be rid of me, causing my people to keep you locked in the school until you tell them everything, then you will be a student to be near me at all times." He made her look at him. "I would rather not have to do any of this and get to know you on your terms but you are injured. I had come here to simply talk, but your pain is too much for me to witness."

He put light clothing on her and picked her up. He took down the safeguards, but that was a mistake. As soon as he did, a master vampire jumped out of no where.

"So, you have been giving my cousin trouble?" he asked. "Such a troublesome dog. And look, you brought me a snack."

Anton was shaking. He couldn't take on a master, and his mate was injured. They didn't stand a chance.

"Abel.....nice to see you again...tell me hows the arm?" She said in a tired yet stern tone

The vampire growled " how about I show you" he said baring his fangs yet he didn't move towards them.

"well...that would be a trick since we both know you cant enter here....nor can you effect this area with any of your abilities" She said in almost a bored tone.

"You have to come out sometime Luna and ill make a snack of anyone who comes for you and your pet " he said darkly

"do yourself a favor and run back to Micheal, Im sure hes wondering how you got off your leash....or I could simple let him know who your real master is" She said in a threatening tone finally looking at him.

His growl was low and threatening and his eyes turned bright red and he gripped the cave entrance so hard the stone under his hands cracked "One day im going to eat your hear luna and since I put wolfsbane in that little potion of yours you are on borrowed time, die in there or come out and die out here" he said in a threating tone

"Well then id rather just die in here just so you don't get the satisfaction" She said with a smirk as another wave of pain struck her body and she jerked in Antons arms, biting her lip so hard it bleed just so she didnt make a sound.

The vampire smiled viciously "you know...its only going to get more painful...are you going to let her suffer like that boy?" He said looking at Anton.

"I can cure it" Luna said into his ear after a moment "Dont go out side or we both die"

Anton said in her mind, I'm not stupid! I've seen what these things can do... He will not get you.

Anton took a step backwards and said, "I think we are good here, thanks. Why don't go back to whatever hole you crawled out of like a good little bug."

Stay out of my head and bring me over to my bag

"Oh luna...did I mention this was Silverstone wolfsbane?" The vampire said in a dark tone.

Anton felt Luna stiffen in his arms, he heard her heartbeat quicken "Put me down" she said in a low tone

Anton sat her down, but kept her slightly behind him.

"You do not scare us, fallen one," said Anton. "We are followed by an army of hunters looking to harm her. Do not think you will escape this night."

Right now, this is the only way we can plan out what to do, said Anton. Because you have my blood in you, we have our own path way. We should used it to our advantage. Now, what should I do to at least ease your pain? Ambros is coming, Zandar too, but they will take some time. I'm your partner, your beta. You have more experience than me, so I follow your lead.

I do not claim you and you should not be here and you are lucky I do not rip you to shreds for feeding me your blood. Just sit somewhere and dont move and if you value your life put a ward around yourself in case Im not able to cure it in time

Abel disappear from view with a evil smile.

Luna used the wall to get herself to her feet

Anton said, "I understand not claiming me right now. I was trying to help. I wanted to talk when I first came here, to slowly get to know each other. But with you in pain, it won't help us butting heads. I'm here to help you, not watch you suffer."

"Thats rich coming from you, your kind is all about suffering" She said as she used the wall to walk herself over to the small natural pond that was in the corner near her "And you didnt help you aided....wolfsbane thrives off your kinds blood...if anything you have made things worse" she said falling to her knees in front of the spring. He could see her breaking was rigid and she was growing paler but the minute

"How was I supposed to know that?" he asked, slowly going towards her. "I haven't learned any herbs or anything like that. I barely know how to heal. I'm sorry. I wish I could help."

"common sense, herbs bond with you guys, blood...saliva...thats basic knowledge you should have learn that as a baby" she said in a aggravated tone as she pulled herself into the water. She used the side to hold herself up. He saw her nail lengthen. with moans of pain she cut each side of her shoulders her chest and her arms. Her blood turned the spring red. After cutting herself deeply about ten different places. She clung to the wall of the spring, looking like she was on deaths door.

"Well, I didn't!" Anton said, panicking. "What are you doing?! Are you insane?!"

Zandar and Andros arrived, with Zandar saying, "Silverstone wolfsbane. Nasty stuff. Commonly found in extreme temperatures. This appears to be arctic variate, fast acting and highly dangerous. She is simply trying to remove it from her body."

"But she..." Anton said.

"It's the only way," said Zandar. "But we won't let her die."

"You are all crazy!" said Anton. "I've seen enough death and destruction to know what is happening!"

"If she doesn't let the blood flow and remove the silvery aconite leave her system, she will not be your lifemate," said Zandar. "She will become a rabid beast and kill you. Then where will you and she be?"

Anton said, "How do I know you are telling me the truth?! You could be just trying to get me to not do anything so she dies and you get rid of the Hellhound! I won't let you hurt her!"

Zandar sighed and said, "Andros, talk to the boy. I need to take down the barriers so I can help rid her body of the wolfsbane."

"Didn't you say you blame yourself because you felt you didn't listen to your friends? Listen to us now and listen to her, your minds are connect you can feel her body, listen to it, what is it saying?"

Luna groaned, her head laid on the smooth rock of the edge of the spring . Her eyes were closed, slowly her hands reached out of the water and gripped the edge, her face consorted with pain and her body shook as another wave of pain hit her. blood seeped from her lips as she clenched her jaw so tight she made her teeth bleed, she refused to cry out at the pain. The smell of her blood filled the hair as she started to pull herself out of the water, her eyes still closed. Leeches could be seen on her body as she did so, The cuts had already started to heal.

Anton said, "She is in pain, I know that much. She just won't let me in enough to know what's going on or to learn how to help."

"That's because she doesn't trust you," said Zandar. "She probably hasn't had to rely on anyone for a long time. With vampires possibly spreading rumors about her, making friends and trusting are not easy for her."

"But we are mates," said Anton.

"That doesn't mean instant love or trust," said Zandar.

"Zandar I got the barrier down, go to her but be careful I dont think she can see at the moment and her sens of smell might be compromised but they blood, we dont want to startle her, me and Anton will wait here and gather what information we can" Andros said as he started to look around

Zandar slowly walked towards Luna. Anton was about to stop him when he felt Ambros put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"I... I don't know what to do, sir," admitted Anton. "She's in pain, pain I may have helped cause by giving her blood. I don't know anything about herbs or healing, so I may have hurt her. I should be the one healing her, but I don't even know what to do. I feel her slipping away, but she won't let me hold her to me."

"We dont know anything about her yet so its hard to know what she needs, first lets focus on saving her, lets look around o see what we can find, maybe there is something here that can help." He said with a encouraging tone.

Zandar just got close enough to be in arms reach as she finished pulling herself from the water. She laid still for a moment, looking like she was trying to catch her breath.

what do you see Zandar? how is her condition? Andros asked

This woman has been in many battles, and captured many times, Zandar said with a growl. She bears scars like Serilda's, and it sickens me. But the wolfsbane is nearly out of her system.

She painfully rolled over onto her back, keeping her eyes close still. He could see a something that looked like a brand on her hip or was it a birthmark? he didn't get a chance to fully check because she suddenly arched her back in pain. Her hands gripped the dirt and the sounds of her bones bending and reforming started to echoed the cavern as she started to change. A dark voice echoed the cavern " you hear that? you know that sound dont you?" said the deep dark males voice,. A evil chuckle followed "thats right turn into the bitch you are , you know how he likes it" She cried out right before she completely changed.

"Luna!" Anton yelled, Andros holding him back. "Don't listen to him! Fight it!"

Zandar looked at Luna and said, "Little one, he holds no power over you. The wolfsbane is nearly gone. Fight for a bit longer, then, you will be able to find happiness. These scars, the mark on your hip, they are badges of courage and you should be proud to have survived such encounters. I know my lifemate has scars from the human butchers harming her, and I see beauty there. Your mate, he is fighting to get to you to save you because he sees the beauty in your marks. Open up to the boy, and embrace your future."

The wolf laid there unmoving, its breathing was rigid, the heartbeat was slow. The change had waisted energy she couldn't afford to use "you know its going to set in Luna, even if you cure the wolfs bane the silvertone will stay, you know what that does, come out and maybe ill give you the cure before I rip out your heart" The wolf jerked in pain and her bones started to bend once more. The change was slower because she was so weak " ...Abel.....your not...getting in here" She weakly breathed out. Zandar could see her breath, almost like she was out side in winter, he saw goosebumps form on her skin. The vampire roared "you will die by my hands and you will give me what is mine!" his voice boomed through the cave "ok....come and take it...oh wait" she said in a weak sarcastic tone. She smirked and coughed. blood oozing from her mouth as she did so "I know your left....there is a hidden it" she said in a weak tone.

Zandar leaned in close and whispered, "We have the cure at the school. We teach healers how to spot when lycans have come into contact with this, how to identify the silverstone wolfsbane, and how to cure it. If this door leads to a way out, we can have you cured before midnight."

"" she growled weakly

Zandar opened the door and saw, in a hidden room, a 16, 12, and 8 year old girls with a 5 year old boy, all with scars and looked very frightened.

"All of you need to go to the school," said Zandar. "You will be safe there. All of you."

A howl was heard in the distance and the vampires growl of anger echoed the cave "Damn mutt!" he said darkly. The vampires presence disappeared a second later "Kela.." Luna said weakly. Suddenly a unknown force sent her flying a crossed the room, she slammed into the wall right next to Andros and Anton the switch....on the wall...UV....hit it...when I tell you too Luna said weakly in Antons head right before she was flung outside.

"Luna!" the older girl cried "please you have to help her that kela...if he's here then his master is not far, we are not safe here" the girl said in a panicked tone. "Bad dog" said the little boy in a scared tone.
Luna didnt even have a moment to catch her breath when she was pinned down by the Hän ku pesäk kaikak "kela....nice to see you too" she coughed out. The large black wolf growled you shouldn't have done it Luna, you know he would send me "well what can I say I missed you, its nice to see your still alive" she said in a weak tone this is not the time for playing luna! you know now what I have to do "Ill make sure to put up one hell if a fight" She coughed you better the wolf leaned down and licked the healing ghoul bite on her neck this is the most I can give you, but even at your strongest your chances are slim "just stay alive Kela.." was all she said right before fog started to cover the area and whistle was heard in the distance. Kela's golden eyes went black and Luna knew her time was up. "you know, if it wasn't for the boy we would not have been able to find you luna" said a dark tone. "Ill make sure to thank the boy by killing him last" its echoed "Micheal shouldn't you be playing house somewhere waiting for me to come rip out your heart? I mean thank you for making it easier by coming to me but you take the fun out of it when you do" she said sarcastically "Making me angry wont work Luna, Im not going to kill you and you know that, after all you know how much I love things in pairs." He said darkly "well ill make sure when I rip out your heart that I rip it in to before I burn it then" She coughed. A dark laugh echoed the area "you put back you barrier, hide the Carpathians all you want Luna you know it wont help, they will come to me, its there way" he said coldly "yeah well...bite me" she said boldly. Kela growled and Luna had just enough time to us her arm to protect her neck just as he bit in around it. Her arm twas the only thing keeping him from fully biting her neck "Ill leave that to him, the moon will be out soon and I will not have you be ruined from it...Kela come" he said without an effort Kela started to drag her deeper into the fog Hit it

Zandar hit the switch. They had even more questions than answers, and there was no way of getting around it. They had to get them to the school, find out what the hell was going on. We need to know what we are up against. Think of it as a way to pay us back for aiding you if you must, but we need to know everything. I haven't seen my cousin in half a century, and yet, here he is, under the control of a vampire!

She didn't answer, the moment he hit the switch UV lights blasted the area around the cave entrance. A loud growl of anger echoed the area and the fog cleared. Once it did Lunas wolf and Kela could be seen fighting just outside the cave entrance. Any fighter could tel it was a losing battle for Luna because of how sick she was. She was slower to react, taking blow after blow but she kept fighting Zandar the barriers are down! Go help her, the hunters are close, ill take the humans and Anton back to the school Andros said just as Kela got a hold of Luna's neck

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